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São Paulo
Bachelor in Popular Music, Guitarist formed in Composition and Arrangement in São Paulo

- completely against the memorization, the emphasis of the class is to understand the content, adapting teaching to the needs and difficulties of each student - once fully understood the subject, the following step is presenting application forms and examples

San Martín de la Vega
If you do not want to devote some of your time to study, do not call me

I am a professional musician for more than 20 years, interpreter, teacher and director of music schools. I have teaching experience abroad and in spain. Higher education qualifications of my specialties and conducting choirs and while extensive experience teaching children. Youth and adults.

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Teacher of classical guitar, rhythm guitar, saxophone and / or musical language in Gijon

I am a music teacher. I have guitar and saxophone degrees at the conservatory of gijón and i am in permanent training both in music and foreign languages. Methodology individualized according to specific student preferences and needs.

Durham Uni Music graduate available for teaching a variety of instruments in London at affordable rates

I am a young, enthusiastic music graduate who has held prior teaching experience in an international boarding school. I have taught students from a variety of backgrounds, abilities and ages through comprehensive and well-structured lessons.

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Guitar Teacher in the SW Miami Dade area with more than 13 years of experience.

Creating and delivering a customized and skill-level appropriate lesson plans for students ranging in age from pre-teen to adults. With more than 13 years of experience i am adept at teaching jazz, classical, reggae, classic/contemporary rock, country, folk/acoustic, and pop music.

Learn to Play Guitar $ Affordable Price $ GDL Tlaquepaque, 5 years experience

My name is paola, currently studying high school, i like to teach young people to play guitar mainly, who have a passion for music. The methodology i use is simple, teach, learn and practice. Playing guitar is really simple if you like.

Self-taught, hands on and music theory, teaching those who struggle with guitars.

I am a self taught guitarist and i'm willing to teach students how to play guitar who don't work well in a mass orientated classes. It will be one and one and we will keep striving to do your best until you get. My methods mostly include hands on and getting used to the guitar, and if it doesn't work for then i head onto musictheory.

Let music take you and show you life itself. love the music

My name is olanzo james but you can call me oj. Music has bin appart of me since the day i was born and still ia. Music make me feel amazing it give s me hooe and love and i love it.

Guitarist passionate, unbridled, and committed, I practice this instrument for almost 10 years. Former member of a group, I still play with my old teacher and all my friends. I have

I am currently at the iut paris descartes (xvi) marketing technique. Last year i was at paris dauphine university, but i didn't really like my courses, consequently i changed my major after my first semester validated. My parents are both in national education, i inherited their pedagogical fiber.

Rock out with me! 20 years experience in guitar and music performance with college background in music theory. Let me show you the way!

I am an active musician in guitar, bass, songwriting and performing. I provide beginner and intermediate lessons to students of all ages. I will tailor my approach based on each students' abilities and musical goals. My mission is to make learning music fun, engaging and rewarding.

Guitar lessons
Guitarists / Professional Educators give guitar lessons at home and school in Tourcoing Lille metropolis.

Hello, guitar lessons is a professional guitar school established on the lille region (specifically in ef2m tourcoing). She is one of 24 structures that joined the national network of schools ibanez. Your teachers, passionate musicians and seasoned composers share their expertise through special courses open to all students who want to learn and have fun by practicing the instrument.

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Guitar lessons in Paris and Haut de Seine, dynamic and responsive !

Freshman in business school, i try to give lessons in a fun way for beginners and intermediate students. Unlike a conservatoire education, i aim to teach you guitar so, that you can quickly play a few pieces to your family or friends.

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Bass and guitar teacher (beginner to advanced levels) in Brussels - Brabant Wallon.

Experienced musician with 20 years of practice of bass and guitar in several groups with many concerts and studio sessions under my belt. I teach to students of all ages, with beginner to advanced levels. Focused on results and constant improving.

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Profesional guitarist guitar lessons and music theory and ear training classes in Lisbon for all levels.

I give guitar lessons and music theory and ear training classes to students of all levels. I play acoustic and electric guitar, cavaquinho and pandeiro and have gone through several music styles like rock, jazz, metal, folk, bossa nova, samba, funk, choro etc. I also give cavaquinho and pandeiro lessons. My priority is to start from the student's perspective.

(4 reviews)
Guitar Tutor - Right Bank

My experience with the music starts with instrument lessons on guitar. Not having found what i sought, i self-instructed myself by listening to my heroes. Right away in the heat of the action in bands, i developed the most important, pleasure.

Vocal and instrumental teacher available to teach guitar, piano, violin and early years music

I teach children and adults. I help them develop the required technique and expand their repertoire. I use kodaly and dalcroze method that help develop solid musicianship skills. I enter my students for abrsm and trinity exams if they are ready.

Degree in Jazz Guitar offers guitar lessons, theory, music theory and ukulele for all

I have experience in teaching for years in both private and school contexts. Individual lessons or in small groups following a precise program in relation to age and students requests. The approach to the guitar, ukulele and music theory will be very fun and challenging.

