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Airplane pilot Young, dynamic, of Lebanese origin, provides language courses: English & Arabic dialect and traditional Lebanese.

Do not you speak english? Do you want to be able to write, read and speak arabic? If any of these phrases puzzles you, nothing serious.

(6 reviews)
Paris 11e
Native arabic speaker gives arabic courses all levels

Arabic: native speaker Literary arabic: studied throughout schooling (primary to scientific preparatory classes) Issue preparatory classes, i obtained a bachelor of business administration and i am currently a student in master in business development at novancia business school. I'm also a project manager at gdf suez.

(8 reviews)
Syrian professor of Arabic on Paris & region

Hello, i am a professor syrian and gives individuals the arabic language "dialect or classical" and middle eastern arab culture on paris and the paris region. I have a good experience, excellent articulation, acute, clear voice, and a very good general knowledge including literature, history, philosophy, social sciences and politics.

(11 reviews)
Arabic language courses for all levels and appropriate training to everyone in Nancy

It's been over three years since i teach mainly for lycéens. En languages ​​i take every desiring to learn arabic. Feel free to contact me for more information, i am at your disposal. Je suis élève ingénieur à tecom nancy, école ingénieurs mines telecom suite aux classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles maths sup/maths spe.

(7 reviews)
Graduate student of Arabic gives courses in ARABIC MSA and Levantine Dialects online

Graduate student of literary arabic and levantine dialects at the university of cambridge (final score: first with distinction) offers courses of arabic language and culture in montreuil (93100, france) or on skype. Levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced.

(4 reviews)
Paris 19e
PROFESSOR OF ARABIC Arabic & French translator

My arabic courses specific courses are for all levels, all classes and all specialties. I taught arabic for 4 years in high schools and private colleges in tunisia, then in training centers in france. As well, the edition councilor, arab world, the middle east and the post cultural reporter of a tunisian radio in france allowed me to mix different registers of the arabic language.

(1 reviews)
Professor of Languages: English and Arabic, approved by home during Bodies, I move: LANGUAGE COURSES - ENGLISH and ARABIC - for all levels as well as: TRANSLATION AND / OR INTERPRET

Professor of languages: english and arabic - approved by home during agencies, with communication skills (masters 5 languages), computer science, biology and classical music (standard notation and guitar), i have - language courses: english and arabic for all levels, for classes of examinations, for other classes (elementary, middle, high school), professionals and for anyone wishing to improve...

(2 reviews)
Engineer from Maghreb gives private lessons in Arabic in Antony for beginners and intermediates at home

For beginners i go through learning the alphabet written and spoken in literary arabic and then by associating syllables to learn words. Once completed we will go to the formulation of phrases and grammar. For intermediate levels i go through a level assessment and then we proceed according to the results. I take my time on phonetics which in my opinion are the most important.

I am teaching Arabic Language( Modern Standard Arabic) also Iraqi Dialect also

Hello, my name is maher ahmed, i am from iraq, i live in jacksonville,nc, i can give lesson in arabic or iraqi to the students in any level according to their needs,i am using the repetition in the first phase of teaching, simple and easy way of teaching ( less is more).

PhD student in chemistry, gives english courses to primary and middle school levels and arabic courses for all levels in Grenoble

I am an engineer in industrial chemistry since 2015, graduated from insa tunis. I am also a graduated of master 2 in chemical engineering from paris sorbonne university (upmc, ens, cnam, espci, chemistry paris tech). I will start my phd in engineering paper processes in december or january. Arabic is my native language so i love to teach it and to let students love it.

I can teach arabic language since it is my mother tongue. all levels

Hello I have a ba in military sciences and administration. My mother tongue is arabic. I served in military over 20 years, in air force. I live in mcminnville , or. I have the authorization to work and soon will be citizen. I'm taking classes in osu for my master in business (mba). I have a lot of experiences in my life and in un.

Trilingual teacher: Spanish - English - Arabic (mother tongue). 6 years of experience. 15 € / H

I am a trilingual teacher, 31 years old ​​and syrian nationality. I have 10 years experience in teaching foreign languages ​​(english-arabic - spanish). I consider myself a creative teacher , dedicated to the profession by vocation and a clear example that learning languages ​​is not difficult. To learn a language you need a motive.

Experienced Italian teacher, BAC + 5 offers tuition in languages, Italian, English and Arabic Translations in Paris

Miss claudia brandi - 4, rue paul laurent 75019 paris - Teacher of italian, english, arabic and experienced translator. Hello everyone! My name is claudia, i'm 28, i'm italian and i have a master level ii in foreign languages ​​(i am specialized in english and arabic ).

Hi I'm 18 years old and I am schoolgirl Terminal! I teach in primary languages ​​in high school I learned to speak and write English from the age of 8 years in school so I has British Council

I'm a high school student with a very positive spirit , open-minded and really friendly. I'm looking to give private lessons in languages. I teach classes on weekends, wednesday and friday afternoon in besancon or webcam.

