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Paris 3e
Sciences Po: Coaching for the letter and the application form, the oral preparation with professional journalist graduated from IEP

A graduate of sciences po paris and now practicing as a journalist, i offer coaching sessions for students who are applying for sciences po next year. My tutoring is thus intended for candidates who are working right now on their letter and their applications, and tomorrow will prepare for the oral interview.

(3 reviews)
Consultant, jury and certified teacher courses in communication and marketing - coaching

I am a consultant and professor specializing in communication and marketing i teach courses to students and professionals wishing to improve communication (global communication - project management - event marketing- and pr -) i work with several schools and training center whose 'esmod isem, icoges, bts communication.

(50 reviews)
Private Lessons - Exams Preparation from High School to Postgraduate and Adults - Bordeaux/CUB or ONLINE

Hello, Financial controller and consultant in everyday life, i hold a master's degree in finance and a d. s . c . g . , and with over 4 years of experience in education, i offer my services as a private tutor. A wide range of disciplines : from high school to postgraduate.

(1 reviews)
Tailored courses in Ancient Greek History and History of Warfare, from PhD student in London.

I am a phd student in london focusing on ancient greek military history and offering courses to anyone interested in ancient greece from school to university level. I encourage interactive courses with pleasant and constructive discussions over a one sided monologue, but can accommodate any student's requirements.

South American Meditations - A talk show in English based on Hermann Keyserling's masterpiece. Practice English in a meaningful way.

These course is for those who seek real communication and like to think and answer intelligent questions. The course is in english, but you do not need advanced skills to participate and have fun.

(2 reviews)
PhD student in social sciences giving lessons for secondary school/college/undergrad/masters level in London. (sociology,history,human geography and criminology)

Highly attentive and engaging tutor with substantive experience in the social sciences. My methods of instruction seek to apply a wide range of thinking to a topic to ensure the best levels can be achieved.

(2 reviews)
I teach history, geography and civics in the area of Montpellier and Nimes. I have a DEUG of history and a bachelor degree in history and geography. I also worked during two years for the French Minis

With a bachelor of history and geography, i am currently studying a french university degree in political science and journalism. I strongly believe in interactivity and personal research to learn while having fun and remember more easily. I also offer activities such as questions about the sources to support the selection of information to draw documents but also exercices to prepare exams.

(1 reviews)
Historical lessons and advice in Curitiba. MA in History (focus on Ancient History). BA in History Memory and image.

Each student requires a different methodology, some learn with images, others with texts. So my classes are adaptable to each. I try to present the matter in different ways and make room more discussion and conversation, without an oppressive hierarchy in the teacher - student.

Lawyer gives history, geography and current affairs lessons for high school level

I like to teach by curiosity, taking what the student already knows and demonstrating how in history, in particular, everything is interconnected, increasing the capacity of general understanding of the issues.

David alejandro
Classes in Puebla about Mexico History, World Geography and Social Sciences taught by student of International Relations from UNAM for all ages and grade levels.

Who said history is boring? Come have fun while learning the different events that have marked human life in this world. I'm sure that after your first class, you shall love history as much or more than me. Also, if you love to read, what better, because remember that the best source of knowledge come from books and the art of reading is the best gift we can have.

Support and assistance in homework History, geography, literature, English in Strasbourg dismissed History

Tutor and tutoring, i offers modular and adaptable courses to best meet the needs of the student, so i proposed aid have focused on understanding and analysis of the subject, i also practice method to prepare the student for all eventualities in order to transmit the keys to succeed him.

Graduate degree in Literature and Philosophy offresi for: help in the humanities in Melzo.

Graduate degree in literature and philosophy at the university of milan, in the classroom of the degrees in the history of offresi historical documentation for help in the humanities in melzo. The announcement is aimed at students of primary, middle and high schools. Obviously referenced, also available in the evenings and at weekends. Also gained experience with dsa and bes students.

(3 reviews)
Philologist in history studies, gives history lessons in Southwest region of UK and online. Willing to learn? Don't hesitate to contact me, everything depends on your will.

I graduated in history studies and became a philologist in 2010. I am writing my master's thesis and love to provide information about history and willing to teach you to develop yourself.

Journalism student gives private lessons of History, English Language and other subjects of social sciences for all school levels. To high school.

Student of journalism on my last year, i teach all subjects of social sciences for school-age students. I have a c1 in english an i also offer english lessons, educativa an oral level. We can do speaking sessions too if you want to improve your oral level.

Doctor and lecturer at SciencesPo, Polytechnique and Dauphine, gives classes for all levels in Humanities.

High school-bachelor-master-preparation to sciencespo and hec business school. Economics courses : macroeconomics, microeconomics, history, culture générale, english, french, geopolitics, international relations, philosophy, geography. Writing assistance.

