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Student at the Conservatory gives piano lessons and music theory for all levels :)

Umut Vicdan, Master student at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with Eliane Reyes, Burkard Spinnler and Jean Claude Vanden Eynden in Centre Eduardo del Pueyo. Obtained his baccalaureate with great distinction. Received his certificate from SAE Institute of Brussels for Electronic Music Production. (Ableton Live, Logic Pro) I offer piano lessons, music theory, harmony and history of music.

Paris 20e
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Professional give Lessons Record at home - Home Studio and Music Production

My name is Pablo Subatin and I am a musician and sound technician and professional producer. I propose course to learn all you need to know to make videos at home (if you had a computer that's enough to start classes): - Technical advice software, sound cards, microphones. - Technical records and uses microphones for voice and instruments.

Paris 17e
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Producer / DJ gives confirmed during DJ and Composition Paris and inner suburbs

My name is Antony Bonneto, I'm 24 and I'm a DJ and music producer confirmed last ten years with international experiences. I offer customized courses for amateurs who want to get or improve in exciting activities that are the Mix / DJ and production / MAO. You choose if you want to become a DJ, producer / composer or both like me. My teaching methods are simple and have already proven themselves.

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Ableton Live - Electronic Music Production Lessons, Live set / DJ set, Sound Design

I am an Ableton Certified Trainer, Sound Designer and Electronic Music Producer currently active in Italy, Switzerland and the UK. (concealed information) I can offer lessons about Electronic Music Production, DJ/Live Performance and Sound Design with the Ableton Live software.

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MAO Bordeaux - Possible Courses in English and French - 20 years of professional experience

Professional in the electronic music industry. I worked with the first versions of all existing software on the market today (Logic, Ableton, Cubbase, Reason Pro Tools, Native Instruments Maschine ...). My applied knowledge on devices, software and different .vst MIDI plugin is a vital asset to the teaching of MAO.

Limelette (Ottignies-Louvain-La-Neuve)
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Professional musician gives guitar lessons, piano or singing / vocal coaching all levels in joy and good humor.

All levels from 10 years, pro or leisure. All styles: rock, pop, metal, jazz, blues, folk. modern and dynamic approach to the courses, student participation in the choice of songs. Working improvisation around the scales, arpeggios and technical to go back, legato, sweeping, tapping, picking. Introduction to basic music theory, essential for good growth.

San Francisco
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UC Berekeley Graduate with 10 years of experience gives Electronic Music Production & Djing Lessons

Hello! I currently give lessons to students of all ages in Electronic Music Production and DJing. I teach students all the necessary components to music production such as using software, audio engineering and mixing, music theory, song writing, and mastering. In essence, I simply teach students how to create the songs that they dream of.

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Music Production, mixing, mastering classes, from basic audio level to advanced level

My name is Marc. I studied at SAE Institute, and for years I've been producing artists as a profession. My mission is to teach you what you need, whether it level. From the basics to an advanced level I can teach you music production, types of arrangements, MIDI and virtual programming, mixing and mastering.

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Dj-Producer / Composer courses, composition at the Piano, and using turntables and computer music software

I am able to teach you: - the use of a mixing desk for those who want to become a DJ and can use live carefree with great ease - Use of music creation software such as Logic Pro X, Ableton and FL Studio, creation A - Z - original Piano music in Composition - Relational and use of social resaux.

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Professional Music Producer and DJ gives lessons on ableton/logic and live performance

Hi I'm Ben, a professional music producer. I have extensive knowledge of Ableton Live and Logic Pro Studio 7/8. I can guide your learning by pointing you in the direction of the resources you need for your current ability. I can advise you on buying, setting up and using equipment.

Saint Paul
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HOW TO PRODUCE MUSIC and DJ mixing/mastering for beginners (Saint Paul, MN)

My career in music started in Jazz, Ive been laying the saxophone since 4th grade. Within the last 10 years I've been recording my own music on Ableton and logic. Recently I've been using serato to DJ sets in the twin cities. Ive performed at first ave, triple rock, the cabooz all over the place.

Favaro B
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Apple Certified Master Trainer Logic Pro and Ableton Live - Music Production

professional teacher of Music Software - Apple Certified Master Trainer Logic Pro - Ableton Producer - DJ - Sound Engineer - Musician - Composer - Sound Designer - Lyricist - Author - Book Writer My whole experience at your service

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Singing Lessons, Sants, Barcelona, S L Singing method 30 years experience,

Profesional singer studied at Conseratorio de méxico with cuban singer Emilio and Marianna Benchertright, now is focused on the spech level singing technique, The structure for the lessons are very dinamical begining with respiration technique then singin with the piano and building repertoire appying the technique at the songs we practice.

Ciudad de México
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Introduction toTurntables DJ and or guitar, play any genre you want !

DJ and guitarist with experience of over 7 years playing in different parts of the country, living in CDMX. Ableton methodology (electronic music production), Pioneer rekordbox (mixing) and major and minor scales in electric or acoustic guitar.

