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Experienced teacher gives English reading lessons , including ESL, to all ages.

I hold a bachelor's degree from the university in são paulo, br, in education; a master's in theology from san francisco theological seminary. I have further theological studies from princeton theological seminary and candler school of theology. I have also completed a certification in early childhood development at the university of california los angeles.

18 Years Experiences French Teacher for Tutoring/Professional/ Casual in Windsor Ontario

Diploma in administration - Teaching is not a job it requires passion. Teaching is something that i firmly believe is not tied specially to the classroom. A good teacher brings creativity and learning strategies. I have developed my curriculum from several techniques and materials. I have prepared benchmark and importantly unit studies to build on.

Professionnelle en sciences du langage avec plusieurs années d’expérience propose des cours en espagnol, français et anglais aux personnes qui débutent dans l’apprentissage de ces langues.

Les cours s'adressent aux personnes ayant des difficultés à apprendre ces langues et qui ont des niveaux débutant ou intermédiaire. Mes techniques sont très interactives suivant des méthodes communicatives. La conversation commence dès le premier jour. Patience et clarté sont mes qualités.

English Essays, ESL, English Accent Reduction Teacher With Good Experience in the Field

I have much experience with upper level english courses and have been in the writing business for years now. I edit and write books as a side hobby so i am inherently familiar with the nuances of the english language. I can help with essays, esl, and english accent reduction. All other class essays are acceptable as well.

Profesora de francés y de inglés da cursos privados o de grupo en la región de Bilbao

Curso de francés o de inglès para principiantes y avanzados, para niños o adultos Las bases de la lengua. Me ajusto a las necesidades del estudiante y el vocabulario irá dirigido al uso que le quiera dar. Cada persona aprende de manera diferente. Doy cursos a medida.

(1 reviews)
Plateau Mont-Royal
Cours particulier Anglais tous niveaux conversation/perfectionnement/débutant-Natif anglais de parents français

Bonjour, Ayant vécu 28 ans à londres en angleterre, je vous propose des cours d’anglais adaptés à vos besoins; cours de perfectionnement, conversation ou débutant. Je souhaiterais vous apprendre, partager la pratique et la culture de cette langue et la prononciation et expressions british qui vous permettront de vous démarquer par rapport à d’autres.

(11 reviews)
Paris 14e

Listening and speaking, reading & writing English for meaning & impact - english for communication Why work with me? Because i have a true passion for the english language, not only as it should be, but also as it is. Because i have the knowledge and experience you're looking for.

(9 reviews)
Paris 11e
Graduate of new york language center offers english courses to all levels paris

I did six years of study at the british council, i got the grade: post advance. After preparatory classes, i got a bachelor of business administration in wibs and i am currently a masters student of business development at novancia school of paris.

(24 reviews)
Paris 19e
Initiation or homework assistance in foreign languages ​​everywhere through web and only with web

During my school and university career i have learned that two languages, english and spanish. But from the moment i started traveling i really learned to speak foreign languages. Moreover, i discovered pimsler method based on our natural learning our mother tongue. Thus oral is much valued.

(16 reviews)
37 yo woman offers English and Spanish lessons in Geneva or online

Fluent in english and spanish, i lived in six countries, and i offer english and spanish classes to strengthen pronunciation, reading, grammar by working on real life scenarios like preparing interviews, doing homework or working on acquiring a better accent.

(8 reviews)
Paris 10e
Colombo - American with 13 years experience teaches English - TOEIC - IELTS - TOEFL in Paris 1-12ème

As colombo-american with 13 years experience of tutoring, i offer english classes and spanish for excellence at all levels and of all ages. If today you want to progress quickly and concretely, do not hesitate and contact me, whether for homework assistance, translations or a toeic, toefl, ielts or dele. You will have quality training without paying € 75 per each hour.

(15 reviews)
American English teacher offers English courses from beginner to university level in Nice and Monaco

Teaching is my passion and i have more than 15 years of experience. I am certified to teach english as a second language, but i also work with many english-speaking students who attend international schools and who need extra help with academic english - writing, essay questions, word problems in math, history and science. Classes are developed according to the needs of the individual students.

(7 reviews)
English Communicative Approach Method (Bilingual) - own material. American trainer and Brazilian instructor.

After failed attempts to my husband, native american, teaching english to brazilians who could not understand even the least instruction lessons, we decided to adapt our method to meet similar situations. We collect video lessons, and various teaching materials, teachers shared across the web for beginners levels, intermediate, ielts, toefl, toeic, and english program for schools in brazil.

(12 reviews)
Paris 13e
English Language Classes, Paris and Ile-de-France - English Courses - Conversation / Grammar / preparation exams / interviews. Fun part!

30 / hr. Sessions at home, or in a café in paris. Lessons for two people at no extra cost! Skype lessons also possible. Availabilities from monday to friday / weekend possible according to your schedule. Conversation / coaching for grammar, writing, presentations, proofreading your work / emails in english and interview preparation and / or exam prep.

(20 reviews)
Skype lesson speakers of other languages! Boost your confidence with an experienced multilingual teacher.

I propose english lessons by skype to speakers of other languages (i'm fluent in french, spanish, italian and serbo-croatian). Adults and young learners 15+ years. All levels. Tailor-made, conversation/grammar. General or professional english. Job interviews/exam preparation. 7 days a week, from 9am to 9pm. Very good results in several months time.

