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I am doing my masters in cell biology, currently writing my thesis. I have a bachelor degree in chemistry.

I teach biology, chemistry and arabic for students of all ages and levels. I am a very fun person so you won't be bored! I don't have a special teaching style, it will all depend on the student.

Passionnée en math et sciences donne cours particuliers pour secondaire 1 à 3 à Montrèal et Laval

Cours de math et science pour secondaire 1 à 3. J'aide pour les devoirs et pour les préparations d'examens. Je m'assure que la base est bien comprise et je fais des révisions à chaque cours des matières passées.

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Paris 5e
Professor ACADOMIA seasoned, future engineer, give courses MATH / PC / BIO / SCIENCE high school to PREPA

Hello, i am currently a student gap year after two years spent agroparistech, which is the first school in my industry. I am an independent researcher until september, about to launch a site on the consequences of changes in the world today.

(5 reviews)
University graduate in Biochemistry, I am currently pursuing an aggregation as a future teacher.

I offer courses in physics, math, chemistry and biology (upper secondary and lower) as well as university courses in chemistry and biology. I pays special attention to developing the student autonomy and to restore confidence to face her materials with which he disagrees.

(32 reviews)
Private Lessons - Biology from High School to Postgraduate and Adults - Bordeaux/CUB or ONLINE

Hello, Financial controller and consultant in everyday life, i hold a master's degree in finance and a d. s . c . g . , and with over 5 years of experience in education, i offer my services as a private tutor. A wide range of disciplines : from high school to postgraduate.

(24 reviews)
Private lessons in chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, computer science and other science subjects

I am a dynamic girl, very positive and enthusiastic who always knows to achieve her goals. I have a lot of patience and i transmit my enthusiasm on teaching. Every day i am committed to learning new things and to update me. I like to teach others the things i know and i do it with passion. I teach in italy for 10 years and all of my students have always passed the exams.

(7 reviews)
Private lessons at home math, physics, chemistry and biology in brussels

Maths physical chemistry and all high school students jusquen retho i'm usually a little summary of the course before exercise of the smallest level jusquau jusquau more difficult by insisting on small traps that might be tempting to give a pro exam or linterro.

PhD microbiology student available to teach high school/college level biology in Houston

I did my masters in molecular biology and currently pursuing doctorate in microbiology. I prefer to teach biology 9th to 12thgrade students and college students. I use powerpoint to deliver lecture and use board if necessary. I like to teach in a friendly way with some jokes to maintain student's concentration.

(3 reviews)
Engineer gives courses in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology from High School to Prep classes - Toulouse

Hello, phd student in cancerology at the cnrs after obtaining my diploma of agricultural engineering. I offer tutoring in maths, physics, chemistry and biology for high school students to +2 post-bac. My classes are structured to meet the expectations of students: regular exercises including monitoring, upgrading, effective preparation for the baccalaureate, preparation ds and kholles etc.

(1 reviews)
Marseille 1er
Give courses, help with homework and academic support in math, biology, chemistry level college / high school while Marseille move

Hello, i am a graduate in marine biology (bac + 5), i give private lessons, help with homework and academic support in english, mathematics, chemistry and biology (college level / high school). I am organized and i have sense of pedagogy. Regards.

(6 reviews)
Graduate engineer, fluent in English, having worked four years in the United States and musician formed Conservatory in piano and flute, teaches music, Mathematics and Ang

Music lessons in piano and flute are for children and adults of all levels. The math and english are designed for students from elementary to high school. Flexible hours on weekdays and sundays, course 30 min to an hour depending on the level and demand. First lesson is free.

(4 reviews)
Paris 7e
BIO CHEMISTRY MATH PHY ENGLISH AND FRENCH Higher Education, University, BTS, Competition, High School, College,

Hello, 'i offer you my help and support at all levels: academic to school with your homework and exams for any scientific matter such as mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and the english. - for students in higher education: i offer biology also courses in the specialties: cell biology, animal physiology, embryology etc.

(6 reviews)
Teacher for 10 years in all sciences, BAC, quick refresher, immediate results.

Dear i prepare students to the terminal for more than ten years. With many references, my results on the average of the student are always positive. Methodology and techniques work for me are essential for the success of my students. I give particular attention to the monitoring of the work requested by the professor and offers more types exercises for exams in year court.

Francisco andres
(3 reviews)
Alcalá de Henares
Degree in Biology with experience in teaching Ecology, Botany, Natural Sciences and Statistics

I am a graduate in biology, specializing in the area of ​​ecology and botany, with knowledge in urban food crops. I like to teach through classes and by web cam, using textbooks and videos techniques and modern materials, in addition to demonstration and teaching practices.

(2 reviews)
Is SVT complex for you? Need to understand or revise certain concepts in Biology or Chemistry? I can help you in the Aix / Marseille region.

Educator, teacher and experienced facilitator, i shall put my experience of over 20 years available to pupils for their success. Because it is based on the efficiency of the work done, i propose to accompany the student on the form and substance of learning (learning to learn).

