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Marseille 1er
Give courses, help with homework and academic support in math, biology, chemistry level college / high school while Marseille move

Hello, i am a graduate in marine biology (bac + 5), i give private lessons, help with homework and academic support in english, mathematics, chemistry and biology (college level / high school). I am organized and i have sense of pedagogy. Regards.

Francisco andres
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Alcalá de Henares
Degree in Biology with experience in teaching Ecology, Botany, Natural Sciences and Statistics

I am a graduate in biology, specializing in the area of ​​ecology and botany, with knowledge in urban food crops. I like to teach through classes and by web cam, using textbooks and videos techniques and modern materials, in addition to demonstration and teaching practices.

(2 reviews)
Is SVT complex for you? Need to understand or revise certain concepts in Biology or Chemistry? I can help you in the Aix / Marseille region.

Educator, teacher and experienced facilitator, i shall put my experience of over 20 years available to pupils for their success. Because it is based on the efficiency of the work done, i propose to accompany the student on the form and substance of learning (learning to learn).

Vila Santa Rosa (Guarujá)
Professor Gustavo - Biology and Science - Guaruja / SP - Graduated in 2012

I graduated in degree in biological sciences and try to teach my classes in a clear and objective manner. Currently textbooks have a super complex and confusing theory, my goal is to untangle this theory and show my students that nature is simpler than it seems.

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Porto Alegre
Biology classes in Porto Alegre - teacher, biologist, doctor in Environmental Quality

I am a biologist, teacher and researcher and doctor degree in environmental quality. Minister dynamic classes for students of primary and secondary education (sciences and biology) as well as for higher education disciplines (botany, plant anatomy, plant physiology, ecology, environmental education, biostatistics).

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Dr. MSc. Environmental Biologist - Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics high-level lessons

I offer science lessons addressed to young people and adults of all school categories (middle and high schools, universities). Each lesson is personalized basing on the needs of the student, varying for deepening and difficulty depending on the task (task in class, exam, college exam, thesis).

Home tutorials including all levels from primary school to vocational training. Higher levels only scientific subjects.

I have a degree in biology and a vocational training course in pastry and bakery. I have knowledge of both the branch of science and food industry, and i am willing to teach these skills from primary level to vocational training levels. My way of explaining is based on reducing to as simple as possible, explain things as i would explain to someone who is hearing the subject for the first time.

I offer tutoring classes of science in Tolosaldea at my or your home

I'm a teacher so depending on the objectives of the student and their difficulties, i could adapt the study methodology to be effective and entertaining. It would be necessary to determine the course of the student and his/her level, the objective to reach and also the difficulties to reach this objective to make a plan, with the agreement of parents or legal guardians.

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Bad Axe
Experienced middle and high school sciences teacher with over 10 yrs as a private and Title I tutor.

State certified to teach vocational home economics, secondary biology, secondary reading, and all subjects in grades 7-8. Experienced in differentiated, individualized and project based learning techniques.

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São Paulo
Biology and Science teacher in São Paulo - Foundation Level and Middle

Higher level course, scheduled to end in january 2018. I studied biomedicine and currently, biological sciences. I will specialize in ecology and ecosystems. In my classes, i try to develop the student's knowledge through experiments, using their experiences as an approach mode. I believe that the course of learning occurs more easily when there is confidence and comfort during the classes.

Environmental Science/Biology/Natural Science Tutor and Teacher in Portland Oregon & Vancouver Washington

I am an environmental professional who has worked in all areas of the environmental field. I am now teaching on line college courses. I have taught a variety of college classes in the natural sciences. I have taught large classes and days tutored one on one.

Biologist with 2 MS degrees and 9 years research, teaching, lab, and field biology experience avaiable for lessons at all levels in Hartford, CT area or anywhere online.

I have a bs in ecology & evolutionary biology from uconn, a ms in biology from southern ct state university, and a ms in biological sciences from auburn university. I have 4. 5 years of teaching experience at the college level and have substitute taught grades 3 and 4 but am available to teach at any level. I like to through a variety of approaches because different students learn differently.

Biology Professor specializing in genetics, microbiology, ecology, and general science education offers lessons and tutoring to high school and college students in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

I am currently obtaining my ph. d . In adult and continuing education with a minor in science education. However i have been a college professor in the uw-college system for over 12 years. I have a passion for education and truly love working with students to understand the world around us.

B.S Biology and Paramedic and Geology Broadfield science , Higher education A and P

I teach at high school broadfield science, biology, geology, medical a and p i went to college at georgia southern i still working on my masters degree in higher edu.

Science Teacher with 9 years of experience gives General Science, Biology and Chemistry lessons in Ohio.

I am a passionate middle school and high school science teacher with 9 years teaching experience. I have a bachelor of science in biology and masters in science education-chemistry. I love sharing my knowledge of this wonderful world of science and how it plays a role in understanding how our world works.

