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Professor of French foreign, with over 7 years of experience, gives lessons at home

Hello, i am a french teacher for foreigners with more than 10 years of experience in france, italy and australia, i can come to your house or you can come to mine. Courses from beginner to advanced. We will work what you want : conversation, grammar, written communication, business french. It's up to you.

Giovanna elena
(1 reviews)
Degree in classical literature proposes repetitions of Latin, Greek, Italian, Writing Thesis.

In 2013 i graduated in humanities (three-year) with a dissertation in latin literature, and in 2016 i graduated archeology, philology, literature and history (msc) with a degree in medieval latin literature. For several years i give lessons to young people between the 14 and 19 years and also college students.

(1 reviews)
Paris 6e
Support and Conversation in Italian

I propose a course of italian, concentrated mainly on conversation and according to the will of the students, on the italian literature. Having lived 10 years in italy, i did all my studies the bottom before coming to paris. I got a tray at the liceo classico linguistico, the equivalent of a bac l with also three foreign languages ​​and literatures (english, french and spanish).

Courses in ancient languages, Latin and Greek and organization of study travels

The courses are for all those wishing to improve their knowledge of french, latin and ancient greek and discover the greek and roman civilizations. I am an associate of letters, and i have taught at all levels of secondary and higher education, particularly with a personal methodology, due to my long professional experience.

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San Vicente del Raspeig
Humanist can help with humanistic studies in Alicante to approve all subjects

My name is anastasia, i am a student in ua history. I am developing as a humanist and i have a very broad knowledge of various subjects. I can help with languages, modern and dead, and all pure letters (philosophy, history,. ), i can also help with greater efficiency in studying.

Philosopher, ESL Instructor, and Reading Literacy Tutor gives lessons in academic preparation.

Former university philosophy instructor, elementary school literacy tutor, elementary and middle school history and english teacher, and adult esl (english as a second language) instructor. Great at one-on-one guidance through philosophy, history, english, and reading. Provide productive study habit advice.

(2 reviews)
Paris: German, Latin, Greek courses and "colles" / khôlles for "classes préparatoires" + homework help, language learning

German courses, latin, greek and until preparatory class l2: catch-up for the "weak in ancient languages ​​/ lv1 or lv2" to the preparation of written and oral. Colles / khôlles german and latin, admission to chartres, possibly ens. Setting a program earlier in the year, and tailoring it to your needs.

Homework Help, Math, Reading, Writing and Study Skills Tutor for All Ages!

I am current 6th grade math and special education teacher. I have my master's degree in teaching students with disabilities. I have been teaching in a resource room setting, and in the classroom, on top of tutoring both in person and on line. I have a plethora of strategies and tricks to help students grasp the concepts, and teach until mastery.

(3 reviews)
Master student offering any literary support and / or language (highschool -degree/ bachelor.)

Ramp up your skill on methodology, knowledge, culture grammar and language ; or just a boost for a letter? I offer effective support in english and french, an established methodology (four years of prep and beautiful notes to the tray), and i can occasionally help with latin versions.

Qualified researcher (PhD University of Oxford) offers lessons in humanities, Turin, even distance learning teaching.

I teach humanities subjects (italian language and literature, latin and ancient greek history and literature, medieval and modern history, geography), which are offered to both high school and university students. I can employ various didactic methodologies, giving traditional one-one tutorials or using the so-called flipped classroom and distance-learning teaching.

Hello everyone, I live and work in Milan and I am a professor of humanities with teaching experience abroad. Gained a wide experience in the afternoon tutoring, I rend

I'm 33 years old and i teach in 6 years higher education institutions while i devote myself to afternoon tutoring for over 10 years, at all levels of school life. I am deeply passionate from humanae litterae and even my students have recognized me this.

Experienced Bilingual Spanish Professor will help students of different levels with their academic needs in Houston for language, Spanish, and different subjects related to social studies.

I always taught college students but have also tutored middle and high school students. I have worked too with very young children teaching them spanish here, in houston. For every level, i have different resources. With young children, i play. With older students, i search for motivation.

I am in between my masters and my doctorate degrees and located in the Hattiesburg area. I just completed an M.Phil. in Classics at Trinity College Dublin. My subjects include history (especially but

Hello. I'm a native mississippian recently returned from ireland where i completed a masters course in classics (ancient greek and roman history) at tcd. I specialised in kantian, aristotelian, and political philosophy. I have a b. a . In history from william carey university.

10 Years of Experience - Boston Tutor in Chemistry, Latin, Math, SAT/GRE

I work with high school, college, and adult students on a range of subjects. Most important to me is helping my students feel comfortable and less intimidated by their material. Each student needs an individualized approach to maximize the productivity of each session.

(3 reviews)
Course of Philosophy and Letters in Bayonne / Basque Country/ by Skype

Doctoral student in philosophy, certified graduate of the sorbonne, i give philosophy and literature courses to a bac level + 2. Dynamic, enthusiastic but careful, i offer tutoring to improve your grades and / or prepare exams and competitions.

