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I teach home economics. My focus is on low to mid income households. I will show you how to put money a side to pay your debts, while making making small adjustments in your current lifestyle. Single

I was born and grew up in poland during communist regime. Like the majority of the population, i got pay monthly and made only enough money to get me trough the first couple weeks of the month. There was zero room to make financial mistakes and pay for something more than you had to. I have been living in windsor ont. For the past 30 years and follow smart money spending lifestyle everyday.

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Paris 7e
Experienced teacher offers tutoring maths & economics to high school students as scholars in Paris and

I offer math & economics: macroeconomics, microeconomics, financial management, accounting. My classes are for students as well as students. I have a good knowledge of the programs of the sorbonne, dauphine, assas and several other business schools.

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Doctor and Teacher (Sciences Po Paris, Sorbonne University, Graduate Institute of International Studies) Courses - Preparation to exams

Level : high school-licence-master-prep contest. Economics courses, macroeconomics, microeconomics, history, culture general, english, french, geopolitics, international relations, philosophy, geography. Prep sciencespo, hec and business schools.

(51 reviews)
Private Lessons - Economics from High School to Postgraduate and Adults - Bordeaux/CUB or ONLINE

Hello, Financial controller and consultant in everyday life, i hold a master's degree in finance and a d. s . c . g . , and with over 4 years of experience in education, i offer my services as a private tutor. A wide range of disciplines : from high school to postgraduate.

(11 reviews)
Bacacheri (Curitiba)
Introductory Accounting - Principles, functions and applications - Curitiba / PR and region - Accounting and Administration

I am banking, financial advisor and forming of accounting by federal university of paraná.

(4 reviews)
Private lessons and tutoring in Maths / Economics / Finance / Accounting / Management

I offer individual and tutoring courses in mathematics, economics, finance, accounting and business management at all levels from high school to higher education. Affordable 15 to 30 euros depending on the level and ability of a small group. I'm moving in the montpellier or in libraries and i can possibly get to my home.

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Business engineer (Solvay) - adapted teaching and follow-up in Brussels during weekends and afternoons

I graduated with a master degree in business administration at the solvay business school in 2015 and work currently as a full-time professional for a management consulting firm.

Lecturer at Harvard, PhD, former economist at the ECB, gives private classes in Economics - All levels - 10 years of experience

Levels : highschool - ba - ma - exams preparation, business schools Classes and support in economics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, history, general culture, french, geopolitics, international relations, philosophy, geography Aid to dissertation writing Hello! Currently doing a postdoctorate in economics at sciencespo, lecturer at harvard and prepalive, holding a phd from the...

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Management-economics professor specialty marketing to help you decipher the methods to be successful.

Hello, as a teacher of sales and marketing in the national education for the past 7 years, i offer my services and experience to assist you in the success of your projects. I propose to review all the studied concepts and then apply using exercises and case studies in order to better control the material taught.

(2 reviews)
Teacher at all levels of Economics and Business Administration in Madrid qualified and experienced

I teach economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, mathematics, statistics and related matters. I worked mainly with undergraduate and master students, and i also have experience with vocational students, and high schools. The class method is oriented to the result.

Student second grade in economics and management option in entrepreneurship courses. Mathematics, statistics, economics, accounting and English

Hello, i am a student at ucl in economics and management. During my first year of school, i have followed including courses in mathematics, statistics, economics and accounting. I enjoy helping my colleagues in the subjects in which they are struggling. I am an educator nature and love knowing that my explanation has helped the understanding of a subject.

(28 reviews)
Private lessons in business administration, basic and advanced accounting and marketing in Turin

I am a dynamic girl, very positive and enthusiastic who always knows to achieve the stated objectives. I have a lot of patience and i teach transmitting all my enthusiasm. Every day i am committed to learning new things and to update me. I like to teach others the things i know and i do it with passion.

Economics student teaches math, calculus, micro / macroeconomics, econometrics, statist and more.

Individually or in groups, learn the theory behind mathematics, differential and integral calculus, micro / macroeconomics, probability and statistics, international trade and all applications that have these materials for an efficient analysis. Question without commitment by these or other materials.

(6 reviews)
Ask questions about administration and / or finance with me in a few hours.

Hello! All right? I am dionizio gonzaga, i want to help you to get along, try to teach quickly and easily, with examples of our daily lives, it will be a better understanding for us. I learned from my studies and making such comparisons with my daily life, and has worked for me. Surely you can also teach me in every encounter.

Creative teacher/communicator with experience in Economics, Business Studies, Critical Thinking and EFL

Formerly an economist in the financial sector and a bbc world service current affairs specialist i love to make complex issues accessible, to relate lessons to the real world and to equip students with the techniques for exam success.

