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Lyon 7e
Fascinated by the culture (music and artisitque) gives art classes for beginners

Fascinated by the culture (music and art), i give art classes for beginners hi, my name vianney, i'm 24 and i'm studying music in preparation of a master teaching, to teach music college and conservatory student for access to upper poles. Moreover i acquired some technical fine arts through training. Some items are available from my photos.

Create and sell your own comic or manga - Graphic designer with Marketing master degree

The most important of the realization of a comic book or manga is telling a story, no matter whether or not you can draw if you manage to create a good relationship with your readers. I interest me hold your hand through the entire process of creation, from how to find a good idea, how to write it to form the argument and based on that create the script that will develop each page of comics.

(3 reviews)
Comic Strip and drawing / Author of comics and Illustrator / Painter

Hello, i am a young cartoonist and illustrator / painter. I propose courses of narrative drawing and comics. I also teaches art classes in any form for amateur and more experienced. I can help you develop your imagination, or just strengthen you in all technical drawing. I also make preparations for competitions and coaching comics projects.

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Literary Masters Graduate tutor with specialist Knowledge in English Literature and Fine Art

I provide lessons for a level, undergraduate and masters level students in the subject areas of illustration, painting, printmaking,installation art, english language and literature. As a tutor i aim to encourage and inspire my students to reach their full potential.

Children's Book Illustrator providing basic cartooning skills online with tutorials via Skype.

My name is emma hildreth and i'm a freelance children's illustrator and lecturer at university teaching book and editorial and character design subjects. I work online providing short tasks and activities for you to complete in which i critic and feedback to you on how to improve. I can also provide face to face tutorials via skype in which i can talk you through the feedback or activities.

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To learn how to draw comics but also to write unique stories

Student in master 2 in illustration / narration erg in bruxelles, i would help you to create your own comic. This would include the story's writing but also different techniques to improve your drawing skills.

Drawing classes and artistic expression in Marseille by a passionate, learning the fundamentals in non-realistic drawing

I have been drawing since i was a kid, drawing is really my first love. Having followed a literary curriculum, i have acquired a solid knowledge in art, which notably inspired me to try new things and not to stay in my comfort zone.

I give private lessons in English and Spanish, including online via Skype and painting and drawing in my art studio. Courses and private and group lessons for all levels.

My lessons are aimed at anyone who needs or simple personal interest in learning the english and spanish language, and any art lover who want to try their hand at painting and drawing. I carry individual lessons, even via skype, for those who can not move, or in my studio / art studio in modugno, in prov bari (apulia).

(4 reviews)
Bachelor of Fine Arts with over six years experience teaches artistic drawing, illustration, painting and photography.

I graduated in fine arts and practicing artist with several exhibitions in town halls, cultural centers and museums, i also do portraits and other art commissions for years. I base my observation technique in the model, the practice of different poses to improve understanding and anatomical study of depth by grayscale.

Professional portrait artist offering one on one art tutoring to all skill levels.

My name is talia cohen and i give lessons to aspiring artists of all skill levels. These lessons include building technical drawing skills, portfolio preparation and presentation, photography, art history and much more. I can guarantee great results within the first few lessons.

Easy drawing Manchester, Renaissance Painting technique, Integrate visionary Story telling Graphic Novels

Whether you just want to learn to draw, or deepen your skills, i have an easy method to get you fired up, and drawing. I also give lessons in renaissance-style painting for those with a serious interest or desire to paint. I will help you remove the obstacles that may have held you back in the past, and help you find and develop your own style of expression.

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Learn your skills the right way, to make the art you want! With an associate degree (4.0) in graphic arts, professionally trained artist seeks to share knowledge throughout Kitsap county WA, and the i

Hello my name is matt borges, and i am an artist and graphic designer. I always get a sense of joy showing aspiring artists and designers the foundation for acquiring effective art skills. The fundamental analysis of the elements and principals of art and design is the key to understanding creative decisions in art.

(3 reviews)

Graduate professional animation school in paris (higher institute of applied arts), i am currently working in the video game industry as a concept artist and in comics. I propose specific art classes tailored to the request of the student and his personal aspirations, the evolution of his style in conjunction with his technique. This in a friendly and studious atmosphere.

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Cartooning! Cartoonist drawing giving lessons from beginner to advanced, Indianapolis, IN - All you need is a Pencil, paper, and ink pen

High school, college, and tons of art training and experience in the field. I've worked for various magazines, newspapers, and schools teaching cartooning and travel the state performing presentations for schools on the art of cartooning. With so much technology, it's sometimes refreshing to just go back to using a pen and paper to create something from scratch.

University student who can help you with drawing, sketching and digital painting.

I'm an animation student who is currently going for her bachelor degree. With many years of illustration to show as experience, i tend to help people in a positive manner by encouraging progress and open for any question regarding the lesson. Time is at our side and whomever i teach should never feel rushed in their development.

