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Cours de batterie Drum lessons Pierre Goguen sur la Rive Sud Montreal

Cours de batterie chez moi a Longueuil ou a domicile sur la Rive Sud de Montreal. Niveaux débutant, intermédiaire, tous ages. Materials pédagogique fournis. Tous les styles, notion théorique de base pour apprendre a lire la musique, exercices adapte a vos besoins, horaire flexible.

Plateau Mont-Royal
(1 reviews)

Autocad architecte d'intérieur cours débutant expérimenté intermédiaire à Paris ou Île-de-France

Bonjour, Architecte d'intérieur depuis 10 ans, donne cours en Autocad, Photoshop.

Paris 15e
(14 reviews)

Piano lessons – Classical/Jazz/Improv/Learn how to compose your own music/Know how to accompany in any style

I try as much as possible to adapt to what my student is yearning for while keeping the necessary rigor to develop the musical project. Music in itself is demanding, only in proportion to the openness it brings to the player, beginner or experimented.

Paris 5e
(18 reviews)
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Pianist/Composer with PhD gives EXPERT PIANO and COMPOSITION LESSONS via Skype, all levels & ages

Expert Piano & Composition Lessons Online with Experienced, Friendly and Professional Pianist/Teacher with a PhD • Would you love to be able to play anything you hear immediately, by ear? • Would you benefit from a fun, powerful system integrating playing, ear training and music reading? • Would you like to go beyond the written notes and learn to improvise and compose? I can...

(8 reviews)

Guitar lessons in Carcassonne, all levels and styles

Guitarist, 34 years old (20 with 12 years of practice teaching), offers guitar lessons all styles (rock, metal, blues, fingerstyle, funk, classical ...) to Paris. The approach will suit everyone but will include the first of harmony (theory, scales, chords, rhythm ...

(3 reviews)
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Graduate from Los Angeles Musician´s Institute available for online Skype guitar lessons

Hello offer guitar lessons taught by graduates musicians at the Musician's Institute (GIT) Los Angeles, CA. Our classes are tailored to the level and needs of each student, offering a system of musical teaching enjoyable and effective for those who want to learn guitar as a hobby. Ofrececemos also harder for those who want to acquire a more professional level method.

Paris 17e
(7 reviews)

Producer / DJ gives confirmed during DJ and Composition Paris and inner suburbs

My name is Antony Bonneto, I'm 24 and I'm a DJ and music producer confirmed last ten years with international experiences. I offer customized courses for amateurs who want to get or improve in exciting activities that are the Mix / DJ and production / MAO. You choose if you want to become a DJ, producer / composer or both like me. My teaching methods are simple and have already proven themselves.

(1 reviews)
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Ableton Live - Electronic Music Production Lessons, Live set / DJ set, Sound Design

I am an Ableton Certified Trainer, Sound Designer and Electronic Music Producer currently active in Italy, Switzerland and the UK. (concealed information) I can offer lessons about Electronic Music Production, DJ/Live Performance and Sound Design with the Ableton Live software.

(2 reviews)
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Piano, composition and computer music, 4 prizes from the Paris Conservatory, UK Ph.D. in composition

I am a pianist and composer, I offer courses at all levels. We can work on the classical repertoire, learn how to improvise in different styles classical / jazz, and computer music. I can teach piano, music theory, composition, and computer music (Logic, Live Finale, Sibelius, Max ...), all levels, € 35 at home (222 rue de la convention 75015) and € 40 in displacement home.

(5 reviews)
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MAO Bordeaux - Possible Courses in English and French - 20 years of professional experience

Professional in the electronic music industry. I worked with the first versions of all existing software on the market today (Logic, Ableton, Cubbase, Reason Pro Tools, Native Instruments Maschine ...). My applied knowledge on devices, software and different .vst MIDI plugin is a vital asset to the teaching of MAO.

(3 reviews)
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Music education in Madrid: guitar (elec+sp), singing, language, harmony, software, composition, ear training.

Degree in music education, graduate Pedagogy and graduate in composition. Guitarist, singer, composer and teacher with extensive experience teaching vocation rather than by completing a salary. I work with children, youth and adults. Classes at home / in my home / companies tailored to each person.

(9 reviews)
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Musician with international experience offers Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Cavaquinho, Music Theory and Computer Music lessons

I offer lessons: Acousitc Guitar: Pop and Brazilian Music (all levels) Classic (beginner and intermediate) Electric Guitar: various styles Cavaquinho: Samba and Choro (Brazilian Music) Music Theory: - Reading and Writing - Harmony - Rhythmic - Ear Training Computer Music: - MIDI Protocol - software for recording and editing audio and MIDI (Cubase / Sound...

(2 reviews)
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Professional guitarist and media music composer (Master en Scoring for Film Television and Videogames at Berklee College of Music) teaching IN VALENCIA AND IN GANDIA.

In my guitar class I'd like the student to develop his theory and technique skill to the point where he can develop and master his own repertoire in complete freedom.

Paris 11e
(5 reviews)
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Piano lessons at home (Paris) for children & adults, beginners, voice & piano, pedagogic and customed.

My classes are primarily fun and educational; it is simply to provide the means to implement a solid foundation in order to achieve a good result, which only require the regularity and good habits to open fully.

