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Student in agriculture engineering school offering homework help and school support in sciences and languages ​​(English C2, Spanish B2)

Master student in agricultural engineering in angers offering school supports for student from 10 years old until end of high school. The courses are organized and adapted to the needs of the student. Examen preparation, difficulties,, questions about the course and help with homework.

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Sciences and maths international tutor experienced in both British and American standards

I have a masters degree from portsmouth university, united kingdom in quality management. I had a first degree in geology. I also teach international quality, safety and environmental management systems vocationally around the world.

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Degree in Geology, with a PhD in Earth Science, offers courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry and earth sciences for middle and high school in Cagliari

I am a graduate in geological sciences and technologies, i have a phd in earth sciences and a master on the management and evaluation of the environmental risk from pollution. The lessons that i propose are focused primarily in to appreciate the matter to the student so that he must have a positive approach and willing to learn.

Graduate Hydrogeologist/Environmental Scientist - Geology, Chemistry, Mathematics - Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA

I am able to give lessons to people at all levels and have a specialty in geology and earth sciences. I recognize the difficulties that can arise from learning new material and can breakdown topics in a meaningful and easy to understand manner.

Entitled biologist and masters degree in paleontology. It offers classes in biology and natural sciences.

I am a graduate in biology, with knowledge of botany, zoology, genetics and cellular biology. Masters in paleontology with knowledge of geology. Classes will be dynamic and adapted to the needs of the student or group of students. Interactive resources (ppt, clips, etc. ) for groups and more personal attention for particulars will be used.

(Graduated with teaching experience) provides: Natural sciences, biology, ecology and agricultural science

I am a naturalist with a education (high school and bachelor degree) in agricultural sciences; i appeal to students of high school and / or university (without excluding the secondary school). My teaching method is adapted depending on the needs of the student: lectures, i use many practical examples to explain complex concepts, extra-school and popular textbooks, movies etc.

Graduate of Master in Geology, I give lessons in SVT, Chemistry and Geology course

Student just graduated with a master degree in geology in clay minerals.

Forestal engieer with master in environmental management from te university ofrece Lancaster (England). I offer teaching physics, mathematics and biology in Madrid tomar groups or individual

I am a forestry engineer and my specialty is environmental management. I teach students from elementary to high school. I have worked before with good results, also i have experience with students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia or autism.

Los Angeles
Geophysics Major with Tutoring Experience Specializing in All Levels of Math (including Calculus)

I love to help people learn and do better in their classes. I believe it is very important to learn the basics and build from there, especially in math, as all subsequent concepts are built upon the ideas from previous classes.

Degree in Biology teaches biology, geology and ecology students from Southern Madrid

My name is carmen, i'm a recent graduate in biology, and my classes are aimed at students of biology, ecology and geology, mainly at school. I specialize in effective study techniques and make the dynamic class not to bore and receive more attention by the student. I have a lot of patience and courage to teach.

Degree in Environmental Sciences offer science classes, statistical or geology in Cordoba.

Learn natural science in an entertaining and effective. Usually the subjects usually traversed by lack of motivation and, needless to say, lack of study. Me can ask all your questions, you will have detailed explanations of processes and problems and it'll help you create your own schemes for exams.

AREA LAKE GARDA, MONTICHIARI, BRESCIA Graduate Degree with honors in Environmental Physics imparts lessons of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geology and Good Price and address environmental matters

Simple and straightforward teachings aim to achieve in the shortest time possible results that meet the student. Utmost professionalism and honesty. After years of lessons i think i have some experience in this field and to be able to answer most of the required needs. Sincerity is definitely a feature that distinguishes me, especially with the lessons that are not my business, but just an extra.

Biology, ecology, geology and SVT in Bagnols sur Cèze by a student agronomist

I am a student in agricultural engineering school in clermont-ferrand. I did three years of preparatory classes bcpst before entering school. My classes are for anyone who wants to improve, from primary to preparatory classes bcpst.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Per Excelence Tutor Here to Help You Succeed in Your Career

I am a researcher, instructor and teacher with in the environmental sciences and geology field of study. I have had the opportunity to teach at the university and college levels using the interactive learning and practical methods. I am patient with my students to allow them comprehend at their learning pace.

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PhD in Science helps you in writing your research / scientific article memory

Young researcher in biology and psychology, science journalist (le monde, science & vie magazine) and teacher-lecturer, i offers courses in primary, secondary and higher to perfect your knowledge and biology methodology. My courses are for high school and university students (up to bac +8).

Science teacher can provide help in a wide range of science topics

I have two science related degrees (biology and earth sciences) as well as a teaching certificate. I strive to explain concepts as clearly as possible while relating the concepts to the students. I utilize a lot of visual and hands-on learning tools because i believe they help tremendously in understanding.

