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Learning the Classic Guitar, Electric Folk or easily at your own pace, Nancy / Laxou

Hello, my name is Cuong, guitarist and guitar teacher Classic / Electric / Folk in Regional Conservatory of Metz, professor of classical / electric guitar at the Conservatory of Thionville and of Haroué music school. I graduated in classical guitar state formed CEFEDEM of Lorraine, the first classical guitar Prize at Nancy Conservatory of Music. Guitarist / composer AKTHESIS REMAINS STONE bands (see our FB page, or mySpace Reverbnation. After 25 years of classical and electric guitar practice, I'm can play all music styles, Classical, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Metal. I can learn or improve your style of music you like, the different types of guitar playing, coaching, finger picking, shredding solo and improvisation. I live in Laxou near Nancy. Play your music and enjoy it. see you soon!

I teach guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar. Lessons are available for the following levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year, CEM, DEM, graduate student
I give lessons in person at my home or a student's home.
I give lessons by Webcam.

The 4 reviews on ANH-CUONG
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The 4 evaluations on ANH-CUONG


Perfect! cours bien structuré et rythmé à la fois par de la théorie (solfège) et de la pratique, très pédagogue et adapte le cours aux goûts musicaux ce qui rend l'apprentissage d'autant plus intéressant


Perfect! Bonjour

Le site Superprof est très bien fait.
Il m'a fallu peu de temps pour trouver un professeur.
J'ai eu toute de suite un contact rapide.
De plus, le professeur Cuong LE est super.
Il est très patient et PRO avec les enfants.


Annette D


Perfect! Anh-Cuong est un joueur passionné et un super pédagogue, sa méthode d'apprentissage est moderne et convient à tous les néophytes, ses cours sont une excellente expérience pour moi qui n'ai jamais été instrumentiste et qui aspire à m'exprimer en pinçant des cordes. Je recommande chaudement.

ANH-CUONG's Experience

I teach guitar for 15 years. I have trained more than 200 students of all ages from 5 years to 70 years from beginner to advanced, from 1st to 3rd Cycle in conservatories. Advanced students today are autonomous and can play in groups, improvise or compose their own music.


- 2010 to present: Professor of guitar Classical / Electric / Folk Conservatory in METZ Regional Radiation METROPOLIS - 2009: STATE DIPLOMA Classical Guitar CEFEDEM of Lorraine, Superior Training Center of the Music Teachers - METZ - 2007: Certificate of End of Musical Studies chamber music, CRR (Regional Conservatory) Nancy 2005 - 1 Classic Guitar Price, Nancy RRC Group AKTHESIS 2014: Soon Release 1 EP "Tree of Life" 2014: SANONZIKAL Festival (54) with BLACK BOMB A Smash Hit Combo, Expect Anything, My Only Scenery, BOARS, Worst Of All, Surrounded By Bears, The Winged Seahorses, Made of Scars 2014: Concert at The Quai'Son Nancy 2013: The Concert Quai'Son REMAINS STONE Group 2013 - Springboard Emerganza - Chez Paulette (54) 2013 - The Quai'Son with Smash Hit Combo, All the Shelters, Choking is illusion, Will Ashes 2012 - Release of the album "Addiction" 2012 - Bar Chez Brigitte, Aspach-le-Haut (67) (concealed information) (concealed information) Group MOSM 2009 - Nancy Music Festival at Café tank (54) Symbiot Group 2006 - Feast music of Nancy, 13th Bar (54) 2005 - Festiv'été Tonnoy, organization: Youth and Territory Saintois to Vermois (54) SKAREKROW Group 2002 - Music Festival in Nancy, 13th Bar (54) 2001 - Export Terminal, Nancy (54) 2001 - Bar artists, Nancy (54) 2001 - Bar St Epvre, Nancy (54) 2001 - Metro, Nancy (54) 2000 - Promotion Sufism (51) 1999 - Rock Festival High School - Zenith Nancy

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