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International business management , development, marketing, negotiating and trading. Manufacturing, Electronics, Food, Ecommerce, iOS App development, convention arrangement and project management ex

Mba - personal finance and marketing Concentrated in wealth management (investment, insurance, income tax, retirement and estate); market research for business expansion and development. Presentation preparation and training Ba in applied english (translation and interpretation) Trilingual in mandarin, taiwanese and english.

(19 reviews)
Young retired (DAF) proposes courses in General Accounting of Financial Analysis, Management, in Bordeaux and around

Hello, Finance officer (daf) recently retired, located in bordeaux, (tram ste catherine) i benefit from a relevant experience, as permanent member of the management board of international companies/organisations known world wide.

(51 reviews)
Private Lessons - Finance from High School to Postgraduate and Adults - Bordeaux/CUB or ONLINE

Hello, Financial controller and consultant in everyday life, i hold a master's degree in finance and a d. s . c . g . , and with over 4 years of experience in education, i offer my services as a private tutor. A wide range of disciplines : from high school to postgraduate.

(11 reviews)
Bacacheri (Curitiba)
Introductory Accounting - Principles, functions and applications - Curitiba / PR and region - Accounting and Administration

I am banking, financial advisor and forming of accounting by federal university of paraná.

(4 reviews)
Private lessons and tutoring in Maths / Economics / Finance / Accounting / Management

I offer individual and tutoring courses in mathematics, economics, finance, accounting and business management at all levels from high school to higher education. Affordable 15 to 30 euros depending on the level and ability of a small group. I'm moving in the montpellier or in libraries and i can possibly get to my home.

(2 reviews)
Teacher at all levels of Economics and Business Administration in Madrid qualified and experienced

I teach economics, microeconomics, macroeconomics, mathematics, statistics and related matters. I worked mainly with undergraduate and master students, and i also have experience with vocational students, and high schools. The class method is oriented to the result.

(4 reviews)
Business engineer (Solvay) - adapted teaching and follow-up in Brussels during weekends and afternoons

I graduated with a master degree in business administration at the solvay business school in 2015 and work currently as a full-time professional for a management consulting firm.

Trainer with 10 years of experience provides ongoing management / finance / management on Nantes and its surroundings

Aged 35, i came to training after nearly 10 years in business in the field of management. My courses are aimed at tertiary students and people already working who want to improve their management skills / accounting / finance. Currently, i am speaking as well with a general public who need basic management, qu'auprès students engaged in more specialized studies in finance (dmas, business school).

Jose alejandro
(2 reviews)
Graduate in Accounting and Finances gives classes for everyone at any levels

I am graduated in accounting and finances, specializing in advanced financial analysis, i offer to teach people of any level: eso, high school, media or superior vocational training and also university.

(6 reviews)
Ask questions about administration and / or finance with me in a few hours.

Hello! All right? I am dionizio gonzaga, i want to help you to get along, try to teach quickly and easily, with examples of our daily lives, it will be a better understanding for us. I learned from my studies and making such comparisons with my daily life, and has worked for me. Surely you can also teach me in every encounter.

(3 reviews)
Porto Alegre
Economist gives microeconomics classes, strategy, finance / financial mathematics, management and business management

Economist, with a year master in economics attended in sweden and willingness to teach microeconomics, finance and / or financial mathematics, business management and administration. My classes is based on theory and practical exercises. Classes can be live or via webcam, according to the preference of the student.

Thanh thao
(3 reviews)
Courses in Finance and Accounting proposed by a PhD candidate

I have a master degree in finance from a business school. I propose courses in finance and accounting. At the beginning, the student will perform various exercises to identify its strengths and weaknesses, except if the student has a special request. Then i will check that the course has been properly understood and learned.

(2 reviews)
Lessons in Economics, Statistics and Mathematics

Hello, my name is barnabé. I am 27 years old. I am phd student in economics at the solvay brussels school at ulb. I can give courses of economics (micro, macro, econometrics, finance, etc. ), statistics, mathematics and science. I can also help you with your memory or your work. I can give courses in french or english. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

(1 reviews)
Postgraduate Finance student that gives Accounting, Mathematics and Oral English lessons on-line (CFA Level 2 candidate, ACCA student member)

I intend to give lessons to any student from primary school up until gcse level. I teach mathematics, oral english, accounting and finance and am also able to give lessons for students that need help with cfa level 1 excluding fixed income and economics and acca papers f7 and f9.

(1 reviews)
Expert professional tutoring in many accounting, finance, and business subjects for college or professional tests

Bs in accounting from california state college at sacramento, graduated first in my class with top honors. Significant business experience prior to earning my phd from the university of california at berkeley. Passed the cpa examination on first attempt and am a certified public accountant in florida.

