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Plateau Mont-Royal

Bonjour, Designer d'intérieur depuis 10 ans, donne cours en autocad, photoshop.

we learn better with a professional and it is a good investment

Bonjour, Designer, consultant et professeur depuis plus de 10ans, je propose mes services pour : Design produit, design intérieur et mobilier, design transport, architecture, photo, dessin à la main, cao, dao, conseils aux inventeurs, méthodologie, ergonomie, marketing, cout, Aides aux devoirs pour étudiants en design.

I am a designer and consultant for over 12 years. I have lived in Europe before living in Moncton, NB.

Product designer and consultant, i had a master's degree in design in europe in 2003. Since i work for large agencies and am a teacher for fun. I'm more comfortable giving all courses in french.

(5 reviews)
Make it real! I am a 2D / 3D Graphic and I offer drawing or 3D initiations!

Everything is based on what you want, i am here only for you to put your ideas on paper or on screen, with more confidence. I can initiate beginners, at all age, but also pursue development for novices and more. Whether in traditional drawing! Computer graphics 2d or even 3d! My approach to teaching, above all, is friendly and not off-putting, i'm here to guide you to what you want to do! .

(3 reviews)
Young graduated from the school emile cohl gives painting lessons, graphic design, illustration, cartoon, sketch, drawing from observation, any particular level home on Lyon

Hello, graduate school emile cohl, lyon, and graduate school ipesaa (montpellier) i give lessons for all levels, adapted according to the needs and desires! --------------------------------------- all levels during drawing i offers classes for all , beginners / students / confirmed: - illustration - comics - graphics and desktop publishing (photoshop, illustrator, indesign) - painting - sculpture...

(8 reviews)
DRAWING LESSONS in Maisons-Alfort 94700 by an experienced teacher, with the history of art

Workshop cat tiger --- rate 20 € / hour --- each course has a duration of 2:00 professor graduate school national top of decorative arts program elements paris study of the structure of objects and proportions. Work on space, on volumes, plans, shadow and light, empty and full, clear and dark.

(2 reviews)
El Pilar (Madrid)
Drawing, painting particular class, all levels

All levels and skill, beginners, intermediate, advanced

(6 reviews)
Paris 17e
Independent teachers for successful competition for Architectural Education (guidance letter, cv, artistic folder, remote testing, written and oral)

We are an association of three independent professors: professor graduate of fine arts in paris, dplg architect, associate professor of philosophy. We prepare students terminale students and the grandes ecoles architecture, helping them realize their folder (cover letter, cv, film analysis, malaquais test, artistic book), to train in writing ( from the annals) and oral.

(2 reviews)
Both classically and conceptually trained visual artist with Russian heritage teaches in both English and Russian

My life has taken me from the soviet underground to a prominent place in the american art world. Born in the soviet union i found my footing alongside now-famous dissident artists before political pressures brought me to the united states as a refugee in the late 1980s.

Philly based Artist & Art Educator. Let's Make Art. Hire Me to Unleash Your Creativity!

I am a pennsylvania, state certified visual arts teacher. I work with artists and students of all ages, including: pre -k through grades 12, a. p . , college students, adults, and students with special needs. Art is both very subject and personal. My teaching approach is a student centered one, allowing students to find their artist voice.

(3 reviews)
Comic Strip and drawing / Author of comics and Illustrator / Painter

Hello, i am a young cartoonist and illustrator / painter. I propose courses of narrative drawing and comics. I also teaches art classes in any form for amateur and more experienced. I can help you develop your imagination, or just strengthen you in all technical drawing. I also make preparations for competitions and coaching comics projects.

Ciudad de México
Regularization classes for Bachelor of architecture, at home and online, I'll help you with your questions, tasks and final deliveries

I am an architect graduated from the faculty of architecture with experience, i seek to enrich my experiences and knowledge with architects in training to develop their full potential. Architecture students will develop knowledge and acquire skills necessary to accredit the subjects of their universities. Costs depend on the type of service required and whether online or face class.

(17 reviews)
Paris 3e
painting drawing in an old workshop paris center with a painter

"painting is like chinese, here is learned" picasso. 50 m from beaubourg metro: châtelet classic halles. Teaching painting is not academic education which is safe practice, based on illustration and image; classical education offers no image searched rather poetic adventure.

(2 reviews)
Laurent Bastide Artist graduated in Applied Arts gives during home design around Bourg-en-Bresse

Training graphic arts graduate applied, i would be very happy to share my knowledge in drawing, painting, graphic design, applied arts and desktop publishing. This service is a who need or simply want to learn to paint and / or drawing: - learning courses or refresher drawing (all techniques) - introduction to painting (watercolor, acrylic , oil, gouache.

(3 reviews)
Student at GOBELINS (3rd year) | Graduated from SUPINFOCOM | During 2D / 3D

Hello, - julien becquer, 24 - 3rd year at gobelins (crfa) - graduate (2015) supinfocom (digital directing) i offer private lessons (in french, english or german) in drawing on paper or digital (photoshop, sketchbook pro, tvp) and 2d animation (tvp, toonboom, flash) and 3d (maya, 3ds max).

(2 reviews)
I am a drawing and painting teacher. Located in Savannah, Georgia. I give classes in my home and I can also come to you.

