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Guitar lessons violin workshop in Bordeaux center - Porte de Bourgogne

Jean-Raphaël GUILLAUMIE, luthier & guitar teacher in Bordeaux. I give classes for adults from 14 years, blues rock style Latin jazz funk from beginner to advanced, preparation for today's music school exams.

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Guitarist concert gives guitar lessons and music theory in the region of Montpellier, at home opportunity

Experienced teacher teaches guitar or bass, for beginner, intermediate or advanced from 7 years. Learning music theory and partition with reading tablature learning techniques all styles: folksong, classical, jazz, bossa nova, rock, pop, blues, variety, finger style, metal rock... I used to play guitar with the student for practising the rythme.

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Singing Course in Nantes Staff profesisonnel graduated Music Academy International

Location: NANTES (44), France Instrument: Singing For Professional Musician and teacher graduated from the conservatory and singing staff of the prestigious Music Academy International of Nancy (2001), numerous scenic experiences, a former backup singer tenor at the Opera, offers lessons singing, whatever your age, your level and your favorite style (classical, variety, rock, gospel, hip hop,...

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Guitarist home gives guitar lessons in Lille, Dunkirk and surrounding areas

I offer guitar and music theory course at home for all ages and all levels. - Composition of a small repertory, all styles (blues, rock, funk, latin, reggae, jazz, variety) according to the demands and expectations of the student - Learning different guitaristic techniques (to play mediator, finger , bends, tapping ..

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Groove Society Rock School - Fun and Efficient Electric / Acoustic guitar Teaching, guitars Upgrades & repairs, Composition, Film Music, Amplifiers & Pedals Pau, France

Guitar lessons are for all ages, all levels and all musical style. However, I am specialized in adult learning, because it is never too late to start. The lessons are individual for 30 minutes or 45 minutes with two students. I adapt my teaching methods according to my apprentice's needs and expectations.

Paris 20e
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American classical guitarist with 10 years of teaching experience offers lessons in Paris

I teach all ages and levels, from beginner to advanced. My classes are a mix of etudes and technique exercises, as well as repertoire that I choose for each student, depending on their level and music preference. I give assignments after each class so that the student may work effectively on their own (or with their parents).

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Guitar Lessons by an experienced musician, effective method (Montreuil, Vincennes ...)

You learn the guitar in optimal conditions, with an educational structure studied with a competent and experienced professional. The courses are tailored to your level, your style and your goals. Teaching is fun and enjoyable and always at the service of the student. All levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced and professional), all styles (electric, acoustic and classic).

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Graduated from musicology, gives guitar and bass lessons in the Vaucluse (84)

To teach is to first know the desires, goals, abilities, qualities and defects of each student. Based on this, I build my classes so that students have fun to play from the beginning. I emphasize more on the inside felt music, as knowledge of music theory. The driver of my current thread is "Ask not for what to play, but for what you want to hear.

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May graduated from Nancy gives guitar lessons on Toulouse and its surroundings

Hello, I give guitar lessons in Toulouse and its environs.Mon teaching is based on the one I received at the Music Academy International Nancy.Solfège, harmony, work songs in different styles, improvisation, backing tracks, pure technique on instrument.Mes the specialties are blues and rock I can déplacer.Les me beginners are bienvenus.J'accepte checks employment services.

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Leeds/Wakefield Vocal Tutor - I can help you find your best voice

I can improve your voice by giving you the tools that the pro's use to build theirs. I'll improve your confidence on the stage and off it, boost your knowledge of your own voice and optimise your ability as a performer, all from day one. Singing is a science. How to sing well isn't very flexible, there is a right way, and hundreds of uniquely wrong ways.

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Guitar lessons in all the Morbihan

Hello, I offer electric and acoustic guitar lessons for beginners and advanced guitarists guitarists. All styles of music (Blues, Rock, Hard Rock, Pop, Reggae, Folk, Metal, Jazz ...) + learning your favorite songs. Simple method with learning music theory and tablatures as selected by the student with a lot of practice.

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Cheap guitar lessons in Valencia for levels, ages and all music styles.

About me: Thank you for your interest in my ad and give me the opportunity to offer myself as your guitar teacher. Your trust means it can devote professionally to do what I like. My name is Alberto Sanchis I'm a guitarist, composer and teacher by training, this will be my 5th giving guitar lessons.

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Guitar Classes and Music Theory with a private teacher in French, English or Portuguese

Young teacher, graduated at the Music Conservatory, with 8 years of studies in Coimbra, Portugal. Guitarist winner of international competitions, with experience teaching guitar and music theory. For all beginners, intermediate and advanced. Level adapted personally to each student. Website: Languages: English, French or Portuguese.

Ciudad de México
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Guitarist and audio engineer. I give private lessons in guitar, solfeggio, harmony, music theory, recording and mixing in my department or at home. Mexico City

I am a professional musician and audio engineer. I teach at all levels and my lessons are customized (I cover the subjects that each student needs for their development) Subjects include: - Technique - Solfeggio - Harmony - Musical theory - Arrangement - Recording - Mixing - Production - among others.

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Want to learn the guitar? I give acoustic and electric guitar lessons in different styles (accompaniment, gypsy jazz or metal). In Liège.

Guitarist for over 20 years, I practice different styles (accompaniment, gypsy jazz, metal / rock).

