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Paris 18e
Guitarist, 15 years of experience, gives guitar lessons and ukulele in Paris

To learn to play without taking your head! Friendly and efficient -method on the pieces you choose. -all levels, all styles -solfège or not -learning -method demos on tapes based on the stage -game english learning, effects, music composition you will progress at your own pace on the pieces that you like, working first on a simplified version that fleshes out each course.

(7 reviews)
Guitar and Music Lessons in the Paris area, given by a professional musician

As a pro musician, i can give personal guitar, bass for beginner to intermediate. We'll be working with the songs you wish to learn. They will serve as a basis to learn wider techniques of your instrument. They can also possibly be used to learn more about music theory for those interested.

(20 reviews)
During individual and group guitar Meaux and idf with or without music theory

Good morning, everyone, i teach individual guitar at home or at my home (meaux 77100) and group sessions in the studio to meaux. I travel all over the island to france. All styles, all levels, all ages because the practice of the guitar should be accessible to all.

(4 reviews)
Guitar (acoustic or electric) and bass lessons for beginners (French and English)

I'm ready to help you to start playing the guitar and follow your skills improvements in different types of music (rock, folk, blues, pop, reggae. ) . I propose simple lessons, without pressure, so that music remains a pleasure and a passion. Teaching methods are based on the student ambitions and needs. I adapt myself and my method to the student.

(8 reviews)
Graduated in music gives guitar lessons and / or music theory to suit your needs!

Hello future (s) guitarists, i am professional guitarist and music teacher. I teach guitar and music theory for 6 years (both in lessons and in a neighborhood school) and am a graduate of the american school of modern music (gpei). I can teach every style, my favorite areas is still rock, jazz and all modern music (bossa, rock, etc. ) .

(3 reviews)
Paris 11e
Electric bass lessons Bastille Paris by qualified teacher over 25 years of experience

Professional musician for over 25 years of experience (stage, studio and education), graduate and gold medal i propose electric bass lessons for all levels from beginner to advanced custom visants program to facilitate student autonomy.

(7 reviews)
Singer and multi-instrumentalist Musician gives voice and ethnic instruments lessons - Vulbens (74520)

Education for all ages. Method taking into account the tastes and desires of the student (styles, directories, personal project), and an emphasis on listening, improvisation and specific approach to the instrument (position, breath, feeling,. ) . Theory and practice of harmony, melody, rhythm, sound. Fundamentals.

Electric Bass and Music in general - Private tuition in Brussels, Schaarbeek

I am a professional musician with 15 years experience and am offering private tuitions for anyone yearning for music. Electric bass, theory, composition, production and career managment are all topics i'll gladly cover. Lessons will be tailored to your level and your aims.

Former student of CIAM today specialized in teaching gives guitar lessons Bordeaux

Hello, i give guitar lessons in the city of bordeaux. Concerning my studies, i studied for two years at ciam until fpi pro cycle and i am currently taking pedagogy courses in a music school. I am patient, pedagogue and ready to take care of young children beginning music as older people, from beginner to intermediate +. My price is 20 euros per hour.

Hugo manso
Águas Santas
Private Lessons and Piano Domicile, Guitar, Drums and Production of Music (Águas-Santas)

I'm very picky and i teach only to people who demonstrate commitment and concentration, even outside the classroom. I am versatile and very attentive to each person in order to meet her seriously and thus achieve in full the objectives.

SCHOOL SUPPLY / acoustic guitar. enjoying learning, innovative method (I COVER ALL BARCELONA)

Arrangements, scales, chords, rhythm. . . Learn playing and composing, playing music and if you like your own music. Develop your own art and music in an entertaining way. We mix theory and practice for you to enjoy from the first day and never stop learning. I teach at home, acoustic or electrical equipment available to students in home studio.

(5 reviews)
Singing guitar lessons and group (Bass / Drums / keyboard ...) at home 84 and 06

. Great experience groups and scenes. Free exchanges with musicians of all ages and all countries. Pluri-instrumentalist. Holds a technical diploma for careers in music (3 years of study of harmony, composition, arrangements, sound recording, mixing, editing. ) . Classical musical training at the age of 6 years. Cursus conservatory for over 10 years.

(1 reviews)
Higher entitled bass player offer private lessons of double bass and electric bass

Hi, i'm professional bass player specialized in jazz and modern music. I am entitled superior by the conservatory of music of the basque country (musikene) and later obtained my masters degree at the conservatory prins claus of the netherlands.

(1 reviews)
Kings County
Guitarist from Berklee teaches in Brooklyn area and online, 18 years experience!

Bachelor of music degree with major in performance at berklee college of music. Focus on guitar. For the last 18 years, i've played guitar in all styles within popular music and have experience teaching them, as well as 1 year now also teaching classical guitar.

(1 reviews)
Graduated in Composition offers private lessons of bass guitar, guitar, harmony, composition, etc ... in Madrid

I am a graduate by king juan carlos - tai in contemporary music composition. I worked in the fields of orchestral music (from the renaissance to the last vanguards of the twentieth century), as well as popular music, jazz, rock, etc. I also move in the world of soundtracks. I play bass in several projects, besides my own project (playa cuberris).