Moroccan student in mathematics 3 Licence at the University of Lille 1 giving Arabic lessons on Lille Loos and Villeneuve d'Ascq

My name is amine, a moroccan student in bachelor of mathematics at the university of lille 1 giving arabic courses. In view of the fact that arabic is my native language, my course will be based on hints to improve and boost your reading skills and pronunciation so you can gradually building up sentences from simple ones to more "complicated".

Marseille 9e
Private classes & Training in Foreign languages, French mother tongue or foreign language, Sciences and Computering

C2cteaching is specialised in e-learning for foreign languages, french as a first language or french as a foreign language, science (mathematics and physics and chemistry) and computering. Digital education specialist at distance through our c2c e-learning association, c2cteaching can also offer you home tutoring with 50% tax reduction and cesu payment through its association c2cteaching home.

Queens County
Easy Hebrew & Arabic Language speak quickly and write with a native Language has certified Teacher

I am a native arabic language , also i hold phd and certified in semitic language arabic and hebrew i can teach all levels. I have fast internet accessible for teach by facetime or skype. Ets. The student will learn from this experience and quickly become more independent in this language and without homework. Just facetime to facetime with his teacher only.

Engineer gives English course and Arabic from primary to college for 15 euro / hour

Hello my name is salma, i'm 23 and i have a double degree, an engineering degree in industrial engineering and a master 2 in maintenance production, and i offer english and arabic language courses from elementary to college. I am patient, attentive and listen to the expectations of my students. I know to be practical to best explain the concepts that do not seem obvious.

Provides courses in English, Spanish, Arabic, French (Cannes, Antibes, Vallauris). The student terminal

I am a student terminal l, and i have a very good level of languages ​​(french, english, spanish and arabic). I can help you with your homework, whether primary, college or even in high school, it will be with pleasure. I generally promote oral work so that the student remembers well the pronunciation of words.

San Agustín del Guadalix
Native English Teacher, experienced with prívate tutoring, Madrid, Univerisity of California, Los Ángeles (UCLA)

I am a native english. All my studies and work i have done in english. My classes are full of dialogues, situations and role-plays to practice english. My methodology is to practice all the time to improve both spoken and written language.

Kings County
Experienced/certified teacher/translator of ARABIC, ESL, French and Hebrew for adults and children

My students range from school kids to college and university students of various levels and ages. I use the the integrated method of spoken and formal based on the four skills of learning a language in my teaching method which include reading, listening, writing and big emphasis on speaking.

English and Arabic. بالعلم و القلم يدفع الألم, learning is the best option and it 'Easier aussi

Hello everyone, i hope you are well? I am a student in the first year common health studies and i will teach you the language properly and if you have any questions please let me wait :). In fact this is the first time i'm doing this, i hope it will please you.

Degree in languages, with extensive experience abroad (work and study) give tuition Arabic

I have a degree in arabic and turkish. I studied arabic for two years in tunisia at the institute bourguiba school. I taught arabic to spanish teenagers and i have other experiences with teaching.

Teaching Arabic as a second language and Islamic studies and tajweed Quran

I am an expert in teaching arabic as a second language and i have phd in islamic studies i can teach all branches of islamic studies and the rules of tajweed I am willing to teach for all ages and i can teach for muslim and non muslim.

Los angeles county
Native Arabic and English teacher and English and Arabic translator (and vice versa)

English and arabic teacher and translator Taught in schools and colleges. I ask questions in general during explaining the lessons to keep the attention of the students Give many practice and work sheets Correct mistakes indvidally with students Give them a chance to work independently Give hw and tests to evaluate their progress.

Paris 8e
The foreign language classes with Daniela SuperProf online for everyone :) !

I am an italian teacher and i work in a school of foreign languages ​​in my small town in sicily, italy. In the same school i teach english language and in other places too, for example in barracks and companies.

(1 reviews)
Student in Faculty of Medicine gives private lessons in Arabic, English and Russian for all levels, all ages in Paris and suburbs

Currently a student in medical school i teach language courses (arabic, english, and russian) my classes are for all levels, all ages and all classes. My courses are customized according to your real needs, your challenges and your forces.

(8 reviews)
Fully bilingual (Arabic/English) native and experienced teacher offering classes/lessons, virtually and otherwise

I offer english and arabic lessons/classes via skype or in person across barcelona. My method combines phonetic detail, drilling, etymological, socio-linguistic and contextual emphasis. I offer classes to all levels in both languages, from teenagers to pensioners. Comments left on this website by former students are quite indicative of what i am as a language teacher.

(1 reviews)
Certified teacher gives private lessons (English, French , Arabic)

Home language courses in the paca area and video conference via internet. English / french / arabic  - general and professional english besides training for toeic, toefl and ielts tests.  - french for beginners and as a foreign language.  - literary and dialect arabic. The courses are aimed at all age groups (children, students, professionals).

Native Moroccan Teaching French, Arabic, and Spanish. Exam Preparation, TOEFL, ESL, SPEACH

I am a native moroccan and have traveled quite a bit. I speak, write and read french, arabic, spanish and english. I am adaptable and prefer to tailor my lessons to each student. Languages as well as their cultural references, conjugation, grammar and dialects are part of my teachings.

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