São José do Rio Preto
Digital illustration illustrator offers face to face and online classes with Photoshop in Rio Preto-SP

Teacher with experience in illustration area, graduated in graphic design and training courses carried out in the course of digital illustration, based always in a beautiful design. Classes focused on creation and study: -values ​​and volume -environment -characters -objects (cars, machines, weapons, etc. ) - creatures (animals, monsters, etc.

Drawing classes and support for art history between Pessac and Berges de Garonne

My name is cyriane, i am in possession of 3 grades in licence arts. I spent my literary baccalaureate with specialty arts and am therefore able to help high school students or college students or even the first year bachelor of licences arts for their exams. I validated in addition a preparation multimedia graphics and am in the first year of graphic arts.

English Tutor In America -College graduate tutors English online for minimum wage price.

I'm a college graduate who majored in communication studies with a concentration in public speaking. I am a native english speaker. I have experience speaking in public, writing papers in english, and teaching english for online companies. I wish to teach online for minimum wage prices. My motivation is to continue working online while teaching english to all kinds of people in all age groups.

Port St. Lucie
If you want to learn to draw, you come to the right place

I have been drawing for the past 33 years. I have taken art classes since the third grade. I specialize in cartoon art. Art can be a great way to showcase your talents. I have sold a few of my drawings. The best of my art is actually self-taught.

Boadilla del Monte
3D animation student teaches drawing, illustration, comic, character design and gesture drawing

From disney to marvel, we will tour the character design, creating stories, drawings. All so you can take your ideas and translate them head on paper. You'll learn anatomy, gestural drawing, storyboarding, character design.

Cambridge based multi-disciplinary Artist give lessons on technique but also the thinking behind art and its composition.

Lessons are based around a series of exercises, occasionally timed, to teach ways of seeing and thinking about a drawn subject. A critical discussion of the work will happen afterwards to see isee what has been made. Depending on the needs and desires of the student, we can expand this in the direction the student wishes to go.

University student gives tutorials to anyone fancying Art design and cartoons. Let's get creative!

Hey all! I am maitry. I am currently pursuing 3d animation and games at middlesex university london. I received an a* in igcse art and design. Along with 3d character design and concept art, i am also interested in the traditional methods of art and design.

Be tutored in Illustration, Painting, Graphic Design and portfolio presentation in Glasgow.

I'm a friendly and patient free-lance artist and designer offering tutoring services in glasgow. Are you a student artist looking to expand your range? Are you struggling with your high school art load or preparing for art college? Are you a beginner who wants to learn the ropes? Begin relaxed classes at your own pace in the central glasgow area.

To one art student to another- Trying to help when I can

I'm an art student on the way to an uncertain world. The only comfort comes from drawing and i want to share this comfort with others. I have an associates and am almost done with a bachelor's. Probably going for my masters as well.

(1 reviews)
Narrative Art Class (comics, illustration, manga, cartoon ...) while levels in St Omer

I graduated from the applied art school pivaut (nantes) after training for 5 years in illustration and animated in traditional 2d technique (paper, digital and stop motion). My 4-year practice in the world of cartoon and illustration allowed me to teach in several associations in the paris region (croq anim, studio butterflies. ) .

(3 reviews)
Young graduated from the school emile cohl gives painting lessons, graphic design, illustration, cartoon, sketch, drawing from observation, any particular level home on Lyon

Hello, graduate school emile cohl, lyon, and graduate school ipesaa (montpellier) i give lessons for all levels, adapted according to the needs and desires! --------------------------------------- all levels during drawing i offers classes for all , beginners / students / confirmed: - illustration - comics - graphics and desktop publishing (photoshop, illustrator, indesign) - painting - sculpture...

Graduate Illustrator gives courses in drawing and painting around Vonnas

I am an illustrator who has always had great pleasure to share my passion. I teach in my studio in my home, for all ages and all levels: Child (from 8 years) - teen - adult to have fun and progress.

☀ illustration | graphic design | animation 2d | video game design | web ☀

☻ i am passionate about sharing knowledge and cultural mediation. So i am interested in these issues because i think creativity, critical thinking and collaboration are critical skills to adapt to future challenges increasingly facing the digital and entrepreneurship.

Graduated from the HEAR (Strasbourg), author of comics, illustrator, engraver gives Comic and drawing classes !

I will adapt to your needs and desires so that you can advance your practice while having fun working. There is no age limit. We will work particularly drawing and comics. I have a preference for drawing on paper but i also use photshop and indesign and i can send you my knowledge.

São Paulo
Classes Traditional Illustration / Manga / Technical Drawing and Painting SAO PAULO SP

I am professor glauber lopes, who works with illustration and comics (author of the comic "registros", "a última fábula" e "louis de dampierre"). Graduated in graphic design since 2007, i have experiences with drawing over 20 years. My classes are for people who want to learn to draw just for fun, or for those interested to become professionals.

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