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(11 reviews)
Online French courses and tutoring by a French graduate teacher

Learn french made for you! French graduate courses by a real teacher, all grades, all ages! Specific objective, intensive courses, personalised methodology. • general english (daily life, culture, etc. ) • professional english (legal, business, medical, industry, tourism, etc.

(11 reviews)
American professor and journalist, gives English lessons and prepares students for schools inténationales trade

Why do you need a coach? A well-written professional presentation or a great essay can get you the job you want that, you get into the school of your dreams, or, on the contrary, deny you access to your future.

(11 reviews)
I propose the French private courses and intensive English, individual approach, all levels,

I propose courses of french as a foreign language all levels, i will help you to improve your speaking and writing skills, comprehension of written texts and books. My courses are always intense and various.

(5 reviews)
Professor who has taught classes in high school and European offers - Introductory course to English for children in kindergarten (audio and video) method - Refurbishing and follow-up for students

Professor who taught in high school and european grades offers -upgrading college and high-school students evaluation of students' difficulties, review of basic concepts if necessary. - conversation practice for beginners and experienced adults (individual or group up to 3) whether personal or business needs.

(17 reviews)
Paris 19e
Gain confidence in your knowledge of the French lague through discussions via the web and written records.

French is my natural language i have no difficulty in being able to teach. Also i became over time a very big drive. I have a reference book on the teaching of french as a foreign language since it is a work prepared by an instructor on the subject. The oral and written are deepened. I take first into consideration the specific needs of the learner and i adapt accordingly educational content.

(1 reviews)
Paris 15e
Russian native for live courses (Russian or FLE (French foreign language)) in Paris

Having finished my degree in st. Petersburg, i came to france as assistant to russian versailles where i worked in two high schools and a college. I practice communicative methodology not forgetting the traditional methodology to create a solid foundation in grammar, for example.

(7 reviews)
Graduate student of Arabic gives courses in ARABIC MSA and Levantine Dialects online

Graduate student of literary arabic and levantine dialects at the university of cambridge (final score: first with distinction) offers courses of arabic language and culture in montreuil (93100, france) or on skype. Levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced.

(1 reviews)
American, Harvard graduate, gives English conversation classes for professionals and students, and prepares for language exams.

Is your poor command of the english language preventing you from getting your so desired promotion or your dream job? Or are you a perfectionist, and your accent sounds more french than english? Do not wait one more second, for i am a native american from new york with a lifelong experience in teaching, having taught students of "grandes ecoles" of law in france and abroad for many years.

English teacher (Expert of pronunciation, language and political affairs) BAC + 5

I am professional educator and coach with expertise in language, politics and business. I have an mphil in political philosophy from the university of york (england), and worked for 7 years as a political communications specialist (in the uk and united states) before moving to paris to suit les year association. I am bilingual french / english.

Learn French playfully in Foix with a TEFL graduate teacher with TEFL

I am a young french lady who traveled widely in the world. I want to share my experiences with my pupils and teach them a language while having fun.

Translator and Interpreter native Spanish offers Spanish courses at home or on Skype - Metz and its surroundings - All levels -

Hello! My name is marina. I am ready to help you to understand, to speak and to write spanish for successful tests, an interview or just for the pleasure of learning a new language. My classes are mainly based on a communicative approach because for me, it is the best way to learn a language. We will also study the grammar and vocabulary through very dynamic exercises.

Experienced English teacher in individual or group lessons (including upgrading your level

Whether for professional or personal use. To understand your movies or your meetings, you've come to the right place! Initiation from an early age level shed to fill gaps (school, higher.

(3 reviews)
English (or French) conversation. This course is for people who already have the basics.

The idea i simple: talking with each other to enhance your skills. This isn't for beginners but for those who wish to get better conversation wise. I was raised in both languages, lived in vancouver for two years (canada), over two months in the philippines, about a month in london, montreal, and a few weeks in many other english speaking countries.

(1 reviews)
Professor of French language, 6 years of experience, graduated in Romance Languages ​​& French teaching - Brussels (Watermel-Boitsfort)

My classes are for those who wish to learn french or improve their level at school, uni, work, or simply as a hobby. I adapt my classes to meet your specific needs (conversation, writing, exam preparation, business french. ) using an interactive method, fun activities and a variety of media.

(6 reviews)
Bilingual and self-taught student gives English lessons (support, development, homework assistance, etc) all levels are welcome. Location: Poitiers (contact me for more informations about webcam clas

I currently am a first year student in university, i am bilingual and self-taught, which helped me a lot when communicating with some of my american and english family, to meet friends all around the world, or to be able to manage official documents (usps's prices and shipping conditions, for example).

