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Ciudad de México
Introduction toTurntables DJ and or guitar, play any genre you want !

Dj and guitarist with experience of over 7 years playing in different parts of the country, living in cdmx. Ableton methodology (electronic music production), pioneer rekordbox (mixing) and major and minor scales in electric or acoustic guitar.

Upper Tadmarton
Electric and Acoustic Guitar Tutoring in North Oxfordshire from an Experienced Instrutor

I'm an experienced guitar tutor based in north oxfordshire. I have an honours degree in popular music and recording and i have an up-to-date dbs check. I can give lessons at my home, or at a local music store. The lessons i plan for my students are bespoke in nature, so you can learn what you want to learn.

Music teacher with 4 years of experience and formal qualifications distintios currently working for two employers. All levels

Appropriate to each type of student methodology. Both children and adults. Technique, articulation, sound quality. At the request of student works are prepared. Preparation for conservatory if desired with the best guarantees. Classes to suit the student, home or mine, individual or group home, also by webcam.

Learn guitar today beginner to intermediate. Skype and in person lessons available

I've been playing guitar for about 6 years now i'm about to be twenty years old and i'd love to share the knowledge i learned over the years to less experienced guitarist to help them reach their musical dreams as i chase my own

Experienced Acoustic, Fingerstyle and Percussive Lessons, beginner to advanced of all ages

I have taught 1-1 lessons to many students, and also group lessons with ages ranging from 5-45 and can teach all ranges of guitar, from first timers to advanced players. I can travel to you, and provide an enthusiastic and positive learning experience for you or your child.

Jeremy ryan
Rock Guitar Teacher for beginners. Retired musician with 10 years experience. New to teaching but love to show others!

My methods are to give the student the basics and build from there. We will tune the guitar and work our way up. I cover power chords, barre chords, basic simple music scales and familiar tunes. These building blocks will allow a student to play a majority of popular songs. I am a patient teacher that you will love learning from.

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Music Student with 10 years of experience gives Guitar and Bass lessons from Jazz to Metal at any level in Leeds

Lessons will be centered around each student's inherent learning style, but the main focus will be on developing your individual musicality across the genres you prefer while also obtaining a clear grasp in the theory behind it. Any skill level on the instrument is welcome.

Helping develop aspiring guitarists and artists from a teacher with 15 years of proven touring, industry and songwriting experience

As a guitarist i’ve always enjoyed learning songs and riff writing way more than the traditional music theory based approach towards music. I feel that having to learn music theory is such a chore and hasn't ever excited or inspired me, and i know for a fact that many other aspiring musicians feel this way too.

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Student at Music Academy International and post graduate at CFPM gives guitar courses at Nancy

Student at the prestigious international music academy, and post graduated from the cfpm in paris, i offer private lessons for beginners and advanced guitarists. I will set the course according to the desires of the student: different style: blues, rock, metal, shred, pop, folk, funk, fusion, jazz, world,.

Flamenco guitar - Learn the art of flamenco guitar: learn the guitar techniques, understand flamenco music and culture, make your own music and explore your unique artistic personality

With my students, we work on the guitar technique we all need to perform flamenco music and the structure of the styles/palos. We acuire a complete understanding of flamenco music and cultur. As important as all this is to explore the student's "unique" artistic personality. For in flamenco music, the guitarist is an interpreter but a composer too.

West Hollywood
Private Music Lessons Instructor - Guitar, Bass, and Drums - 11 Years Experience

Mark catalano is an american multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. Born and raised in youngstown, ohio, mark’s focus has always been music. In and out of school, mark spent most of his time learning everything he could about performing, writing, and recording music. Mark was heavily involved in boardman, ohio’s grammy award winning public school music program.

Guitar of any variety, lessons in a range of styles, real life experience and opportunity's provided too

I will provide a variety of key elements to becoming a successful musician and guitarist. I will have equal focus on: - scalic patterns - musical theory - personal sound - live sound I will also focus on the personal needs of you and what you wish to achieve by the end of the course. I will personally shape lessons to suit you individually and to ensure that you achieve success.

Make the best vibrations ever, by plucking strings and by hitting keys.

Throughout high school and afterwards i have been studying music in all kinds of fields, weather it is performance, history, theory, or even as little as general music. And still am to this day, i keep on an everyday practice. I will normally start my lessons with a general idea of what music really is, and if it is an instrument then i specify the body parts of the instrument, and it's background.

San Martín de la Vega
If you do not want to devote some of your time to study, do not call me

I am a professional musician for more than 20 years, interpreter, teacher and director of music schools. I have teaching experience abroad and in spain. Higher education qualifications of my specialties and conducting choirs and while extensive experience teaching children. Youth and adults.

Pop Music And Culture: The Technology, The Ideas and The Skills!

Hi, welcome to my profile. I have been involved in all aspects of music making and selling for many years and have a thorough academic and practical grounding in all aspects of popular music. From playing guitar, music sequencing, production etc performance as well as in depth specialist knowledge regarding the development, meaning and evaluation of popular music.

Fabrizio Secchi Guitar Teacher Composer SongWriter Musical and Cinematographic Critic innovative Sardinia

I’ve been playing the guitar self-taught from over 40 years, and about 1976 I compose. I intend to you as expert of rhythm and fingerpicking for classical and acustic guitar. I can teach every kind of song, played with rhythm and/or fingerpicking. I’ve been teaching guitar for over 35 years.