(15 reviews)
Graduate teacher I provide English courses to all levels to individual or professional

Teacher gives private lessons of english. Certified by cambridge university tefl tesol and more than 10 years of experience in tutoring and training children and adults. Training for adult from great beginner to advanced. Language courses with voice recognition software for listening and speaking learning, test in understanding at the beginning, during and at the end of training.

(7 reviews)
Experienced Bilingual English teacher in Barcelona and Vilanova i la Geltru

English certified teacher in barcelona. Fully bilingual (english-spanish) with more than eight years experience in teaching both english and spanish. I have taught in different countries (spain, brazil, england, united states, italy and germany) and in different institutions (universities, in-company, private, academies. ) I love teaching and love to learn from my students, too.

(5 reviews)
Qualified and experienced bilingual teacher (French/American) gives courses in French and/or English via skype , from Cagnes sur Mer

My courses are designed for professionals, for students aiming at a degree /diploma or simply for passionate language learners. The students' specific needs are evaluated thoroughly in order to set up a suitable program.

(10 reviews)
Paris 9e
You want to learn English and be fluent in spoken? Say Yes

Hi, my name is brad and i'm from los angeles, california. I've been teaching english for many years in many different countries and to students of all different levels and needs.

(11 reviews)
Airplane pilot Young, dynamic, of Lebanese origin, provides language courses: English & Arabic dialect and traditional Lebanese.

Do not you speak english? Do you want to be able to write, read and speak arabic? If any of these phrases puzzles you, nothing serious.

(12 reviews)
Paris 15e
Skilled and billingual English teacher gives private lessons to children & adults in Paris 15.

Bilingual english, graduated with a master 2 english, i lived 3 years in the us, i spent part of my childhood in new york, i often traveled to england and speak english without any accent. I teach english tutoring at home (30€ / hour), at home in paris (25 € / hour) package for 2 students (40€ / hour) and conversation classes by telephone (15€ / half hour).

(10 reviews)
BOOST YOUR ENGLISH IN LEVALLOIS : courses for beginners, pupils, students and confirmed

Interactive teaching english in the game and fun, without ever omit the part seriously. English school, university, technical or commercial. Worshop staff and / or development optimization manual in english research. Public: from 5 to 105, from beginner to advanced. English learning school, academic, literary or commercial in a cordial atmosphere on the lookout not problems but solutions.

(40 reviews)
Paris 10e
English at Ease: English Conversation with Native Speaker of American English

I am a native speaker of american english, french and laotian currently studying in paris. In the united states, i am completing a bachelor's degree in english literature at a strong liberal arts college in new york, i am eligible to where graduate with honors. In order to supporting my studies abroad i offer one-on-one tutoring in english conversations to a small clientele in paris.

(5 reviews)
High School English Teacher (CAPES) gives private lessons of English at Villeneuve d'Ascq

Middle school level, high school level, post-baccalaureate (preparation for cambridge first, advanced, toeic, toefl, ielts, oral and written exams for grandes ecoles such as ena). Action-oriented approach. All language skills: listening, speaking (continuous or interaction), reading comprehension, written expression. Grammar, vocabulary, conversation.

(36 reviews)
Paris 19e
English courses for profesionals | Ivy League Lessons With Native Speaker of American English

A doctoral candidate at cornell university and a native speaker of american english, i offer private tutoring language of the highest quality to motivated professionals and preparatory class students in paris.

(13 reviews)
Paris 11e
Graduate student at the University of Cambridge gives English language courses on Skype

Hello / hi there! I am a 24-year-old graduate from the university of cambridge and i offer english language courses for all language levels (beginner-intermediate-false beginners-advanced-current / development). Having studied several languages ​​myself, i have learned the best strategies and collected a vast array of resources to learn quickly and efficiently.

Marie lorenne
(6 reviews)
Experienced native Spanish teacher and to give courses of Spanish and English in Vevey

¡hola! Spanish courses for the holiday with native teacher is ideal for quickly learn spanish, you progress very quickly. You exercise mainly oral communication so you feel comfortable in typical situations of travel (at the hotel, in stores or on the go). You get a glimpse of everyday life and culture of the country holidays. In this course, you do not need any prior knowledge of spanish.

(9 reviews)
School accredited training centre offers qualified and experienced english teacher at the elementary, middle, high school, universtity and adult level

Approved training centre offers private lessons with a teacher of the following profile: Qualified and experienced teacher giving english classes from elementary to higher levels, as well as lessons to adults wishing to improve for personnal or professionnal purposes. Grammar lessons, conversation and pronunciation courses, according to necessity.

(6 reviews)
Rio de Janeiro
English classes (or Portuguese for foreigners). Dynamic and adapted to the student. Just back from a 1 year and a half trip to the US. Focus on conversation.

I study english since i was 9 years old. I thought i could speak english when i made my first exchange in 2008, but did not understand a word of what was being said when i landed in ny. From there, i made a few trips to the united states in order to improve the language and visit some friends.

(15 reviews)
American professor and journalist, gives English lessons and prepares students for schools inténationales trade

Why do you need a coach? A well-written professional presentation or a great essay can get you the job you want that, you get into the school of your dreams, or, on the contrary, deny you access to your future.

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Hi Will, My name is Grégoire, I lived in the U.S. for two years and I loved working in radio there. I'd like to keep working for American radio shows and get my voice on the air, and for this, I need to get an American accent. I think mostly I...

2 months ago
Speak English with an American Accent! Conversation and lessons with a native English (US) speaker, in the...