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Electronic music production, beatmaking, mixing, sound design. I can adapt to DAW

I can teach electronic music production courses that can range from sound design to mixing and explanation of each effect (eq, compressors, chorus, reverb, delay etc ..).

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Gives lessons in piano and composition developkment of creativity. Continue to learn.

I composed music for films, dance, short films for 10 years now. I am open to approach music through the development of creativity. Adapt. And the tastes of each and every one seems important to me in my piano teacher profession for 10 years from 5 years old, children, teens, adults, coaching.

Paris 1er
(4 reviews)
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Lesson composition, orchestration and arrangement for ensemble, orchestra and electronique

I graduated at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, now continue my education at the Paris National Conservatory of Music. I specialize in music called "scholarly" contemporary but also in the fields of contemporary music - media (for movies, advertising, etc.

(6 reviews)
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Guitarist composer graduated from the Music Academy International provides courses focused to Blues, Rock and Metal (+ Technique of the instrument, improvisation, recording) region in Paris

Firstly the course will obviously be customized to the tastes of the student. Then the course will be divided into different parts: The pure technique of the instrument, the practice where one or more songs will be played, and if desired improvisation, and even recording, mixing under home studio, where the composition ...

New York
(2 reviews)
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Professional Pianist teaches all levels of music: Keyboards, Programming, Theory, and Coaching

I have been a professional musician for 30 years in Nashville and now I live in NYC. I teach all levels of piano, keyboards (playing and programming and associated software), music theory, and vocal coaching specifically for musical theater. I have had experience playing in the recording studio, music direction, conducting, arranging/composing, producing, and teaching.

Ciudad de México
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Audio engineer gives lessons (skype optional) about recording, mixing, audio editing and music production for aspiring engineer or musicians in Mexico City and in Puebla, Pue.

I am an audio engineer graduated who has participated in many recordings with renown engineers and producers. My approach is mainly practical because it is the best way to learn in my opinion, however, I do not neglect the theory and make sure that it is understood in order to be applied efficiently.

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Music Technology Lessons from London-based Composer/Producer with 8 years of Professional Industry Experience

My lessons can help with all areas of Music Technology, including: - Production / Mixing techniques - Digital Recording - Digital Music Notation - Samples and samples libraries - Plugins / Effects - Software tips and tricks I specialise in Logic Pro and Sibelius software, but also have practical knowledge of other programs.

(1 reviews)
1st lesson offered free !

Berklee alumni with 10+ years of experience gives bass lessons in Boston

I'm a musician and sound designer with a B.M in Electronic Production & Design from Berklee College of Music. I've been playing bass for 11 years and teaching for 4. As a bass player, I have a strong background in contemporary jazz concepts and modern bass techniques. As a sound designer, I have the skills to reproduce and create virtually any sound.

(1 reviews)
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Classical Studies Graduate teaching Beginners and GCSE Latin, as well as specialised lessons on Greco-Roman civilisation in Leeds

As a Classical Studies graduate from the University of Manchester I offer a wide range of lessons that focus on the Greco-Roman world and can devise a subject specific lesson on many sections from this ancient period. Beginners and GCSE Latin lessons are also available with well sourced materials.

(1 reviews)
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Very experienced private guitar tutor for music lovers Hampstead, Willesden, Hendon, Edgware, Central

Let's learn music together, no pressure just the love of music. I'm flexible about the material and happy to help with the area you are interested in. We can focus on technic development, music theory, chords scales, improvising or just easily playing along your favourite songs.

1st lesson offered free !

Berklee College of Music Graduate with 20 years of experience teaching gives guitar, music production, computer music, logic, garage band lessons.

​ I teach guitar in all styles, pop, rock and jazz, as well as advance soloing for those who require it. I also teach music technology and production using Logic, Pro Tools, Garage Band, and also music theory. I adapt to the unique requirements of each student.

(1 reviews)
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Music Production for Dummies - Tutor around North West & West London

Logic, Ableton & FL Studio Music Production Tutor - Will come to you Simplified, interactive teaching so anyone can learn - no previous knowledge required.

1st lesson offered free !

Professional guitarist with experience in teaching imparts lessons of: Electric / Acoustic Guitar Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Metal, Fusion and Theory / Soulness / Harmony / Composition & Arrangement

I've been playing guitar for 20 years, I'm a professional (my website: (concealed information) jazz guitar with 110/110 and praise and 9 years of experience in teaching.

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Youth Worker Student in Hull with SEN and teaching experience in Music Technology

I am kind and caring yet firm so I will base learning around the tutee and the support they need. I will help the young person by not only teaching them but helping them to develop the skills they will need in the future to be able to teach themselves and develop their knowledge.

1st lesson offered free !

Your Home Studio and how to use it to make great music!

I have been teaching music tech for over 10 years and I have my very own home studio.

1st lesson offered free !

Want to begin producing electronic music? Beginners can learn how to start here!

Hello, my name is Sam and I have been making small electronic music projects since I was 15. I will be teaching the very basic level needed to start the beginning of electronic music production.

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Lionel, found their computer-aided music tutor

Bonjour, Je souhaiterais prendre des cours sur autocad afin d'avoir un niveau assez bon pour pouvoir prétendre à un bon niveau sur le marché actuellement travaillant uniquement sur archicad j'ai besoin d'obtenir une bonne maitrise sur...

4 years ago