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Paris 9e
PIANO & VOCAL COACHING - Leisure & Pro - From 18 € in group and from 30 € in individual - singing coaching for castings tv & pro - vocal coaching for public speaking - all styles & levels -

Singing during all levels preparedness songs castings (#thevoice, #nouvellestar) and castings pros tv all styles: electro pop rock r'nb variety dance classic opera lyric coaching public speaking (interview, examination, speech) learn to sing just learn to breathe: breath work discover his voice.

Célestin stanley
(1 reviews)
Paris 15e
Learning to play guitar, piano and singing Jazz, Blues, Gospel by Webcam.

Professor of music schools and conservatory gives guitar lessons and singing. Jazz training. Blues musician: good method (suziki) lot of finger picking, blue touch. Many vocal techniques for singing.

(3 reviews)
Given during song and jazz music present, and choir musical awakening on paris;

Singing tuition jazz and modern music (pop, rock, gospel, varieties) at home (beginners to advanced level. ) -work on vocal technique (breathing, voice placement, working accuracy and timbre. ) - constitution of a directory (your choice) and work of interpretation. Prices: Individual course 30e of the hour. 100 euros package 4:00. 150 euros package 6:00. 200 euros package 8:00.

(3 reviews)
Marseille 3e
Sela, singer / guitarist graduate, gives singing lessons, guitar, music appreciation in Marseille.

Sela, guitar teacher, singing, music appreciation and scenic coach. I teach acoustic and electric guitar. Style contemporary music (blues, rock, jazz, funk, variety). Music theory will be methodical and related style (rhythm, chord construction and ranges). I teach singing, you will develop your voice and your true potential to resonate (breathing, precision, rhythm, interpretation).

(9 reviews)
Paris 10e
Vocal technique classes for amateurs / choristers

Singing courses for beginners and vocal technique classes for amateur choristers who want to improve their choir experience. Places : my house or student's house (in paris or suburbs) or on skype.

(1 reviews)
Coral Director & Vocal Coach gives singing lessons to all those who always wanted to sing but never tried. Give it a chance, you can sing!

Choral director with more than twenty years of experience. I believe that music is a vital necessity of all human beings and a marvelous tool to strengthen mechanisms of social integration and to enhance the intellectual and emotional skills, both for children and adults.

(1 reviews)
Classes to Violin, Mandolin, Viola, and improvisation for everyone. No age limits. Domicile

Professional violinist entitled to post graduate in london, rome and paris, combine the traditional method zuzuki conservatories for beginners with immediate results. I also teach viola, mandolin, strings mounting assemblies, chamber orchestra, symphony, estudiantinas, children's choir and youth and improvisation. Home classes and groups.

Ciudad de México
Professional musician, cello lessons, choir and music theory (Mexico city) Bachelor in music

I am a professional musician with national and international experience. I studied at national conservatory of music of mexico. I have practical teaching applied to the musical style of your interest in your instrument, playing or singing, backed with theoretical foundations and support of virtual applications.

Los Angeles
Vocal Instructor offering lessons in singing, piano, and theory in LA area!

I am a recent college graduate with a bachelor's of music. Now that i am out of school, i am interesting in building my own business as a private voice and piano instructor. I am also interested in tutoring students in music theory. Students of all age rends and varying musical ability - from novice to advanced - are welcome to pursue lessons with me.

Music Teacher - Singing, Music Theory. Birmingham-based, able to travel. DBS Enhanced. Music Graduate.

I am a music graduate based in the west midlands. I am highly experienced in teaching singing, in particular younger singers with changing voices. I have a very good knowledge of singing technique and music theory, and so i am able to help with whatever repertoire you want to learn (classical, musical theatre etc.

Farmers Branch
22 year piano veteran can help you master the language of music in the genre or style of YOUR choice.

From the age of 4 my parents put me behind the piano. I had private lessons every week with some of the best teachers for classical music. Before beginning school, i was already able to read sheet music. I continued into studying voice where i was the president of my school choir as well as took more private lessons.

Professional singer with 10 years of singing experience gives classical, operatic, and musical theatre voice lessons and music theory while finishing degree at Simpson College in Indianola, IA.

As a vocal instructor, the relationship between your personal life and the voice is very important. I would begin our lessons by getting to know you, talk about anything that might be going on that day (5 minutes of time) and then work into the music, exploring different languages and styles that suit your specific voice.

I give single voice lessons, choir, composition, composition assistance to the computer also via Skype

Teacher with 27 years of experience also gives lessons via skype, -song composition course in 32-hours -course of singing for children and single adults or collective in the pop, rock, jazz, musical theater styles with the possibility of certification after 2 years -singing methods: vocal power, voice craft, speach level singing, tvc & voice distorted

League City
Musician who gives lessons on voice, music theory and early childhood music classes.

Hello! I am a voice graduate from berklee college of music. I have been a teacher for 4 years and am a enthusiastic and patient teacher. I have experience teaching students from the ages of 3 to 55.

