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(23 reviews)
In applied physics engineering gives Math, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering Sciences.

Hello, physics engineer applied to annecy-le-vieux and former student of preparatory classes for schools physical specialty / engineering sciences, i give science courses for 6 years. From a jovial and "how-to" natural, i like to understand scientific areas students with examples with cultures and historical points.

(23 reviews)
Electrical and electronics Industrial Engineer with 25 years experience

I am an electrical engineer and industrial electronics with 25 years experience. I work as a teacher for the morning. I can teach in the evenings and weekends.

(18 reviews)
IT student & science school subjects' tutor. Maths, physics, chemistry and many other subjects

French below. Thanks for visiting my page. I am a student in it at telecom nancy, an engineering school which is part of the university of lorraine. Professioanl, well-organized it student. Self-motivated, resourceful and able to motivate others, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

(10 reviews)
Paris 5e
Expert gives Maths, Physics and Computer Sciences courses of high quality in Paris

Applied mathematics engineer offers private lessons during the school year in mathematics, physics and chemistry in the paris region in several forms: -"standard" spot -cours -stages -stages intensive upgrading of remote -cours, assistance duties remotely over any offer long-term or internship involves a preliminary interview to establish the most appropriate methodology to your request and your...

(3 reviews)
Loteamento Industrial Coral (Mauá)
Engineer Control and Automation teaches Mathematics (Fundamental or College), calculation, Electricity, Logic, PLC Ladder w / Greater ABC

I'm automation engineer with over 10 years of industry experience and passion for teaching. Very good mood, you can teach in a way that the other person understands and records permanently. I teach children from the elementary school to students of colleges and engineering, always accurate or logical matters, including plc and programming.

(4 reviews)
INSA Lyon engineer gives private lessons college / high school mathematics and physics / chemistry

Hi, i'm a graduated engineer from insa lyon engineering school, i offer assistance and educational support to students from 6th to terminale s in mathematics and physics and chemistry. Good teacher i have experience in the field, since i have been giving courses for five years.

(3 reviews)
Lecturer in Engineering Science and Technology: I am very experienced in the field of tutoring, I am able to help students in high school to college as in domain

I have extensive experience in the field of education and training in science subjects (mathematics, physics and chemistry) and electrical engineering (electronics, electrical and automatic). I can easily adapt myself to the level of the student because i know and control all programs and levels of education from secondary to higher. I am a teacher and very patient.

(2 reviews)
PhD gives Math/Physics tuition (12+ year experience in private schools and tutoring)

I am a physics engineer with a phd. I give math/physics tuition. I analyse the way the students think, whilst they face an exercice. After that, i go back to the exercise, explaining it according to their mindset, so that they can understand it in their own words.

Electronics, with its own laboratory, from schematic to circuit board, theory and practice

I am electrical engineer, i set up a laboratory for me and i can share with you. Has access to what is best in a process already experienced and successful to made circuit boards. If you need help, you will find the didactic explanation, simplifying problems that seem complicated.

Santiago de Compostela
Telecommunications engineer who could help with science subjects in Santiago de Compostela

I am a telecommunications engineer with master's degree in education and preparing the oppositions to the same. Engineering work in the morning shift and dispose of weekday afternoons to help with technical subjects at any age, especially in eso and bac, but could adapt to other levels.

Fort William
Oxford Engineering graduate teaching maths, physics, engineering and geography from Fort William

Having graduated less than 6 months ago, i was a student and school pupil very recently too, meaning i can offer a different perspective and approach to most teachers and textbooks. Everyone learns differently and i will find the best way for you, focusing on understanding rather than rote learning.

(1 reviews)
Physics and Mathematics classes in Barcelona: Degree in Physics. A lot of experience

I have a degree in physics and electronics engineer from the university of the basque country. I work in teaching and business. I have many years of experience teaching classes: physics / mathematics 1. Classes of physics (mechanics, waves, electricity, electronics, quantum physics, thermodynamics) 2. Classes of mathematics (algebra, calculus, financial mathematics) 3.

Professor of Mathematics (college and 2nd). At home or Skype. Technology and Computer Science.

I have taught for 12 years in public and private schools and i give private lessons for 6 years. I teach mathematics and technology college and 2nd level. I have an electronics technician degree with an option (english). I also teach english following the training received by the "european vocational training program" (loughborough college in leicestershire in great britain).

Science as a hobby ! Educative Digital Sciences through personal projects (Fablabs, Makers)

What will you learn? Today i give training to motivate youngs (or adults) to discover the world of digital science and "makers". As a hobby, you can learn to use or extend your academic knowledge to complete projects using digital tools in a fablab (laser cutter, 3d printers, etc).

Engineer, math, physics, worked in design and in teaching high school and college. some foreign languages: fluent in Czech and Arabic, some Russian, German, and Polish.

Master's degree in electronics, minor physics. I grew up in the czech republic, lived in different east european countries. My education covers the subjects i liked the most: mathematics, physics, electronics, and electricity. I went for the phd in physics, but circumstances made me quit after 3 years, get married and go to practical life.