Senior biology student at UFPR. Curitiba-Pr. Classes for elementary, high school and university, in Zoology disciplines, ecology, evolution, botany and genetics.

I'm forming this year as a bachelor's degree in biological sciences and next year will licensure. My classes are geared primarily for elementary and high school students, but can also help college students. The main issues that dominate are: zoology, ecology, evolution and genetics. I try to do classes using enough technology, images and videos. Like dynamics and different classes.

San Antonio
High School Science teacher brings clarity and understanding to difficult subjects with ease.

I am an educator who enjoys sharing his passion for science by making difficult concepts in physics, chemistry, and even biology easier to understand by presenting them in multiple ways. I enjoy using visuals, hands on activities and labs, and manipulatives.

Master's student available for biology, ecology, anatomy & life science tutoring in Allentown

I am a wildlife conservation professional, and have worked as a teaching assistant and tutor for college-aged students. I am also available to tutor high school students and adult learners. I love engaging students with fun and interesting facts about what they're studying! My strongest subjects are ecology, zoology, biology, and anatomy&phys.

Teacher of 12 years provides knowledge of science to inquiring minds in San Diego, Ca area

I have taught 6th-12th grade in different studies of science. I believe that science should be hands on and use investigations to assist in the learning. Lessons can consist of investigations, reading, and classwork. Science should be fun, since it surrounds us everyday.

Degree in Biology teaches biology, geology and ecology students from Southern Madrid

My name is carmen, i'm a recent graduate in biology, and my classes are aimed at students of biology, ecology and geology, mainly at school. I specialize in effective study techniques and make the dynamic class not to bore and receive more attention by the student. I have a lot of patience and courage to teach.

Degree in Environmental Sciences offer science classes, statistical or geology in Cordoba.

Learn natural science in an entertaining and effective. Usually the subjects usually traversed by lack of motivation and, needless to say, lack of study. Me can ask all your questions, you will have detailed explanations of processes and problems and it'll help you create your own schemes for exams.

São Paulo
Reinforcement in biology - Fundamental 2 and East. Skype or Face (SP)

Classes for elementary school 2 and average in all areas within the science / biology. I like to deal with young people and have extreme patience, never letting the student without the necessary understanding. I have preferences for interactive lessons.

He graduated in sc. It offers natural science subjects and English lessons for all

I have a degree in natural sciences, graduate, will achieve at the university of pisa. So i offer lessons in all science subjects: biology, chemistry, geology and geography to botany and physiology. English also at a good level, both for elementary schools and upper secondary schools.

(1 reviews)
Highland Heights
Organismal Biology graduate is giving lessons in biology, anatomy, and ecology to middle school, high school, and college level students.

As a recent college graduate i am intimately aware with the student perspective in education. I feel that this knowledge is absolutely pivotal in helping a current student achieve success in their education. Too often educators forget the hurdles that students face when learning, and i would like to work around that in how i teach.

College Senior in Biology tutors middle school and high school Biology students

I am a senior biology student at st. Edward's university. I have taken molecular biology, microbiology, physiology, human anatomy, vertebrate biology, evolution, entomology, and population biology & ecology. I have extensive field and laboratory research experience. I try to break down concepts and relate them to simpler systems/organisms that students can understand.

Luis alan
El Paso
I am a college graduate: I will teach you the way of the Force, young Padawan.

I started my path researching the coevolution of corbiculate bees and their gut microbiota. My research experience and laboratory techniques helped me secure a summer internship with a focus on water quality for captive eurycea salamanders (eurycea spp). By the end of my senior year of college, i acquired a vast knowledge of the natural world and the skills to research it.

UGA Senior honors student for biology/chemistry, Spanish, and French tutoring in Athens

Hello, my name is brinkley, and i am a senior honors student at the university of georgia. Next semester, i will have my bachelor of arts in romance languages, with spanish and french, as well as my bachelor of science in biology. I am also applying to medical school. I have a flexible schedule and will work with you to meet wherever is most convenient.

Eleni thomai
Doctor of Astrophysics with 20 years of experience gives astronomy, physics, statistics, ecology and science courses in Paris and Athens areas

I am an astrophysicist with 20+ years experience in both research and teaching. I teach students at all levels, and age groups. Although the different audiences and their varying levels of science appreciation require different teaching strategies, my overall goal is to inspire a genuine sense of curiosity and open-mindedness.

Ciudad de México
Professional counseling and teaching of Biology, Chemistry, Ecology and languages ​​(English, French)

Biologist and ecologist at the unam, specializing in evolution and ecology of marine mammals. Excelling at expressing myself in public , i love performing special dynamics with my students, to cope with the class and achieve optimal results.

North Charleston
Professor Ag. Wizzard Available to Amaze and Teach to Wonders of Science

I am whitney joh and i have three graduate degrees; a masters in education for instructional design, masters in science for instructional design for online learning, and a phd in biology. I use a variety of teaching methodologies depending on the students ability to assimilate information required for success.

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