Professional musician and guitar instructor with 25 years of experience provides lessons with tablature and / or notation

Cfem graduate of the conservatory of pantin in jazz guitar, i taught guitar for over 25 years. My classes are oriented to work in style that the student wants to master (blues, rock, jazz, bossa nova, metal, chanson, folk,. ) . The courses are in tablature and / or notation, according to the student.

(5 reviews)
New Courses Bass and Bass in Barcelona, ​​Intensive, individual and group (Custom Method)

I am a professional musician bassist with bachelor degree in jazz and modern music workshop musics. For 15 years i dedicate myself to composing, directing, playing and teaching music in different styles and with different groups. My classes are aimed at all bassists who want to learn and enjoy music, who want to have fun and they can have a new experience in your life.

Pro bassist gives bass lessons for beginners to intermediate levels from 1 to 99 years.

Nice to meet you! My name is francois and i'm 30. I play bass for almost 20 years by myself and went pro since recent years. I play in several bands (nicola testa, chicos y mendez, marc ysaye & friends, what the funk, etc. ) which allow me to develop different styles of bass playing. I'd like to transmit my passion for this wonderful instrument that mix the rhythm and the harmony.

(2 reviews)

Guitar pro, 30 years (15 years experience, more than a hundred concerts, composer for film and advertising, studio sessions. ) offers a learning and / or deepening a playful guitar and / or ukulele. The courses are tailored to the desires of each, in order to work on the student styles, artists and songs he loves, without worrying about the study of music theory.

Aliso Viejo
Learn to play guitar with feel, soul and tone. Private studio in Aliso Viejo. Family friendly convenient location. Stage, studio and songwriting experience.

In addition to studying classical guitar in college i have also performed live for over 25 years. I have extensive songwriting and studio experience and have worked as vocal coach, band leader, worship leader and stage manager. I love all styles of music but specialize in classic rock, soul, country and blues.

College educated professional musician teaches techniqe, theory, ear training, etc. All ages. Learn music today!

I'm a berklee college of music alumni, as well as a degree in music education from umass lowell. I use a number of different method books for different students, as well as customizing the material to include music theory, ear training, repertoire, and technique. I run my lessons very informal and personal, relaxed and friendly.

Make the best vibrations ever, by plucking strings and by hitting keys.

Throughout high school and afterwards i have been studying music in all kinds of fields, weather it is performance, history, theory, or even as little as general music. And still am to this day, i keep on an everyday practice. I will normally start my lessons with a general idea of what music really is, and if it is an instrument then i specify the body parts of the instrument, and it's background.

San Martín de la Vega
If you do not want to devote some of your time to study, do not call me

I am a professional musician for more than 20 years, interpreter, teacher and director of music schools. I have teaching experience abroad and in spain. Higher education qualifications of my specialties and conducting choirs and while extensive experience teaching children. Youth and adults.

(1 reviews)
Bass guitar lessons / jazz improvisation and contemporary music in Bordeaux

Very important: i ​​occasionally intervene when the pupil has assimilated the previous course for advanced courses. At the same title for courses discovery of the instrument. (over 1 month) my teaching does not revolve around learning pieces but aim to solve a problematic so that the pupil advances on its own.

Rock out with me! 20 years experience in guitar and music performance with college background in music theory. Let me show you the way!

I am an active musician in guitar, bass, songwriting and performing. I provide beginner and intermediate lessons to students of all ages. I will tailor my approach based on each students' abilities and musical goals. My mission is to make learning music fun, engaging and rewarding.

Guitar lessons
Guitar lessons private lessons - Professional School and National Ibanez

Hello, guitar lessons is a professional guitar school established on the lille region (specifically in ef2m tourcoing). She is one of 24 structures that joined the national network of schools ibanez. Your teachers, passionate musicians and seasoned composers share their expertise through special courses open to all students who want to learn and have fun by practicing the instrument.

(1 reviews)
Bass and guitar teacher (beginner to advanced levels) in Brussels - Brabant Wallon.

Experienced musician with 20 years of practice of bass and guitar in several groups with many concerts and studio sessions under my belt. I teach to students of all ages, with beginner to advanced levels. Focused on results and constant improving.

Guitar Teacher in the SW Miami Dade area with more than 13 years of experience.

Creating and delivering a customized and skill-level appropriate lesson plans for students ranging in age from pre-teen to adults. With more than 13 years of experience i am adept at teaching jazz, classical, reggae, classic/contemporary rock, country, folk/acoustic, and pop music.

Young professional musician give guitar and bass lessons in Vigo

I have 5 years of experience teaching music, i studied harmony and stringed instruments (bass, guitar and bass), i am willing to teach at various levels as needed. The methodology i use is adapted to the speed of learning of each person.

Pompano Beach
Muziek4you Guitar, Bass, Music Theory, University of Florida International University graduate

My name is vincent gray, i'm a graduate of florida international university. 30 years plus teaching guitar, bass, music theory and composing. I use different methods and my own lesson plans or a student choice. I design my lessons for the student.

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