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College student with experience gives maths lessons to elementary, middle and high school levels in Windsor

I am a st. Clair college with very good grades. Teaching in-person is my methodology alongside an effective textbook. I believe everyone is able to achieve good grades in any subject, determination and readiness with a good teacher is the key to success in academics.

MS in BioScience, Tampa Bay, Florida, With Previous Experience in Teaching High School and College Level Courses in Biololgy, Microbiology, Anatamy and Physiology, as well as Tutor for Students Havin

Earned the ba in biology, with teaching credentials, at berea college, (berea, ky); received the ms in bioscience, with emphasis in genetics, at eastern kentucky university, (richmond, ky); earned an additional 45 quarter hours from miami of ohio (oxford, oh) in the department of zoology, where i taught 8 quarters of anatomy and physiology labs, and 1 quarter of special diversity lab.

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Tutoring and private lessons by an engineering student in Nancy and around

Je suis élève ingénieur à tecom nancy, école ingénieurs mines telecom suite aux classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles maths sup/maths spe. Je vous propose des cours particuliers ainsi qu'une mise à niveau au niveau de la méthodologie en plus de la préparation aux concours.

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Remedial courses Math and English - Level College - terminal (S, E, L)

Student in bac + 4 in a business school, offers remedial courses in maths and english. A-level honors with 18 in math. We review the course with some mnemonic improvements and detailed exercises applications. Preparing checks with my old controls. At the beginning of each hour, we orally review the points seen in the previous class.

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Professor High School provides tutoring math, physics, engineering sciences (secondary and university)

The course is aimed at secondary and tertiary levels (short and long).

Former Olympic and student at EPFL gives math to level IB and CMS

Hello to finance my studies, i offer my services as a tutor for private lessons or math group. For each student i specialized plan that helps him succeed in his exams. I offer courses in spanish (mother tongue), english (native level) and french (advanced level).

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Paris 15e
How to succeed in maths for free through Internet and be first in class?

Mathematics with the chat' skype: le. Club. Educatif And whatsapp: 0(concealed information)65 Accessibility 4/7 and 14/24 Evaluation of mathematical knowledge level Computer tools to progress at your own pace Individual tutoring Personalized support program and paying option to be the first in the mathematics classroom.

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Paris 13e
Best coaching for the best achievement in prep! [11 years of experience, mathematics in Paris]

A teacher, but above all a coach to aim for the best, be motivated, have taste, to understand what's the point really, before diving into the tips to be at the top as the geniuses without needing to be one! --- coming from the ecole polytechnique, i have accumulated over ten years of experience in teaching mathematics in higher education, mainly prep.

Classroom teacher in the Education of Mathematics offers ongoing support. Will be displayed to advance and love taught.

Classes begin with a review to be able to target your difficulties and overcome them. Dynamic and personalized method, adapted from the 7th grade to undergratuated. Pricing per hour or package depending on the needs of the pupil or the student.

Young holder of an engineering degree and a Masters degree in astrophysics gives math, physics and engineering courses from middle school to college

Just graduating engineering school, i'm in phd registration procedures in astrophysics. I teach mathematics, physics and engineering sciences to highschoolers but also college freshmen and middleschoolers, either to students in difficulty or whose needing to strenghen their knowledge or their working methods.

Electronics, with its own laboratory, from schematic to circuit board, theory and practice

I am electrical engineer, i set up a laboratory for me and i can share with you. Has access to what is best in a process already experienced and successful to made circuit boards. If you need help, you will find the didactic explanation, simplifying problems that seem complicated.

Sixth Form Tiffin Girl offering maths tutoring to those studying maths at a GCSE level or bellow

I am currently a student. I am very patient and enjoy helping others to learn, as i try to encourage motivation as well as a genuine interest in any subject studied. My pupils have fun while they study and are always proud of their progress.

Student of B.A. in Information System at Cotemig College teaches basic Mathematics in Contagem-MG

I teach in strengthening or particular class style. Analyze the student and his difficulty to draw a plan of optimized and focused studies rapidly solve the student's knowledge deficits.

Math lessons to primary and junior high students. I am a college student in veterinarian technician

I was a tutor in high school. I am adhd so it is easy for me to work with other students with the same disability. I work with what the child knows then proceed with what the child needs help with. This sets an idea that the child can do it if he/she puts their mind to it. I believe that all children are capable of learning, just sometimes you have to find what motivated them.

(7 reviews)
São Paulo
Civil engineer with an ongoing PhD in Aeronautics Technological Institute (ITA), teaches mathematics, physics and engineering disciplines for elementary school students, middle and upper.

Civil engineer with a masters at the polytechnic school of usp and ongoing phd at the technological institute of aeronautics (ita), working as a professor of higher education in engineering and architecture colleges.

A-Level student provides Mathematics tuition to primary, secondary & GCSE pupils in London.

