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Certified instructor gives English/ Dutch/ French classes by visio conference (region of Strasbourg)

Whether you are an entrepreneur, employee, free lance or about to work abroad. You don't feel at easy when presenting yourself or your company, your products / services. You're looking for support in preparing interviews.

Belgian Engineer gives languages classes in mother tongues (Dutch, Englisch and French) in Berlin

I am an engineer so i have no teaching background. But i worked with children for over 10 years, so i understand that they learn more by doing, than by reading in books. This is why my classes are active, we go outside and speak, or go to a market and see all the different products inside.

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Professor of English and foreign language speaker gives English lessons in the Lille region

Trainer experienced english / german / dutch courses gives home lille region. Evening classes for adults and tutoring courses for retraining adults ongoing access to oral and situations of everyday life during the english / german / dutch languages ​​experienced trainer gives english courses / german home lille region , experience in training centers, school support organizations, enterprises.

UGA senior honors student for Spanish, French, and biology/chemistry tutoring in Athens

Hello, my name is brinkley, and i am a senior honors student at the university of georgia. Next semester, i will have my bachelor of arts in romance languages, with spanish and french, as well as my bachelor of science in biology. I am also applying to medical school. I have a flexible schedule and will work with you to meet wherever is most convenient.

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English and Dutch teacher, business languages coaching, conversation groups [children - teens - adults] (Mons region)

Germanic languages philologist , teacher at secondary school and coach for companies, i founded the company nolimiet to offset the lack of dutch and english mastery in professional- or academic-related fields.

Student in Angers in LLCE (literature) section offers private lessons in French

Young student of 18, i am currently in college of languages ​​and letters section llce at the university of angers (english translation and literature, among others). I offer my services from one terminal to the college level, and i have a b2 level. Classes are held according to your preferences. The methods also fit your age and the level you want to reach.

Commercial widely traveled, no teaching degree but field experience. try it right now

I am passionate about languages ​​and my classes are for those who want to discover a new language through a learning map. I have no particular methodology except that i speak to my students in the language they want to learn.

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Rowland Heights
Play to learn Spanish and English at home with a Colombian native teacher now

Just if it's required i use a book method, because it gives structure to the process but also i develop classes with montessori students or new school methods. I've developed several games to wrap up the class and practice the things that they are learning currently.

Jersey City
Native Dutch speaker with teaching experience and background in Educational Sciences

Native dutch speaker with ample teaching (adults and adolescences) and research experience (phd). I have a background in educational sciences and thus know how to create effective learning environments.

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Paris 15e
CPF Certified instructor gives English/ Dutch/ French classes by visio conference Paris, Strasbourg, Nice, Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes, Rennes, Brest, Lille

We are all different, the way we learn is different from a person to another. My teaching is based on social preferences e. g . - introvert, extrovert-, if you're more creative or structured in your learning approach. This special test is the 1st step to our collaboration.

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Rio de Janeiro
Perfect Dutch - Dutch lessons in Rio de Janeiro / Skype - teacher licensed by the Vrije University of Amsterdam with 10+ years of experience

Dutch lessons for all levels. The courses follow the structure of a textbook and every lesson includes vocabulary, grammar and cultural aspects. Special eight lesson course preparing for the civil integration exam.

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Marseille 6e
Dutch teacher, with 3 years of experience and a lot of enthusiasm, gives private lessons

I give private lessons to beginners and more advanced students. I help my students to overcome their fear of speaking dutch and i'm really good in explaining the grammar. I worked in brussels, but for personal reasons i had the chance to come and live in france, so i started giving online courses.

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Inglés classes in Cádiz Capital for People Who would like to Improve Their Inglés

I'm a dutch graphic designer and i 've been living in cadiz for the past 2 years, i' ve been raised bilingual (dutch / inglés). And i offer classes to people who want to improve their inglés. I mostly focus on grammar and speaking while working on fluency. But of course topics: such as listening and reading are being covered as well.

Sant Andreu de Llavaneres
Inglés for professionals in Information Technology, Marketing, Business, Sales, Special Purposus etc.

Face to face with virtual method free classroom and conference support for informatica inglés specialized in it (it) also for business, marketing, sales, aviation and other special purposes. Preparation for oral defense of thesis. Focused on conversation and pronunciation lots of video and audio materials. Basic, intermediate and advanced level.