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Student from Geneva who DJs as much as I can, I give lessons in Geneva to share my love for the DJing,

In this course, I can teach you the many facets DJing: - Using a DJ controller and the software to go with it - The basics of DJing - The techniques for switching between songs - DJing at a party or a club - and anything else !

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Music Production Classes - Mixing - Mastering - Music Theory and Composition in Nuendo, Ableton, Cubase in Gijon

Hello, I am Hernán Marandino, musician producer and teacher. Music is a world in which everyone is in, what I offer is the knowledge for anyone who wants or compose music from home and to play a beautiful instrument like the piano. Or for anyone who wishes to have the skills to do a professional production.

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Clement member of "PZK" give lessons of MAO / MIX DJ / Drums / Percussions

Clement Simpelaere young producer / composer, member of PZK group. My classes are for all type of people wanting to begin or improve in the computer music, or any musician drummers and percussion players wanting to improve their level. The methodology remains the same as the student but change according to their level.

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Independent DJ gives particularly during DJing for beginners. Based on the Paris region

Djing lessons for beginner - any level training courses courses dj mix includes several steps: - Knowledge and hand and commissioning of the equipment (mixer, platinum cd, vinyl, controller ...) - and learning the basics djing technique (rigging, set volume, speed control ...

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Tailor-made courses: Ableton Live - Learnhow to compose - Learn how to produce your own sound - Recording / Mastering - Dj / Mix - Chilly Studio - La Rochelle (Aytré)

Musician for 12 years, I teach you to how to produce sound. From the beginning, I was Interested in almost all genres (eg EDM, electro asked, Chill, Pop, House, Trap, Rock, jazz, blues, etc.), which allows me to be useful to most of you.

La Mirada
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Do You Want to learn how to DJ & Produce Electronic Music?

I am a professional Dj and Producer for electronic music for over 3 years. Graduated from Musicians Institute for Audio Engineering. Ive played in Hollywood, LA and OC best clubs including Avalon, Yost, Sutra, Heat, Belasco Sevillas, OHM and Exchange. I want to share all my knowledge with those who love electronic music. House, Electro, Dubstep, Trap, Future Bass, Future House, Ableton.

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MAO Training

Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason, Final Cut Pro X Composition, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Sampling, MIDI, Effects, Automation, Live on Stage, Installation and Configuration Software, Audio & Video Editing..

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Learn EDM production and music fundamentals with FL Studio, Ableton, Traktor and more.

I am a native resident of Oregon and I grew up and learned music in Portland. I began my career as a classical and jazz musician, earning a performance degree in vocal music from Portland State in 2002. I performed professionally as a symphonic and jazz trumpet player as well as a concert and solo vocalist. In addition to live performance, I have several years trumpet and vocal coaching experience.

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DJ - Mixing - Turntables, vinyl, CD and LIVE in Montpellier, experience in England

I am a DJ, producer and events organizer. I learned in England and I focused on house music, drum & bass and techno. After playing in bars and clubs, I organized my own nights and had well-known DJs playing regularly. I played with DJ Fresh, Andy C, Redlight and many others.

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During paris dj mix

Musical structure, technology mix, programming, hardware and connection training, marketing education and communication dj, sources and web development.

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Professor of music (guitar, writing, composition) and English teacher in Narbonne and its surroundings. Hello everyone, my name Kenly I'm 26, I make the guitar for 3 years, I ÉCRI

My name Kenly I'm 26 I have a electric BEP and BAC pro, the courses are open to all who feel the urge to progress in the general music universe. With experience in learning the guitar and especially the composition and writing, you will see the results of the first course.

Paris 10e
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Student in sound Engineering - I give Guitar lessons and MAO

I am studying in 2nd year of the engineer, I have a few years of control software FL Studio, Ableton and Pro Tools. The electric and acoustic guitar is my passion for 5 years and I work on the Jazz / blues styles (hard) rock. I want to introduce students to improvisation and composition for guitar and computer music that gives more pleasure than a simple music learning.

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Private lessons music production with Ableton live and Logic custom in Barcelona

I offer private lessons in music production and sound Ableton Live and Logic Pro Soy Sound Engineer degree in the SAE Amsterdam with over 8 years experience in the field of music production try to resolve all doubts in real time It is possible to design customized classes at any level depends on the requirement of each special classes Sound design, mixing and mastering here you can reference...

(1 reviews)
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Music lover who teaches acoustic and electric guitar, bass, ukulele and DJ mixing for beginners.

I am a music lover who wants to teach children who have concerns for music from an early age. I've always used the self-learning technique and it's the one with which I've learned. Patience and boost creativity are keys for me in music, and I try to impart in this way, without turning music into a must but a hobbie to have fun with and find an escape from everything they do in class.

Tim artscenic school
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During Solfège / Computer Aided Musical Compositions / Mixing / Mastering

Workshops of music assist by computer on different softwares (Ableton, Cubase and Logic [MAC]) Program: - Initiation about rhythms, notes and sounds in game shape - Composing, producing and remix, instrumental and vocal - Mixing - Mastering - Advices on hardwares, softwares, etc. to use.

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