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Plateau Mont-Royal

Bonjour, Designer d'intérieur depuis 10 ans, donne cours en autocad, photoshop.

we learn better with a professional and it is a good investment

Bonjour, Designer, consultant et professeur depuis plus de 10ans, je propose mes services pour : Design produit, design intérieur et mobilier, design transport, architecture, photo, dessin à la main, cao, dao, conseils aux inventeurs, méthodologie, ergonomie, marketing, cout, Aides aux devoirs pour étudiants en design.

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Paris 17e
Independent teachers for successful competition for Architectural Education (guidance letter, cv, artistic folder, remote testing, written and oral)

We are an association of three independent professors: professor graduate of fine arts in paris, dplg architect, associate professor of philosophy. We prepare students terminale students and the grandes ecoles architecture, helping them realize their folder (cover letter, cv, film analysis, malaquais test, artistic book), to train in writing ( from the annals) and oral.

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This is what i teach: Maya (all levels except skinning and rigging) Zbrush (all levels) Photoshop (all levels) Photography (all levels) In both french or english. (bilingual) Rather than a long speech, i let you judge for yourself about my skills: (concealed information) Regarding photography, i won several international competitions.

Jose luis
I teach Architecture drawing and rendering with different techniques, support and tutorials about your university projects

I use different techniques drawing and architectural representation, from basic pencil size with shadows and lines up and down colors. Classes are customized depending on what the student asks. I can work on different materials and support projects with university and sudden.

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Architect based on Monterrey, MX teaches architectural design and city planning

I am an architect (uanl) and interior designer (lci) and proud traveler. I love teaching design and everything related to architecture. I prefer a theorical-practical method to help my students learn about design with a qualitative approach. I really enjoy interacting with my students, engaging them to the most recent information sources as well as in design and social innovations worldwide.

Private lessons with senior architect. Seville. all kinds of materials. learns easily and quickly.

I am senior architect, based in sevilla, with 37 years old. Formal, organized, and eager to pass on the knowledge acquired during my academic career both as a professional. With pedagogical vocation and desire to teach. Dynamic, active and organized person. If you want to learn, contact me.

Miami Springs
AutoCad and Other Software Packages to Create the perfect Design and Working Drawings for Construction

I have 20 years of experience working in an architectural firm lessons to a wide range of students from beginner to intermediate to advanced 3d modeling. I use autocad as a means of teaching my students but the practice can be implements into just about any software on the market.

Student Conservation and Restoration teaches art history and languages ​​to students and high schools in Barcelona

1) review class notes to see if they really understand the content. 2) use of specific bibliography and reliable web pages in cases of performing work. 3) methodical study, dynamically adapted to the needs of the student. I always say that if you love what you are teaching, your pupils will enjoy it too.

I am an interior architect with three qualifications (diploma, batcholor, master in art design and architectur) from london England, can teach high school, college students. I am an international awar

I work with the students to develop their conceptual thinking and technical ability to deliver their vision to the world. I create a schedule of targets that help the student develop their assignment to a professional level and reach their potential.

Baton Rouge
Landscape architecture student in Southeast US teaches you how to create dynamic plant designs

I am a current landscape architecture student living in the southern united states who has experience designing landscapes across the states. I teach the basic design principles needed to create a landscape that is long lasting and easy to follow. Simple ideas lead to extraordinary results with the burden of plant identification easily incorporated into the lessons.

Art History lessons to all given by a Contemporary Artist in London

As an artist, and having studied fine art and design, i believe that studying and experiencing art is for all - it is essential to the understanding of the ways in which human beings live and relate to their surroundings; from the most difficult philosophical or political enquiries, to the simplest and most trivial emotions of our daily lives.

Design & Communication, Lecce. Graduated 110 & honors in product design

Andrea vitti (1991) born in lecce (le). Degree in product design, specializing in eco design. The drawing course and representation will be divided from the basics of platonic geometric shapes. We will deepen the perspective and the geometric rules to build the proportionate figures in a two-dimensional plane.

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Prépa art teacher gives private lessons in drawing, visual arts, applied arts, painting, space design, design g

A teacher for 10 years in preparatory school (25 students per class, now in bts or fine arts) contests colleges and bts, i move over all levels and all ages, from 4 years. Leisure to contest preparation, i adapt my methods to the rhythm of each student, the important thing is to find his "write", whether to go to the fine arts, bts (spatial design, graphic design. . ) or for pleasure.

Architect and designer with experience proposes design courses, sustainable design, drawing, art history

My lessons are targeted at high school students, university '. My approach 'to focus and structure targeting them to the target user's lessons. All student are different and can achieve their goal if brought to walk the cognitive learning process them more 'appropriate. Method and method 'of teaching are based on single specificity' (education, age ', objectives) user.

