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Matthew (alias mahdi)
Law school graduate teaching Mathematics in Palos Verdes for over 10 years

After years of teaching both in a classroom setting and one-on-one tutoring, it has become clear that the best way to help improve a student's understanding in a subject area is by being able to give the student the individualized attention and guidance that he/she needs in order to comprehend different subjects and succeed academically.

(23 reviews)
Electrical and electronics Industrial Engineer with 25 years experience

I am an electrical engineer and industrial electronics with 25 years experience. I work as a teacher for the morning. I can teach in the evenings and weekends.

(8 reviews)
Paris 11e
Math tutoring 2014/2015

Preparatory classes scientific mpsi / mp: mathematics: analysis / algebra / geometry / calculus, etc.

(14 reviews)
Paris 11e
LESSONS OF MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS and CHEMISTRY (college level, high school, licence1) PARIS

Success in science is accessible to all. I provided private lessons for 7 years. This allowed me to develop effective teaching methods that allow students to quickly regain self-confidence and catch up. Long experience in animation with children and adolescents makes the contact and communication easier.

(6 reviews)
Paris 7e
Student Telecom in Paris and 1 dual degree master mathematics course gives college, high school and math sup

Student telecom, holds a master 1 in mathematics in paris 6 pierre et marie curie, now in project management training, i offer remedial classes in college level math, high school math and surcharges. The purpose of this course is to provide students with effective working methods.

(9 reviews)
São Paulo
Teacher of Mathematics and Mathematics for test! tutoring, ESMS-Police-FCC-CChagas-Vunesp) and others tests

Higher education studying in mathematics, federal institute of education science and technology of são paulo (4th semester). Experience in monitoring, call and classes for elementary school students (former 5th to 8th grade) and high school students (former 1st to 3rd high school).

(12 reviews)
Tutoring and private lessons by an engineering student in Nancy and around

Je suis élève ingénieur à tecom nancy, école ingénieurs mines telecom suite aux classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles maths sup/maths spe. Je vous propose des cours particuliers ainsi qu'une mise à niveau au niveau de la méthodologie en plus de la préparation aux concours.

(3 reviews)
Paris 15e
How to succeed in maths for free through Internet and be first in class?

Mathematics with the chat' skype: le. Club. Educatif And whatsapp: 0(concealed information)65 Accessibility 4/7 and 14/24 Evaluation of mathematical knowledge level Computer tools to progress at your own pace Individual tutoring Personalized support program and paying option to be the first in the mathematics classroom.

(6 reviews)
Certified teacher and a graduate engineer gives Mathematics in high school and prep to Rennes

Hello, professional private lessons (individual entrepreneur authorized sap: 50% tax reduction), graduate engineer and certified in mathematics, i offer math college level, high school, prep and higher until a level + 2 years and applied mathematics for engineers and economists to a level + 5 years.

(4 reviews)
Mathematics Coach , a secondary school teacher, I am committed to motivate you, to teach you how to set your goals and to follow them.

I taught for nearly 10 years in particular and 2 years in high school - "college gerard philippe" i always had a good relationship with my students, i believe that the best learning takes place when rigor and good atmosphere go hand in hand. Classes are 25 euros an hour, 20 euros for those coming at home and 15 euros per hour per student for two students at the same time.

Student degree in mathematics and physics to high school students in Cancun, Quintana Roo

The methodology is so theoretical-practical with an explanation of the details that takes each phase or part of each issue in the area, this in order to give them greater ease and understanding what is really going to face when you start solving the different types of mathematical problems that tend to have and to solve them easily.

Degree in engineering imparts repetitions in technical / scientific area Varese - Saronno

I am a boy of 24 years graduated in computer engineering at the politecnico di milano and work as a software developer for a major american company. I have experience of more than a year in the teaching of scientific subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science and electronics to high school students.

Jersey City
Very Good at Math and Science Subjects and excellent teaching Experience.

I have my ms degree in chemistry from cuny and i also have a 2 years of experience of studying to junior and high school maths, algebra, geometry, logic and science. Usually i prefer to make my lesson plan before the class. I am very calm and friendly teacher, very interested to make students to understand the basics and make their doubts clear.

High mechanical engineer exemption mathematics courses up to level BAC + 3

Hello issue of the national school of engineers of metz (+5), and holds a bachelor of science, mathematics specialty, i mainly offers courses in mathematics and physics for classes ranging from college to bac + 3.

(2 reviews)
Math loving teacher with more than 10 year of experience gives lessons

I show my students the beauty of math. I find out what my students have missed in learning math at school and make it very easy to catch up. I work one on one and spend as much time as my students need. I would spend as much time as the student needs to learn. My lessons are not measured in time but in the results achieved.

São Paulo
Online or presential math classes with Physicist Specialized in Technology in Education for all levels.

Degree in physics with specialization in applied learning technologies, passionate about science and entrepreneurship. With experience in the financial market, applied statistics and mentoring online studentes. Classes can be in my home or online via platform developed for this. All material can be accessed later.

