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(15 reviews)
Paris 17e
Qualified Chinese teacher proprose you Madarin Chinese courses and courses matématique

Experienced for 10 years in the field of language teaching and theoretical research, i am able to apply a variety of methods tailored to different audiences with different needs and learning goals and customize educational approaches so make your learning performance.

(5 reviews)
Paris 4e
Chinese teacher for the City of Paris, in schools and associations, provides tutoring, academic and postbac individual courses all levels, exam preparation and competition

I am a chinese (mandarin) teacher for pupils, students and adults of all levels, individual classes tutoring and group lessons for several years, for the city of paris, the marymount international school, the lyon business school (formerly business school of lyon) and several training organizations and associations.

(5 reviews)
Native Chinese speaker (mandarin) Chinese Class for all levels and preparation HSK

After obtaining my master's degree of translation in england, i started my career as a language teacher in beijing in 2008 and since then i've never stopped teaching. I believe that language learning is not only about vocabulary and grammar,but also the culture and the life of a country. I also believe that language is alive.

(9 reviews)
Paris 6e
Master student in translation and interpretation FR / ENG / CHI, experienced in teaching offers courses in Chinese and / or Chinese culture and / or calligraphy in Paris

Private lessons for those who want to learn chinese or improve their level. I always adapt the courses according to the student's level and weaknesses. The chosen method and subject (e. g . The kind of text we study) may depend on the student's interests.

(7 reviews)
Paris 14e
Chinese tutor for beginner and intermediate, all ages / Traditional and Simplified Character

In taiwan, i received a degree from the national taiwan university normal (national taiwan normal university (ntnu)) in 2002 in the fine arts department and was professor of plastic-art for several years.

(3 reviews)
Mandarin Chinese accessible for everyone

Learn mandarin easyly with fun. Courses tailored to your needs, so you can learn at your own pace and progress without stressing. Dynamic and experienced teacher. I lived 4 years in taiwan which allowed me to speak chinese without accent and well get to know the customs and chinese culture. I teach practical chinese grammar and conversation. Graduate professor hsk. Flexibility in scheduling.

Offering Tutor course to help you keep practise English

I am only offer tutor course for learning english which means i can help you practice what you have learned already. This tutor course only fit in the people who on intermedia level and want to practise more.

(3 reviews)
Professor trilingues- Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and English, adapted to all levels

I offer language course mandarin chinese, spanish and english. I can fit all your needs and levels, but especially i can help you to build a strong interest in studing a foreign language. I also do intensive course for people who travel abroad and need to reach as early as possible a level of communication.

(4 reviews)
Taiwanese student gives private Chinese lessons in Toulouse

I am a taiwanese student in toulouse studying french. I offer chinese private lessons in toulouse. This is intended both for students wishing to improve their chinese and people wishing to learn a few words before traveling or moving to china. I can teach people wishing to learn only spoken mandarin or people wishing to learn chinese, either using traditional or simplified characters.

(3 reviews)
Chinese Course in Mareil Marly,Saint germain en Laye,Marly le roi,Fourqueux

Hello i am a graduate in the college of education sciences paris5, and chinese teaching of paris 7 university, i have 7 years of experience teaching chinese. Having studied french for 4 years at university in china from 2001 to 2005, i can assure the ongoing explicit french. I can give chinese courses of all levels: introduction to chinese language.

(2 reviews)
Master degree gives Chinese classes for all levels student especially in Lyon

Young chinese graduated from the universite jean moulin lyon 3, master specialty applied foreign languages ​​- language and management. After spending 5 years of higher education in lyon 3, and an academic exchange year at shizuoka university in japan, i am perfectly four languages ​​english-french-japanese-chinese. With excellent interpersonal skills.

(2 reviews)
Rapid City
Tutor For Hire,Business, Social Science, ESL, Mandarin Chinese, General Mathematics & History

I have an mba, ba in social science; i am currently working on my doctorate degree in psychology, have taught esl for more than 20 years, do math tutoring, and have studied mandarin for 20 years. I majored in entrepreneurship, and can advise you on ways to receive money for your start up business.

7 years of teaching experience especially to Japanese and Chinese to speak fluently.

Imagination and creativity as a teacher! The teaching methodology is the most commonly used verbs and learn their conjugations, and the adjectives most used. Imagine everyday situations and create our own sentences. Make flexible our ears. The most useful verbs in spanish.

(12 reviews)
Trained in China, language coach, positives pronunciation results from the first sessions

The courses are designed for both beginners who want to master the language to those who want to improve their knowledge in mandarin. Training is particularly interesting for those who want quickly an excellent pronunciation.

(7 reviews)
Paris 2e
Chinese and Japanese private lessons in Paris and the surrounding area

Chinese and japanese teacher for all levels in paris and the surrounding area. Political science student (currently d2) with a good level of japanese has over 7 years experience of language teaching ​​for business affairs, hsk preparation, preparation lv tray 2 and 3 (japanese and chinese), etc. Chinese lessons: i will help you learn and improve pronunciation, speaking and writing in chinese.

