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College student with experience gives maths lessons to elementary, middle and high school levels in Windsor

I am a St. Clair College with very good grades. Teaching in-person is my methodology alongside an effective textbook. I believe everyone is able to achieve good grades in any subject, determination and readiness with a good teacher is the key to success in academics.

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Belle River High School Graduate looking to help young minds better their understanding of Mathamatics

I graduated from Belle River District High School with honors and exceptional math grades, i scored 100% on the EQAO in grade 9.

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Internationally Certified Teacher tutors all Math subjects at all levels in Maine

I have a Bachelor's of Education (Secondary Math), a Bachelor's of Science (Math/English) as well as certificates in eLearning and Pedagogical Documentation to Enhance Formative Assessment. I teach math from a point of understanding instead of memorization - if you can understand it you can apply it moving forward and have better success in future years.

(9 reviews)

Math tutoring 2014/2015

Preparatory classes scientific MPSI / MP: Mathematics: Analysis / Algebra / Geometry / calculus, etc.

Paris 11e
(14 reviews)
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LESSONS OF MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS and CHEMISTRY (college level, high school, licence1) PARIS

Success in science is accessible to all. I provided private lessons for 7 years. This allowed me to develop effective teaching methods that allow students to quickly regain self-confidence and catch up. Long experience in animation with children and adolescents makes the contact and communication easier.

Paris 19e
(50 reviews)

Certified teacher gives math lessons in Paris (face) and all around the world (web)

Certified and experienced teacher of mathematics in private tuition from primary to higher through all the intermediate classes. Beyond the level taught what matters is understanding the learner's needs. I offer both courses very "school" in accordance with official programs as courses more "playful" with more permeable themes to showcase the diversity of mathematics.

Laeken (Bruxelles)
(9 reviews)
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Students in final year of civil engineering gives tutoring math, physics, computer science all levels

During my bachelor, I took math courses such as analysis, algebra and geometry, but also science courses such as physics (general physics, quantum physics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, oscillations, waves , modern physics) and computer (object-oriented programming, C ++, HTML 5, CSS, Matlab, etc ..).

(5 reviews)
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As a business engineer and statistician, I offer courses in mathematics, statistics and economics for the secondary and university levels.

Depending on your request and your objectives, my accompaniment may allow you to: - Get the right conditions for success if you are in a situation of failure. - Quickly increase your average. - Ensure excellent results in your exams. This will be made possible by quality monitoring: - Seriousness, punctuality, involvement.

(2 reviews)
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Mathematics explained in a lightweight, easy and intuitive. With this method you will not have to study math, you'll understand.

Mathematics is beautiful, if you do not like you because you have always taught, I mean. I like to meet the student's needs, and adapt my teaching methods depending on the knowledge / gaps of the interested student. My preparation comes from years of personal interest. resulting in a Specialist degree in mathematics with statistical-financial address, achieved with full marks.

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Math tutoring at my place or your place; experienced high school teacher for grades 5-13! Physics also on offer ....

I can actually help with everything. Be it with homework, preparation for a test, filling up gaps from past school years or promoting and deepening the subject matter. I fully adapt to your specific needs, also in terms of learning technique. I'm flexible, lessons via Skype are possible.

(11 reviews)
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Remedial courses Math and English - Level College - terminal (S, E, L)

Student in BAC + 4 in a Business School, offers remedial courses in Maths and English. A-level honors with 18 in Math. We review the course with some mnemonic improvements and detailed exercises applications. Preparing checks with my old controls. At the beginning of each hour, we orally review the points seen in the previous class.

São Paulo
(11 reviews)

Teacher of Mathematics and Mathematics for test! tutoring, ESMS-Police-FCC-CChagas-Vunesp) and others tests

Higher Education Studying in Mathematics, Federal Institute of Education Science and Technology of São Paulo (4th semester). Experience in monitoring, call and classes for elementary school students (former 5th to 8th grade) and high school students (former 1st to 3rd high school).

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A passionate mathematician teaches courses and workshops at all levels of school.

I am a teacher and researcher in mathematics. Imparto regularization courses and workshops of high performance. The best way to learn by doing and focus on solving problems. I am a patient and dedicated tutor who will help you with every step.

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Recently graduated and currently teaches maths to GCSC students and juniors in London.

I have passed with A grade GCSC and A-Levels in mathematics of Cambridge University. I just graduated from Brunel University London in BSc Hons Business and Management (Accounting). I love to play with numbers and calculations now are just like my hobby. I love to teach as its a good deed in my opinion as well.

Daniyal ali
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Maths Graduate teaches Maths with 5 years experience: Secondary and O/A/AS Level

I am a recent University graduate living in Swansea. I have previously tutored colleagues and students at secondary, O- and A-Level. My techniques involve making sure the students understand exactly what is to be understood with concrete practical and theoretical examples. Additionally, I motivate the students by telling them why we study what we study in Maths.

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Elite Maths and Physics tutor. Experience with Oxbridge entrance, A-level, IB. Exam and coursework preparation.

