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Comic Strip and drawing / Author of comics and Illustrator / Painter

Hello, i am a young cartoonist and illustrator / painter. I propose courses of narrative drawing and comics. I also teaches art classes in any form for amateur and more experienced. I can help you develop your imagination, or just strengthen you in all technical drawing. I also make preparations for competitions and coaching comics projects.

(2 reviews)
El Pilar (Madrid)
Drawing, painting particular class, all levels

All levels and skill, beginners, intermediate, advanced

(2 reviews)
Lyon 4e
Young graduated from the school emile cohl gives painting lessons, graphic design, illustration, cartoon, sketch, drawing from observation, any particular level home on Lyon

Hello, graduate school emile cohl, lyon, and graduate school ipesaa (montpellier) i give lessons for all levels, adapted according to the needs and desires! --------------------------------------- all levels during drawing i offers classes for all , beginners / students / confirmed: - illustration - comics - graphics and desktop publishing (photoshop, illustrator, indesign) - painting - sculpture...

Graphic designer teaches drawing, digital illustration and comic in Guadalajara, Jalisco

I'm dalia gonzalez, a senior semester graphic design and author of the book under the pillow found in bookstores porrua. I teach illustration with various techniques (watercolor, graphite, colored pencil and digital). Also basics cartoon and comics, in addition to its classic development with ink or directly in digital.

Bachelor of Fine Arts with over six years experience teaches artistic drawing, illustration, painting and photography.

I graduated in fine arts and practicing artist with several exhibitions in town halls, cultural centers and museums, i also do portraits and other art commissions for years. I base my observation technique in the model, the practice of different poses to improve understanding and anatomical study of depth by grayscale.

(1 reviews)
Cartooning! Cartoonist drawing giving lessons from beginner to advanced, Indianapolis, IN - All you need is a Pencil, paper, and ink pen

High school, college, and tons of art training and experience in the field. I've worked for various magazines, newspapers, and schools teaching cartooning and travel the state performing presentations for schools on the art of cartooning. With so much technology, it's sometimes refreshing to just go back to using a pen and paper to create something from scratch.

Drawing classes and support for art history between Pessac and Berges de Garonne

My name is cyriane, i am in possession of 3 grades in licence arts. I spent my literary baccalaureate with specialty arts and am therefore able to help high school students or college students or even the first year bachelor of licences arts for their exams. I validated in addition a preparation multimedia graphics and am in the first year of graphic arts.

Harker Heights
College student in Design with 10+ yrs digital art experience gives art lessons in digital media

My name is vanessa, and i'm currently a design student in the university of texas at austin. My specialty is in digital art, and i am eager to pass on the skills i've acquired over the last 10 years of my digital art experience. Lessons will be held over screen capture methods and voice calls, where the student can see my screen and i can see theirs.

Drawing, illustration, comics, watercolor, animation 2D/3D

I am an animation student at emca angouleme, after 3 years in paris studying animation and graphisme. I propose to teach: _ the fundamentals of drawing: proportions volumes, perspectives, lines of force, learn to measuring, shadows and lights. _ illustration and comics: composition and clarity of the picture or comic strip, clearing the scenario and intention, depth of field.

Port St. Lucie
If you want to learn to draw, you come to the right place

I have been drawing for the past 33 years. I have taken art classes since the third grade. I specialize in cartoon art. Art can be a great way to showcase your talents. I have sold a few of my drawings. The best of my art is actually self-taught.

South Jersey Art/culinary Teacher for children or adults

A very patient and fun teacher, looking to help you express and hone your talent while explaining fundamentals learned through experience. Versed in basic to advanced watercolor, drawing, acrylic, sculpture and oil painting. Education was partially private, theory in color and design completed at drexel university. Sculpture, and painting were completed in formal classes at camden county college.

Drawing, Painting, Comics, Design, Calligraphy, UpState-Ny, Bachelors-Fine Arts, MFA in progress progress

Hello! I am an adirondack artist. I give lessons to all ages. I teach drawing and hope to teach other classes. I have my bachelor's in fine arts but am not tied to a university so I do not provide official diplomas but i can help teach you how to master the art of drawing! Each week i will provide the necessary info to complete the weekly drawing assignment.

University student gives tutorials to anyone fancying Art design and cartoons. Let's get creative!

Hey all! I am maitry. I am currently pursuing 3d animation and games at middlesex university london. I received an a* in igcse art and design. Along with 3d character design and concept art, i am also interested in the traditional methods of art and design.

To one art student to another- Trying to help when I can

I'm an art student on the way to an uncertain world. The only comfort comes from drawing and i want to share this comfort with others. I have an associates and am almost done with a bachelor's. Probably going for my masters as well.

(1 reviews)
Narrative Art Class (comics, illustration, manga, cartoon ...) while levels in St Omer

I graduated from the applied art school pivaut (nantes) after training for 5 years in illustration and animated in traditional 2d technique (paper, digital and stop motion). My 4-year practice in the world of cartoon and illustration allowed me to teach in several associations in the paris region (croq anim, studio butterflies. ) .

