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Guitar Teacher gives acoustic and electric guitar lessons on Boulogne.

Professor of graduate guitar: music academy international (nancy), american school of modern music (paris), master musicology (paris 8), jazz educator diploma of state of contemporary music). Guitar lessons acoustic & electric, whether you are beginner or advanced.

(2 reviews)
Teacher of classical guitar, rhythm guitar, saxophone and / or musical language in Gijon

I am a music teacher. I have guitar and saxophone degrees at the conservatory of gijón and i am in permanent training both in music and foreign languages. Methodology individualized according to specific student preferences and needs.

(1 reviews)
Learn how to sing, play guitar or piano with an Author-songwriter in Paris

I have written, composed, arranged and sung 5 albums that have all received praise from the french press (télérama 4 keys, inrocks, nouvel obs, liberation, etc. ) i teach based on fun, sharing experience, taking into account the sensitivity, the level and the age of each! I make a great room for emotions in my classes.

(2 reviews)
Jazz Guitar and Improvisation lessons / Vocal coatching by experienced musician in Cannes

My method: tell me what you dream to play or sing and i will put all my experience and my love of music at your service to help you achieve your goal. Guitarist and singer for several decades, i have played in many rock and jazz bands and in a number of professional orchestras in the region as well as in the big band of the conservatory of cannes.

(2 reviews)
Professional guitarist and media music composer (Master en Scoring for Film Television and Videogames at Berklee College of Music) teaching IN VALENCIA AND IN GANDIA.

In my guitar class i'd like the student to develop his theory and technique skill to the point where he can develop and master his own repertoire in complete freedom.

(2 reviews)
Student at The American School and the Academy of Paris in Jazz Guitar gives Jazz / Folk / Rock and theory Lessons

Provides classes for all levels, acoustic or electric guitar in different styles: jazz, folk, rock. I offer an education adapted to the desire of the student and his ambition from simple chordal accompaniment to advanced theory and musical foundations to improvisation and composition. I can also prepare students for the entrance examination of some music schools.

(2 reviews)
Paris 17e
Experienced guitarist gives private lessons guitar in Paris for all levels in the style of Blue, Rock, Variety.

Hello everyone! I give guitar lessons for anyone wishing to explore the guitar or grow and improve in learning the instrument. The courses are aimed at all levels and all ages (from 7 years), and accompanied by a method. Not learning music theory pushed because i prefer the direct relationship to the instrument in order not to frustrate the student.

During electric or acoustic guitar at home, Ville d'Avray (92) and around

Musician, composer and co-signer sacem, i give guitar lessons at home (acoustic or electric) for adults and children from 8 years. Whether you're starting or want to improve your game or your phonebook, with or without musical theory, i suggest you to define course content according to your musical taste and goals.

Music for all ages. classical guitar and popular: samba, choro 7 strings.

Guitar lessons for all levels and different musical interests. Guitar scholar for those interested in the technical and academic repertoire, solo or entrance exams music. Popular guitar companion for who likes samba, choro and mpb, with study "baixarias" to 6 or 7 strings guitar.

Rio de Janeiro
Guitar / guitar / harmony / improvisation jazz-MPB-blues-rock-fusion beginner intermediate advanced classroom sessions or by skype

Great experience in the academic field. I teach 40 years. I was a teacher and coordinator of igt (current imt), conservatory souza lima and vivace conservatory in são paulo. I work as a musician / arranger in the rio / são paulo axis instrumental works, with artists and recording. Abordo always in class the technical part, the theoretical part and practical repertoire involving various styles.

Guitar lessons at home in Madrid. Music theory, jamming, technique and composition

I am a 20 year old student with 10 years of experience in electric and spanish guitar. My classes are aimed at students who want to start and those who need to expand their knowledge on the use of chords and greek modes, composition, improvisation, fingering techniques, knowledge of the fretboard.

Take Guitar lessons with a guitarist from Australia with a lot of experience

Hi, i'm a guitarist from australia and i have been living in lyon france since 20i2. I've been playing guitar for over 25 years in many different styles (jazz, flamenco, funk, blues, rock, metal). I like to make the lessons as fun while still teaching the important techniques required to play the guitar. I have found some great ways to practice and improve the skills the students already have.

Limelette (Ottignies-Louvain-La-Neuve)
Professional musician gives guitar lessons, piano or singing / vocal coaching all levels in joy and good humor.

All levels from 10 years, pro or leisure. All styles: rock, pop, metal, jazz, blues, folk. Modern and dynamic approach to the courses, student participation in the choice of songs. Working improvisation around the scales, arpeggios and technical to go back, legato, sweeping, tapping, picking. Introduction to basic music theory, essential for good growth.

(20 reviews)
Professor of Acoustic Guitar and Electric graduate of "Music and Sound Design"

Hello, guitarist for 16 years specializing in acoustic and electric game, i offer guitar lessons for beginners and / or amateur. The method discussed in my course will help you develop fast and effective techniques in order to play your favorite music. The styles are covered rock, metal, song, reggae.

Ciudad de México
Custom electric guitar lessons for beginners and intermediate, maintenance, programming and recording effects

My name caesar and give personal power to beginners and intermediate guitar classes, we can start from scratch or at the level where you are, my teaching method is totally dynamic and personalized, reinforcing the foundations to achieve your musical goals and depending on your tastes us we can focus on that.

Learn guitar at your own pace and according to your wishes, is now possible

You have a guitar lying around at home, gathering dust, and you would like to use it? You've already tried several times but seeing all those different boxes causes you always this same misunderstanding? You are a quite good musician and you want to move on or specialize you in a particular field? Whatever your horizon, your level, your desires and your needs are, we will organize together a...