Chinese institute
(7 reviews)
Paris 3e
Learn Chinese with effective courses, simple and dynamic! Qualified teachers

Learn chinese with ease. With three chinese schools in paris and a wide national coverage, chinese institute is the french specialist in the teaching of chinese language. The courses are for children as well as adults. Classes can be taught in the schools, at home, or using a webcam.

(3 reviews)
Graduated from National Taiwan University, I would give Chinese Mandarin courses for beginners and transmit my passion

Fascinated by the chinese since 2001, i graduated from national taiwan university in 2015. Today i would convey my passion and my knowledge in mandarin chinese to all those wishing to start in this absolutely fascinating language. I will give you the keys to quickly communicate and you also explain the meaning contained in each of the chinese characters.

(2 reviews)
Chinese native speaker gives Chinese lessons to those who want to learn Chinese language and culture in Columbus

I am right now getting my master's degree in foreign and second language education in the ohio state university. I have already had almost two-year study of language education till now. I am eager to apply what i have learned at school to helping my students with their language learning, especially chinese language learning.

Miss linda
Glasgow 120 TEFL Teacher 3 years exp abroad and Primary Trainee Teacher

I have worked for ef (education first) abroad and taught english as a second language for almost 3 years; working with age groups ranging between 3 - 18. I have also worked as a trainee primary school teacher for a year and a half before i went abroad to teach english.

Mandarin interpreter with 25 years experience gives lessons to students at all levels

I have a degree in chinese from london university. I lived in beijing for 24 years where i worked as an interpreter, translator and teacher. Now back in london i tutor both children and adults. My goal is to demystify chinese and get more people to learn as grammatically it is quite simple and the spoken language can be learnt quite quickly.

Enlist the help of an experienced English, Chinese, Japanese expert to excel!

I am an experienced educator who have taught from elementary to college level, and adults. I am a trained linguist and professor who can help you or your child in their subject matters of interest. I believe in working with my learners to meet their learning goals, and to motivate them to meet the goals. I use authentic materials, and encourage my learners to use resources to improve.

Jian chuan
Chinese and Malay lessons (speaking, writing, listening) (in German or English taught)

I like to teach with books and music with the help of the internet. I prefer to come over to your place around reutlingen or skype will also do. I correct immediately your mistakes during classes, so you can learn as soon as possible.

Chinese native with 10 years of work experience gives Chinese lessons

I am a chinese who has lived in france since 2010. Before coming to france, i worked for veolia water for 10 years in china (using english as working language). I taught chinese to my french colleagues back then. And they all appreciated my lessons.

(2 reviews)
Student offering lessons (at home) in English and / or Chinese (traditional characters) in Strasbourg

Holding a bachelor degree in fashion marketing, issued in 2015 by fu jen catholic university in taiwan, i now live in strasbourg to learn french. I am offering english and chinese races for all level (beginner, intermediate, advance), for different aspects: the daily communication, marketing communication, literature and reading, and for all ages.

Paderno Franciacorta
Bachelor Degree in Chinese Language and Culture. Chinese and English lessons in Brescia

Bachelor degree in chinese language and culture ​​at ca 'foscari university of venice. Erasmus experience in sweden from january to june 2015. I've been in china three times: july-august 2012; august-december 2013; february-july 2016. Feel free to contact me if you need help to study chinese, english and spanish.

Chinese Chinese Prof easy for Adults and Adolescents in Nanterre and Reuil

Hello, my name is jasmine and i am a chinese national. I teach chinese to adolescents or adults to practice chinese by professional obligation. I specialize in teaching chinese to foreigners with five years of experience behind me. I worked for a year in the philippines and two years in france. I speak french fluently.

(32 reviews)
Paris 16e
Chinese courses for every level in Paris (75006)

A graduate of the engineering school of the city of paris (pias) and cours florent (a famous theater school) provides chinese language courses for all levels. Professor of chinese in paris for four years for individuals and groups, i give and organise chinese courses for children from 6 to 12 years in an association supported by the mayor of the 15th in paris.

(6 reviews)
Paris 14e
Certified teacher of Mandarin Chinese courses in Paris individual r or group

Courses for all levels, beginner to advanced, all ages. Chinese foreign language teacher, i use total immersion technique to quickly stimulate your listening and speaking. My classes are all in chinese! Professional projects, leisure, learning chinese is an adventure! Native, i speak standard mandarin, clear and without dialectal accent, for a rapid increase in oral.

Marseille 9e
Private classes & Training in Foreign languages, French mother tongue or foreign language, Sciences and Computering

C2cteaching is specialised in e-learning for foreign languages, french as a first language or french as a foreign language, science (mathematics and physics and chemistry) and computering. Digital education specialist at distance through our c2c e-learning association, c2cteaching can also offer you home tutoring with 50% tax reduction and cesu payment through its association c2cteaching home.

9-year teaching experience teacher gives both chinese lesson and ESL lessons to all levels

As a native mandarin chinese speaker carries standard chinese and english teaching certificate brings vivid and super fun chinese lessons and esl lessons to u, i'll design a special plan for each of u and make sure you make a gradual and good progress every single class. ( i have both chinese and english text books offered if u don't have or prefer to use mine.

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