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Paris 20e
Professional Argentine guitarist over 10 years of experience teaching Guitar Lessons online webcam

Hello! I'm pablo, i am a professional guitarist and music teacher. I'm from argentina, where i went to school (guitar, composition, improvisation, audio production) and i developed my experience as a teacher.

(8 reviews)
Guitar lessons in Carcassonne, all levels and styles

Guitarist, 34 years old (20 with 12 years of practice teaching), offers guitar lessons all styles (rock, metal, blues, fingerstyle, funk, classical. ) to paris. The approach will suit everyone but will include the first of harmony (theory, scales, chords, rhythm.

(8 reviews)
Professional musician offers courses for beginner and advanced guitarists - Lyon.

Teaching is centered around two types of practice, which allow students to evolve independently and easily in any conditions, and quickly: - learning chords, scales, etc. : key element of the strengths of confirmed guitarist, scales, chords, are the basis of the music. Here it is not a question of theory, but visualization, direct understanding of the instrument.

(2 reviews)
Guitar lessons (jazz, blues, rock, acoustic) jazz composition and arrangement in Brussels

The course is addressed to children, guys and adults who want to start or to deepen the study of the guitar (jazz, blues, rock, acoustic) or composition and jazz arrangement. So it is not necessary to have a specific preparation, i've had students with different levels.

(3 reviews)
São Paulo
Professor of Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar. Music Theory lessons, language and musical structure, fundamentals of improvisation and musical initiation.

- guitar lessons for beginners and intermediate levels. - lectures with bibliographic support. - principles and fundamentals of improvisation and its practical applications. Lessons built through repertoire of creation. - musical gender studies and its structures. - initiation classes for all ages.

(4 reviews)
Learning the Classic Guitar, Electric Folk or easily at your own pace, Nancy / Laxou

Hello, my name is cuong, guitarist and guitar teacher classic / electric / folk in regional conservatory of metz, professor of classical / electric guitar at the conservatory of thionville and of haroué music school. I graduated in classical guitar state formed cefedem of lorraine, the first classical guitar prize at nancy conservatory of music.

(9 reviews)
Paris 19e
Acoustic and electric guitar lessons in Paris, guitarist pro and passionate 15-year experience.

Diploma atla school of contemporary music in paris. I give acoustic and electric guitar lessons for beginners and advanced. I wish to convey my skills in adapting myself to the musical world and at my student. I always start by getting to know you to adapt my course, depending on your sense of rhythm, your ear and your musical tastes.

(4 reviews)
São Paulo
Guitar lessons Popular / guitar, theory, harmony, functional analysis and composition - Classes of Guitar / Brazzilian Guitar - Theory - Harmony - Functional Analysis and Composition

Popular guitar lessons / guitar and music theory (theory, popular and classical harmony, analysis) through practical teaching concurrently with analytical approaches to the repertoire intended to spend some basic functional analysis and musical composition ------- ------------------------------------------------- brazzilian guitar lessons / guitar and music theory (theory, popular and classical...

(6 reviews)
During Guitar (beginner and intermediate) / Help composition and writing

Whether rock / folk / pop / reggae / funk / jazz / bossanova i can help you start or advance your guitar playing with patience and passion. Music theory, chords, solo, my program is primarily based on the feeling, versatility and skill sharing.

(6 reviews)
Guitar lessons with a young business school student. Lessons adapted to the needs of each and everyone.

I have been playing the guitar for 15 years and have experienced methods of learning and very different musical styles: traditional colombian music, rock, folk. I now know how to learn without work and without frustration, enjoying and constantly improving the courses with me are relaxed but still rigorous learning.

(1 reviews)
Guitarist, oud player and improviser give instrumental lessons in jazz and world music at home

I'm an argentinian guitarist and oud player living in france since 1999. I did the municipal conservatory manuel de falla in buenos aires (argentina) in classical and popular music (tango, folklore).

(2 reviews)
Student at The American School and the Academy of Paris in Jazz Guitar gives Jazz / Folk / Rock and theory Lessons

Provides classes for all levels, acoustic or electric guitar in different styles: jazz, folk, rock. I offer an education adapted to the desire of the student and his ambition from simple chordal accompaniment to advanced theory and musical foundations to improvisation and composition. I can also prepare students for the entrance examination of some music schools.

Rio de Janeiro
Guitar / guitar / harmony / improvisation jazz-MPB-blues-rock-fusion beginner intermediate advanced classroom sessions or by skype

Great experience in the academic field. I teach 40 years. I was a teacher and coordinator of igt (current imt), conservatory souza lima and vivace conservatory in são paulo. I work as a musician / arranger in the rio / são paulo axis instrumental works, with artists and recording. Abordo always in class the technical part, the theoretical part and practical repertoire involving various styles.

Former student of CIAM today specialized in teaching gives guitar lessons Bordeaux

Hello, i give guitar lessons in the city of bordeaux. Concerning my studies, i studied for two years at ciam until fpi pro cycle and i am currently taking pedagogy courses in a music school. I am patient, pedagogue and ready to take care of young children beginning music as older people, from beginner to intermediate +. My price is 20 euros per hour.

