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This is what i teach: Maya (all levels except skinning and rigging) Zbrush (all levels) Photoshop (all levels) Photography (all levels) In both french or english. (bilingual) Rather than a long speech, i let you judge for yourself about my skills: (concealed information) Regarding photography, i won several international competitions.

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Make it real! I am a 2D / 3D Graphic and I offer drawing or 3D initiations!

Everything is based on what you want, i am here only for you to put your ideas on paper or on screen, with more confidence. I can initiate beginners, at all age, but also pursue development for novices and more. Whether in traditional drawing! Computer graphics 2d or even 3d! My approach to teaching, above all, is friendly and not off-putting, i'm here to guide you to what you want to do! .

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Student at GOBELINS (3rd year) | Graduated from SUPINFOCOM | During 2D / 3D

Hello, - julien becquer, 24 - 3rd year at gobelins (crfa) - graduate (2015) supinfocom (digital directing) i offer private lessons (in french, english or german) in drawing on paper or digital (photoshop, sketchbook pro, tvp) and 2d animation (tvp, toonboom, flash) and 3d (maya, 3ds max).

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TV, Film & Video production tuition from former BBC Producer / Director based in London offers tutoring for both single and multi-camera production.

Whether you are a student, a new starter in the media industry or making films for fun, my lessons will sharpen your existing skills and make you more confident about organising your tv, film or video production. Learn how to organise and make your film in a professional way, how to use your camera to best effect and to use an editing process that will streamline your work in the cutting room.

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Internationally experienced, MFA in Digital Cinema teaches Filmmaking in Jacksonville, Florida/ online

I love teaching students at every level; the beginner, the amateur and the aspiring professional. You climb the ladder to your first film in structured online or face to face classes that can be custom designed for your goals.

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Paris 1er
Preparation of entrance exams to schools of art and animation

Professional in the animation industry, graduated from the animation school georges méliès, i offer courses to help you integrate the major french's art and animation schools (gobelins, emca, ensad, epsaa, supinfocom etc. ) .

Enthusiastic Film Undergraduate and film website owner, studying at the University of Sussex

Despite lacking formal experience with teaching, i have helped fellow students in achieving higher grades by giving them useful feedback. I am a student myself, and therefore can understand and have experienced the requirements and the intensiveness of the current educational system.

Cinema is a ribbon of dreams, but it is an art that is also an industry.

Hello: writer-director-performer and published writer, i provide empirical and effective support in french, philosophy and history and geography schoolboy to (do) s and high school (n) es and strong near-exhaustive culture the cinema and rich material from my experience, i am speaking as a consultant to writers and directors.

Recently graduated photographer in Gastonia that can tutor middle school,high school, and college students.

I recently graduated from mary baldwin college in staunton,va. During my time there, i was a darkroom photography t. A assisting students and the professor for four years. I answered any questions they had and made sure the succeeded. In the realm of art, everybody's creative process and production of work is going to be extremely different from someone else.

Drama tutor in plymouth giving drama lessons with a performing arts qualification and experience in plays and musicals

I can give lessons from beginners to gcse students and am versitile in the way i teach, i believe in the saying that the hardest workers get the furthest. In our lessons i will teaching you the fundamental aspects when portraying a character on stage or for film. Depending on your level teach you what you need to know and how to develop your acting skills accordingly.

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Life as Drama! Creative writing, literature, reading, editing, criticism, acting, audition coaching

Alexandra bonifield is a nationally recognized freelance arts journalist (o’neill theatre critics institute and national endowment for the arts/annenberg fellow) and respected dallas/fort worth theater critic, stage director and arts advocate. Her reviews, features and short stories have been published both nationally and in regional publications, online and in print.

Cinema is for lovers and it is international language from Chaplin to Spielber

Studying film industry after you have a career is nice. You can got faster to some interesting points. Have to learn a lot about philosophy and art.

Klamath Falls
College student teaches Virtual Reality Videography and Cinematic Film Making with Multiple Types of 360 Degree Videos

I am a student currently attending school to learn more about 360 degree film making along with normal film making. The lessons i have planned are a hands on learning experience. You will be learning how to edit and position the camera for the best 360 degree videos.

Art Director in Liverpool with world wide experience gives lessons to Artist and crew

By practising and demonstrating the use and possibilities of tools, the application and methodology of fx and artistic techniques and by observing and discussing works i've done and the work of others i will give you essential insight and understanding of a wide range of staging, props and design related to film and theatre sets, photography and studio.

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Graduate professional animation school in paris (higher institute of applied arts), i am currently working in the video game industry as a concept artist and in comics. I propose specific art classes tailored to the request of the student and his personal aspirations, the evolution of his style in conjunction with his technique. This in a friendly and studious atmosphere.

