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Young retired (DAF) proposes courses in General Accounting of Financial Analysis, Management, in Bordeaux and around

Finance officer (daf) recently retired, located in bordeaux, more than 20 years experience within international companies known world wide, proposes courses in general accounting, financial analysis, management accounting, for those of you who are preparing bep, bacpro, bts, dcg dut gea. Large availability during holidays.

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Private Lessons - Finance from High School to Postgraduate and Adults - Bordeaux/CUB or ONLINE

Hello, Financial controller and consultant in everyday life, i hold a master's degree in finance and a d. s . c . g . , and with over 4 years of experience in education, i offer my services as a private tutor. A wide range of disciplines : from high school to postgraduate.

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Economist teaches mathematics (algebra ^ ^ financial calculation) | economy | accounting | Taxation in Barcelona

Master in financial management with +10 years of experience in the financial economic area in various sectors, teaches mathematics (algebra, calculus and financial), economy and external and internal accounting (management control). Methodology: adaptability according to preferences of students with theoretical and practical basis specificity on real cases.

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Master Student in Finance at Sciences Po gives private lessons in Mathematics, Economics and Finance

Currently studying at sciences po paris, in finance & strategy master, i offer courses in mathematics, economics and finance for final year high school students or undergraduates. I obtained both the bachelor of sciences po, as well as a degree in mathematics that i pursued at university paris i panthéon sorbonne.

Brussels, Courses / Help in Marketing and Finance for bachelor or postgraduate students

I already have some experience as a tutor. I finished a ba in marketing this year and i have another bachelor in biomedical sciences. My previous experience has allowed me to give classes to children in primary (to succeed them ceb), but also students at the university. My methodology is based rather on the exercises, my view is that it is in the exercises that you show understanding of the theory.

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Private lessons and tutoring in Maths / Economics / Finance / Accounting / Management

I offer individual and tutoring courses in mathematics, economics, finance, accounting and business management at all levels from high school to higher education. Affordable 15 to 30 euros depending on the level and ability of a small group. I'm moving in the montpellier or in libraries and i can possibly get to my home.

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Bacacheri (Curitiba)
Introductory Accounting - Principles, functions and applications - Curitiba / PR and region - Accounting and Administration

I am banking, financial advisor and forming of accounting by federal university of paraná.

Economy and Finance!! Learn to understand the business classes in Homeducation Academy

Homeducation specializes in training for individuals and business enterprise. We teach economics, finance, and even trading and how to operate in the financial markets.

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Harvard MBA and Former I Banker in Dallas for Finance, Accounting, and Economics Tutoring

I majored in economics and business in college and went on to harvard business school where i concentrated in finance before spending 20+ years as an investment banker. Now retired, i have previously successfully tutored students at smu--undergrad and mba --as well as at tcu, twu, u of texas--dallas, and the various community colleges around dallas in econ, finance, and accounting.

Business tutoring for all aspects of the subject. Online or in Bibb and surrounding counties.

I have a bachelor's in business and information technology. I taught for a year and a half at miller middle school in macon, and that experience led me to believe i would be more effective in a teaching environment like superprof. I taught special education for all subjects while at miller, and i am familiar with newer teaching methods.

College level instruction in Finance, Micro and Macro Economics and Management Principles.

Education: Mba program the ohio state university (2 years) columbus, ohio Bsba – finance/economics the ohio state university Columbus, ohio Management/systems training ...

Thanh thao
(3 reviews)
Courses in Finance and Accounting proposed by a PhD candidate

I have a master degree in finance from a business school. I propose courses in finance and accounting. At the beginning, the student will perform various exercises to identify its strengths and weaknesses, except if the student has a special request. Then i will check that the course has been properly understood and learned.

Courses of Finance, economics and mathematics / Arts and Crafts + ESSEC

Hello, i provide help on financial markets, corporate finance, microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics and mathematics. I can also assist you in the preparation of oral admission to the grandes ecoles. I taught for several years and i am open about the organization that you want to adopt. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

MBA student with 2 years of professional experience in finance and accounting

I am an mba student and can tutor any of the typical graduate level or college level finance classes: microeconomics, macroeconomics, corporate finance (present value, net present value, bond pricing, bond duration, spss modeling etc. ), accounting (balance sheet, double entry bookkeeping).

