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Student at GOBELINS (3rd year) | Graduated from SUPINFOCOM | During 2D / 3D

Hello, - julien becquer, 24 - 3rd year at gobelins (crfa) - graduate (2015) supinfocom (digital directing) i offer private lessons (in french, english or german) in drawing on paper or digital (photoshop, sketchbook pro, tvp) and 2d animation (tvp, toonboom, flash) and 3d (maya, 3ds max).

(4 reviews)

This is what i teach: Maya (all levels except skinning and rigging) Zbrush (all levels) Photoshop (all levels) Photography (all levels) In both french or english. (bilingual) Rather than a long speech, i let you judge for yourself about my skills: (concealed information) Regarding photography, i won several international competitions.

(4 reviews)
Make it real! I am a 2D / 3D Graphic and I offer drawing or 3D initiations!

Everything is based on what you want, i am here only for you to put your ideas on paper or on screen, with more confidence. I can initiate beginners, at all age, but also pursue development for novices and more. Whether in traditional drawing! Computer graphics 2d or even 3d! My approach to teaching, above all, is friendly and not off-putting, i'm here to guide you to what you want to do! .

Ciudad de México
Filmmaker in Mexico City, I teach film and post production courses for professionals or initiates.

Filmmaker currently settled in mexico city. My creative interest has focused on film directing, for this i developed skills as a writer, photographer, assistant director, post-producer and composer, with whom i worked on a wide range of projects. I specialize in film direction and have developed audiovisual commercial projects, short films, documentaries, and television series for web and tv.

Ciudad de México
Internationally awarded audiovisual artist teaches Photography, Film and Art in Mexico City

If you wanna be a film, photography or art professional or if you just want to have a good time while you expand your cultural vision i am the right teacher for you. I offer theory and practice; interesting and fun. Photography, film production and film critic workshops. All levels.

Visual and Conceptual Development of movies, TV series and video games animation

Hi, i'm juanjo, visual and conceptual development for feature films, animation series and games i am. Study in ireland a higher degree of classic 2d animation, art and design. I have worked in different countries over the last twenty years, in the cities of dublin, munich, madrid and barcelona among others.

Videomaker, 27, proposes courses of DSLR shooting and editing video in Florence.

I propose courses of filming and editing video for anyone who wants to approach the world of the video and for those who intend to deepen it. I try to set some very practical lessons, sometimes professional use of such instruments, using canon video equipment and editing suite premiere and final cut pro. The dialogue and mutual cooperation are key.

Gobelins Student - Private Lessons and Training for Animation Schools Entry Exams

My name is julia, and i'm a 2nd year animation in gobelins. Mes cours sont destinés à tout ceux souhaitant une aide à la préparation des concours d'entrés des écoles supérieurs de l'animation (type gobelins, l'emca, l'animation workshop, ect.

Coach actor, self-confidence and personal development. 20 years experience. Serris and surroundings

Actor, writer and director, i also have a personal development coaching entity including learning methods: work on camera to discuss a role, to read a script and make the most appropriating the character, knowledge surrender to a character, learn a text and return depending on the personality of each trainee, develop self-confidence.

Cabezo de Torres
Graduated in Fine Arts teaches drawing, painting, photography, design and audiovisual in and around Murcia

My name is ana, i graduated in fine arts and have postgrade in artistic production and artistic management. I teach any subject related to art at all levels, including university. I also offer art therapy workshops individual or en group. My credo as an art teacher - "learn to enjoy learning and you'll get very far.

(2 reviews)
Paris 5e
Arts Deco student offers drawing, fine arts, applied arts and preparatory courses for art school

Hi, Nice to meet you. My name is anne-lise and i am a fourth year student at ecole des arts décoratifs de paris (ensad, national school of decorative arts in paris).

(1 reviews)
Student in 2nd year at Gobelins // drawing, sketches, character design, animation, preparation for animation schools contest

Hello! Currently studying animation in 2nd year at gobelins (crfa) and graduated from animation school ltam (luxembourg), i offer customized drawing courses (observation drawing, anatomy, sketches movement , animals, character design, storyboard, concept art, color, animation. ) to improve your technical and narrative skills.

Video Production lessons taught by someone who has 20 years experience with it.

I am a videographer. I have been doing videography for 20+ years. This includes camera operation, directing, producing, sound recording, editing, and event set-up. My techniques and style are adoptive to the subjects and events. My method as a teacher is to show the basics and then allow for individuality within the framework of the whole.

Los Angeles
Make Process-Oriented, Stylish, Therapeutic, Classic Artwork for Individual Expression and Profit

Lessons start with a warm-up, motivational material and a goal. A majority of the time is spent on an art project depending on the interest of the student. Sometimes they like to work intuitively with a variety of materials, others prefer step-by step processes with a clear outcome. My role as a teacher is to set artists up for successful creative time.