Art and Architectural Design, ANTIOCH, BRENTWOOD, PhD, MSc, BSc, University Ass, Professor

Phd in architecture and panning, strathclyde university uk, msc in transportation planning and engineering, southampton university uk, msc (urban design)and bsc (architecture) cairo university. I have been teaching in universities in scotland, bahrain ,and egypt. Student centered teaching methodology. Teaching all levels of art subjects and architectural design.

(1 reviews)
Teacher at Ecole du Louvre teaches History of Art in Paris for all levels

Graduated from ecole du louvre, i am currently teaching in the same institution. I offer courses of art history for all levels (college, high school, higher education). I'm originally specialized in the field of decorative arts and architecture.

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Architecture student gives private lessons in all school subjects (primary / secondary), artistic or architectural

For primary school students, i can help in all subjects with easy and fun techniques to remember and love the specific class. For the courses addressed to high school students: languages (bilingual in french/english + arabic/english/french and good level of dutch), french, history, geography, mathematics, chemistry.

Architecture student teaches high school students in the city of La Coruna

Hello, my name is francisca, i have 25 and i have recently completed study architecture, give particular children primary, secondary and high schools for exam preparation september or support in the subjects that are most difficult to face classes the next course.

Senior architect and professor of drawing and technical drawing with extensive experience

I teach in general of different materials specializing in drawing, technical drawing, fine arts, graphology, music, castilian, mathematics and nursing. I teach in my home and going home. I try to instill love for the arts and studies and i always get very good results.

São Paulo
Arts classes !! Architecture, landscape and interior design of private or group

Classes will be based on reference of brazilian and international architects, trying to see the concepts and project parties. Understanding what is required to carry out projects and design exercises.

To Give life to his imagination? to Learn to Draw better? At your service ! (Graphic designer for Google events)

I followed a training design and architecture and i during my studies conducted numerous art exhibitions in partnership with the school of fine arts, where i exposed my own paintings and drawings. I am also an illustrator and editor of fanzine the insomniak and i regularly posts pictures on my homepage (fb: douds).

Sánchez partner academia arquitectura & idiomas
Senior architect with over 25 years of experience, curriculum of great prestige both professionally as a teacher in schools of architecture PFC in Spanish and German, French / Cl. / Cur.P

39. Evaluations published more than 200 assessments, positive recommendations! Pfc in spanish and german, french / classes / courses, coaching.

Architect offers graduate tuition and after school for all ages, especially for the disciplines related to drawing and art history.

Hello my name is maria, i graduated in architecture and specialized in the field of restoration and design. I offer myself for any repetitions both design and art history (for all ages), but also after school and tuition classes for elementary, middle and high schools. I do not have a fixed place, and eventually are willing to move according to your commitments.

(2 reviews)
Professional industrial designer giving lessons from sketching to concept pitching in London

I have masters in industrial design and mechanical engineering and currently work as a freelance design researcher in advanced product and technology development. Said simply, i know a lot about generating cool ideas and turning them into pictures and prototypes quickly. In my lessons i will share my methods and skills with you.

The Very Best Tutor with Experience in Academia and in Real world business

University of miami mba Coursework included entrepreneurship, valuations, business analytics, forecasting, financial modeling, marketing, it management, accounting & contracts.

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Casalnuovo di Napoli
Hello my name is Salvo, I am 27 years old and from Naples. I have a degree in Architecture and if you need someone who can support you in the study of subjects such as: art and architectural history,

Hello my name is salvo i am 27 years old and live in naples. I graduated with honors in archiettonica design and are specialized nell'archiettura interior.

Bachelor's degree in art therapy preparation, 6 years of schooling and a year of working in elementary schools. Looking to give lessons in art: drawing, painting, sculpture, and art history to toddler

I have a bachelor degree in art therapy preparation with a focus in painting and sculpture. 6 years of college education studying courses in painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics, art education, 3-d design, print making, art history, architecture and history of architecture. Currently obtaining a master degree in art therapy.

Technical individual Italian lessons, Italian art and architecture, graphic design (Photoshop, Autocad) and hand

Native italian architect with a doctorate in historical heritage, i teach college students who want to go on erasmus in italy, with italian conversation, also about the culture and art of our country. Italian i teach individual and group (maximum 3 people), with grammar and conversation. I give school support for english, mathematics, literature, technical drawing.

Art History, and artworks classes for all ages and levels in Cordoba,

Student in art history, teaches private lessons in all fields of art history, perfect for preparing for selectivity and reinforcement or for those who are interested in expanding their knowledge and thier pleasure of art history. Dynamic and teaching classes.

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