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French, latin and ancient greek lessons, for French and English speaking persons

Hello. I am French and I live in Asnieres, in the surburbs of Paris. I practice home tutoring in French, latin and greek to teenagers and to foreign adults, both from personal and for professional needs. I can also give lessons via my webcam.

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Paris: German, Latin, Greek courses and "colles" / khôlles for "classes préparatoires" + homework help, language learning

German courses, Latin, Greek and until preparatory class L2: catch-up for the "weak in ancient languages ​​/ LV1 or LV2" to the preparation of written and oral. Colles / khôlles German and Latin, admission to Chartres, possibly ENS. Setting a program earlier in the year, and tailoring it to your needs.

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Private lessons in Latin, classical Greek, Spanish language and modern languages ​​(English and Italian)

Fascinated by both classical and modern languages, I graduated (former BA) in Classical Philology from the University of Cádiz. I teach both at home and online.

Giovanna elena
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Degree in classical literature proposes repetitions of Latin, Greek, Italian, Writing Thesis.

In 2013 I graduated in Humanities (three-year) with a dissertation in Latin Literature, and in 2016 I graduated archeology, philology, literature and history (MSc) with a degree in Medieval Latin Literature. For several years I give lessons to young people between the 14 and 19 years and also college students.

Greater London
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London-based Oxford Classics undergraduate offering 11-18 tuition in Classics, English & French

I am a 19-year-old Oxford University student available during all university holidays. I am based in Southwest London and can travel up to 45 minutes or teach students from my home. One-on-one private tuition, typically between 90 and 120 minutes, focusing on exam preparation at all levels by building from basics up; coaching is provided in key skills, learning strategies and exam technique.

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Classics undergraduate offering experienced tutoring in Latin and Ancient Greek in London/Durham

My name is James, I am a Classics student at Durham University. I have taught people at undergraduate, A-level and GCSE standard as well as preparing a pupil for his Westminster scholarship entry exam. My methods isolate what the tutee finds difficult and then we explore it thoroughly and from different angles so that it becomes memorable.

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Undergraduate Classics student at King's College London offers tutoring in Italian, Latin, Ancient Greek, and English

I am a 20 year old university student who been teaching and tutoring since I was 15 years old. I tend to put a focus on the grammatical structures that make up a language in order to facilitate fluid translation! I am passionate about teaching and love being able to help people achieve their full academic potential.

María del mar
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Student of Philology offers private lessons to high school students in Seville

Today, with 18 years, study the Degree of Hispanic Studies from the University of Seville. I am passionate about the performing arts and languages; but I do not close doors to anything and I love new experiences. My techniques and teaching methods are based essentially implement the whole theory has been learned. My motto is: no theory without practice, therefore if there is no theory, no practice.

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Translation Student offers Spanish and Spanish Literature classes in Alcalá de Henares

I am finishing my studies of Translation and in my free time I like to give support classes in order to help students develop and improve their skills in Spanish and Literature, as well as in other associated subjects of Humanities. I have experience in Primary and ESO, but I can also help you with Selectivity. Do not hesitate to call me if you want to know more.

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Undergraduate student offers lessons and repetitions of Latin and Greek in Naples for high schools and universities

I am a student of Archeology and Classical Letters at Federico II in Naples, graduated from high school with 100/100, I propose individual or group lessons (max 3 people) for all humanities (Latin, Greek, Philosophy, Philology, Literature), for high school (support during the year or for repair examinations) and university (exam preparation).

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Experienced tutor for Latin and Ancient Greek, London. Studying at Cambridge University next year.

Hello, I am an experienced tutor, who has worked with students up to A-level. I am going to study Classics at Cambridge University next year, and am currently on my gap year. I take great pride in my teaching and make sure that no student gets left behind in an explanation. I want the best for my students.

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Professor of Latin, Greek, language, English in Murcia at home or at home

I graduated in classical philology and have experience with children and youth for over 7 years. I have worked with children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also I use different methodologies and equipment like computer or board to capture the student's attention and make the best of it.

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Student normalien gives private lessons in Paris: Latin, Greek, Spanish, English, German

My approach to living and ancient languages ​​is original. I rely on various manuals (Lingua Latina per se illustrata Polis Assimil Hermaion, among others) to provide an overview of the language and translation problems. In Latin, my students have achieved very good results in competitions ENS.

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Hispanic philologist teaches Spanish as a foreign language (all levels) in Seville

Tutoring classes focused on listening and speaking skills. -Oral exam preparation. -Preparing effective material to deal with grammar and vocabulary deficiencies. Helping students to understand, speak and write in Spanish, modifying assignments and activities to meet the learning needs of individual students.

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Graduate student of medicine with the classic English language school imparts trial in and around Turin repetitions of humanities (Latin, Italian, greek), scientific (mate

Good morning! They are available to impart repetitions: my varied experience from the aid tasks for children in elementary and junior high up to individual subjects for high school kids. Space from the humanities (Italian, Latin, Greek) and science (mathematics, biology, chemistry) to foreign languages ​​(Spanish, English and French).