(5 reviews)
Guitar lessons by professional in Orleans

All style: pop, rock, variety, jazz, blues. All levels (beginner friendly) - work on selected set according to your tastes and abilities pieces. Study of rhythm, chords and some music theory (plus the basics of music theory if necessary). Course materials provided (grid chords, tabs. ) . Advanced levels: organization of the handle, improvisation, composition, ranges.

(10 reviews)
Greater Manchester
RNCM graduate with 13 years playing experience gives Guitar lessons in Manchester

Offering engaging, hour-long, one-to-one private lessons to students who want to learn every aspect of being a successful professional musician. With a focus on the student determining the direction of each lesson, be it theory, musicianship, song-learning, or composing or following; rgt, rockschool, trinity and abrsm graded exams if desired.

Guitar lessons in Brussels: devien a great player with the best teaching method

- do you like music, you have a strong passion and you want to become a great guitarist in a reasonable period of time.

(2 reviews)
Paris 13e
Guitar lessons, Paris Tolbiac / Butte aux Cailles / Place d Italie

Professor of classical guitar, soloist and musicologist, i teach children, teens and adults who would like to discover or rediscover the guitar. Levels: beginner, advanced, confirmed, professional. The course is tailored to your own pace and your own needs.

(2 reviews)
Guitar lessons - Rock, Blues, Heavy Metal, MPB, Pop, Pop Rock, Transcriptions, Music Theory

I have been a professional musician and guitar teacher for 25 years now, with loads of experience teaching all ages and musical genres. All levels of students are welcome. The lessons will be directed as much as possible to the student's goals. If you would like to go on the grade's patch, i can help you with any theory needed and repertoire.

(2 reviews)
Introduction to guitar and music discovery at Rosny-sous-Bois and around

I offer introductory courses on guitar (accompaniment to the acoustic and electrical techniques) and understanding of music (rhythm concepts, theory and harmony, bases to record) during my home sessions at rosny-sous-bois or near

(2 reviews)
Play the music you love! Classical, Jazz, Rock ... play your music!

You play or plan to play guitar: i can help you progress. Beginner or intermediate, you want to push your limits, to interpret the music you love: classical, jazz, rock. Your music! I am passionate about music and teaching: discover your talent to overcome your difficulties.

(4 reviews)
San Francisco Coacalco
Prof. Moses Rodriguez. private lessons of music: theory, guitar, singing, violin and piano

Professor moses rodriguez. I took my musical studies at the school of bellas artes, along with a degree in pedagogy at unam, certified teacher skills of the sep. I offer private lessons and home delivery for those who want to start or improve their musical hobby or academic and professional studies need. My teaching the student looking to test their acquired knowledge immediately.

(2 reviews)
Guitar lessons in your home. All levels. Specialised or general lessons. Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, Funk, Country, Folk.

Learning any instrument is always a personal and unique journey. My job is to help you on your way. I listen to exactly what every student wants or needs from their music education, and i try my best to give them just that. Lessons can be genre specific or general.

(3 reviews)
Lyon 8e
Classical and Brazilian guitar lessons

Classical and brazilian guitar for all levels, all ages. Initiation possible blues fingerstyle, picking (dadi, atkins,. ) . Sound, interpretation, technic, analysis, harmony, music theory. The courses are tailored to the students' levels and potentials.

(4 reviews)
São Mamede de Infesta
Guitar private lessons in the area of ​​Porto (CCStop) and São Mamede de Infesta (Centre)

Private lessons in electric and classical guitar, through styles such as rock, hard rock, heavy, blues, jazz, funk. Practical guidance, theory and improvisation. Individual classes and custom tailored to the student's level (basic, intermediate and advanced). It is not necessary to bring instrument to class. Alternative classes via skype and other promotions.

(5 reviews)
Singing guitar lessons and group (Bass / Drums / keyboard ...) at home 84 and 06

. Great experience groups and scenes. Free exchanges with musicians of all ages and all countries. Pluri-instrumentalist. Holds a technical diploma for careers in music (3 years of study of harmony, composition, arrangements, sound recording, mixing, editing. ) . Classical musical training at the age of 6 years. Cursus conservatory for over 10 years.

(6 reviews)
During Guitar (beginner and intermediate) / Help composition and writing

Whether rock / folk / pop / reggae / funk / jazz / bossanova i can help you start or advance your guitar playing with patience and passion. Music theory, chords, solo, my program is primarily based on the feeling, versatility and skill sharing.

(4 reviews)
Music lessons * not like any other * at your home in Perpignan and around (> 25 km)

* you love music and you dream about playing yourself, but the theory and technical aspects make you hesitate? * you already play an instrument (or singing), but the "play(fulness)" has gone? * looking for a little "more" in your art? These music lesson are tailor-cut to your needs, requests, wishes, in short, a "boost" in the direction you want to go.

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Not sure what language I should be writing in here--this interface is in French, PT, and English. :) I have been trying to do some cavaquinho lessons online but I think for a beginner, an in-person class is the best. I believe you do cavaquinho...

10 months ago
Guitarrista profesional da aulas de guitarra e de solfejo em Lisboa para todos os níveis.

Ask for Carina

Not sure what language I should be writing in here--this interface is in French, PT, and English. :) I have been trying to do some cavaquinho lessons online but I think for a beginner, an in-person class is the best. I believe you do cavaquinho...

10 months ago
Guitarrista profesional da aulas de guitarra e de solfejo em Lisboa para todos os níveis.