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COURSE OF HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY: THE WORLD IN 80 LESSONS or playful encyclopedic education

, in the game and fun teaching all levels of culture g, history, geography, cognitive science + prep sciences po and business schools pedagogie winning problems with concentration, motivation, understanding, brief learning in all its forms are legion. Fortunately, they are far from irreversible.

Student at the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Paris Masters in Comparative Law teaches courses in Humanities and Social Sciences

Student at the ecole normale supérieure in paris, i got a science degree in politics / law with honors at the university jean moulin lyon 3. My license was very focused on the middle eastern geopolitical and study of theory international relations. I had an interesting international experience in diplomacy through various un simulations in which i participated.

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History Courses / Geography / General Knowledge / Contest Preparation of the IEP by a specialist contest!

I offer courses tailored to the student, very collaborative. The course is based on an interpersonal relationship, so i never impose upon the student a form of course that does not suit him in the sense that i provide courses that complement its main teaching.

Teach Arts with Style

My name is silas ola abayomi, a teacher of over two-and-half-decades with privilege of teaching in all levels of education from elementary to the college. As said earlier, i have taught elementary pupils, i have taught middle and high schools; more so, i teach college students. Over the years, i have learned several teaching skills, which i apply based on classroom or individual needs.

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Experienced teacher gives lessons tailored to individual needs with levels of progression.

Qualified and experienced teacher in middle and high school, i accumulate a second experiment in adult vocational training. I also developed skills in the transmission of knowledge to people in difficulty. I rise in the map by methods learner-centered and promote personal development and self-confidence.

Teacher gives social studies lessons to middle school and high school students around the Boulder, Colorado area.

Hello students! I am a certified teacher for the state of colorado. I can give lessons involving social studies: history, government, geography, etc.

Doctor in Audiovisual Communication teaches various arts subjects in Seville and surroundings

Applying a methodology based on ict and film, it is intended that students acquire knowledge from the most basic to higher education in areas related to language, literature, art, history, technology and education in values. The goal is that students acquire knowledge in an immersive way, discarding the purely rote study.

Astounding Adventures in Sensational Social Studies Sometimes with Maps and Sometimes Not

I am an experienced k12 and college educator, offering courses for enjoyment, tutoring for credit classes, and adventures in the social studies areas addressing a variety of learning styles as well as stages of learners. My goal is to get people excited about history.

New York
Modern Language Instructor and all-around tutor in NYC teaches all age ranges

Some of the things which allow my work to stand out, is the age range of students i have had the privelage of tutoring. This has given me the tools to prepare students/clients of all ages for success. In addition the wide range of subjects i am comfortable with and have had experience teaching is unique and families can hire one tutor for multiple subjects.

Experienced Teacher Ready To Give One On One Support To Middle and High School Students

Hello. I'm an innovative teacher who has been teaching at the middle and high school level for the past 20 years. I have a passion for supporting students and helping them reach their academic goals. My experience allows me to tailor my support to what my students need to be successful.

Political science student is offered to support students on Social Sciences in Barcelona

I am a college student of 19 who is conducting the second degree course of political science and administration. My methodology in class is to use knowledge of a schematic des based on a more complex, always trying that the student is comfortable and try to make the most with what at first glance it may seem a cul de sac.

I am a teacher of history and geography, in Rennes, CAPES and graduate CAPELP. My focus: you believe in your potential and find the right methods of progression adapted to your needs.

Hello, i propose to accompany you on college and high school levels for methodological assistance and / or understanding and acquisition. You are embedded in knowledge gain? You do not know how to write your arguments? I will do my best for you to learn the basics you need to get. First we will make a first assessment then we will draw together a plan for your needs.

New York
History Tutor

I am a teacher at the junior high and high school level. I have a diploma history. My teaching techniques have a wide range of activities and lessons that are designed to meet that students needs. My teaching methods involve assignments that improve the students understanding of the subject.

Student post prep gives literary history class, geography and civics in Nice and surroundings

Hello, welcome to my profile! After two years of preparatory class literary history-geography option, i just integrate a business school in sophia antipolis. I wish i could share what i learned history and geography teaching courses at home, home, home or on the internet.