El Cerrito
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UC -Berkeley Instructor Available for Wide-Variety of Classical Subjects - All Levels Welcome

My name is Jennifer Black. I am currently a doctoral student at the University of California-Berkeley, where I am studying archaeology and history. I also am an instructor of undergraduate students here at UC-Berkeley in various language, archaeology, language, and history classes.

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College graduate with a bachelors degree in biblical studies offering tutoring in Koine Greek

Bachelors of Arts in Biblical studies from Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, TN Over 40 undergraduate and graduate hours of Koine Greek and Classical Hebrew language studies Lessons available to beginning and intermediate level Greek students, whether graduate, undergraduate, high school, middle school, or home school students Lessons can focus on specific grammatical areas of...

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Graduate English and Greek Teacher gives lessons to both adults and pupils in London

I am a graduate English and Greek Teacher and I give lessons of both languages to pupils and adults. I teach english and Greek language (Grammar, reading comprehension, speaking, vocabulary and listening), I also teach legal terminology in English, as I am also a Law student. Alongside this I teach pupils of primary and secondary school a variety of subjects both in English and Greek (i.

South Croydon
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Classics (Latin and Ancient Greek) Tutor in London with King's College London BA

Hello! I am a current KCL Classics BA finalist. I am willing to tutor anyone from Primary to Undergraduate Level and the classes will be tailored to each individual. I am a fun and interactive person.

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Oxford University Classics student gives Latin/Greek lessons to primary and secondary school pupils in Oxford or by Skype

I have studied Classics since I was 8 and have enjoyed it ever since. Now I have the opportunity to study the classical literature of the Greats like Homer and Virgil in depth. For those who enjoy de-coding, puzzles and great storytelling, Classics has the ingredients of an exciting course.

Paris 20e
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French courses for individuals, Latin, Ancient Greek, English, college and high school in Paris by certified teacher in office

I am a certified teacher of Classics in office, and I have a long experience : two years in the United States, at the French Lycée in Los Angeles, four years in a college in Chartres, a year at the Ecole des Roches, fifteen years in a High School in the southern suburbs of Paris (where I currently hold).

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Student of 4º of Classical Phlology, I teach Latin, Greek, Castilian language and literature, Greco-Latin literature, Italian and art history.

I start in the study of these disciplines to the students or help them to resume, to form, to study them and to approve them. Mainly focused on: Latin and Greek (ESO, Bachillerato, Selectividad and Universidad in the degrees of "Hispanic Philology" and "Classical Philology", of subjects such as: "Classical Culture", "Classical Referents", "Greco-Latin Literature", etc.

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I am in between my masters and my doctorate degrees and located in the Hattiesburg area. I just completed an M.Phil. in Classics at Trinity College Dublin. My subjects include history (especially but

Hello. I'm a native Mississippian recently returned from Ireland where I completed a masters course in Classics (ancient Greek and Roman history) at TCD. I specialised in Kantian, Aristotelian, and political philosophy. I have a B.A. in History from William Carey University.

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Recently qualified Classics teacher offering tutoring in Latin, Greek, Class Civ, Ancient History

I am a Classics graduate from Uni of Reading and recently completed a Latin with Classics PGCE at Cambridge. I am flexible to teach in the best manner for your needs whether it is towards an exam or simply interest. My teaching experience means I have good knowledge of exam specs for GCSE Latin, GCSE Class Civ and A level Class Civ in particular.

Low Moor
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Degree holder of Arts and Literature, can give full time in teaching kids and adults. My assurance is making my class more exciting and full of learning

Good day! I am teacher Japperson and I will help you to learn more about Literature and Arts from the past and now. I am a degree holder in Arts and Literature so it is easy for me to communicate you if you are interested to learn in the said subject matter. Hope to see you in one of my classes.

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Queens University student gives literature and creative writing lessons to A level pupils

I am a university student in QUB, studying drama and theatre. I have completed ten GCSE's and four A levels, all grade C or above and have a passion for innovitave and dynamic teaching. I went to Assumption Grammar school where my drama teacher often asked me to create lesson plans and teach students at GCSE and A level, when she was engaged in other activities.

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Graduated in Classics, I give private lessons in Latin, greek and Italian. Assure maximum reliability and availability.

My name is Francesco Arcolaci; I'm 24 and graduated in Classics. For my classes I promise reliability and availability, I have a lot of experience and I know how to involve pupils in the subjects I teach. The translation of texts is completely guided by me, for which I also offer advice of historical grammar and metric reading.

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Private home of Philosophy, History, Language and Literature, Latin and Greek classes at all levels in Madrid, Morata de Tajuna and Chinchon

Hello! I'm PhD in Classical Philology with teaching experience at university (2 years) and many years tutor in subjects such as Latin, Greek, Language and Literature, History, Philosophy or English.

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Italian PhD student in Sciences of Antiquity offers tutoring ancient Greek, Latin and Italian at all levels to Strasbourg via Skype

Need tutoring in Greek, Latin or Italian? Want to learn the history, literature and language that are at the very base of our present? Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Laguna de Duero
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High school teacher of humanities subjects (Latin, Greek, language, English, art, history ...)

Formed awareness for teaching in secondary and high schools for Latin and Greek specialties as well as other subjects such as language (professional experience in schools), geography, art and history (preparation of oppositions) and English (title).

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