I am an enthusiastic and motivated a-level student with ambitions of investment banking. Upon understanding my student, i teach accordingly providing them with all the help they require to enable them to reach their maximum ability. My teaching approach varies from 1to1 individual teaching, online resources, textbooks and my personal knowledge and experience.

(4 reviews)
Math professor with 10+ years of combined teaching and tutoring experience from Pre-algebra to Calculus.

I am dedicated to student’s success by requiring them to think critically through creating a positive classroom environment that encourages discussion and participation. My teaching style is student centered and requires students to use problem solving skills that will help them be successful in their careers. I assess the math levels of my students and then teach accordingly.

(3 reviews)
Teacher of mathematics gives high school level math courses and preparatory classes

Associate professor in a paris high school, i teach math at home or remotely, high school level, and preparatory classes. Courses can be conducted remotely, virtual classroom with whiteboard, headset and webcam offered, or at home. Also possibility of being at my home.

AS A-Level Maths and Further Maths Tutor, Leeds, 2nd Year Maths Undergraduate

I am strong in as and a-level mathematics and further mathematics, along with first year university mathematics. I offer lessons to those who are new to these subjects, as well as those who feel comfortable in mathematics and are looking for that little extra boost.

(3 reviews)
Post graduate student gives Maths lessons to primary, secondary and GCSE pupils in London

I'm an engineering and mba graduate who is passionate about maths and would love to bring out the fun in it. I would teach from primary to gcse, by understanding the mindset of the students and teaching the logic behind maths in a more practical way.

(6 reviews)
Physics and Maths tutoring in Kent, Key Stage 2 to A level all covered at your own pace

My name is neil and i am currently studying towards a master's degree in physics. You will find that my teaching method revolves around how you learn as a student. I will work with you to find the gaps in your knowledge, and work through these skills with you at your own pace. My teaching style is fluid, and adaptable.

(3 reviews)
Master EPFL supports and coaches in Physics / Maths all levels in Lausanne

I am a masters student in physics at epfl, also with a degree in computer science (2 years). I offer support for all levels in maths and physics, but i also know a bit in computer science. I like to follow a student for a long time to be able to coach well, monitor progress and adjust my help. Trust must be present.

(2 reviews)
Math loving teacher with more than 10 year of experience gives lessons

I show my students the beauty of math. I find out what my students have missed in learning math at school and make it very easy to catch up. I work one on one and spend as much time as my students need. I would spend as much time as the student needs to learn. My lessons are not measured in time but in the results achieved.

Ciudad de México
I have good knowledge in math and love to help people learn.

Private classes in mathematics, algebra and statistics for elementary, middle and high school students. I review the each student's class agenda and perform an individual curriculum based on their academic needs and goals to achieve the best possible performance.

(4 reviews)
I offer lessons and Private Tutoring Mathematics, Geomeria, Physics, Solfeggio, Piano affordable

I have a degree in electronic engineering and currently a student at the civic jazz schools of milan. I offer tuition both scientific subjects (mathematics, algeba, geometry, electronics, it) is the musical material (piano, music theory, guitar). The lessons are designed for students of all ages and levels of education.

Belo Horizonte
Tutoring in Mathematics for high school students by a majoring in Computer Science - UFMG. Online or in person, in Belo Horizonte.

From student to student. Uncomplicated and creative classes; with less memorization and more learning, that adapts to the student's pace and personality. Detailed resolutions for exercises, clarifications on subjects, and even about the challenges and rewards of the life at the university.

Year 13 King Edwards Camphill grammar school student gives maths lessons for primary/secondary students in Birmingham

I am a sixth form student at king edwards camphill grammar school in birmingham, and achieved 8 a*s and 4 as at gcse level, with an a* in maths and and a in additional maths. I have also been predicted 2 a*s and an a at a level. I give maths lessons to any primary/secondary school student, at my home or online (via skype or facetime).

Pablo abdel
(4 reviews)
Professor of Mathematics and Physics in Tamaulipas, Coach for students who participate in Math Olympiad

Mathematics teaching for 6 years at all educational levels. For children i use cuisenaire rods with a constructivist methodology, and for other educational levels i use the exemplification and simple analogies. I teach through reason and logic of the "why" of formulas and theorems.

(1 reviews)
Reps-Help tasks: Mathematics, Geometry, Computer Science, Natural Sciences, Test input. Tutor and school counselor. Bologna

- tutoring, homework help, themed lessons and tutoring from elementary to high school and adult-my name i am bruno and i studied at the liceo scientifico-computer and then psychosomatic counseling. I have a talent and experience in teaching, a passion for the scientific and humanistic subjects.

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Computer Engineer with many years of experience teaching at University level offers math tutoring at home

Hello, I am a computer engineer offering math lessons in french or english. I can help you understand and integrate high school- or university-level mathematics (even for engineers! ) .

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