Young holder of an engineering degree and a Masters degree in astrophysics gives math, physics and engineering courses from middle school to college

Just graduating engineering school, i'm in phd registration procedures in astrophysics. I teach mathematics, physics and engineering sciences to highschoolers but also college freshmen and middleschoolers, either to students in difficulty or whose needing to strenghen their knowledge or their working methods.

(1 reviews)
Student at INSA Lyon (engineering school), I propose a way of learning fun and very visual Math and Physics-Chemistry to understand once and for all notions of progra

I am a junior student in engineering school at the national institute of applied sciences (insa) in lyon. I propose courses (with applications and exercises) of mathematics, physics and chemistry (and english, toefl level: 99/120).

Polytechnic Student gives courses in math and physics in college and high school in Paris

Hello! I am currently doing my fourth year of ecole polytechnique at télécom paristech and offer tutoring in paris. Very educational, being able to put myself in the place of the student and explain things with words other than those of teachers, i always managed to convey knowledge no matter the difficulties. I have worked with many students, especially wishing to move towards a science course.

(2 reviews)
Hope Mills
Knowledgeable, Dedicated, Caring, Fun, Loving, and Energetic Math, Economics & Science Tutor!

I am an east carolina university graduate with a bachelors degree in biology and chemistry within my 4 years. I have been tutoring since i was in high school. I started at my church tutoring for the community after school. I like to relate the work to the student in a way that makes since to them. I create a calm, relaxed, open, yet hardworking environment so that no one feels uncomfortable.

(3 reviews)
Dynamic and serious student in civil engineering teaches MATHS, PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY

I'm studying civil engineering. My course consists of an essential reminder of theoretical understanding and a supply of tools in order to be fast and efficient in any kind of problem. I have a simple and structured methodology that greatly increases its chances of success and thus restore confidence and capabilities.

(1 reviews)
Indian Trail
Patient educator helps to see math as man's way of describing the relationships that exist in our universe

1983 master's in chemical engineering, 20 years in paper industry r&d, 2005 master's in math education, 2005 through 2008 high school math teacher, since 2008 adjunct math instructor in charlotte, nc area colleges. I teach those with a desire to discover the relationships that exist in our universe and have been called "the david copperfield of math".

Christianne marie
(2 reviews)
Mathematics major giving Algebra, Trigonometry, Physics, and Geometry Lessons to students in Primary School and Junior High School

I have been taking up bs mathematics for 3 years but had to put my studies on hold due to relocation. In my hometown, i was exposed to tutoring students within the university. I start teaching students the step by step process of each equation and after explaining, i ask them which parts they don't understand.

(2 reviews)
Baton Rouge
Middle, high School, & freshman level math. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Certified Teacher

I'm a hands-on tutor. My teaching perspective is to build on what the student already knows and help her/him make connections between what he knows. Mathematics is best approached holistically, therefore, i aim to help my tutees see mathematics as one body of knowledge instead of pigeon-hole information. I stress understanding rather than performance of mechanical procedures.

(1 reviews)
Great Neck
Certified Teacher -Math/Science- PreK to College- Long Island, Queens,Brooklyn,NYC,Westchester and online/email/in- person

Customized sessions: i would develop different approaches for any age That are designed to fulfill the needs of individual students. Experience tutoring: i would develop and teach customized classes to Students who could not be served by the regular school format. This includes technical strategies for different types of Learners (add,adhd,gifted).

(2 reviews)
Business Engineering at Tubize, offers help in mathematics, physics and economics.

I offer my help in: - mathematics - physics - economy to mankind students (from the first to the rhaeto) scholars in tray 1 and tray 2 the minimum course lasts one hour and is based on the material covered in class (localization difficulties , revision of the theory, comprehension exercises seen in class and additional exercises to sit the new achievements of the student).

São Paulo
Eng Aerospace:. Mathematics lessons / calculation for Ens. College / University / Higher in São Paulo

Professor of mathematics and physics teaches classes for students of elementary school, middle and upper (differential and integral calculus, odes and pdes) plus engineering course subjects such as the finite element method and introduction to matlab.

(1 reviews)
Quartz Hill
Receive math and Spanish tutoring from someone you'd least expect: a professional rock bassist. Available in the Antelope Valley, Valencia, Santa Clarita, and Caustic.

Hello, my name is ray biggerstaff. I primarily tutor high school and college students in any level of math or spanish. I use a white board when i tutor so the student can see the examples as they are worked out. I am very passionate about and fascinated by mathematics and spanish, as i believe any tutor/teacher should be with the subject that they tutor/teach.

Learn Maths in Exeter with a qualified teacher BSc Hons PGCE with 25+ years of Maths teaching experience.

Maths is a wonderful subject. Key stage 3, gcse and a level maths are my specialities, although any level considered. Having taught maths for over 25 years, both privately and in the classroom, i can inspire, help you to gain confidence and enjoy achieving your highest potential. Highly professional, experienced, patient and structured tuition.

Maths tutor in London with 3 years experience and masters in aerospace engineering

I am a graduate with a masters degree in aerospace engineering and i have been tutoring pupils at gcse and a levels for the past three years. Additionally, i have experience tutoring undergrad students. Predominantly i tutor children and teenagers, however i available and capable of tutoring adults who are studying mathematics and science.

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