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Music School Musical Productions and Art: Prof. Music - Wagner Vanzeler Loureiro

Music school art and music productions - m. Prof. Wagner vanzeler loureiro 27 98805-0462 (whastapp) other 99756-4215 email: (concealed information) sites: (concealed information) (concealed information).

Guitarist with 10 years teaching & performing experience gives guitar lessons in Edmonton

In my opinion, the most important part of learning an instrument is to enjoy playing and be creative. I will tailor my lessons to your individual needs and tastes, and keep the right level of challenge in order to keep you steadily progressing.

Private music lessons: guitar, ukulele, piano, musicianship/musical theory, improvisation, composition and music production.

I am a qualified teacher of music, with training from the liceu conservatory and hall of modern music and jazz. I give private lessons in guitar, ukulele, piano, musicianship, music theory, improvisation, composition and music production. I can deliver the classes in person or via skype. Skype classes: 10€ per hour. 1 hour: 10€; 1. 5 hours: 15€; 2 hours: 20€.

Guitar teacher / music theory - paris - 10 years of experience

Parisian student of 21 years at the university. I've learned guitar for 10 years, at the conservatory conservatory.

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Twelve years of guitar experience - Have fun and motivating course cheap!

Passionate about music and unconditional practicing guitar for a dozen years, i intend to give you courses of about 30 minutes (according to me, 60 minutes is too much especially for beginners).

Jazz guitarist gives guitar lessons, harmony, music theory, analysis, composition

Hello to you all i have created a set of exercises jazz improvisations on guitar, to help you get started in this style and improve. Many books and course materials are available today. Many offer a lot of useful information on the theory, harmony, chords exercises. I've created are not intended to replace, but adopt a different approach.

Spanish guitarist and drummer offers guitar, drums and music theory classes in Bordeaux.

My name is gerard, i'm 20 and i live in bordeaux. I started playing guitar when i was 10 years old and battery when i was 15 and i can help you to introduce you to the instrument or improve your technique. I can also give you music lessons as a highly recommended addition to the instrument. I am fluent in english, french or spanish, so i can teach in either of these 3 languages.

Palm Beach
Experienced 20 year teacher train you in Guitar & Music all levels

Gustavo lerma gives you tools to understand modern and classic harmony theory, improvisation, reharmonization, guitar playing and interpretation, techniques, scales all covering popular repertory as well working 60 minutes divided in warm-up, teachers performance, main activity class and task assignment

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Paris 14e
Beginner guitar lessons, initiated and confirmed in Paris, Gentilly, arcueil, village queen, seals

I give guitar lessons for beginners and initiates. I adapt to the rhythm of the student, and his musical style, my favorite styles is the blues and rock. My goal is to advance the student in the most effective way it is, ensuring that it can be as fast as the accompanying melodies and then be at ease and arpeggio improvisation. I do not teach in school so strict, because for me music should be fun.

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Guitar Lessons (Chant also possible) in Bordeaux for beginners. We will leave to your needs and take into account your tastes and wishes. the courses are individual.

Guitarist singer since i am around 15 years and i work as an animator sociocultural my account. About learning, i am self-taught but i took a lot of tutoring for rhythmic music theory and technique. My classes are for children but also for adults who want to start learning the guitar. I can also give singing tips for those who wish to be accompanied.

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Paris 15e
Guitar lessons for beginners in Paris or its suburbs (acoustic or electric)

My name is william and that makes 10 years that i played guitar (pop style, all styles of rock, funk, soul) and i sing. I propose a simple and effective method that will allow you to play a wide range of basic pieces and let you compose your own songs! The work will be done on listening, with techniques that allow you to play all the songs you want in a very short time.

French Teacher gives lessons Didgeridoo (circular breathing), Rhythm guitar rumba, pandeiro, repinique, batucada, samba

Hi, i offer courses on various instruments: - rhythm guitar rumba, with the technical style of gipsy, keystrokes with the thumb on the body, with the hand, a little flamenco technique (golpe, rasgeos and bearing).

Professional musician gives guitar lessons in Colmar (graduated Music Academy International)

Hi! My name is augustin my goal is to support you in what motivates you to practice the guitar, whether acoustic or electric. It is a very expressive instrument, there are so many ways to play the guitar in different styles that each one of any age can find something.

Professional musician gives over Gypsy Jazz / Jazz / Contemporary Music in the city center of Toulouse

I offer a personalized education for each student, for learning gypsy jazz style, jazz and funk (improvisation, rhythm, technique, themes. ) . My teaching is based on a focused work on the ear (inner music) using arpeggios and scales, also emphasizing the acquisition of a solid rhythm, musicality and sensitivity in the game. Notion of pleasure is essential to my teaching.

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Not sure what language I should be writing in here--this interface is in French, PT, and English. :) I have been trying to do some cavaquinho lessons online but I think for a beginner, an in-person class is the best. I believe you do cavaquinho...

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Guitarrista profesional da aulas de guitarra e de solfejo em Lisboa para todos os níveis.