Creative teacher with a love for science located in Washington, CT abd will travel to you!

I would like to give lessons to students in elementary school through high school. For the upper grades my focus would be on science although i am willing to help in other areas if i can.

Geothermal geoscience expert in Philadelphia area available for lessons to intrigued individuals

I have a bachelors degree in geology from the philippines, and an advanced diploma degree in geothermal technology from the university of auckland. I have worked for over 20 years in the fields of geothermal exploration, development and resource management.

20 years educating both adult and school students

A visionary professional who has achieved unprecedented results in education industry proven by an extensive and credible global track record. I teach both adult and school students using both technology and the best other resources that display live examples for the student to understand.

Accomplished Geologist with broad expertise From CELL, GENERAL BIOLOGY, RESPIRATORY SYSTEM, REPRODUCTION SYSTEM to GEOLOGICAL SUBJECT in middle schools around glenwood IL.

My name is temitope adegalu, am a dedicated geologist, i have seven years experience of teaching low and middle manpower oil and gas sector students at the petroleum training institute effurun, (pti) nig. It is our practice to teach theoretically using marker and board in classes and also undergo a field trip to visit various outcrops and geological features like lake, ox-bone, delta etc.

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Secondary school teacher gives private lessons in Life Sciences, English, and math tutoring

I am a secondary school life sciences teacher, i have given private lessons in life sciences, english and math for years, and i spent a year live in an english-speaking country.

Clifton Heights
BSc Geophysics, Master Degree in Safety and Environmental Management can teach Geology and all Environmental Geo-science related courses to both undergraduate and graduate student

Bachelor degree in geophysics, master degree in safety and environmental management, have several published papers, can teach courses ranging from geology, environmental law and management to other science related course to college and undergraduate student.

Sant Cugat del Vallès
I offer classes in German, English, biology, geology, chemistry, math. Sant Cugat del Valles. Doctorate in geology, master teacher of secondary and high schools (Bio / Geo), master of aquaculture.

I am german, geologist, scientist and professor. I teach biology and geology for high school and college students, geo-palaeontology also for university students. Chemistry and mathematics, eso level. I teach in catalan, castilian; german lessons, c2, and english, c1. Classes are linked to student interests, with practical applications and current content.

Student of Faculty of Science holds a science graduate with honors in maison alfort

Hi, i'm holding a science graduate with honors. I am also student in the faculty of sciences. My course is aimed at primary school pupils, college and high school facing difficulties in science. My classes take place in the following manner, review the exercises seen classes and exercise more.

Former community college professor teaches Geology for college level courses

I am a former pima community college geology professor with 14 years experience. I focus on laboratory experiences, power point lectures, textbook reading, videos, and practice tests. My style is interactive with emphasis on student's background experiences.

Environmental Geologist with more than 35 years of experience gives lessons and education at home

I am a trained and licensed geologist in three states and i want to give geology classes to students in elementary, high school, and college for either credit or additional class help. My technique and method will depend on the level and whether or not the student is looking for assistance, and at what level, or if the student needs geology as a credit towards graduation.

Fco. javier
Hi, I am a civil engineer I offer tutoring in science subjects ( mathematics, physics, etc. ) and software related to construction ( MS Project, Primavera, Presto , Revit (BIM ) , etc. )

We have to set a good foundation with the theory and develop skills with practice. In good atmosphere and good disposition , anything is possible. Keep willingness to work to meet our goals. Step by step we will succeed. Courage and forth. Excluded from the indicated cost travel expenses and other additional concepts. They will be studied in each case.

Juan jesús
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I am a PhD with the European mention in science (skills in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics, Mathematics and English). Málaga and surroundings. Teaching and professional experience.

I am a doctor in science with the european mention by the university of malaga. I have teaching and research experience in spain and in the united states. I achieved the national qualifications to teach in in both high school (cap) and college (aneca). I have a c1 level in english.

Support lessons in Barcelona ( Fourth year student in Environmental Science and Geology)

My name is dácil, i have 21 years old and was born in las palmas. I am a student of dual degree in environmental science and geology at the autonomous university of barcelona. During the summer, i would like to support classes in subjects related to my studies and also of spanish language and english, since i studied at a british school from three to eighteen.

Juan antonio
A Coruña
Science teacher in A Coruña and around to students of different levels

Degree in chemistry teaches home and address of the subjects in the area of ​​science at all levels in the city of la coruna. My methodology is based on the work day. The student will explain the concepts to practical problems apliccándolos and worked with them forever. Each time these concepts to know if they will be reviewed properly setting.

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