Student history outgoing of preparatory classes for grandes écoles françaises (ENS)

Student in history and geography l3 in order to become a teacher. These courses are aimed at any audience, from 12 years old to the superior, or even leisure. Rapid assessment and implementation of objectives adapted from the first class. The course will then be in the form of a simple statement followed questions of the student. We will add it to the acquisition of learning methods.

Professor of Humanities (Sevilla). history, social science, writing speaking and writing, .

Entertaining, fun and creative methodology. I emphasize the understanding of concepts, organization and synthesis thereof, and both oral and written expression because it helps to internalize and memorize the matter with creativity.

IEP Entrance Examination Preparation - M1 Student in journalism at Sciences Po Toulouse

Hi! I am a student in sciences po toulouse, in the first year of the journalism master. I offer you home tutoring from elementary school to university -iep entrance examination -methodological preparation to exams (baccalauréat included) -homework tutoring Learner centered pedagogy with high level of customization.

Student in third year of teaching history courses (mention TB bac) gives history lessons at middle and high school level near Avignon

Wip not translated yet, sorry it's just auto translation! Hello, i am a student in avignon and i moved this year to live in an apartment near the town center. Being from a family of teachers, i'm used to give and receive tutoring.

Philosophy and Ethics -lessons by a graduated with a master's degree in teacher training; Barcelona

My master thesis is dedicated to the function of transference (in freudian and lacanian terms) in education and the possibility of his comical orientation, based in plato's socrates.

I give private lessons for primary and secondary levels of the subjects of History, Social Sciences, Geography, among other

Very good, i'm a guy willing to give private lessons in primary and eso. I am graduate in education i studied at the university of granada and currently studying a master's degree related to the world of education. I have demonstrable experience with good results.

INNOVATE PHILOSOPHY PROFESSOR 8 EURH experienced to teach English Literature and also

New methods, with games, syntactical concept maps panels. . Especially when learning a new language. Pleasant to encourage student confidence and interest in the subject classes. Use items such as internet, games,. Etc for little ones, and motivation with images or video documentaries for philosophy at more senior levels.

League City
History is ALIVE, learn how it applies to the here and NOW!

I am a historian! I love history and all that it encompasses. Teaching and history are my two passions and my philosophy is that if you make a subject come to life and have meaning then learning becomes fun rather than work. Lessons are based on current texts and are made to show the relevance to the here and now.

Student in 2nd year at Sciences Po gives lessons in REIMS to primary, middle and high school levels

My classes are for students in elementary, middle and high school (scientific section for the last two years of high school). The goal is to help students in their specific problems as well as help them acquire effective working methods for long-term effects.

(1 reviews)
Student gives private lessons in history and geography - college and high school level

Hello :) i give private lessons for several years now. I have a real passion for teaching, this is also why i am currently studying to become a school teacher. I give courses for all subjects taught at school. However, i have a preference for science subjects (math, physics, acc. ) and languages ​​(english, french).

Private tuition for Humanities: Philosophy, Ethics, History, Music, Art History, Spanish, Literature

I teach for students of high school, can respond to the necessary methodology depending of the type of the speciality or support you need. I´m specializated in teaching subjects related to the humanities and social sciences.

Middle and high school teacher of Social Science in English or Castilian

Professor of social sciences institute experience (teaching from 2nd eso to 2nd year preparing pau), we review the contents that you work in class and find the best way to learn and express them. We will look more attractive materials such as films, series, etc. To add quality to everything you know. I adapt to your pace and needs and create effective and realistic strategy to achieve what we want.

Student ESPE gives private lessons of history, geography and general culture in Lille

I offer complete course in history-geography and at all levels (primary, college, high school license). The first hour of the course is offered and is essentially a diagnosis of difficulties, reading courses the student and these various duties and finally the development of a work schedule. Crucially, methodology.

Lyon 5e
Teacher in political science and communication at Lyon III and Catho gives courses in political science, philosophy, eco,

Teacher in political science and communication at lyon iii and catho, gives courses in political science, philosophy, economics, sociology. Preparing for political science studies (two students received last year), can help for dissertation and to write memoirs.

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