Research professor in public health, statistics, biology, science gives courses at all levels.

Doctor of sciences specialty epidemiology, neurosciences and biologist. For over 12 years, i perform at the faculty of medicine and i facilitate workshops discovery science to smaller (primary), and college courses in life sciences and earth entant volunteer. My courses are suitable for students and it's mostly an exchange.

Master's student offers private classes in Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths) in Paris

I am finishing my msc in nutrition and biochemistry in the agroparistech engineering school. After 2 years of preparatory classes bcpst (biology, chemistry, physics, earth sciences), i acquired strong knowledge and skills in sciences. I teach to students of all ages, from primary school to adults. I will be available from early january 2017.

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
I impart Individual and in group classes of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry for High School education.

I am a chemical engineer and phd in biotechnology. I currently work in a company biotechnological but spend some of my free to the teaching of natural sciences time. I have a blog that is titled cloud school booster and a youtube channel to offer solucionarios, study materials and answer questions.

Vila Santa Rosa (Guarujá)
Professor Gustavo - Biology and Science - Guaruja / SP - Graduated in 2012

I graduated in degree in biological sciences and try to teach my classes in a clear and objective manner. Currently textbooks have a super complex and confusing theory, my goal is to untangle this theory and show my students that nature is simpler than it seems.

Brenda gabriela
San Pedro Garza García
Biologist and dental student gives private Biology lessons in Spanish and English for students in elementary, middle school and high school

My name is brenda benavides falcon, i have a degree in biology from the university of st. Mary's in san antonio, tx. I am currently a dental student in the universidad autonoma de nl in monterrey.

Biochemistry professor with a C1 degree in English and EGA offers private lessons in Álava

I have a degree in biochemistry and i am currently studying a masters in training for teacher of secondary education. I can teach in the educational levels of primary, secondary and high school. I am specialized in science subjects, but i can also teach euskera (ega- c1 level) and english (cambridge- advanced c1 level).

Master student teacher training with a degree in Biology and Master in Terrestrial Ecology and Biodiversity Management by teaches mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology all

My name is daniel and i have 24 years, i worked as a teacher tutoring physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics for 20 years for both students that as high school. Currently, when performing the master of teacher training, i have learned many teaching tools (contextualization, meaningfulness) that will be very useful to me to find these interesting subjects or do not understand that.

(7 reviews)
Chemical engineer, with 10 years of experience in private lessons during the studies of mathematics, physics, chemistry area Guidonia / Roma Est and Nord

Accustomed to the constant contact with children from middle school, high school and college, practical approach to lessons with exercises targeted, connected to a theoretical learning with dedicated preparation of lectures and presentations to make it clear how much exposed from textbooks

Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics, Technical Consultant Biologist Foggia, graduated in Biology

Biologist, professor at high school and advisor to fish and farm, my lessons are aimed at anyone who has the need and / or desire to deepen the scientific disciplines, i also offer specific courses for those interested in becoming game designers and / or consultant furthermore i offer my advice for those interested in calls for financing and creation of innovative enterprises.

(3 reviews)
Science, math, and test prep (ACT/SAT, MCAT/DAT, etc.) tutor with 9+ years of professional tutoring experience in Milwaukee or online (skype, google hangouts, etc). Master's student with BS in Microbi

I have a bachelors of science in microbiology and am in my final year of my master's. I started tutoring because i know the material, but have compassion to understand that not everyone understands right away. I have a passion for tutoring/teaching and it shows in my meticulous preparation. Most tutors or tutoring companies try the same approach over and over and it doesn't work.

(2 reviews)
Hope Mills
Knowledgeable, Dedicated, Caring, Fun, Loving, and Energetic Math, Economics & Science Tutor!

I am an east carolina university graduate with a bachelors degree in biology and chemistry within my 4 years. I have been tutoring since i was in high school. I started at my church tutoring for the community after school. I like to relate the work to the student in a way that makes since to them. I create a calm, relaxed, open, yet hardworking environment so that no one feels uncomfortable.

(3 reviews)
I give private and group lessons all levels in Metz - Italian and English spoken and written for students and professionals (business, technique, etc.), texts revision. Conversation and discussions on

A taylor made teaching style allows me to take care of students' needs and expectations. I am very clear and understandable in science subjects (math, physics, chemistry, biology). I give outlooks of the current scenario when teaching business administration, project management, marketing, communication.

6€ private lessons are taught primary to high school (science and letters)

Hello! My name is stephanie and i am 18 years old. Currently i'm going to prepare paeg (for up note) and as i have time i like to use it to help others with their difficulties, i am of science (biology) so i can help with biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, language, english. (less subjects such as latin, greek. ) for students of primary and secondary.

(1 reviews)
Porto Alegre
Biology classes in Porto Alegre - teacher, biologist, doctor in Environmental Quality

I am a biologist, teacher and researcher and doctor degree in environmental quality. Minister dynamic classes for students of primary and secondary education (sciences and biology) as well as for higher education disciplines (botany, plant anatomy, plant physiology, ecology, environmental education, biostatistics).

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