(2 reviews)
Lessons in Economics, Statistics and Mathematics

Hello, my name is barnabé. I am 27 years old. I am phd student in economics at the solvay brussels school at ulb. I can give courses of economics (micro, macro, econometrics, finance, etc. ), statistics, mathematics and science. I can also help you with your memory or your work. I can give courses in french or english. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

(1 reviews)
Porto Alegre
Economist gives microeconomics classes, strategy, finance / financial mathematics, management and business management

Economist, with a year master in economics attended in sweden and willingness to teach microeconomics, finance and / or financial mathematics, business management and administration. My classes is based on theory and practical exercises. Classes can be live or via webcam, according to the preference of the student.

(1 reviews)
Harvard MBA and Former I Banker in Dallas for Finance, Accounting, and Economics Tutoring

I majored in economics and business in college and went on to harvard business school where i concentrated in finance before spending 20+ years as an investment banker. Now retired, i have previously successfully tutored students at smu--undergrad and mba --as well as at tcu, twu, u of texas--dallas, and the various community colleges around dallas in econ, finance, and accounting.

Master graduate with exciting tutoring for all courses in economics in Berlin!

Problems with micro, macro or accounting? Among others, these are courses that i'd love to help you out with! Theoretical background and applied examples will help you to significantly improve your grades.

(1 reviews)
An Experienced Economics and Marketing Tutor for All levels in the UK

I excel at economics and am even great at teaching it! An approachable, friendly person, good with numbers and anticipating and solving the issues faced by the students with an extensive experience in tutoring. I'm good at teaching the basic concepts and build the foundation of the subject for the student.

Oxford undergraduate and St Paul's alumni offering competitive lessons for GCSE and A-level Economics in London and online

I offer lessons in the aqa and edexcel gcse and a-level economics courses. I teach with reference to the highest quality course materials, and approach the courses in the same way as my old school, st paul's school (sps), one of the best in the uk. I seek to improve student performance in exams and encourage broader interest in economics.

Tuition by economics students (B.Sc.) in the fundamentals of the economy - in Giessen

Hi, i am a student of economics in my master`s with a focus on international economic relations and econometrics. My courses can be organized varied by embedding theory in practical examples, if possible with today's examples. I offer in-depth knowledge of micro and macroeconomics, international trade, economic policy, monetary policy, statistics and business mathematics.

College Student, Business and Management Professional, and Passionate Teacher Who Can Help

I believe on in a one-on-one collaborative approach to learning regardless of class size. The first thing i do is help the student identify exactly what areas they're struggling in, and then find areas they understand better, and connect the two.

Business tutoring for all aspects of the subject. Online or in Bibb and surrounding counties.

I have a bachelor's in business and information technology. I taught for a year and a half at miller middle school in macon, and that experience led me to believe i would be more effective in a teaching environment like superprof. I taught special education for all subjects while at miller, and i am familiar with newer teaching methods.

Master student in finance gives math and financial engineering lessons at Ithaca, NY.

I have a degree in master of public administration at cornell university and also received an offer in the master of engineering program here. My lessons are gradual and specific to students' needs. I can be of great help for students who was not previously exposed to finance, financial engineering or college math.

Lyon 7e
Student at Sciences Po gives eco courses from high school to University students in Marseille

Student in master at sciences po, i tutor many studants after school. Very attentive to the needs of my students, the course focuses on their key demands but also identified weaknesses.

Student Master at the Faculty of Economics gives courses in economics, management and management of the college at higher Rennes

Student master at the faculty of economics, i give courses in economics, management and management of the school to tertiary levels. My goal is to make you understand this logic within these materials. Thanks to my academic experience, i can provide new exercises to students and thus translate knowledge on new cases.

Newcastle upon Tyne
London or Newcastle based First year undergraduate sudent in business accounting and finance

Hello, i give lessons to anyone up to graduate level. I like to start from the basics to give a thorough and in depth understanding. I am very patient and go into detail about the subject which gives effective learning.

University student BSc Accounting and Finance gives Accounting, Finance, Economics and Mathematics lessons in Leeds to secondary and primary pupils

Student- centred approach The student plays an active role in what is learned. The idea is that i will advise and guide the students down a learning path. Assessment involves informal and formal methods – tests, projects, portfolios, and class participation. I will continue to assess a student’s learning even throughout the lesson, with inquiry-based learning and cooperative learning.

Graduated in Economics lets you have classes of Economics for each level in Novara

Repetitions of business economics, double entry, marketing, business management, financial mathematics through lectures to encourage better learning and to close gaps in the study, combined with the performance of practical exercises aimed at a deeper understanding of the subject under study

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