Experienced foreign languages ​​teacher in English, German, French, Dutch and Spanish (Bachelor's degree in translation, Master's degree in Multilingual Communications)

Over the last year and a half, i have found out teaching actually speaks my authentic self. It makes greater use of my creativity and gets me involved in a training process throughout my career. I have been giving private lessons to children in tutoring as well as adults wishing to improve their foreign language level.

Dutch courses on several levels by a Dutch teacher at the University

Goedendag! I am vincent, dutch and dutch teacher at the university of strasbourg. I did french studies (master) at the university of groningen in the netherlands. I teach at different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. My teaching methods are dynamic and have a communicative approach.

Paris 2e
Dutch courses in Paris / via skype

Dutch training by experienced native speaking teacher. Customized courses. -at companies -private courses -via skype I propose tailor-made courses in which the focus lies on conversation. Training available for all levels: beginners, pre-intermediate, intermediate, advanced, business-dutch and refreshing courses.

I am a professional trainer in languages ​​for children and adults.

My name is esta de coninck, i am independent trainer, company name estatrads i offer different courses for adults: beginner - intermediate - development: commercial - tourism and for children: discovery: 4-6 years, introduction: 7 - 10 years tutoring: college - high school - iut

University student gives English and Dutch lessons secondary school level in Brussels

I am a student at ichec brussels management school. The level of english and dutch is very tough in this school. I did my primary and secondary studies in dutch. I am ready to help students as part of their secondary studies. I will help them to improve their language skills by various exercises (reading, listening, writing, speaking).

Adriaan johan
I am a Dutch online teacher. You only need internet and Skype.

For all levels, from absolute beginners till conversation. From the start, i combine grammar with the first conversational skills. After each lesson, you will receive homework for the next session. I can also prepare you for the "inburgeringsexamen" or for nt2.

(1 reviews)
San Vicente del Raspeig
Humanist can help with humanistic studies in Alicante to approve all subjects

My name is anastasia, i am a student in ua history. I am developing as a humanist and i have a very broad knowledge of various subjects. I can help with languages, modern and dead, and all pure letters (philosophy, history,. ), i can also help with greater efficiency in studying.

Individual Language Lessons by University Graduate in English Lit. French, English & Dutch.

• graduated from utrecht university (netherlands) • degree: english language and culture • two years of experience (tutoring of english and french) • experience in tutoring at any level (adults, students and college students) • i try to determine my lessons in accordance with the person's personal interests and needs.

Student gives courses for secondary school pupils every evening during the week

I am a student at the university of namur in germanic languages. I propose to give courses to students who are in secondary school. My course is based on the four main skills in language learning (hearing, reading, writing and speaking) with a specific work focused on mastering each skill.

A graduate in English translation / Dutch, I teach English and Dutch

I give courses at all levels, both beginner academic. My courses are adapted to the difficulties of each. Preparation is provided to the isssue of each course so that the matter can be finally taken for granted.

Le Boulou
Professional gives Lessons English Dutch French as a foreign language at home or online

I am a professional of 34 years old who gives private lessons at home or online. My subjects: english, dutch and french as foreign language, mathematics. School support, upgrading, adult education. The course is adapted according to the target set at the start.

Professional teaches English and Dutch to individuals and groups, at all levels

Sociologist - kingston university, london, uk Master in international affairs- johns hopkins university, usa More than 30 years of experience at international level in business and international cooperation; fluent in 7 languages; worked and lived in a dozen countries and visited more than 60 countries across six continents.

A Coruña
Young graduate (Anglia C1) offers CHEAP remedial classes in English (grammar, conversation, PAU...)

My name is sergio and i've been studying english since age 6, having completed the bilingual dutch / english tto programme (eso) in the netherlands and anglia c1 certificate at age 13. I have practical experience with children and youth, strengthening them for half cycle tests, pau or simply to improve pronunciation and expression.

Serious and motivated student, I give during Dutch and English until secondary school including bilingual in both languages ​​in which I was born

My name is manoah and i'm studying literature in the sixth grade. , at arv (royal athené of visé). I am perfect trilingual in french, english and dutch. My courses are aimed at both beginners and students in their final year. My teaching techniques are generally adapted to the student strenghts and difficulties but stands apart from usual school ways of teachings.

Good morning, I teach English, Dutch, Spanish, Valenciano and French in the area of elche. I am a superior technician in environmental health and a future licenced in environmental sciences. I speak E

My classes are aimed at people of all ages. First i make them an oral and written evaluation to see the level they have in the language they want to learn, and i adapt my exercises to them. In my classes they work especially reading comprehension by reading and practicing exercises and listening because in my class we will only speak in the language you want to learn.

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