(1 reviews)
Harvard MBA and Former I Banker in Dallas for Finance, Accounting, and Economics Tutoring

I majored in economics and business in college and went on to harvard business school where i concentrated in finance before spending 20+ years as an investment banker. Now retired, i have previously successfully tutored students at smu--undergrad and mba --as well as at tcu, twu, u of texas--dallas, and the various community colleges around dallas in econ, finance, and accounting.

Tutor for all quantitative subjects, teacing students from High School to Graduate level

I teach high school, undergraduate and graduate students, quantitative subjects like accounting, math, statistics, operations research in a one-on-one setting with utmost patience and creativity. I bring in real-life examples and connect the material to their daily lives to bring the subject to life and make the content stick.

Accountant providing finance tuition to tomorrow's professionals on Weekends in London area.

I am an individual who loves accountancy and finance, i enjoy the number crunching and like to think of myself as number nerd. I like to teach with a friendly attitude where you can ask me all the questions no matter how much silly you might think they are.

Patrick g.
(1 reviews)
[STARTUP] - I help you start your project ZERO AND finanzo you!

Hola, soy patrick gouraud. 1- tienes mas de 20 años? 2- te apetece empezar un proyecto tipo startup? 3- pero no tienes idea o no sabes por donde empezar? Nos encontramos y te ayudo a buscar y montar un plan de desarrolló adaptado a tu proyecto.

Teaching assistant and exams preparer, I teach courses in Finance / Accounting / Business Creation ...

Young teacher in different schools gives courses on finance, accounting and economics to high school students, undergraduate students and executives. My techniques and teaching methods depend according to the student to inculcate the necessary knowledge background for learning and success.

College Student, Business and Management Professional, and Passionate Teacher Who Can Help

I believe on in a one-on-one collaborative approach to learning regardless of class size. The first thing i do is help the student identify exactly what areas they're struggling in, and then find areas they understand better, and connect the two.

Business tutoring for all aspects of the subject. Online or in Bibb and surrounding counties.

I have a bachelor's in business and information technology. I taught for a year and a half at miller middle school in macon, and that experience led me to believe i would be more effective in a teaching environment like superprof. I taught special education for all subjects while at miller, and i am familiar with newer teaching methods.

São Paulo
Professional with 9 years experience in administration and finance, for people, families and businesses in the São Paulo Region or remote.

Administrator with expertise in logistics, revenue management, public budget, financial markets and banking. The classes are aimed at those seeking to improve their financial health, is out of the red or to begin to grow and make investments. Whether you are student or doctor, intern or owner of the business itself.

Enthusiast with Degree in Accounting and Finance Personal Tutor in United Kingdom

I always using binary and extra exercises techniques. I am also will provide extra materials and tips for the examinations to make it easier for the student to pass their examination.

Master student in finance gives math and financial engineering lessons at Ithaca, NY.

I have a degree in master of public administration at cornell university and also received an offer in the master of engineering program here. My lessons are gradual and specific to students' needs. I can be of great help for students who was not previously exposed to finance, financial engineering or college math.

Masters student in Risk Management gives online lessons in Management topics (focus on Accounting, Finance, Business Analysis, International Business)

I helped a number of undergraduate students get good marks in business related subjects through skype lessons. During the lessons i go in detail through the topics students wish to improve on, focusing on explaining the concepts by giving real world, relevant examples.

Newcastle upon Tyne
London or Newcastle based First year undergraduate sudent in business accounting and finance

Hello, i give lessons to anyone up to graduate level. I like to start from the basics to give a thorough and in depth understanding. I am very patient and go into detail about the subject which gives effective learning.

Miami Springs
- 20 Years + in Business and Graduate Student PhD in Management

American intercontinental university, aa business & finance (2003) • american intercontinental university, ba business & finance (2007) • florida atlantic university – forensic accounting (2008) • devry university – masters in business and administration (november, 2011) • saint leo university – doctorates in business (dba) project management (2018)

Accounting/Finance tutor, Edinburgh, ACA and 6+ years PQE, patient and entertaining. All levels welcome!

I have a passion for teaching numerical subjects! I will tailor my approach dependent on you, and your required depth of knowledge. My desire is not just for you to learn the knowledge, but understand and apply it.

Hilton Head Island
Accounting, Finance, and Taxes in Hilton Head Island South Carolina Low Country

I am an cpa and an adjunct professor accounting and taxes. I like to teach the basics and then build from there to the more difficult concepts. I remind my students that accounting and especially taxation are not necessarily logical, it just is what it is.

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