Hello there! My name is ms. Salaverria. I am originally from venezuela. I graduated from the prestigious savannah college of art and design with a bachelor of fine arts, painting. I developed different learning techniques that allow your inner voice to guide you. My methods of teaching depends on the level of notion of the student.

(2 reviews)
Professional industrial designer giving lessons from sketching to concept pitching in London

I have masters in industrial design and mechanical engineering and currently work as a freelance design researcher in advanced product and technology development. Said simply, i know a lot about generating cool ideas and turning them into pictures and prototypes quickly. In my lessons i will share my methods and skills with you.

(4 reviews)
Paris 1er
Preparation of entrance exams to schools of art and animation

Professional in the animation industry, graduated from the animation school georges méliès, i offer courses to help you integrate the major french's art and animation schools (gobelins, emca, ensad, epsaa, supinfocom etc. ) .

(1 reviews)
PARIS: painting / drawing / color / digital photography / history of art / project support / preparation Fine Arts schools

Hello, I offer an accompaniment of your (future) artistic practice. You 1 - know your needs, study your project, develop your practice. 2 - learn new techniques (or deepening) 3 - introduce the artists and movements that you should know or you may be interested in.

(1 reviews)
Graduate student in Design and Marketing, I give courses in different fields of art and I also accompany you well in your school projects, professional or private.

Through my studies and experience in the design, i bring you my help and my knowledge in many artistic areas such as design projects, art, drawing, painting. I'm versatile, flexible and i know to listen to the student and his demands.

Graphic designer and teacher gives drawing, painting and design lessons in Edinburgh.

I spent the last 25 years working with visual communication. I am an expert in this field, even if it is a poster, a costume or even a painting. While i was working with the visual communication i realized that i can help people to properly understand this language of design and art, this is why i started my career as a teacher.

☀ illustration | graphic design | animation 2d | video game design | web ☀

☻ i am passionate about sharing knowledge and cultural mediation. So i am interested in these issues because i think creativity, critical thinking and collaboration are critical skills to adapt to future challenges increasingly facing the digital and entrepreneurship.

Unique Fashion Design Director with 25 years exprience, Home Decor, Apparel, Textiles

I'm a seasoned apparel designer and graduate of fashion institute of technology in new york city. I have a mba from the university of phoenix. I have taught students at the middle school, high school and college levels. I'm currently an adjunct professor at wayne county community college, detroit, michigan.

Artistic Director gives courses Arts and Visual Communication in Ile de France

I am an artistic director since now almost 3 years. My courses are for smaller as the greatest. People who want to have fun while learning, deepen their acquired or start a new business.

Ciudad de México
Professional designer with experience in advertising and marketing right in Mexico City

Passionate. Untamed. Aware. Didactic. Entrepreneur. Fresh. Gentile. Hyperkinetic. Full. Jocular. Kilometric. Free. Mexican. Natural. Ñandubay (american family tree of mimosaceas, reddish wood, very hard and imperishable). Original. Possible. Fussy, red, tasty. Employee. Only. Brave. Wayak '(maya' dream, vision between dreams, imagine or believe things that are not real '). Xi (nahuatl: 'idem').

(1 reviews)
To learn how to draw comics but also to write unique stories

Student in master 2 in illustration / narration erg in bruxelles, i would help you to create your own comic. This would include the story's writing but also different techniques to improve your drawing skills.

Bachelor of Fine Arts with over six years experience teaches artistic drawing, illustration, painting and photography.

I graduated in fine arts and practicing artist with several exhibitions in town halls, cultural centers and museums, i also do portraits and other art commissions for years. I base my observation technique in the model, the practice of different poses to improve understanding and anatomical study of depth by grayscale.

Varied artist introduced to contemporary art (painting, drawing, graffiti, Installation, Performance, Pottery, Photo, Video)

My name is sébastien hamideche alias jariku, plastic artist specializing in urban art, painting and animism. From beginners seeking to discover art in professional wanting to expand their fields of knowledge, through the student preparing a large art school, i always propose a suitable education.

Miami Springs
AutoCad and Other Software Packages to Create the perfect Design and Working Drawings for Construction

I have 20 years of experience working in an architectural firm lessons to a wide range of students from beginner to intermediate to advanced 3d modeling. I use autocad as a means of teaching my students but the practice can be implements into just about any software on the market.

Easy drawing Manchester, Renaissance Painting technique, Integrate visionary Story telling Graphic Novels

Whether you just want to learn to draw, or deepen your skills, i have an easy method to get you fired up, and drawing. I also give lessons in renaissance-style painting for those with a serious interest or desire to paint. I will help you remove the obstacles that may have held you back in the past, and help you find and develop your own style of expression.

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Ask for Manon

Bonsoir! Je suis une étudiante en 2ème année de design industriel à l'université de Montréal. Au fur et à mesure de l'avancée de mon cursus, je me rends compte que j'ai un vrai problème au niveau de l'idéation de mes idées : Je sais...

1 month ago
we learn better with a professional and it is a good investment

Ask for Julien

Bonjour, Je suis étudiant en design d'intérieur (2e année) au collège Dawson. J'aurais besoin d'aide avec autocad (viewports, espace papier, modèle, création de blocs, etc.) pour environ 2h/semaine. Je suis à Montréal dans le cartier...

2 years ago
Plateau Mont-Royal