BILINGUAL TEACHER AT HOME - Engineer with a Master of Science obtained in the UK, prepares students at all levels: Mathematics, Physics, Technology Electrical and Electronics Engineering PowerPoint

Experienced civil engineer with a wide range of qualifications obtained in different countries, allow me to pass on a wide range of knowledge in both spanish and english language. My classes are aimed at all types of students like primary, high school, baccalaureate, selectivity and university.

Hello! My name is Alvaro, and I am a Electronic Engineerind graduate. I was approved in many renowned institutions, like Aeronautics Intitute of Technology and Military Institute of Engineering.

My classes are usually dynamic and stuffed with content. I try to give the student a pleasant intermediate between theory and exercises, by connecting the subject to everyday life. I love to talk, so the classes are usually very fun and light. At the same time i try to bring a theoretical solid foundation and to give the student experience with solving problems and exercises.

(1 reviews)
MS in Engineering teaches maths and sciences from a practical point of viewvices at home

- i have over 35 years international experience in computer science projects (mainly real time), plus thousands of hours of teaching about 50 matters. - target audience: preferably students in math and science or professionals seeking advice. - teaching approach: adapted to the student's profile, but based on the understanding of practical problems and a logical approach to their resolution.

Science, Mathematics in English, Spanish or German for University level in Munich

I am a physicist with a phd and i have more than 20 years of teaching experience both in spanish and english. My students come from different countries and levels. My method is first evaluate individual needs in order to design lessons and exercises. I encourage my students to develop their own strategy or method to solve problems.

(1 reviews)
Young engineer with facilities to teach technical subjects on a patiently and easily way.

Learning through study is sometimes tedious and apparently incomprehensible and difficult to learn. Nothing of that! The best motivation to learn is through interest, and the best way to learn is by deductive reasoning. Through real examples scientific, historical, technological, or hypothetical examples, technical subjects may arouse interest to any student.

Scientific materials - A complete disposal for any technical and scientific argument at every school level

I have superior experience and 15 years teaching at all levels: secondary school, high, college and specialization. Competent and full of all theoretical and applied materials resulting from physics and mathematics. In the province of cuneo, available lessons at home or in my office.

I tutor engineering, biology, algebra, geometry, trigonometry & higher mathematics on Oahu.

I have a master of science degree, in physics, from san josé state university, & tutor engineering, physics, chemistry, astronomy, organic chemistry, analog & digital electronics, semiconductor physics, french, german, spanish, japanese & russian as well; here in honolulu, throughout oahu & throughout the world via online as well.

Math & Science Tutor in SE Louisiana or Online Available for You

I have experience in electronics and math and degrees in chemistry and environmental chemistry. I have an advanced degree in environmental chemistry. I work regularly to teach basic math. I can also teach laboratory methods. I have a degree in electronics also.

St Petersburg
Aire Acondicionado y Calefacción para Automóviles. Excelente experiencia en electricidad. EPA Certificación

En 2005 acudí a los campos de ptec, en clearwater city, donde obtuve diploma de completar curso de electricidad. Poseo certificación epa tipo universal. Además certificación de la ley 609 como técnico de ac automotriz.

Student in school bilingual English / French engineer gives various scientific & English courses in Bordeaux

My name is terence gras and i am an english / french bilingual student in the engineering school of grenoble inp ense3. Since i have started studying, i have accumulated a lot of knowledge in diverse fields of science and i would be more than able to teach all i know to all of my students.

Fort Madison
I'm a chemist with experience in lab robotics, automation, and computer science.

I have a doctorate in chemistry and over 30 years in pharmaceuticals before retiring. I also have a b. s . In computer science. During that time i designed and built robots and automation platforms to perform chemical analyses and synthesis. My primary work experience is in analytical chemistry but my doctorate in in organic chemistry.

José ramón
Electrical engineering teaches Math for every level to any student by webcam

Mi name is josé ramón mireles yuriar, im an electrical engineering and im a particular professor for several subjects since many years. The capable of the student is not represented by a prize ir by a calification, the inteligence oficina the student is represented by the knowledge learned un classes and how the student uses that in their lives in their future.

Las Vegas
The best math and fourth best English tutor in the Las Vegas area.

I have a bachelor of science in physical sciences. I also have a bachelors of science in electrical engineering. I have a master's of education in general education. I graduated with a cum laude honors and over a 3. 0 average.

Engineer offers special courses in: math, physics, English

I am an electronic engineer and a student at the university centre roanne. I offer private lessons in math, physics and english for elementary students to the graduating class. I begin with a reminder of the course, the direct application and finally some problems.

(1 reviews)
Paris 10e
Dr. coach Engineer: Keys to success and ensuring academic excellence

Doctor engineer offers private lessons or for group in mathematics, computer science, telecom etc. (please ask for more information). The courses include a theoretical review and practical exercices in order to increase efficiency and independence to excel in each subject.

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