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(8 reviews)
Paris 11e
Math tutoring 2014/2015

Preparatory classes scientific mpsi / mp: mathematics: analysis / algebra / geometry / calculus, etc.

(23 reviews)
Electrical and electronics Industrial Engineer with 25 years experience

I am an electrical engineer and industrial electronics with 25 years experience. I work as a teacher for the morning. I can teach in the evenings and weekends.

(14 reviews)
IT student & science school subjects' tutor. Mathematics, physics, chemistry and many other subjects

French below. Thanks for visiting my page. I am a student in it at telecom nancy, an engineering school which is part of the university of lorraine. Professioanl, well-organized it student. Self-motivated, resourceful and able to motivate others, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

(14 reviews)
Paris 11e
LESSONS OF MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS and CHEMISTRY (college level, high school, licence1) PARIS

Success in science is accessible to all. I provided private lessons for 7 years. This allowed me to develop effective teaching methods that allow students to quickly regain self-confidence and catch up. Long experience in animation with children and adolescents makes the contact and communication easier.

(6 reviews)
Paris 7e
Student Telecom in Paris and 1 dual degree master mathematics course gives college, high school and math sup

Student telecom, holds a master 1 in mathematics in paris 6 pierre et marie curie, now in project management training, i offer remedial classes in college level math, high school math and surcharges. The purpose of this course is to provide students with effective working methods.

(1 reviews)
Great Neck
Certified Teacher -Math/Science- PreK to College- Long Island, Queens,Brooklyn,NYC,Westchester and online/email/in- person

Customized sessions: i would develop different approaches for any age That are designed to fulfill the needs of individual students. Experience tutoring: i would develop and teach customized classes to Students who could not be served by the regular school format. This includes technical strategies for different types of Learners (add,adhd,gifted).

Purdue engineering graduate provides tutoring in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Physics for middle and high school students in Hendricks and surrounding counties.

As a purdue graduate mechanical engineer, i have a lifelong love of math and physics, and have applied my skills in these areas in the field of applied engineering. I am skilled in identifying known information, clearly identifying the end result desired, and following the appropriate path for achieving the correct solution.

(3 reviews)
Paris 15e
How to succeed in maths for free through Internet and be first in class?

Mathematics with the chat' skype: le. Club. Educatif And whatsapp: 0(concealed information)65 Accessibility 4/7 and 14/24 Evaluation of mathematical knowledge level Computer tools to progress at your own pace Individual tutoring Personalized support program and paying option to be the first in the mathematics classroom.

(6 reviews)
Certified teacher and a graduate engineer gives Mathematics in high school and prep to Rennes

Hello, professional private lessons (individual entrepreneur authorized sap: 50% tax reduction), graduate engineer and certified in mathematics, i offer math college level, high school, prep and higher until a level + 2 years and applied mathematics for engineers and economists to a level + 5 years.

(7 reviews)
São Paulo
Teacher of Mathematics and Mathematics for test! tutoring, ESMS-Police-FCC-CChagas-Vunesp) and others tests

Higher education studying in mathematics, federal institute of education science and technology of são paulo (4th semester). Experience in monitoring, call and classes for elementary school students (former 5th to 8th grade) and high school students (former 1st to 3rd high school).

Polytechnic Student gives courses in math and physics in college and high school in Paris

Hello! I am currently doing my fourth year of ecole polytechnique at télécom paristech and offer tutoring in paris. Very educational, being able to put myself in the place of the student and explain things with words other than those of teachers, i always managed to convey knowledge no matter the difficulties. I have worked with many students, especially wishing to move towards a science course.

National Silver Medal in Mathematics and Aerospace Engineer gives Maths courses in 3 languages. 6 years of experience.

Maths classes for high school students in english, french or spanish. Classes typically last 1h30, preferably 2 hours for older students. I am an aerospace engineer and two-times silver medal laureat at the national mathematical olympiads (2009 and 2010) In my lessons, i develop a relationship based on trust with my students that allows them to be more confident and to test their knowledge.

Ciudad de México
Private tuition for Physics, Mathematics, Algebra, Differential and Integral Calculus, Applied Mathematics ... In Mexico City ... level from primary to higher education

I am a mechanical engineer with a master of science. I give private lessons at high school and college level. The classes are aimed at particular problems of students in any of the subjects i teach (mathematics, algebra, calculus, physics, differential equations).

Young holder of an engineering degree and a Masters degree in astrophysics gives math, physics and engineering courses from middle school to college

Just graduating engineering school, i'm in phd registration procedures in astrophysics. I teach mathematics, physics and engineering sciences to highschoolers but also college freshmen and middleschoolers, either to students in difficulty or whose needing to strenghen their knowledge or their working methods.

Graduating Engineering teaches in exact disciplines, mathematics, physics and more in Manaus

I always try to boost classes giving examples to help fix the knowledge in the field as well, try to use methods of the most varied to answer questions so that the student can soon master the content in question.

