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Matthew (alias mahdi)
Law school graduate teaching Mathematics in Palos Verdes for over 10 years

After years of teaching both in a classroom setting and one-on-one tutoring, it has become clear that the best way to help improve a student's understanding in a subject area is by being able to give the student the individualized attention and guidance that he/she needs in order to comprehend different subjects and succeed academically.

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Tutoring and private lessons by an engineering student in Nancy and around

Je suis élève ingénieur à tecom nancy, école ingénieurs mines telecom suite aux classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles maths sup/maths spe. Je vous propose des cours particuliers ainsi qu'une mise à niveau au niveau de la méthodologie en plus de la préparation aux concours.

(11 reviews)
Remedial courses Math and English - Level College - terminal (S, E, L)

Student in bac + 4 in a business school, offers remedial courses in maths and english. A-level honors with 18 in math. We review the course with some mnemonic improvements and detailed exercises applications. Preparing checks with my old controls. At the beginning of each hour, we orally review the points seen in the previous class.

(6 reviews)
Professor High School provides tutoring math, physics, engineering sciences (secondary and university)

The course is aimed at secondary and tertiary levels (short and long).

(3 reviews)
Paris 15e
How to succeed in maths for free through Internet and be first in class?

Mathematics with the chat' skype: le. Club. Educatif And whatsapp: 0(concealed information)65 Accessibility 4/7 and 14/24 Evaluation of mathematical knowledge level Computer tools to progress at your own pace Individual tutoring Personalized support program and paying option to be the first in the mathematics classroom.

(2 reviews)
Paris 13e
Best coaching for the best achievement in prep! [11 years of experience, mathematics in Paris]

A teacher, but above all a coach to aim for the best, be motivated, have taste, to understand what's the point really, before diving into the tips to be at the top as the geniuses without needing to be one! --- coming from the ecole polytechnique, i have accumulated over ten years of experience in teaching mathematics in higher education, mainly prep.

Classroom teacher in the Education of Mathematics offers ongoing support. Will be displayed to advance and love taught.

Classes begin with a review to be able to target your difficulties and overcome them. Dynamic and personalized method, adapted from the 7th grade to undergratuated. Pricing per hour or package depending on the needs of the pupil or the student.

(1 reviews)
During Maths (primary school and secondary school) to better passing exams and succeed

I am a student in the final year of the aerospace engineering cycle. I give private lessons in maths at home or webcam. My goal is to put my knowledge at your disposal to allow you to succeed in the best examinations. During the course i'll put you with course materials and exercises to give you simple and effective tips to help you solve all kinds of problems.

Electronics, with its own laboratory, from schematic to circuit board, theory and practice

I am electrical engineer, i set up a laboratory for me and i can share with you. Has access to what is best in a process already experienced and successful to made circuit boards. If you need help, you will find the didactic explanation, simplifying problems that seem complicated.

Student degree in mathematics and physics to high school students in Cancun, Quintana Roo

The methodology is so theoretical-practical with an explanation of the details that takes each phase or part of each issue in the area, this in order to give them greater ease and understanding what is really going to face when you start solving the different types of mathematical problems that tend to have and to solve them easily.

(3 reviews)
Teacher of mathematics gives high school level math courses and preparatory classes

Associate professor in a paris high school, i teach math at home or remotely, high school level, and preparatory classes. Courses can be conducted remotely, virtual classroom with whiteboard, headset and webcam offered, or at home. Also possibility of being at my home.

(2 reviews)
Math loving teacher with more than 10 year of experience gives lessons

I show my students the beauty of math. I find out what my students have missed in learning math at school and make it very easy to catch up. I work one on one and spend as much time as my students need. I would spend as much time as the student needs to learn. My lessons are not measured in time but in the results achieved.

Young holder of an engineering degree and a Masters degree in astrophysics gives math, physics and engineering courses from middle school to college

Just graduating engineering school, i'm in phd registration procedures in astrophysics. I teach mathematics, physics and engineering sciences to highschoolers but also college freshmen and middleschoolers, either to students in difficulty or whose needing to strenghen their knowledge or their working methods.

(2 reviews)
Baton Rouge
Middle, high School, & freshman level math. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Certified Teacher

I'm a hands-on tutor. My teaching perspective is to build on what the student already knows and help her/him make connections between what he knows. Mathematics is best approached holistically, therefore, i aim to help my tutees see mathematics as one body of knowledge instead of pigeon-hole information. I stress understanding rather than performance of mechanical procedures.

Learn Maths in Exeter with a qualified teacher BSc Hons PGCE with 25+ years of Maths teaching experience.

Maths is a wonderful subject. Key stage 3, gcse and a level maths are my specialities, although any level considered. Having taught maths for over 25 years, both privately and in the classroom, i can inspire, help you to gain confidence and enjoy achieving your highest potential. Highly professional, experienced, patient and structured tuition.