Recent High School Graduate Offering Drawing (Beginner/Intermediate) or Film Interpretation (Beginner) Lesson - Intended for Middle School through early College students - $25/hr

I like to work with each individual student by building on their desires as far as their growth in these subjects. I will teach what the student is most interested in, with some limitations of course. For example: one student draws humans, but they have trouble with the facial proportions. In that case, i would focus on teaching proportions.

Current art student gives photography, design and art history lessons DC

I am a photography student finishing my bachelor's degree, i'd love to give lessons to people that need all sorts of help in the subjects that are of my knowing, i am extremely pacient and very hands on when working.

(4 reviews)
Paris 1er
Preparation of entrance exams to schools of art and animation

Professional in the animation industry, graduated from the animation school georges méliès, i offer courses to help you integrate the major french's art and animation schools (gobelins, emca, ensad, epsaa, supinfocom etc. ) .

(1 reviews)
Professor prepares to aggregation / capes visual arts - tutoring internet

For teachers and students preparing educational competitions (capes, aggregation internal and / or external) in fine arts. The courses will take place via the internet (by skype) therefore possible regardless of your academy. My tutorial covers the methodology and criteria for passing the written and oral tests of the competition.

(1 reviews)
Coaching actors, players and confirmed amateur [theatre, film, television] available in toulouse

Hello everybody, Being an actress, writer and director professional scene for 20 years now in the field of film, tv and theater, i offer coaching for amateur and confirmed actors to support them in their efforts personal or professional (audition, casting, talk, write, play. ) . Looking forward to working together! Nassima.

Le roy
Screenwriter and writer gives particular course preparing for film schools.

Courses addressing anyone wanting to head the business of film and television. The sessions will adapt to the specific needs of the student: contest preparation film schools (scriptwriting rules, theory, film analysis, development of a personal project, etc.

Paris 17e
Individual COACHING, Prépa Casting for professionals and beginners Actors + all anyone on a understanding of research work and emotional authenticity Grenoble Paris #

Actress graduate degree from the ensatt and artistic agent, i have a diverse background and always a great curiosity of the other that makes me want transmit today and share my experience.

External associate professor of visual arts proposes fine art lesson in Lille

I am a teacher of fine arts in college that has successfully obtained external aggregation of fine arts in 2011 (7th, 18/20 to lesson) and the outer layers of plastic arts (5th, at 20/20 lesson). I would be happy to share my knowledge of art history and my graphics skills as part of a personal or group lessons.

Rancho Palos Verdes
Professional Photography

I was boxing legend oscar de la hoya's personal photographer! I love photography and sharing my skills with others. Learn from someone with over 25 years experience.

Plastic & Visual Arts, Fun theory and practice for all ages.

My name is marc vers, i am an illustrator, photographer, engraver and artist shodô (japanese calligraphy). Technician in plastic arts and design illustration by l'escola llotja of barcelona. I like to teach with illustrations, movies, books, comics, etc. Fun training.

Graduated with a Masters in Higher school of art and French trilingual, English, Spanish

Hello everyone, i first graduated with a master's degree in fine arts in esaaa, then i lived 6 months in india and i became a yoga teacher, i decided to return to europe to continue my studies in visual anthropology, media and documentary practices. My schedule is very flexible and i can put myself at your disposal to give art classes, such as photos, videos, art history.

Terre Haute
Creative inspiring English and reading teacher seeks to tutor school students regularly.

I am trained in both art and science interdisciplinary studies to take the child or adult student who has either gifts or learning problems And devise a program for him/her by pulling together educational and creative resources in the community.

Editor / étalonneuse video gives experienced during

The courses are aimed at people of all levels in broadcasting, especially for adults. Courses can be taken in initiation or development. My approach is a very practical approach to control the tool, but also has a more artistic aspect regarding the aesthetics of the image in general.

Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais)
Film student teaches drawing, composition, photography and cinema (language, script and direction)

I am a film student and my classes are designed for students interested in the visual and artistic field of knowledge. Teaching the basics, visual perception which usually falls in vestibular for fine arts schools courses and drawing improvement. Also i teach photography, using a professional camera and how to develop better composition and image issues.

Alejandro murillo
Film history, film theory, filmmaking, Film Critic, film appreciation, film and philosophy

Teach at the national autonomous university of mexico, i have bachelor of communication sciences and i am a graduate of the university center for film studies. With two films in post production, ariel nomination and an award of mexico mix short film festival. All material available on youtube.

(1 reviews)
Lessons Cinema

She holds a masters in anthroplogy (goldsmiths) and audiovisual arts (luca school of arts), i help students writing dissertations in anthropology, sociology and cinema. I also accompanies students in sociological field studies and the development of a sociological / anthropological field or making a film or audiovisual work.

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