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PhD in Biology gives science class students from secondary and high schools. Also kind of support tfg Biology in Vigo.

My training as a biologist allows me to strengthen science classes in general secondary and high schools students. Classes are organised according to the needs of each student and the objectives of the material in order to obtain a positive result.

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Marseille 1er
Give courses, help with homework and academic support in math, biology, chemistry level college / high school while Marseille move

Hello, i am a graduate in marine biology (bac + 5), i give private lessons, help with homework and academic support in english, mathematics, chemistry and biology (college level / high school). I am organized and i have sense of pedagogy. Regards.

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Is SVT complex for you? Need to understand or revise certain concepts in Biology or Chemistry? I can help you in the Aix / Marseille region.

Educator, teacher and experienced facilitator, i shall put my experience of over 20 years available to pupils for their success. Because it is based on the efficiency of the work done, i propose to accompany the student on the form and substance of learning (learning to learn).

Vila Santa Rosa (Guarujá)
Professor Gustavo - Biology and Science - Guaruja / SP - Graduated in 2012

I graduated in degree in biological sciences and try to teach my classes in a clear and objective manner. Currently textbooks have a super complex and confusing theory, my goal is to untangle this theory and show my students that nature is simpler than it seems.

Carlos andrés
Ciudad de México
Biology tutor and scientific illustration, for SEP, IGCSE or IB in English and Spanish! Mexico City, South or Central Zone. Finishing degree in Biology.

Hello! My name is carlos solís, i'm a biologist and i've dedicated the past two years to teaching. My classes are aimed at anyone, i adjust the level according to your needs. I am creative and find ways to bring into the table different perspectives and analogies so that you can understand abstract concepts through logic and critical thinking.

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São Paulo
Biology and Science teacher in São Paulo - Foundation Level and Middle

Higher level course, scheduled to end in january 2018. I studied biomedicine and currently, biological sciences. I will specialize in ecology and ecosystems. In my classes, i try to develop the student's knowledge through experiments, using their experiences as an approach mode. I believe that the course of learning occurs more easily when there is confidence and comfort during the classes.

Entitled biologist and masters degree in paleontology. It offers classes in biology and natural sciences.

I am a graduate in biology, with knowledge of botany, zoology, genetics and cellular biology. Masters in paleontology with knowledge of geology. Classes will be dynamic and adapted to the needs of the student or group of students. Interactive resources (ppt, clips, etc. ) for groups and more personal attention for particulars will be used.

(Graduated with teaching experience) provides: Natural sciences, biology, ecology and agricultural science

I am a naturalist with a education (high school and bachelor degree) in agricultural sciences; i appeal to students of high school and / or university (without excluding the secondary school). My teaching method is adapted depending on the needs of the student: lectures, i use many practical examples to explain complex concepts, extra-school and popular textbooks, movies etc.

San Antonio
High School Science teacher brings clarity and understanding to difficult subjects with ease.

I am an educator who enjoys sharing his passion for science by making difficult concepts in physics, chemistry, and even biology easier to understand by presenting them in multiple ways. I enjoy using visuals, hands on activities and labs, and manipulatives.

Master's student available for biology, ecology, anatomy & life science tutoring in Allentown

I am a wildlife conservation professional, and have worked as a teaching assistant and tutor for college-aged students. I am also available to tutor high school students and adult learners. I love engaging students with fun and interesting facts about what they're studying! My strongest subjects are ecology, zoology, biology, and anatomy&phys.

Teacher of 12 years provides knowledge of science to inquiring minds in San Diego, Ca area

I have taught 6th-12th grade in different studies of science. I believe that science should be hands on and use investigations to assist in the learning. Lessons can consist of investigations, reading, and classwork. Science should be fun, since it surrounds us everyday.

Degree in Biology teaches biology, geology and ecology students from Southern Madrid

My name is carmen, i'm a recent graduate in biology, and my classes are aimed at students of biology, ecology and geology, mainly at school. I specialize in effective study techniques and make the dynamic class not to bore and receive more attention by the student. I have a lot of patience and courage to teach.

Degree in Environmental Sciences offer science classes, statistical or geology in Cordoba.

Learn natural science in an entertaining and effective. Usually the subjects usually traversed by lack of motivation and, needless to say, lack of study. Me can ask all your questions, you will have detailed explanations of processes and problems and it'll help you create your own schemes for exams.

Biology, ecology, geology and SVT in Bagnols sur Cèze by a student agronomist

I am a student in agricultural engineering school in clermont-ferrand. I did three years of preparatory classes bcpst before entering school. My classes are for anyone who wants to improve, from primary to preparatory classes bcpst.

Eleni thomai
Doctor of Astrophysics with 20 years of experience gives astronomy, physics, statistics, ecology and science courses in Paris and Athens areas

I am an astrophysicist with 20+ years experience in both research and teaching. I teach students at all levels, and age groups. Although the different audiences and their varying levels of science appreciation require different teaching strategies, my overall goal is to inspire a genuine sense of curiosity and open-mindedness.