I have 6 years experience teaching at Secondary school and undergraduate level always achieving a significant improvement in exam and coursework outcomes. I have taught both international and UK students preparing for GCSE A-level, IB and Oxbridge admission exams and interviews. I provide bespoke lessons and revision materials where needed across all ability levels.

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Qualified Mathematics teacher tutoring in Manchester and West Yorkshire from primary to A Level

I studied mathematics to degree level and achieved a first class honours. I then trained as a maths teacher and qualified as outstanding. I can tutor primary school children, GCSE and A level student, I can also tutor adults taking their maths GCSE. I am an extremely patient teacher and can easily adapt my teacher to suit you or your child.

Marseille 5e
(6 reviews)
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Student in Mathematics L3 former MathsSup offers courses in Mathematics and Physics up until the first year post bac

I offer mathematics courses ranging from college to the first year of university studies, possibility of teaching physics courses to the terminal level S. I will help you to really understand the core concepts and essential to the understanding and knowledge of these two sciences. Also, the possibility of giving lectures in French.

(6 reviews)
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Mathematics Coach , a secondary school teacher, I am committed to motivate you, to teach you how to set your goals and to follow them.

I taught for nearly 10 years in particular and 2 years in high school - "college Gerard Philippe" I always had a good relationship with my students, I believe that the best learning takes place when rigor and good atmosphere go hand in hand . Classes are 25 euros an hour, 20 euros for those coming at home and 15 euros per hour per student for two students at the same time.

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Native English, German and French speaker, Maths student and exciting tutor in Aberdeen

My methods of teaching depend on the age of the student. The normal exercise sheets and books are of course part of every lesson. This is however enhanced with either fun games and songs for primary kids or puzzles and brain teasers for older students. I try to reward every student if they have completed something, however I am also very firm with students that are not willing to work.

São Paulo
(2 reviews)
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Math class in Vitória -ES ( Vitória, Serra and Vila Velha )

Classes for 1st and 2nd grade students, concurrent and in some cases upper level students and MBA. Teaching methodology based on the practice of exercises with theoretical foundation to support learning and understanding by the student of the discipline .

(1 reviews)

Cours of mathematics, all levels : theoretical and practical skills

Practiacal and theoretical approach : homeworks, preparation to controls, tutorials.

Culver City
(3 reviews)
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Professional Tutor Offering Fun and Effective Lessons in All Levels of Mathematics, Science, and Music. In-person students in Los Angeles, and online students welcome!

My focus in tutoring is always to help my students build their skills and confidence, step-by-step. I will tailor your lessons to your needs and your unique way of seeing the world. Above all, I approach every lesson with awareness, patience and respect.

(2 reviews)
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A** Maths student giving maths lessons to all ages in SE London

I have recently completed my A Levels and attended Newstead Wood School. I give lessons to student in Key Stages 1 to 4 looking to better understand maths or prepare for examinations. I assess their strengths and weaknesses and use their interests to encourage a willingness to learn, focusing strongly on ensuring their understanding.

Ribeirão Preto
(1 reviews)
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USP Doctorate student in Physics gives physics and mathematics classes to high school and grad students in Ribeirão Preto

I am a doctoral student in Physics Applied to Medicine and Biology at USP, where I already did my undergraduate degree in Medical Physics and Masters in Physics. I try to meet all the needs of the students, be they for high school or higher.

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Student in Computer Science/Business Informatics as a Tutor (with German A-Level) for German, Mathematics, English, Computer Science and Latin for all Students in Münster (Germany) or Online

My teaching is aimed at all pupils and students in the first semester in Computer Science / Business Informatics; both beginners and advanced. I am very patient and will be briefly informed at each hour whether there is new teaching material or new materials. If questions or topics from the previous lesson are still unanswered, this is briefly done.

El Álamo
David tomás
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Student of 4º year of Aerospace Engineering Imparte Particular classes of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry to Students of Baccalaureate or First Year of Career.

The simplest trick I can use is to make the class fun and never say, "This is just because." When we talk about engineering (mathematics, physics or chemistry), knowing how the results are obtained or where a formula comes from is the key for the student to learn both to reason and to interpret the results he has obtained.' In addition, the examples speak by themselves.

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Student from HEC Paris gives math lessons to student before or after the baccalaureate

Student at HEC Paris, I graduated from the ECS preparatory class at Lycée Henri IV. The course is made for every student from elementary school to preparatory class. I strongly believe that we understand the course by doing exercises, that is why we will do it all the time available and I will clarify the misunderstandings related to the lesson that could arise.

(3 reviews)
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Engineer teaches Physics and Mathematics in Florianopolis region for students of all levels

Classes prepared according to the student's level, ranging from basic mathematics to elementary school to Physics and Calculus for Engineering students. Classes are constituted of theory and exercises, always using usefull and practical examples, showing the importance of skills provided.

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Student in engineering school at ECAM gives during Maths / Physics .

I am currently a fourth year engineering school in Strasbourg on the ECAM, a general school. How to organize the course can be varied, a preparation course with my side + exos is the student sent me exercises that can not be solved or having problems then look at us together to better understand the lesson.

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