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Learning music and improvisation otherwise without music theory and ear. . .

I teaches courses on sannois and its surroundings, without the use of music theory, by focusing the musical exchange with the development of the ear and rhythm. For younger discovering instrumental exchange as an exchange of verbal conversation (principle of jazz and improvisation). Feel free to contact me for further information or for an appointment decision.

Guitar Blues/Rock/Folk lessons for beginners, Dijon and surroundings, for kids and students

I give guitar lessons for beginners and students wishing to develop simple and fun learning techniques (scales, chord grids, reading, writing tablature, fingering exercises and rhythm, music theory basics, vocals).

Self-taught guitarist gives 8 years of guitar lessons in the surroundings of Toulon Hyeres

Courses for beginner and intermediate chaining up chords and solos of agreement ranges + rhythm guitar as you wish learning guitar and + according grassroots level everything is based on the delirium of playing a song and not stupidly learn the theory fixed learning with songs you want to learn (well must not start with the reinhardt;)) course 1:00 to 2:00

Guitar player gives lessons in Vincennes: likes international pop blues rock funk

Guitar lessons, music theory, rifts, tablature, song arrangements, strato picking and much more. If you love the 70s and 80s led zeppelin police bbking the doors u2 the rolling stones acdc the cure the clash midnight oil david bowie madness eric clapton and much more bands or people i forget here, i think we can make something together.

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Guitar teacher, graduate of DUMI, I give guitar and music lessons, well-adapted to each personality and capacities.

Guitar teacher for nine years, graduated of dumi and musicology license. I propose guitar lessons and vocal working suitable for each personnality and possibilities. I also propose specific music workshops, for young children, elderly or all persons with any disabilities.

Experience the scraper 77 to the background-with-pleasure Guitar & Bass Home Studio

I am a music loving passionate share my knowledge. I teach all levels, i adapt to the student depending on its objectives or tablature notation. I have many years in the field of teaching, i'm listening to the student.

Student in musicology and CIM (jazz school) gives guitar lessons at home and awakening in music theory in Paris and the Paris suburbs

My classes are for beginners who want to learn the electric guitar (rock, blues, folk) open to all styles on the wish of the student. Chords, positions, improvisation, sight-reading (tablature / partition) and application pieces.

Active musician / Guitar Teacher: Course guitar / vocals (Study of the handle scales and chords) Study of a varied repertoire all styles (Instrumental artists) Pop / Rock /

Study of the handle by the study ranges harmony by solfège rhythmic pieces study all styles chosen by the agreements amounted to his request (pop / rock / reggae / ska / jazz / funk etc.

Guitar lessons for beginners and intermediate students. Electric and acoustic guitar .

Private lessons for beginnersacoustic and electric guitar. Variety of styles (classic, rock, punk, country, pop). For all ages, and starting from 0 if necessary, anyone willing to learn some guitar and have fun can enjoy this classes. The style to learn is defined by the student.

São Paulo
Bachelor in Popular Music, Guitarist formed in Composition and Arrangement in São Paulo

- completely against the memorization, the emphasis of the class is to understand the content, adapting teaching to the needs and difficulties of each student - once fully understood the subject, the following step is presenting application forms and examples

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Professor of graduate music for Adults / Kids. Paris XXth & Val d'Oise

Hello, i am samuel, i give guitar, piano, vocal coaching and technical mao lessons for all levels! -start a strong learning based on bodily and sensory perceptions. Four work areas: technique, the rhythm, the memory and ear. Evolve remaining curious and motivated! Music awaken (from 5 years) through stimulating games motor organization of the child.

Hi! I offer private music lessons of guitar and / or piano.

Hello, my name is nacho and i offer to teach guitar and piano, i am a student of the conservatory of music of murcia and took more than 10 years in music (bands, events, conservatory, weddings, processions, etc. ) and over 3 years of experience teaching, with good results and satisfied people.

During accordion, piano, guitar, synthesizer and drums online by Skype (France, Quebec, Belgium, Switzerland and all countries)

Our music school is affiliated with the music confederation of france for over 27 years.

Guitar Lessons : electric & acoustic by professional teacher and musician -

Acoustic and electric guitar lessons by certified teacher and pro musician. All styles (rock, pop, blues, jazz, latin, heavy, gypsy, funk, reggae, etc. ), all ages (from 7 years) and all levels (beginner to advanced). Proven method based on oral transmission.

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Paris 15e
Guitar lesson with a professional musicien : acoustic and electric - Paris

My method is adapted for children, adolescents and adults, beginners and advanced level. Based on learning songs in parallel with becoming aware of the technical and theoretical concepts, according to your desires and your goals and tastes! The goal is to adapt courses to the rhythm and desires of the student, and especially to focus on pleasure.

Ivan emmanuel
(3 reviews)
Guitar lessons, music theory, Harmony, Counterpoint and Music Appreciation - Guided Meditation

My methodology is based on learning to listen to the needs of those who hire me and help these to listen to one's self s to the natural flow of music in their lives. The management methods in classical guitar are: "pumping" nylon scott tenant and characteristics of the basic flamenco and jazz guitar chords techniques.

São Paulo
Musical initiation and completion theory and practice piano and keyboard and guitar

Interested in general. Class preparation in advance; check the needs of the student, the difficulties and work to improve the individual performance or collective towards a satisfactory learning in the subjects.