Engneering, Network Simulation, Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Systems. Probability Models, Queueing Theory, Algebra

I am a phd in electrical and computer engineering who is looking to teach various subjects in the realm. My techniques are based on repetition to emphasize memorization and logical deduction to help one re - derive concepts. I also devise custom exercises to emphasize these concepts.

I (university student, 13 years of guitar experience) offer guitar lessons for children, teenagers and adults

Hi everyone, Whether a complete beginner or advanced, wether just playing freehand to favorite songs or learning to read notes, we will find what's right for each student individually, so that everyone can achieve their desired goal. From harmony over fingerstyle to the right technique, whatever we learn, we learn at a flexible pace and with fun, so everyone feels comfortable.

Profesional Musician/ spanish guitar player gives lessons of guitar/ flamenco guitar/ ukelele/ composition

I try to look for the motivation of the student, working always with passion for the music. Constant work and patience. I teach step by step each detail of the technique of the instrument. Basic chords, flamenco technique, bulerías, alegrías, rumba, etc.

Durham Uni Music graduate available for teaching a variety of instruments in London at affordable rates

I am a young, enthusiastic music graduate who has held prior teaching experience in an international boarding school. I have taught students from a variety of backgrounds, abilities and ages through comprehensive and well-structured lessons.

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Guitar Teacher in the SW Miami Dade area with more than 13 years of experience.

Creating and delivering a customized and skill-level appropriate lesson plans for students ranging in age from pre-teen to adults. With more than 13 years of experience i am adept at teaching jazz, classical, reggae, classic/contemporary rock, country, folk/acoustic, and pop music.

Learn to Play Guitar $ Affordable Price $ GDL Tlaquepaque, 5 years experience

My name is paola, currently studying high school, i like to teach young people to play guitar mainly, who have a passion for music. The methodology i use is simple, teach, learn and practice. Playing guitar is really simple if you like.

Guitarist passionate, unbridled, and committed, I practice this instrument for almost 10 years. Former member of a group, I still play with my old teacher and all my friends. I have

I am currently at the iut paris descartes (xvi) marketing technique. Last year i was at paris dauphine university, but i didn't really like my courses, consequently i changed my major after my first semester validated. My parents are both in national education, i inherited their pedagogical fiber.

(4 reviews)
Paris - A professional musician gives guitar lessons / piano. Adapted to suit your needs: playing, be accompanied on agreements, improvisation, music theory, rhythm,. Beginners and intermediates.

The courses are aimed at beginners and intermediate guitar and piano, all ages. My goal is to teach the instrument and make you self-accompaniment (no more sheets! ), working in the following fields: everyone progresses at their own pace and in the time he has to spend on music, but in all cases it is your regular practice that will guarantee some improvement.

Rock out with me! 20 years experience in guitar and music performance with college background in music theory. Let me show you the way!

I am an active musician in guitar, bass, songwriting and performing. I provide beginner and intermediate lessons to students of all ages. I will tailor my approach based on each students' abilities and musical goals. My mission is to make learning music fun, engaging and rewarding.

Guitar lessons
Guitarists / Professional Educators give guitar lessons at home and school in Tourcoing Lille metropolis.

Hello, guitar lessons is a professional guitar school established on the lille region (specifically in ef2m tourcoing). She is one of 24 structures that joined the national network of schools ibanez. Your teachers, passionate musicians and seasoned composers share their expertise through special courses open to all students who want to learn and have fun by practicing the instrument.

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Guitar lessons in Paris and Haut de Seine, dynamic and responsive !

Freshman in business school, i try to give lessons in a fun way for beginners and intermediate students. Unlike a conservatoire education, i aim to teach you guitar so, that you can quickly play a few pieces to your family or friends.

(1 reviews)
Electric and acoustic guitar and bass private lessons, reading, chords, scales, arpeggios, how to play rhythmic and solos

I work as a prof musician and part of my job is private teaching. I can do lessons about electric-acoustic guitar and bass. Together we learn how to play a scale, a chord, a progression of chords, a melody based on the chords written, arpeggios and phrases. Left and right hand tecnique, how to use a metronome, how to read simple scores.

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Bass and guitar teacher (beginner to advanced levels) in Brussels - Brabant Wallon.

Experienced musician with 20 years of practice of bass and guitar in several groups with many concerts and studio sessions under my belt. I teach to students of all ages, with beginner to advanced levels. Focused on results and constant improving.

(1 reviews)
Guitar and Music Production private lessons on the French Riviera

Guitar : - all levels, all styles except jazz - with or without music theory - experienced guitar teacher Music production : - from newbie to expert levels - arrangements and orchestrations in various styles - pro tools, logic and plugins.

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Ask for Carina

Not sure what language I should be writing in here--this interface is in French, PT, and English. :) I have been trying to do some cavaquinho lessons online but I think for a beginner, an in-person class is the best. I believe you do cavaquinho...

10 months ago
Guitarrista profesional da aulas de guitarra e de solfejo em Lisboa para todos os níveis.

Ask for Carina

Not sure what language I should be writing in here--this interface is in French, PT, and English. :) I have been trying to do some cavaquinho lessons online but I think for a beginner, an in-person class is the best. I believe you do cavaquinho...

10 months ago
Guitarrista profesional da aulas de guitarra e de solfejo em Lisboa para todos os níveis.