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Gold conservatory gives exceptional guitar lessons in Toulouse

Learn guitar, improve, improvise, for all levels from beginners to advanced. Accompanied by professional guitarist damien lopez, known as a virtuoso, you will learn what it takes to know quickly. We will discuss all of the guitar and even more, either to discover or improve. All based on your musical tastes are we develop a strategy for learning.

Experienced gigging musician with 30+ years experience gives music, guitar and vocal lessons for people in Austin, TX and online

I started music by taking private violin lessons as well as classes in the 4th grade. I was active in church and school choirs for many years and played percussion in my jr high school band. At the age of 15 i picked up guitar and within 8 months i had my first paying gig.

Jose arturo
Classical Guitar graduate student from Costa Rica (¡Pura vida!) teaches classical, acoustic guitar and ukulele! Se habla español también ;)

Hey there! I am currently working on my masters degree in classical guitar/string pedagogy at the university of louisville. One of the tasks that i perform as part of my teaching assistantship here is to teach students how to play guitar (at multiple levels) and ukulele. I believe the best way to learn is by having fun and apply this mindset to my teaching approach.

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Paris 15e
Guitar lesson with a professional musicien : acoustic and electric - Paris

My method is adapted for children, adolescents and adults, beginners and advanced level. Based on learning songs in parallel with becoming aware of the technical and theoretical concepts, according to your desires and your goals and tastes! The goal is to adapt courses to the rhythm and desires of the student, and especially to focus on pleasure.

Young professional musician give guitar and bass lessons in Vigo

I have 5 years of experience teaching music, i studied harmony and stringed instruments (bass, guitar and bass), i am willing to teach at various levels as needed. The methodology i use is adapted to the speed of learning of each person.

San Antonio
Self trained and practitioner of drums, percussion, electric and acoustic guitar

I will take any questions you may have or concerns about pieces of music that may be obstructing you from progressing farther as a musician. I will also meet the need of anyone who may not understand a piece of music and or exercise to it their current abilities.

Certified, experienced music teacher, gets you to know what he knows - from many years of various high-level music jobs.

Bm, ba - lawrence university, mm - baylor university, mmed - vandercook college of music, yamaha music for children, little kids rock, former illinois arts council teacher-in-residence, kodaly, orff, and suzuki training, and experiences with wedding, circus, rodeo, theme park, and cruise ship. I teach students to believe in their power to learn, while revealing the great truths of music theory.

Musician offering Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, and Mandolin lessons to all ages of the Plattsburgh area.

My name is todd steffy and i have two passions, to play music and teach. I have come up with some great techniques for most string instruments of all genre's. I specialize in old bluegrass , jug music, train music, busk, and melodic compositions in various tunings. I have years of experience that i would love to share with anyone seeking knowledge.

(7 reviews)
Las Rozas de Madrid
Learn Classical Guitar on-line with the effective B.A. Professional Guitarrist Gaspar Virto

I do teach almost every age students. What i am most commonly asked is for classes for people aged 25 to 45. I do not only teach the methods (classical from conservatory, blues, etc. ) but also the deeper levels of music, going from inspiration to full-felt improvisations. I really encourage you to start either: 1 . Regular lessons 2 . Improvisation courses Or 3 .

Cours de bass gratuit pour tout les étudiants du monde entier bitch

N a few words, who are you and to whom do you give lessons (diploma, level, class, characteristics, etc. ) ? - your techniques and methods of instruction? (lesson structure) - your characteristics as a teacher? (methodology) This is the first thing that students will read about your lessons.

Professional bassist with more than 10 years experience within the music industry gives electric bass and guitar lessons in Warwickshire and Leicestershire.

Hi there! I am a professional bassist with 10+ years of live performance and recording experience. I can offer lessons designed for beginners to advanced players with the goal for each student to reach their full potential whilst having fun. One to one lessons can be arranged for home visits or on skype.

When studying music, feel it, dont just try to perfect it. I am a music teacher who is trying to make a little extra money to start a family. Music is my passion and a gift I would love to share among

I have my diploma. I am an assertive teacher who loves to teach in a serious but fun way. I am currently attending youngstown state university. I like to teach in a manor that anyone young or adult, can concur.

Highland Park
Music Theory For Beginner's, Intermediate, and Advanced Placement (AP Music Theory)

Hello! My course is a private tutoring class where we will cover everything from academic procedures of music theory as practiced in berklee college of music, and my own method of aural training to change your ear. The end goal of this course is to be able to hear the analysis of any given piece so that the student may replicate the compositional characteristic of any music.

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Not sure what language I should be writing in here--this interface is in French, PT, and English. :) I have been trying to do some cavaquinho lessons online but I think for a beginner, an in-person class is the best. I believe you do cavaquinho...

8 months ago
Guitarrista profesional da aulas de guitarra e de solfejo em Lisboa para todos os níveis.