Experienced/Qualified Singapore Primary School Teacher Specializing in Mathematics and Science, Milton Keynes

-experienced in primary school syllabus -8 years tutoring experience -specialized in mathematics and science -graduate from nanyang technological university of singapore -bachelor of science(education) -masters at loughborough university -qualified teacher status in singapore -patient and caters to students' needs -one to one tuition to maximize learning

Farmington Hills
Retired Mathematics Instructor with over 20 years experience in tutoring all levels of Mathematics

My goal in education is to provide a comfortable learning experience for my students and identify their strengths and weaknesses so that we can improve their abilities in learning.

Kings County
Adult studies instructor with a specialty in Mathematics from Brooklyn travelling through all of New York City

I work multiple jobs mostly in education and tutoring. My experience with teaching made me realize how much merit there is to helping other students succeed with their academic endeavors. Personally, i know how it is to struggle with difficult subjects and having no one to assist in understanding the concepts better and i want to make sure nobody else falls in that predicament.

King's College First Class Mathematics Student. Tutoring up to A-Level; Central London.

Tutoring whilst in second year of bsc mathematics course at king's college london (placed 21st in qs world university rankings 2017) - targeting a first class degree.

New York
I am a science, English, and Science Tutor from elementary to college level.

I attended brown university and graduated with a degree in neuroscience. I design a plan of study targeted to accomplish the student's goal. I accommodate my teaching to effectively meet the needs of each student.

MATHS - Statistics, logistics...I can make it simplistic! Base - Hale, Cheshire

-maths lessons to gcse, ks3 and primary level pupils. -high maths a level attainment: achieved 100% in statistics module. -able to teach any area of the syllabi. -particularly strong with arithmetic, statistics, number manipulation and algebra. -youthful enthusiasm. -make lessons engaging and relevant to student's level and interests.

Math and English, k-11, first or second language, let me help you get ahead

b . A (education), h. e . D (higher education diploma), m. Div. , d. Min I am qualified to teach english (first and second language up to twelfth grade), math (arithmetic, geometry, algebra, basic trig - up to 10th grade). I teach using methods that best suits the student, the student strengths and build new skills.

(1 reviews)
Learn from Mr. VdV, math teacher and author of "Einstein's Riddle" (5M views on TED-Ed)

I am a math teacher who has taught and tutored secondary students (grades 7-12) and collegiate scholars. I have experience with 1-1 instruction in person and online, small group instruction, and whole class instruction. I bring my secondary educational background to my lessons which utilizes white boards and encouraging the student to participate.

College graduate in mechanical engineering who gives math lessons in the Westchester and New York City area

As a tutor, i would usually let the student try to solve the problem that she or he is struggling with on his own, and then if he is stuck or gives up, then i would do the problem myself and ask questions to make sure that the solution to the question has been understood.

Los angeles county
Experienced pre-service teacher here to help your child improve in school: math, science, health, social sciences

Hello. I am an elementary school education credential student at csun. (i earned my ba at ucla. ) i'm one semester away from having a class of my own, and until that time, i would like to use my experience to help your child age 5 through 12 to achieve their highest potential in school. I make learning fun through games and humor. I'm also happy to guide your child through their assignments.

Professor of Mathematics (college and 2nd). At home or Skype. Technology and Computer Science.

I have taught for 12 years in public and private schools and i give private lessons for 6 years. I teach mathematics and technology college and 2nd level. I have an electronics technician degree with an option (english). I also teach english following the training received by the "european vocational training program" (loughborough college in leicestershire in great britain).

Sugar Land
I offer middle (pre-algebra) to high school(upto Calculus) tutoring online and at my center

I am a masters in math with 20+ years of experience teaching and tutoring math at all levels, mainly middle and high school courses from pre-algebra to calculus. Being a tech savvy i can tutor online using webcam and/or skype, helping not just local but distant students proving best tutoring in any math courses that i offer.

Mount Pleasant
Any Mathematical subject to needs from CMU Teaching Assistant, Mount Pleasant. I'm an understanding dude in short

I have always been able to appreciate the beauty in the ocean of mathematics, so my passion for teaching mathematics is my personal single line description. Since i have studied major branches of mathematics mandatorily with a good interest, my grip of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus and trigonometry is at a good satisfactory level for up to 400 level courses in college.

San Diego
Stellar help with Mathematics and Computer Science in San Diego County at k-12 levels.

I am a college student who is studying computer science and mathematics. While in high school and college, i tutored in mathematics. I am a fun loving person who wants nothing more than to educate others and help students get the best grade possible and learn some awesome information in the process. I teach by going through the basics, than going through examples while showing the techniques.

Student in preparatory class Paris offers 16 courses Maths, Physics all levels

I am currently studying preparatory course graduate with a science graduate (with honors), and i propose courses mainly in paris 16. My goal is to unlock the problems of understanding and bring the student to the basic methods it is more efficient and clever in solving exercises.

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