(2 reviews)
Experienced teacher gives lessons tailored to individual needs with levels of progression.

Qualified and experienced teacher in middle and high school, i accumulate a second experiment in adult vocational training. I also developed skills in the transmission of knowledge to people in difficulty. I rise in the map by methods learner-centered and promote personal development and self-confidence.

Bacharel in Art History from UFRJ and a Master of Arts from the UFF gives Art History classes for all ages in the cities of Niterói Rio de Janeiro

The class seeks a walk through the history of art aimed at addressing philosophy, sociology and cultural studies. It is recommended for all those who are interested in history and revel in the arts. The course aims to ride an aesthetic and poetic practice interaction between man and his social context at different times.

Professor PhD in History and Humanities offers classes in Italian in Madrid

Memorize data without understanding the historical processes is very frequent in learning this material error. Therefore, i enjoy entertaining and dynamic teaching classes through clear explanations and the use of audiovisual materials. The success of my students is my own success.

Olivia blythe
PhD student in Medieval Military History, tutors in history, writing and research methodology at home

Hello! My name is blythe, i am an american phd student studying at the university of glasgow. I did my ba in the us in general history with a minor in education, which gives me both teaching experience and a broad background as i have done basic maths, science, psychology, sociology, and english lit.

History class for all ages! Student in Law found of history (french and international)

I finished my master of human rights and i plan to pursue a phd. The goal is to adapt to each student, identify how they learn, if necessary to resume the bases and set the program directly with the student. Learning can also go through games, exercises or research methodology exercises according to identified needs.

Masters Student in History gives History lessons in Southampton home or over Skype

I get to know my tutor pupil, cater my lessons to deal with their weaknesses first, and then move into more balanced teaching of subjects they already have done, or are yet to do in school. I am patient with my tutor subjects, hearing exactly what they have trouble with and why, to get to the root of the problem while keeping history interesting and explaining its relevance to do so.

Young graduate in Philosophy offers personalized courses in the humanities in Turin. Available via Skype.

Hello! My classes are open to students of all levels and are based on the sharing of the path and goals. Recovery and deepening of the curriculum, but also curiosity about the human sciences and culture in general: each needs its path.

Los Angeles
Historian with Master's Degree looking to tutor in the Los Angeles area.

I use traditional teaching methods but have other methods i have practiced and am able to adjust and compliment most students' learning necessities. I provide instruction that works not only for the subject i teach but can be used for success in any discipline.

New York
Social studies educator and teacher coach offering tutoring in New York City

Hello! I am an educator with a passion for history and social studies education. I attended private school in new york city k - 12 at riverdale country school and majored in education and africana studies at brown university, receiving my ba in both concentrations. I have my masters in teaching social studies education from georgia state university for grades 6 - 12.

Lic. In Psychology teaches at a higher level or above average in Tehuacan, Puebla.

Degree in psychology from the university leonardo da vinci. Classes for students of higher or superior interested in the subject or require counseling midlevel. The method can be in person or online with audiovisual material support, analogies and putting learning in the current sociopolitical context.

Courses from young university teacher : economics, international relations, law (for non-lawyers), languages ​​- Brussels

My courses are designed for college students, high school students and graduates primarily.

(1 reviews)
Professor Raphael, I work with a systemical and phenomenological approach to the study of History

I am a teacher by the federal district education department for 6 years, graduated in history from the university of brasilia. My classes are intended for all people interested in delving into the areas of human sciences, regardless of learning level. - i use a systemic pedagogy approach - through phenomenology, study subjects presented without prejudice.

Graduate Teaching Assistant gives history or English lessons to secondary school pupils in West London

Hello! My name is helen young. I am currently a graduate teaching assistant at the heathland school. I believe every one has the ability to reach their potential and i want to be able to help you do that! I have a relatively strict lesson structure i like to follow: *a mini quiz or review to find areas to improve upon or to go over last week's session.

Archaeology graduate with an enthusiastic and innovative approach to teaching with first-hand experience of archaeological digs and world heritage sites. Very passionate about sharing my love of histo

I am a great believer in tailoring my teaching methods to my specific students. As einstein once said, "if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking its stupid. " i am currently working mainly at ks3 level in a variety of core subjects, however i myself have studied up to degree level and will be starting my pgce in september 2017.

Paulo leonel gomes
São Paulo
Professor of Visual Arts with a focus on Brazilian culture and museology -

My methodology and simple and effective. My classes are done via computer ppt or in person. I have a lot of experience and experience in the classroom. I like challenges and i want to welcome students who already know art or who know nothing about arts, museology and brazilian culture.

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