Graduated from the HEAR (Strasbourg), author of comics, illustrator, engraver gives Comic and drawing classes !

I will adapt to your needs and desires so that you can advance your practice while having fun working. There is no age limit. We will work particularly drawing and comics. I have a preference for drawing on paper but i also use photshop and indesign and i can send you my knowledge.

São Paulo
Classes Traditional Illustration / Manga / Technical Drawing and Painting SAO PAULO SP

I am professor glauber lopes, who works with illustration and comics (author of the comic "registros", "a última fábula" e "louis de dampierre"). Graduated in graphic design since 2007, i have experiences with drawing over 20 years. My classes are for people who want to learn to draw just for fun, or for those interested to become professionals.

During academic drawing, painting, comics / manga or preparation came into art schools, a graduate of Emile Cohl, Grenoble.

Passionate about drawing, i am graduated from emile cohl artschool, where i learnt art in various ways of expression, like illustration, comics or animation. I learnt how to use painting (watercolor, gouache, oil, acrylic. ) and other traditional and digital medias, starting using them in a very academic way, before creating more personal works.

External associate professor of visual arts proposes fine art lesson in Lille

I am a teacher of fine arts in college that has successfully obtained external aggregation of fine arts in 2011 (7th, 18/20 to lesson) and the outer layers of plastic arts (5th, at 20/20 lesson). I would be happy to share my knowledge of art history and my graphics skills as part of a personal or group lessons.

Art Teacher (practice and theory), Guarulhos- SP. Last semester in Visual Arts (BA) FIG UNIMESP- CENTER METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY OF SÃO PAULO

Super heroes and realistic drawing anatomy are specialties. In art history area the intention is to introduce the artists and important cultural movements of the renaissance to the contemporary. In the stories of area comic, to present the main artistic techniques, such that: personalization, creating scenarios, art finishing, etc.

Collage drawing illustration artistic painting etc for everyone from internationally famous artist

I am an artist with around 27 years of creative experience. My classes are aimed at all at any level or age who like the arts. I adapt to the needs of each student. My delivery is 100%, showing all my knowledge.

English, French and Spanish for foreigners, fun and easy, private teacher affordability, madrid

Spanish university with language studies in the official school of languages, and the french school in madrid, with international experience in several countries, with english as the language of work and training. In classes do writing exercises, pronunciation, verb conjugation, sentence construction and translation muna smoothly and naturally.

(1 reviews)
Drawing classes (graphical approach, expressive, anatomical or narrative), Painting, Calligraphy, Illustration, Comic, Photography.

I am studying comics in st luc. I offer a graphic and narrative approach of drawing, suitable for your needs and your level. I wish to share the practice of drawing and help the student develop its own methodology. I have very good anatomical design concepts (bone and muscle) as well as technical drawing (perspective).

Graduate Illustrator gives courses in drawing and painting around Vonnas

I am an illustrator who has always had great pleasure to share my passion. I teach in my studio in my home, for all ages and all levels: Child (from 8 years) - teen - adult to have fun and progress.

Fine arts student teaches drawing, painting and history at home in Madrid

I am a student of fine arts at which he can only deliver tfg career. My classes can be directed to anyone, from children to students studying fine arts or design. My classes will aim to exploit your skills and empower them. Helping with questions, giving advice, being fun, plus educational and always trying to focus on themes or techniques that interest you.

(1 reviews)
Course technique of the oil painting Van Eyck in Provence or at your place

The course is intended for beginners and experienced, the aim is not to pass judgment on the painting, but above all to acquire the art from the raw material. Technical van eyck fifteenth century (oil painting), is a mixed media where the medium is used for both the glaze and the emulsion for spanning tones.

Drawing Lessons / Digital Painting by Concept Artist in the North West of Paris

Hello, young concept artist in the video game industry based in levallois, i propose courses in drawing and painting digital home. My experience is mixed, i had a modern training in digital arts school and a traditional franco / italian training. I can help you learn solid drawing foundations with your favorite tools (pencil / charcoal / photoshop /. ) .

Author / Publisher graduate of Fine Arts in Angoulême. Comics/Graphic Novels, Drawing and Illustration any level. Nantes

Graduate from the eesi, fine arts in angoulême, specialized in comics. I'm now an author and publisher at the editions polystyrene. I offer classes in a wide range of domains in arts, including drawing, illustration and comic-books for any level and from any age.

Digital Artist BFA grad gives lessons and critiques in drawing, storytelling, and the fundamentals of art online and in Nashville

During my bfa in digital art, i had experience with many tools and methods of art making. We started from the fundamentals of art, from learning about how colors work, shading, lighting, composition, and how to communicate well in critique. By my final year, we were working mostly conceptually, understanding how art communicates to viewers, keeping in mind historical contexts and psychology.

Kings County
Artist / Teacher with a lifetime of experience teaching art and cartooning.

I teach art to students at all levels: from beginner to advanced. We learn by doing and we use traditional techniques and learn the fundamentals of color and perspective and progress from rough sketches to highly polished works of art.

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