Guitar lessons in Brussels: devien a great player with the best teaching method

- do you like music, you have a strong passion and you want to become a great guitarist in a reasonable period of time.

(4 reviews)
Paris 15e
Guitar lesson with a professional musicien : acoustic and electric - Paris

My method is adapted for children, adolescents and adults, beginners and advanced level. Based on learning songs in parallel with becoming aware of the technical and theoretical concepts, according to your desires and your goals and tastes! The goal is to adapt courses to the rhythm and desires of the student, and especially to focus on pleasure.

(2 reviews)
GUITAR lessons in TOULOUSE - Adults all levels/ Children from 7

Do you want to learn how to play your guitar? How to play your favorite songs? How to improve your playing? How to improvise? How to play in a band? How to overcome your difficulties by yourself? How to organize your work and make it efficient with only a daily 1/2 hour practice? . The above list gives a few elements among those you can deal with me.

(2 reviews)
Well rounded guitar player / Songwriter teaches guitar to everyone (Beginners to pros)

Hi, I have a ba in songwriting / composition as well as in saxophone. I have played the guitar since i'm 10, and i have given lessons to many students here and abroad for about 8 years. I'd be happy help you to teach you guitar and share some great music moments with you.

Acoustic guitar lesson in Campinas SP - play music in just 3 classes

You can see my stuff through my youtube channel: (concealed information) and my facebook page: education (concealed information) playing and singing mostly pop / rock and mpb. I possess knowledge both theoretical and practical music. Fitting the student define what your goals are with the classes, and on top of that we set up the script to be followed.

(3 reviews)
Guitar Lessons Pro in Geneva, all styles and levels welcome!

Indulge in a unique learning experience in guitar and music by a young teacher motivation, teacher, experienced and graduate lccm in london. Tailor-made courses for any level and style, whether you are beginners or experienced, there is always something to learn! I offer courses accessible to all, with a theoretical and practical approach to control every aspect of the instrument and play.

(1 reviews)
Professional guitarist with Degree Acoustic Guitar and teaches at Madrid and Cartagena

Skype lessons allows individual adaptation to the needs of each student in any place wherever the student is located, in a convenient and simple way. Thanks to my experience as a teacher, i have found that online lessons helps the students to concentrate during the lesson, being a great tool for students of all levels.

Peter Argondizza - Teaching in the Greater New York Area and Long Island/ Doctorate in Guitar from Yale University/ Over twenty years successful teaching in Europe and the United States.

My teaching is student focused and creative while adhering to the highest principals of musicianship and interpretation. I teach technique, tone production, reading, theory and will guide you to structure your practice sessions for maximum results.

São Paulo
Classes of electric and acoustic guitar with teacher formed in EM&T - practical and easy method for all levels.

Practical guitar and guitar method - learn to play music in the very first class - preparation for selective process, leisure, band practice - the best methods with practical exercises - teacher graduated from em & t the best music school in the city.

Professional musician and guitar instructor with 25 years of experience provides lessons with tablature and / or notation

Cfem graduate of the conservatory of pantin in jazz guitar, i taught guitar for over 25 years. My classes are oriented to work in style that the student wants to master (blues, rock, jazz, bossa nova, metal, chanson, folk,. ) . The courses are in tablature and / or notation, according to the student.

Jazz guitarist with 8 years of experience gives guitar and piano lessons.

My name is erik mojica and i am a modern jazz guitarist/pianist. I teach students at the middle and high school level, as well as college level students seeking further knowledge in improvisation, composition and complex music theories. I am an extremely open-minded musician who has worked with producers from stankonia records and wondaland records.

Discover your natural talents and enjoyment of music with a professional American musician in Paris/Romainville.

I am a guitarist / singer / songwriter currently touring with miossec. Graduated in jazz-guitar at the university of ny, i've been living, playing and teaching in europe between paris and london for nearly 10 years. My lessons accentuate development of personal talents, practicing technics, aural training and understanding of theoretical elements to better master interpretation and creation.

Peabody Trained Composer and Guitarist available for lessons in guitar, bass, production, and more

Hi there! If you want to learn anything related to music theory, songwriting, guitar, bass, or audio, you've come to the right place! I'll teach you music through analysis, ear-training, technique, repertoire, improvisation, and much more. I'm an active and incredibly experienced musician who loves to teach one-on-one.

Robecco Sul Naviglio
Civic Jazz courses graduates give guitar lessons in Abbiategrasso Robecco Magenta area

Private lessons of electric or acoustic guitar, duration of one hour a week, both for beginners and for those who know more and also for those who have never play.

(2 reviews)

Guitar pro, 30 years (15 years experience, more than a hundred concerts, composer for film and advertising, studio sessions. ) offers a learning and / or deepening a playful guitar and / or ukulele. The courses are tailored to the desires of each, in order to work on the student styles, artists and songs he loves, without worrying about the study of music theory.

Full Sail University student teaches music theory concepts and guitar lessons online

My name is brad carter and i will be teaching music theory and guitar lessons. Both lessons can range from just starting out to already having years of experience. I will give small homework assignments based on the lesson for that day, and i will also have a short quiz at the end of each subject.

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