Ciudad de México
Professional counseling and teaching of Biology, Chemistry, Ecology and languages ​​(English, French)

Biologist and ecologist at the unam, specializing in evolution and ecology of marine mammals. Excelling at expressing myself in public , i love performing special dynamics with my students, to cope with the class and achieve optimal results.

North Charleston
Professor Ag. Wizzard Available to Amaze and Teach to Wonders of Science

I am whitney joh and i have three graduate degrees; a masters in education for instructional design, masters in science for instructional design for online learning, and a phd in biology. I use a variety of teaching methodologies depending on the students ability to assimilate information required for success.

Degree in Marine Ecology offers tutoring math and science to elementary and middle schools; biology for high schools in Rome

I have a degree in marine ecology and after graduating i worked as a researcher at the university of ancona for three years. During the three years of a researcher, i have tutored several students, following them on their path to the master's degree thesis. I also conducted laboratory practical classes for students of the master of biology and marine ecology.

San Benedetto del Tronto
Degree in agricultural science with a specialization in environmental analysis and monitoring offers lessons in disciplines related to agricultural and environmental sciences

Hello, i am a young graduate in agricultural science at the univesity of bologna. After graduating with honors i have had some work experience in research on sustainable environmental solutions in the field of ecology. I can not define a unique method of teaching because i believe that every person is unique and a good teacher must adapt its methodology to the needs and the individual path.

Student in Master of Ecology provides courses of Biology, Ecology, Chemistry and Mathematics.

I am currently a student in master 2 tropical ecology marine. I did my degree in biology of organisms at the university of rennes 1. So i can teach science subjects till high school level. I can also teach biology and ecology at all levels.

PhD in “Evolutionary and Environmental Biology gives private lessons about scientific subjects

Phd in evolutionary biology and environmental, a graduate in biological sciences 110 / 110lode, i give private lessons for elementary school students, middle and high schools in scientific background materials. I also offer help for the preparation of a biology and biotechnology entrance test, as well as help in preparing biology exams, ecology, microbiology and dissertations.

Biologist with PhD in Science and wide teaching experience in Madrid area

As a teacher i apply different teaching methods depending on the level, the objectives to be achieved and the characteristics of my alumni / ae. Based on these criteria, and always with the approval of the student, i develop the educational programming and scheduling to be followed.

Sciences at all levels, chemistry, biology and special CTMA for Selectivity exam

I graduated in biochemistry, i have extensive experience preparing science subjects at all levels, individual and groups. Especially selectivity preparation of chemistry, biology and ctma. A lot of material and good results. The methodology depends on the student, reinforcing strengths and improving weaknesses in learning. Applying techniques of study and reinforcement materials you need.

Mount Pleasant
Master of Education degree with a concentration in Science seeks to teach middle and high school students

I am currently a stay at home mom who just finished up her masters degree in secondary education. I am certified to teach general science and biology for grades 6-12. I enjoy providing students with hands on activities so they can get the best learning experience. I love to teach and i love to help others.

Graduate student in Ecology and Conservation: gives math, ecology, statistics, and biology lessons in western mass and online

I am an ecologist with a master's in environmental conservation - i am comfortable tutoring all levels of statistics and ecology - i am comfortable tutoring high school geometry, algebra, and general arithmetic I am a flexible tutor who will work with you develop a methodology that works with your learning style.

Science teacher can provide help in a wide range of science topics

I have two science related degrees (biology and earth sciences) as well as a teaching certificate. I strive to explain concepts as clearly as possible while relating the concepts to the students. I utilize a lot of visual and hands-on learning tools because i believe they help tremendously in understanding.

Creative teacher with a love for science located in Washington, CT abd will travel to you!

I would like to give lessons to students in elementary school through high school. For the upper grades my focus would be on science although i am willing to help in other areas if i can.

Kings County
Experienced Graduate student tutors science and mathematics in Manhattan and Brooklyn

Through my lens of view on professionalism and dedication of my professors, i strive to transcend my experience on my own students. While working individually or in study groups, my priority was to be clear and concise at my explanations. I consider important to let students to ask me as many questions as possible until they make sure, they fully understood the material.

Elementary Education tutoring opportunities

Hi! My name is theresa and i have been teaching online for several years now. I find it a wonderful learning and teaching experience. It is fun to learn and teach from the other side of the world. Culture is rich and both teacher and student can learn from each other.

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Degree in Environmental Science teaches science subjects in motril.Sciences classes to all levels

I graduated in superior environmental and technical sciences in environmental health. In addition i have knowledge of english and german. My classes are aimed at students from primary to university level. My classes are supportive and reinforcing and try to be as practical possible.

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