(2 reviews)
Paris 14e
French-Swedish native speaker gives "Swedish" and "French for foreigners" language courses for all levels

- i am bilingual french-swedish. I lived alternately in the two countries during my childhood and i give courses in swedish and french for foreigners (both languages spoken without any accent). - i do not let go any mistakes (accent, grammar, conjugation, etc. ) on the first sessions, essential keystone for the establishment of a fertile ground for future progresses.

(1 reviews)
Paris 2e
Student at the Sorbonne gives English lessons for all ages in Paris

These courses are for anyone wishing to learn english from zero or to perfectionate! Having learned english during my academic career but mainly immersion in toronto, canada for 2 years, i would like to combine both a theoretical method to acquire a good basis for progress effectively in english, but also a method practice involving the student interactively to strengthen playfully memorization...

Experienced English and Spanish teacher, patient and passionate. Paris and its surroundings.

My classes are for all ages and all profiles, whether you have a specific academic or professional objective (all examinations and competitions, professional training), or simply want to advance in tongues. I am using playful methods, and gives equal weight to written and oral.

Learn English with an American! All levels, I adapt to your preferred way of learning

Hi! My name is joanna, i'm 20 years old and i'm from california! Having learned french at the age of 10, i understand that learning a language is not all about listening to a teacher or learning texts by heart. The best way to learn it is by speaking it! Do you like movies, sports, animals? Let's talk about it! My classes are based on conversation. No judgement or pressure.

(1 reviews)
Student in LANGUAGE AND ARTS college (with english level certificate from Cambridge) gives classes from elementary to high school level students in Aix-en-Provence

Student currently in fac de lettres (arts) more precisely. My course is from primary level students up to high school and also adult beginners who want to disembark their new adventure in learning a new language. My teaching methods is to have a hands on experience with the pupil, make it fun by using eccentric teaching methods for an all around better learning experience.

(1 reviews)
Over 15 years' experience tutoring ESL, language arts & French, Memphis, TN.

I'm an enthusiastic, passionate teacher & have taught french & english to all levels, grades & ages of students. I adapt my teaching to the students' needs. Ba in french and english and a master's in esl.

Student in law school. US Person teaches from primary to high school in Bordeaux.

American student in faculty of law in bordeaux iv. Holds a high school diploma and a bachelor's degree, a toefl and ielts. I give english lessons for nearly 2 years and a half to de francophone students and adults at all levels. The course will take place in two parts, practice and theory so the conversation and then a job in writing.

Student at the Sorbonne in Paris gives courses - English C2 certified level (maximum level) - 1 year in the United States.

I am a student of philosophy at the sorbonne and i returned from a year spent in the united states. Certified c2 level in english (maximum level), i teach in a fun way and adapted to the age and level of the student. Together we can learn from the basics of the english language to read articles in reputable journals. I have 2 years of experience as an animator for children.

Saint Andrews
La Baguette vs Le Fromage - learn le French from le Frenchman!

I prefer to teach solely in french, even though some parts can be taught in english. The focus is on conversational french, to ensure that you learn 'useful' french. Learning a language is also about learning about its culture and food. So part of the learning will be around comedians, famous dishes and movies.

Buffalo Grove
Professional French teacher with 15 years of experience and extensive international training in the field

Bonjour! Je m'appelle mme mcnally et je suis professeur de français depuis 15 ans. Le français est ma passion! Sharing this passion for the language and the cultures it represents with others and lighting a life-long desire to learn is my goal.

Native French Professional Tutor French Language Manchester area online and face-to-face teaching

I am a french native speaker, from the champagne region in the north-east of france. I have been living in the uk for a decade now. I am a professional interpreter and translator as well and i love teaching french as a foreign language.

(1 reviews)
Former Lawyer, having returned to France in 2016 after 22 years spent in the UK, provides English tutorials and lessons at home (Crêches sur Saône) or via webcam

I returned from the uk after 22 years spent in scotland, wales and england where i was practicing as a lawyer.

English and Irish Culture - Learn English (writing and oral) - Cultural Discovery

Hello everyone, i have done my schooling between france and ireland. I worked for a year in cork in a medical institution, now i live in france for a year and i intend to continue my career in america. I am a calm and patient who loves cultural exchange.

(1 reviews)
Tutor in chicago (languages, math, science, test preparation, homework help), all levels)

I have a bachelor degree in biotechnology and a master degree in nanotechnology and bioengineering from harvard university, boston ma. I am doing an internship in a laboratory (biomedical engineering) at northwestern university chicago illinois. I speak 4 languages: english, french, arabic and spanish.

Young, flexible and benevolent German, English and French tuition from students for students up to class 10, Delmenhorst! Gladly and preferably lessons at your home! [Price negotiable]

Hi there! My name is jack, i'm 16 years old, i'm in 10th grade of a grammar schoom, gifted at learning languages and generally someone who likes to go to school. Of course, i am willing to actively help you with homework or prepare you for exams, but my primary goal is to make you as independent as possible, in order for you to appreciate going to school as much as i do.

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