Coach actor, self-confidence and personal development. 20 years experience. Serris and surroundings

Actor, writer and director, i also have a personal development coaching entity including learning methods: work on camera to discuss a role, to read a script and make the most appropriating the character, knowledge surrender to a character, learn a text and return depending on the personality of each trainee, develop self-confidence.

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Paris 5e
Arts Deco student offers drawing, fine arts, applied arts and preparatory courses for art school

Hi, Nice to meet you. My name is anne-lise and i am a fourth year student at ecole des arts décoratifs de paris (ensad, national school of decorative arts in paris).

Santa Catarina Ayometla
Film student in Puebla and Tlaxcala, FilmMaking, Photography and Film Production essentials

I am hector, 8th semester student of cinematography. I can teach you to make an audiovisual product, from the basics of filmmaking. Also the essential aspects of production and overview of the industry in mexico. Photography, from framing, how to use a camera and light. We can have as a final product a little short film made by the student.

(1 reviews)
Student in 2nd year at Gobelins // drawing, sketches, character design, animation, preparation for animation schools contest

Hello! Currently studying animation in 2nd year at gobelins (crfa) and graduated from animation school ltam (luxembourg), i offer customized drawing courses (observation drawing, anatomy, sketches movement , animals, character design, storyboard, concept art, color, animation. ) to improve your technical and narrative skills.

Photography and photoshop tutoring for beginners, based in London. BA in Cinema and Photography

I am a london based production assistant, i graduated with a ba in cinema and photography from the university of leeds in 2014. I use a hand on technique to teach the basics of photoshop and photography techniques. A lot of the lessons will involve going out in london to practice photography skills and using a following lesson to edit the desired photos.

Getting familiar and mastering digital imaging techniques : everything on Photography and Filmmaking

Film student and photographer, i offer photography and filmmaking courses. I teach all the science, technology and the basics of artistic needs to consciously create images, as opposed to capturing the scene without knowing what is happening. My classes are based on the theory, essential in this area, that we put into practice with quizzes, problematic situations and pure practice.

Full with life your Acting and Full with Art every instant of your Life

Aimed at people who want to learn tools of action to work in theater, film and television, as well as people who want to use the tools that the art of interpretation provided to them at the service of everyday life and make your life a work of art.

All Subjects and Skill Levels willing to be taught!! (Located in Arizona)

I give lessons in virtually almost any subject and i am also qualified to teach in any level of education. I am willing to travel around the area of the state of arizona or teach via webcam or instant messenger for remotely-located individuals.

Cape Coral
Experienced Filmmaker/Video Editor/Videographer Who Loves to Teach (Editing and Motion Graphics in Premiere and After Effects)

My degree is in film studies, from the university of kansas. I've been working as a professional editor and videographer since 2003. My experience covers everything from documentaries and movies, to promos, trailers, tv spots, and web series, and i've worked with academy award nominated and emmy winning producers, as well as seasoned screenwriters.

Teaching foreign languages, compectition exams , science, arts, coommerce , engineering , medicines etc

About my cv. Emoluments expected : rs one lac per month Name : jagmohan singh tarriwal s/o sh sohan singh Mobile: (concealed information) Email address: (concealed information) Residence: h no 387 , dashmesh nagar , kharar-140301,distt mohali Date of birth: 2/8/1955 I did my graduation(bsc(medical subjects) in 1975 from punjab University,chandigarh.

NFTS, The Brit School and BFI Film Academy graduate gives Film and Media Production Lessons in London.

My lessons are 50% theoretical and 50% practical- this is subject to the student and if they have their own basic filming kit or not. I am very enthusiastic and very hardworking. I aim to help my students get a footstep into the industry by telling them where to do work experience, suggesting media and film masterclasses to take.

Film Studies. I am based in Cardiff; I have a PhD in Film and will teach at all levels.

I will teach film studies at g. c . s . e . And a-level, based on students' needs as dictated by the curriculum, concentrating on british and american films, the contexts in which they have been produced, and the technical and textual elements by which they achieve their effects.

Video Production lessons taught by someone who has 20 years experience with it.

I am a videographer. I have been doing videography for 20+ years. This includes camera operation, directing, producing, sound recording, editing, and event set-up. My techniques and style are adoptive to the subjects and events. My method as a teacher is to show the basics and then allow for individuality within the framework of the whole.

Recent High School Graduate Offering Drawing (Beginner/Intermediate) or Film Interpretation (Beginner) Lesson - Intended for Middle School through early College students - $25/hr

I like to work with each individual student by building on their desires as far as their growth in these subjects. I will teach what the student is most interested in, with some limitations of course. For example: one student draws humans, but they have trouble with the facial proportions. In that case, i would focus on teaching proportions.

Current art student gives photography, design and art history lessons DC

I am a photography student finishing my bachelor's degree, i'd love to give lessons to people that need all sorts of help in the subjects that are of my knowing, i am extremely pacient and very hands on when working.

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