Pennsauken Township
20years of training vocals, music group/choir arrangements, production, song writing in New Jersey

Double bachelor kean university & j. d . t . Bible college training center. Mentored and trained by brett manning (singing success) , david lawrence (piano by ear) & james treadwell jr. (kingdom impact, destiny one records) Piano- individual/group training in puano by ear. The goal is to traing the musician like an athlete through repetition and unlocking intuitive feel.

Third Year Music Educator providing help with voice, beginning piano, and music theory in Columbus

I am a graduate of 2014 from an accredited university and hold a bachelors degree of music education. I am still pursuing teaching and looking forward to attending grad school in the near future. I love teaching students using other teacher and self guided assessments. I also love being able to help students identify their own strengths and areas of improvement in order to become better musicians.

Highland Park
Music Theory For Beginner's, Intermediate, and Advanced Placement (AP Music Theory)

Hello! My course is a private tutoring class where we will cover everything from academic procedures of music theory as practiced in berklee college of music, and my own method of aural training to change your ear. The end goal of this course is to be able to hear the analysis of any given piece so that the student may replicate the compositional characteristic of any music.

Singing lessons. All styles and ages. professional singer and teacher. All styles

I am a professional and teaching singing during january and february a few days will be performing a task of technical development with a master of the teatro liceu, who accepted me as a student opera singer.

(1 reviews)
Music: Designed With You In Mind! The Teacher With Experience That Matters!

Music is a universal language that is spoken around the world. My experience includes the area of performance, education and composition. My education consist of a bachelor's degree in music performance and a master's degree in higher education.

(1 reviews)
Symphonic conductor from St.Petersbourgh teaching children and adults of all levels.

Conductor st petersburg who teaches piano, singing, music theory, choir, music therapy, theory and harmony as well as children to adults of all levels. I can give classes both in english, russian and a little french. The song is based on teaching me old school italian bel canto that based on deep breathing (which is very good for health).

(2 reviews)
Soprano who knows how to measure offers private lessons of music theory subjects (language, analysis, basic harmony, music theory ...) of vocational teaching conservatory

I'm irene gonzalez sanchez, a student of opera singing (now ana luisa receipt chova classes), soprano and badajoz. I have experience working with children's groups and child-youth choir coro amadeus, populates the road.

(2 reviews)
Véronique Lortal Trainer, Coach vocal artist and musician songwriter

I'm singing teacher and vocal coach for over 25 years, stage songwriter wife and i played, sung all over the world alone or with a souchon, j. Birkin, mr. Schultz, the great orchestra splendid, coluche, f. Chopel, etc. The scents group i have 2 albums and 3 singles for polydor, island record, east west. I am fascinated by the human voice.

(6 reviews)
Singing courses with a Persian jazz and world music singer: singing technique / spoken voice / Breathing and posture / Interpretation and performing

I am a professional singer( jazz and world musique), musician and vocal coach (singing and spoken). I started music at the age of 6; i studied in the american school of modern music paris (i also attended many workshops :improvisation, performing, technic,. Etc); i was trained as a professor with jasmin martorell (a very well know international voice teacher / baritone / comedian / director ).

Singing Course in Nantes Staff profesisonnel graduated Music Academy International

Location: nantes (44), france instrument: singing for professional musician and teacher graduated from the conservatory and singing staff of the prestigious music academy international of nancy (2001), numerous scenic experiences, a former backup singer tenor at the opera, offers lessons singing, whatever your age, your level and your favorite style (classical, variety, rock, gospel, hip hop,...

Qualified teacher with 15 years of Conservatory, teaches music to children in Seville

Classes may apply to children of any age, including children who have not yet begun in conventional writing or reading. My methods are participatory and active, contacting the student with the music in its various manifestations. Recommended duration of sessions: 1h.

SINGING LESSONS with a passionate professor and opera singer career ON IT !!!!!!

Heloise koempgen-bramy france (see website) to define methodological etc with the student. Opera singer career i am passionate pedagogy and i myself started singing in some other way that the lyrics. I love children and i especially love to share. Back in paris after several contracts abroad, i would again experience happiness to teach motivated people whatever their level.

Professor of lyrical singing, contemporary music / variety and choral singing

Singing teacher and choral singing for 15 years in different associations and music school, i work on the song of the basic techniques by relying on the integration of music in each of the body. I work much with beginners who wish to discover their instrument for experienced singers wishing to develop their practices and capabilities.

SOUL JAZZ BLUES Singing Course ROCK TOULOUSE € 17 H Resident /

Singing courses (all levels) € 17 / hour - soul rock jazz blues gni toulouse residing courses contact: (concealed information) beatriz - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Violin and Music Classes - Children and Adults - Beginner - Intermediate

Brazilian doctoral student (30 years) and also charged of the classes of lecture de repertoire, commentaire découtes and history of music at the university of poitiers; violin teacher - children and beginner and intermediate adult - suzuki method work possibility classical repertoire and / or popular

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