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Lyon 6e
Lyon-based musician, graduate of the Conservatory and the Music Academy International of Nancy, 7 years of teaching experience

I am, in parallel with my musical activities, a guitar teacher in music school and at home. In seven years of teaching i've become familiar with many types of students (age, level, style, motivation) and i like to adapt my courses to the expectations of my students because i learn from their tastes and musical approach as much a they learn from mines.

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Guitar Lessons - To all Levels and Ages at Plaza Espanya !

Classes are mainly oriented to the styles of your interest. I propose dynamic classes, in which exercises on specially chosen themes are worked to master the necessary techniques to achieve your own objectives. I make a personal following, by which i promise to meet the needs of each student. Before long you'll notice results.

Music is emotion, emotions can be played. My name is Giovanni and I am 23 years old. Studied guitar for 6 years with one of the most important acoustic guitar players in Europe (Paolo Giord

I'm a guy who runs classes acoustic, electric and classical guitar. Studied with paolo giordano, one of the most important acoustic guitar players in europe and compose new music and songs. What i believe in teaching guitar lessons is to develop the most efficient techniques, hearing and discipline to learn to play any sound, song or composition can hear.

Professional guitarist (with Master in Education) gives classical guitar lessons in Porto.

- previously prepared lessons - adapting teaching methods to each student, taking into account the specificities of the same - the classes are for all students and any learning level or age - possibility to organize small concerts with students, so they get used to playing to an audience

Guitar Lessons and Much More! Learn Music in Cartagena with a Bilingual Teacher

Do you want to master chords and harmony, enjoy improvisation or read scores without even realizing it? You can do it! With the guidance of an award-winning, experienced and bilingual teacher you'll acquire techniques for an efficient and smart learning. You'll learn faster and use technology to make it the more enjoyable.

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Vocal coaching, voice lessons, guitar lessons, working in the right mood !!

Hello everyone! Singer business for 11 years, i give vocal coaching lessons. Whether for fun, for passion, for an audition, concert or else i'll be happy to coach you through good technique but especially by working directly on the songs that will envy you. And i also give guitar lessons, i play on stage and in studio for 8 years.

(2 reviews)
Peter Argondizza - Teaching in the Greater New York Area and Long Island/ Doctorate in Guitar from Yale University/ Over twenty years successful teaching in Europe and the United States.

My teaching is student focused and creative while adhering to the highest principals of musicianship and interpretation. I teach technique, tone production, reading, theory and will guide you to structure your practice sessions for maximum results.

SCHOOL SUPPLY / acoustic guitar. enjoying learning, innovative method (I COVER ALL BARCELONA)

Arrangements, scales, chords, rhythm. . . Learn playing and composing, playing music and if you like your own music. Develop your own art and music in an entertaining way. We mix theory and practice for you to enjoy from the first day and never stop learning. I teach at home, acoustic or electrical equipment available to students in home studio.

El Masnou
Guitarist, singer and songwriter who lives in El Masnou Barcelona composer. I offer to teach guitar and harmony for initial and intermediate level.

I am diploma in teaching music from the university of barcelona and have modern music studies at the liceu conservatory. Several years of experience in teaching. At the same time i have a musical career with several albums in groups and solo.

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Gives guitar lessons for Beginner, any age, On Grenoble or Saint Marcellin

Hello, my name is arthur, i'm 19, and i play for 3 years in a rock band. I make the guitar since i was little and i'd give courses for people wishing to learn the guitar, all in good humor! I can travel with you in grenoble, or you receive at home. Indeed what would be even more formidable for july / august would be to make courses by webcam because i work in parallel with complicated schedules.

Guitar, musical motivation, music analysis environments, composition and autorecording lessons. For all levels.

Good, i ximo aldás. My passion in life is music. My classes are students from the design of the instrument either watching their history, their application, their types and what influences the person who touches it. Also learning some necessary theoretical concepts of harmony, rhythm, tempo, etc.

SOUL JAZZ BLUES Singing Course ROCK TOULOUSE € 17 H Resident /

Singing courses (all levels) € 17 / hour - soul rock jazz blues gni toulouse residing courses contact: (concealed information) beatriz - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Guitar Course at home by qualified teacher in Paris

My classes are based primarily on the notion of "pleasure". Indeed, without pleasure, few advances. (motivation). So i adapt my methods depending on the request of the student, his level and his ability to work. My approach includes: - techniques of left and right hands (picking, pick) - rhythmic precision, - applied harmony, improvisation.

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Ask for Carina

Not sure what language I should be writing in here--this interface is in French, PT, and English. :) I have been trying to do some cavaquinho lessons online but I think for a beginner, an in-person class is the best. I believe you do cavaquinho...

10 months ago
Guitarrista profesional da aulas de guitarra e de solfejo em Lisboa para todos os níveis.

Ask for Carina

Not sure what language I should be writing in here--this interface is in French, PT, and English. :) I have been trying to do some cavaquinho lessons online but I think for a beginner, an in-person class is the best. I believe you do cavaquinho...

10 months ago
Guitarrista profesional da aulas de guitarra e de solfejo em Lisboa para todos os níveis.