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MIMA holder who studied EDIM Cachan, I give guitar lessons all styles and all levels. Method with or without music theory according to the desire of the student. I am based in Juvisy s

I'm a guitarist for a dozen years or so, self taught before performing the training Musician Performer of Contemporary Music (MIMA) to EDIM Cachan.

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Guitar private lessons - Guitar / Ukulele / Singing- Santos / SP

The methodology used in class is individual, following the tastes and goals of each student so there is motivation and interest in learning. The first class is made one profile analysis of the student so that this methodology can be traced in the best way.

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I (university student, 13 years of guitar experience) offer guitar lessons for children, teenagers and adults

Hi everyone, whether a complete beginner or advanced, wether just playing freehand to favorite songs or learning to read notes, we will find what's right for each student individually, so that everyone can achieve their desired goal. From harmony over fingerstyle to the right technique, whatever we learn, we learn at a flexible pace and with fun, so everyone feels comfortable.

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Music student gives guitar lessons at home in Paris (All styles, all levels)

Hello! I am a 22 years old Colombian musician who lives in Paris since 2013. I study in music and musicology and I play the guitar since the age of 9. I give lessons in which I try to adapt to the specific needs of my students. I know several styles on the guitar so I can guide you in your research with the instrument or simply I will help you get started with the guitar.

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Music for all ages. classical guitar and popular: samba, choro 7 strings.

guitar lessons for all levels and different musical interests. Guitar scholar for those interested in the technical and academic repertoire, solo or entrance exams music. popular guitar companion for who likes samba, choro and MPB, with study "baixarias" to 6 or 7 strings guitar.

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Come and learn your favorite songs on guitar in the style you like!

Come and learn your favorite songs on guitar in the style you like. A simple, progressive and adapted to each with or without music theory. A first try during free way to meet us and see how to move forward together from where you are. The courses take place at the teacher in the 18th arrondissement near the Jules Joffrin metro or in the students for an hour classes.

Naucalpan de Juárez
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Guitar lessons. comprehensive , practical and effective. All levels and ages.

To understand music and guitar we must perfectly understand the musical bases, where it comes from, how it is formed and how it applies. My focus is on developing the theory in practice so that students see their progress and above all you like what you are playing. My method includes the initial rhythmic music theory, technique in classical and electric guitar, basic harmony and advanced.

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Guitar lessons in Brussels with / without music theory, for all ages and levels

I am a professional musician touring around the world. I am also passionate about teaching music. I propose a teaching that adapts itself depending on the student's age, level, desires, ambition. I have a very educative method applicable with or without music theory, perfect for a beginner as for a student of a satisfying level but who would like to reach virtuosity.

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Music Production graduate and Guitarist with 20 years of experience offers guitar and production classes

Guitar lessons based on the Berklee method: Technique and harmony. Electric guitar or acoustic. Playing guitar using picks or finger picking. Music Production lessons: mixing, audio editing techniques, composing for short films, recording tracks with microphones and line inputs, etc.

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Guitar player from Russia with 10 years experience offers guitar- & Said lessons in Chemnitz

Have you always dreamed of playing guitar? Do you have a guitar at home, on which no one plays? Are you fond of music and want to play a musical instrument? Then I'll help you with pleasure! Whether you have taken a guitar for the first time in his hands, you already know a few chords or can you even play songs - if you need some help, I can help you.

São Paulo
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Beginner to advanced guitar lessons with prof. Alvise Migotto in São Paulo (Real Parque)

Alvise has been playing guitar for over 43 years and has been teaching for 39. He holds a master's degree in music performance from the Manhattan School of Music in New York and a bachelor of music performance from the University of Toronto. He has studied in Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland, etc. with some of the greatest classical guitarists of our time.

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Paris - A professional musician gives guitar lessons / piano. Adapted to suit your needs: playing, be accompanied on agreements, improvisation, music theory, rhythm,. Beginners and intermediates.

The courses are aimed at beginners and intermediate guitar and piano, all ages. My goal is to teach the instrument and make you self-accompaniment (no more sheets!), Working in the following fields: Everyone progresses at their own pace and in the time he has to spend on music, but in all cases it is your regular practice that will guarantee some improvement.

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Professor Guitarra.Todos levels, styles and ages. Spanish, electric and acoustic. Delivery and online

I called Luis and I am Professor of Guitar. Wide experience. All levels and styles. Blues, rock, jazz, funk ... chords, scales, improvisation, harmony, fingerings, composition. Delivery and Flexibility online time. Adapting to the needs and level of the students. time availability and travel. guaranteed results.

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Guitar classes, creative method !, Spanish, electric, acoustic. All ages, even children.

In the classes we do exercises to make the most nimble fingers, you will learn to play songs that you like and different styles such as Blues, Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Pop, etc. You will learn chords, scales (major, minor, pentatonic, etc.), arpeggios, read music (if you like), to own, improvise, draw and play songs by ear using pick and / or fingers.

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Guitar lessons and musical training: rhythm harmony and improvisation

basic and intermediate level. Any age. Methodic practice with: Technic Harmony Theory Rhythm Improvisation Music Education diferent stylesand Varied Methodology focused on an organized and sustained study. dynamic stymulation of music studying. methods for self improvement over a period of time.

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