(2 reviews)
Lessons in Economics, Statistics and Mathematics

Hello, my name is barnabé. I am 27 years old. I am phd student in economics at the solvay brussels school at ulb. I can give courses of economics (micro, macro, econometrics, finance, etc. ), statistics, mathematics and science. I can also help you with your memory or your work. I can give courses in french or english. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

Professional Industrial Engineer with MBA, with extensive experience in management and finance control for non-financial people teaches finance in the Baix de Llobregat. I use a method that will help

Financial, industrial engineer with a master of international business classes aimed at those interested or needs to understand the economy, companies and businesses from primary to adult the method used is interactive, with cases pedagogy and fun i specialize in management control

Practical Financial Trading in CFDs and Forex for beginners and advanced traders

My goal is to disseminate the knowledge and experiencei have, particularly in cfds trading. My teaching style is active and enjoyable, with constant references to the markets that we directly analyze live. I try to make my students think, i seek your analysis, i want your involvement.

Graduate in Econonomic Sciences offers courses in economics for various student levels

I am a recent graduate in economics and business sciences, passionate about the issues concerning the corporate sphere of the economy, macroeconomics, marketing, finance and accounting. Dream of one day becoming a teacher and in the meantime i offer my passion for studying and my knowledge to anyone who shows interest in it. My teaching methods are based on the involvement and active participation.

(1 reviews)
Paris 20e
Learn Accounting with a Chartered Accountant

My classes are for students of secondary and higher schools that need monitoring and gain method. Methodes based on self-confidence and organisation. 20 years of professional experience.

Management Consultant from Top Undergrad Business School Supporting Economics, Finance, and other Business Subjects

I'm a management consultant at a mid-size strategy consulting firm; i enjoy mentoring, teaching, and helping folks break into the industry in my spare time.

Investment and trading classes. Stocks, futures, forex, using professional tools and strategies

The course offers a clear view on the equity markets, futures and currencies, it teaches how to make money by minimizing risks. I offer practical strategies to trade and win immediately after the course is finished! We also establish practical sessions with live trading. All sessions are held in groups, using facilities specifically dedicated to training. Basic package: 1 .

Eager to put 6 years of college teaching experience to help students in Economics, Finance and Accounting

I have a master's degree in economics from umbc. I have a passion for teaching and helping students achieve their academic potentian.

Jose alejandro
(1 reviews)
Graduate in Accounting and Finances gives classes for everyone at any levels

I am graduated in accounting and finances, specializing in advanced financial analysis, i offer to teach people of any level: eso, high school, media or superior vocational training and also university.

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MANAGEMENT, FINANCE, ECONOMICS, LAW MANAGEMENT: Course and Preparedness MGT bins and bins pro Accounting Management, the BTS MUC, CGO and GACO DUT GEA and manage-Management Accounting Masters pro.

With an experience of 20 years in basic training (high school degree es degree mgt, bts), i have the ability to support you throughout your curriculum and prepare for your final examinations written and oral cycle with discussion of memory made at the end of cycle.

(1 reviews)
LYON teaches Professional Accounting Finance Management Control in French and English

Participants : students (bac + 4 / + 5) and professionals (managers and leaders. ) in french or english from the introduction to deepening Content : *accounting (private, public, and analytical basis, accounting entries, vat, inventory operations, etc. ) *finance (financial analysis, cash management, risk management, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, investment decisions - npv, irr.

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Master in Corporate Finance and Markets. I teach Finance, Micro-Macro Economics, Accounting in Lille

I got my master 2 in corporate finance and markets in 2015 and i am currently in financial audit. I discovered the passion to teach during my studies i had the opportunity to do tutoring in macroeconomics and microeconomics to license students. I am very patient and educator and take the time to help.

Wappingers Falls
Experienced Economics/Finance Tutor, Both Graduate and Undergraduate

I have taught economics and finance for more than 30 years. In addition i have more than 30 years experience in financial services, especially in the area of derivatives. I try to use everyday experiences and even sports analogies to get the intuition behind complex topics. Once the intuition is obtained, i move on to the more complex analysis behind the intuition.

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Classes accounting, tax preparation and presentation, financial mathematics and billing, business matters

Classes aimed at all those interested in business management and accounting matters and finanzas. -accounting purchases, sales, prepayments, prepaid expenses, accruals, depreciation, loans, property, plant operations, taxes, constitution of the company, etc. . - financial mathematics: update, capitalization, discounting, rents, loans, leasing, loans etc.

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Teachear: Supporting Courses of accounting, control management and financial analysis. event some functions toolpack

I am a student in the final year master grande ecole - finance and control management and i give courses in accounting and finance to students in the first and / or second year of bts, or 3rd year as a candidate for the dcg and students of the faculty law who specialize in management. My classes are held among students at home or according to the schedule we had established.

(1 reviews)
Business engineer (Solvay) - adapted teaching and follow-up in Brussels during weekends and afternoons

I graduated with a master degree in business administration at the solvay business school in 2015 and work currently as a full-time professional for a management consulting firm.

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