PhD in Ancient History and Archaeology for reps in Italian ancient History

Graduated with honors in archaeology, phd in ancient history with great work experience in the field and in teaching the humanities (italian, history, geography and ancient letters). It provides support for the preparation of thesis or research (including at university level). For work and pleasure i also deal with computer science.

(1 reviews)
Paris 18e
Student normalien gives private lessons in Paris: Latin, Greek, Spanish, English, German

My approach to living and ancient languages ​​is original. I rely on various manuals (lingua latina per se illustrata polis assimil hermaion, among others) to provide an overview of the language and translation problems. In latin, my students have achieved very good results in competitions ens.

Lessons specializing in LD students on IEPs and 504s : ESL, ELA, basic math, algebra: grades K-12

I have extensive experience in special education and 504 processes. I have worked with students in their programs to help them, their parents and their teachers give the best opportunity for success in reaching the child's goals in his life.

Richmond County
English, English Literature, TESOL, ESL, and Adolescent Education Tutoring

I have been teaching in the high school and college setting for six years. My areas of expertise include: english, english literature, esl, pedagogical methodology, grammar, writing, reading, and speaking skills. I am a tenured educator.

literature / french / philosophy lessons given by a passionate in Aix en Provence!

Hello, i am a student in master this year. I give lessons depending of the difficulty of each student that i have. My goal is to transmit my passion in pedagogue way so that the student is willing to learn. It is also important to me that a trust atmosphere settles to progress gradually.

Student in Sociology with the required skills to give French lessons, philosophy, or just tutoring / homework help!

I am a 2nd year student of sociology (and have already done two years of psychology). I always had good results in my curriculum. I believe in an education not "typical" but adapted to each student.

Marseille 10e
During Latin and Ancient Greek for young enthusiasts of classic literature

Licensed in classics, i practice since the 5th latin and ancient greek from the 2nd, i propose courses for the brave high school students who want to perfect it in these languages. I offer courses tailored according to students as i have.

Francisco javier
(3 reviews)
Philologist teaches language and lit. Spanish and history at all levels in Seville and periphery. I can also help with English, Italian and French. I offer to also give cla

My teaching method is based on the interaction between teacher and student and with a strong presence of dialogue, increasing student motivation when dealing with the matter. I avoid treating students as if they were a piece of furniture listening and copying automatically.

Paris 19e
PARIS, private lessons and / or community college / high school / FRENCH L1 and / or LATIN and / or GREEK level

Professional and qualified teacher in full-time practice since 2010 (french, latin and ancient greek), currently in college (pupils from 11 to 16 years old). To upgrade, for exam preparation, homework help, private lessons, traditional class, time assistance to revisions, to improve, etc.

Before you learn, you have to know HOW to learn. I provide my students with the METHOD to learn in the way that suits their ability. Naples.

Degree in archaeology, classical high school diploma, i know the issues that studying ancient languages causes, and i understand how it is difficult to make the right choice after your diploma. My teaching strategy is primarily based on understanding the true potential of my students. I want to be for them a guide in their future choices, both in educational and professional fields.

(1 reviews)
PhD Student offer the lessons of ancient Latin and Greek for all levels

I am a phd student at paris 3 sorbonne nouvelle. I studied philosophy and i studies at lse, ucl and university of athens. I teach classical languages ​​courses for 6 years. Classical languages ​​pose the difficulty as dead languages ​​they lack the element of "friction" with the everyday use of language.

Laguna de Duero
High school teacher of humanities subjects (Latin, Greek, language, English, art, history ...)

Formed awareness for teaching in secondary and high schools for latin and greek specialties as well as other subjects such as language (professional experience in schools), geography, art and history (preparation of oppositions) and english (title).

French student from Saint-Ouen with great English spoken language in Masters Modern Literature at the Sorbonne offers support (college prep high school) for humanities

Hello, I am a graduate student with a masters in french literature at the sorbonne. I offer private lessons in person around paris or by web cam, according to my availability. I prepare my courses according to the wishes and difficulties of students. Usually, i prepare my course before the meeting. I can offer several formal exercises based on the study program.

French lessons, English, Spanish, guitar and homework help / tutoring

I teach french, literature and english for all levels. I teach spanish and guitar for beginners. I also do tutoring and homework assistance for elementary, middle and high school. The courses last from one to two hours depending on the student's needs.

María jesús
Teacher with extensive teaching experience teaches German, Latin and Greek

Ba in art history and a masters in heritage from the university of cordoba. Orberg follow the method in latin, very new and effective. The latin and greek classes are developed with practical exercises morphosyntactic analysis of sentences. After explaining theory by notes made by me carefully for easy assimilation of content. German classes are divided into theory and conversation classes.

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