(2 reviews)
Los Angeles
Biology/Math/Physics/EnglishLiterature tutor from L.A - I have an MS in Molecular Microbiology

I completed my m. s . In molecular microbiology and immunology in 2014 from the university of southern california (usc). I completed my b. s . With a double major in biological sciences and physics with a minor in mathematics from the university of illinois (uic) at chicago in 2011. I actually had the credits for a bs in mathematics but they would not let me triple major.

(2 reviews)
Business Engineering at Tubize, offers help in mathematics, physics and economics.

I offer my help in: - mathematics - physics - economy to mankind students (from the first to the rhaeto) scholars in tray 1 and tray 2 the minimum course lasts one hour and is based on the material covered in class (localization difficulties , revision of the theory, comprehension exercises seen in class and additional exercises to sit the new achievements of the student).

BSc Degree in Biochemistry and a MSc in Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing teaches in the area of ​​science (mathematics, chemistry, biology ...) to high school students and high school.

Graduated of universidad complutense de madrid, and after completing two years abroad (scotland) studying a msc in advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing, i would like to combine my phd and the tutoring of students of secondary and high school. Previously i've given classes to children in chemistry and mathematics, and i know what the most common deficiencies in these materials are.

German tutor (down to earth, relaxed, passionate) teaches mathematics and physics on all levels

You can visit me. Take your problem and show me. We will work together to find the problems of understanding, typical errors and misunderstandings. In my opinion it is central to take time to adapt to your way of thinking and give a little hint from time to time.

Math by a former polytechnic student and fundamental mathematics/ statistics PhD student

The courses that i propose are mainly university students or engineering students. I can adapt to the needs of my students when they, and more generally, i can offer refresher plans in certain branches of mathematics as well as introductions to new courses for the student. For me, the results of course are essential in math, so a good understanding of the course is essential in my work plan.

Student in preparatory class Paris offers 16 courses Maths, Physics all levels

I am currently studying preparatory course graduate with a science graduate (with honors), and i propose courses mainly in paris 16. My goal is to unlock the problems of understanding and bring the student to the basic methods it is more efficient and clever in solving exercises.

Colorado Springs
College student offering lessons in chemistry, organic chemistry, anatomy, and math at most levels.

I am a college student at the colorado college. I entered as a freshmen this past fall but i have junior standing because i graduated high school with three years of college done along with an associates degree in pre-bachelor of arts. I am a chemistry and asian studies double major with a minor in japanese language, and i intended to go into medical school.

Little Falls
An experienced Mathematics Teacher who will help you obtain some mastery of skills

A secondary school high school mathematics tutor possessing exceptional people skills and sensitivity to high school students’. Possess abilities for specialized and changing needs in learning mathematics’ topics. Dedication and perseverance to improve your skills in the listed subjects will be a great asset to success.

Professional tutor in mathematics with 4 years of experience and a Master's degree in engineering.

I am a professional tutor in the atlanta area that tutors mostly mathematics and computer science topics. I have a 99% satisfaction rate with all my students and can do everything from helping out with homework problems to learning new topics altogether.

A Mathematics tutor with 6 years of home tutoring holding a bachelor's degree in Computer Science

I mainly give lessons to students of classes from primary to higher secondary level. I am calm and patient in regards to my students intellectual level and considerate about their progress in the taught field. The lesson structure and outline depends upon the academic level of the student.

Biotechnologist with 12 years of experience offers tuition and / or preparation for university entrance test in Palermo

I am a biotechnologist and for over 12 years i provide tuition for science subjects in high school or college students with excellent results. The lessons are private non-group, try to teach through the involvement and reasoning rather than through mere repetition or memory.

(3 reviews)
Student at the University of Science and Technology Limoges offers monitoring in mathematics, physics, chemistry or philosophy

Student in engineering master math, having prep math-physics and 2 years in engineering school offers bordeaux preferably tutoring in math, physics and chemistry for 6th to terminale students. Price to be discussed after the first interview. One hour set free relationship.

UIUC college of engineering graduate tutors high school and college level math and science

I am a math and science tutor at the huntington learning center in chicago, illinois. I also tutor college algebra, statistics, and calculus at triton college in river forest, illinois. I graduated from the university of illinois at urbana-champaign in 2013 with a b. s . In nuclear engineering. My gpa was 3. 65.

Researcher in theoretical physics with 10 years of experience imparts math and physics classes for undergraduate and high school students in Rome.

I am a university researcher in theoretical physics. My knowledge covers all the university courses in physics (mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, special and general relativity, quantum field theory), a wide range of university courses in mathematics (analysis, geometry, algebra, trigonometry) and the high school programs in physics and mathematics.

MS in Math, BA in Math, Former Math PhD Student, Former Actuary gives math lessons in Philadelphia

I received a ba in math at nyu, ms in math at uc irvine, and worked as an actuarial analyst at mercer llc in new york having passed the first two actuarial exams (probability and financial math). I'm patient, and i ask questions to help students to arrive at the answer themselves.

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