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History, Politics, Geography made relevant and taught with passion. Providence Ri area.

I have taught on all levels. Project-based learning and relevance are are expertise, though i can also do test prep - and make it interesting. I believe that no subject can be taught out of context, especially history, geography, and political science.

History Teacher / Master student for tutoring in and around Berlin for all age groups

My teaching style is characterized mainly by explorative approaches. I think that student oriented lessons and discovery are most suited to provide the necessary depth to the subject to benefit the students most. Even beginners can thereby find an easy access to history as a subject. Especially interest related exploration of particular subjects can yield very good results.

PhD student in social sciences giving lessons for secondary school/college/undergrad/masters level in London. (sociology,history,human geography and criminology)

Highly attentive and engaging tutor with substantive experience in the social sciences. My methods of instruction seek to apply a wide range of thinking to a topic to ensure the best levels can be achieved.

History and geography courses for pupils of primary and secondary school (including preparation of the tray)

This course is designed for primary school students - college - high school who would have difficulty in history and geography. The goal is to rework the curriculum while also making a link with current international relations but also to extend the course beyond the program to push a little more knowledge to the general culture.

Student in History of Rennes - History, Sciences Po, Methodology - Bachelor+2

Hello, student (and major) in history and political science at rennes, i address any profile ranging from primary to tertiary. I propose a simple and factual way to fill the gaps - and a working methodology.

Teach Arts with Style

My name is silas ola abayomi, a teacher of over two-and-half-decades with privilege of teaching in all levels of education from elementary to the college. As said earlier, i have taught elementary pupils, i have taught middle and high schools; more so, i teach college students. Over the years, i have learned several teaching skills, which i apply based on classroom or individual needs.

Doctor and lecturer at SciencesPo, Polytechnique and Dauphine, gives classes for all levels in Humanities.

High school-bachelor-master-preparation to sciencespo and hec business school. Economics courses : macroeconomics, microeconomics, history, culture générale, english, french, geopolitics, international relations, philosophy, geography. Writing assistance.

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Teacher and Researcher helps others understand the relevance of history in Pendleton, IN

I am a recent graduate with a degree in history and hold an indiana teachers license. I typically give lessons to elementary school through high school age. I utilize primary sources, lots of question and answer and historical literacy. My goal is not just to have the student memorize dates and people, but understand how and why historical events happen.

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Experienced teacher gives lessons tailored to individual needs with levels of progression.

Qualified and experienced teacher in middle and high school, i accumulate a second experiment in adult vocational training. I also developed skills in the transmission of knowledge to people in difficulty. I rise in the map by methods learner-centered and promote personal development and self-confidence.

Degree in Art History teaches Social Sciences area to students of High School, Bachelor's degree and adult education. Master Dregree in Secondary School Teaching. Zaragoza, Spain

My name is gema, and the methodology used in my classes always adapts the student learning, fully personalized way. First, i set an initial assessment of the student, to know what their level is and accordingly, design methodology that best suits your needs.

São Paulo
More about General and Brazilian History to you + and Theory and Methodology of History for university students

I establish the dialogue between historiographical scholarship and the methodology of research in history for undergraduate students of humanities of different areas that need technical advice and co-orientation to their respective tcc work, specialization (in brazilian universities) and monographs.

San Diego
Professor of History gives online lessons to college and adult students studying US History, European, WWII, Women's History, etc.

I am a professor of history, a phd student at claremont graduate university. I give online history classes to college and adult students interested in: us history and other types of history: european, western civilization, the civil war and reconstruction, wwi, wwii and women's history. I teach in a straightforward manner, encouraging questions, answers and lots of participation.

Private tutor or support all educational levels in Valencia and surrounding areas

I like to evaluate before the level of students to adapt classes best. My classes are dynamic and participatory to keep awake and eager to learn student. Prepare materials to work together in school hours and i adapt to what they need.

Experienced College Professor in the Humanities Offers Tutoring in Midcoast Maine and Remotely. Specialities: Gender, Cultural and Media Studies; Sociology; Communication; Human Sexuality; History

I am a college professor with an interdisciplinary ma in women, gender, and sexuality studies, communication and new media. I will tutor/assist students middle-school age through adult. My teaching style can best be described as intersectional, trans-disciplinary and participatory.

High school teacher with three years experience in teaching | Springfield, TN

I teach high school students. For two years i taught middle school, this year i was moved to teach in the high school. I enjoy discussion-based learning. I use technology to incorporate enjoyment into learning. I enjoy teaching students how to learn- not what to learn.

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High L1 Performing Arts provides courses in history and English at Clermont-Ferrand

My name is emma. My course is for all levels up to the first year of university. Passionate about world war ii, russian history and english, i would do my courses with passion. My classes will not be 100% school, i like to make fun of course, dynamic and fun. Ask me questions when you do not understand or if you want to do a course only on questions or want deepenings.

Teacher gives social studies lessons to middle school and high school students around the Boulder, Colorado area.

Hello students! I am a certified teacher for the state of colorado. I can give lessons involving social studies: history, government, geography, etc.

Malaga: graduated teaches geography, history, communication and humanities for high school and elementary

Teacher with training required for students of eso, adult secondary, baccalaureate and training matters related to language and literature, geography, history, social sciences and communication. Work based on the progressive development, in improving self-confidence and motivation method. Specialist in e-learning.

Doctor in Audiovisual Communication teaches various arts subjects in Seville and surroundings

Applying a methodology based on ict and film, it is intended that students acquire knowledge from the most basic to higher education in areas related to language, literature, art, history, technology and education in values. The goal is that students acquire knowledge in an immersive way, discarding the purely rote study.

Chipping Norton
Tutor and editor in History and English to all levels in Oxfordshire

I am a passionate tutor who since finishing my masters degree in 2014 has continued to learn and develop my knowledge and skills set. I have been teaching privately for the past seven years, my experience ranges from one to one, home schooling, to teaching several students at once. I have experience teaching at gcse/as/a2 and undergraduate level, in addition i have covered all exam boards.

Secondary teacher gives private lessons of History, Philosophy, Geography, History of Art ...

The explanations on the matter will be combined with practical materials, so that students can understand and use the necessary tools for comment text, maps, graphics and images, while acquiring knowledge of the matter and tools neccesary for the university.

History major giving lessons and tutoring sessions in Cape Girardeau County to Grade School and College students.

I have a graduate degree in history with areas in classical world history and american history. I have taught a wide range of students in the past. Lessons will be based on individual needs and techniques will be creative and hands on learning.

San Diego
Greetings! History teacher seeks students from middle school to college to tutor.

I possess a bachelor of science and master of arts in history from the university of nebraska at omaha. My majors were in history. I also recently obtained my master of education with social science teaching credential from national university in san diego california.

History. From elementary to high school. Face to face or via web cam.

Study history with a young teacher can help exploit fully this matter. History is a subject that teaches how to memorize and elaborate informations, such as philosophy teaches to think about maximum systems and as math teaches to assimilate and rework data.

International Relations student teachs all types of History, Geography, English, Philosophy and Literature in Madrid area.

Young teacher with great experience teaching in madrid area. International relations expert and criminologist. Teaching all types of history, geography, philosophy, english and literature. Very outgoing person who loves her job, always ready to help new students. Best results with the best human technique.

History Buff looking to instill love of all things old to an eager student

I recently graduated from clark university in worcester, ma and am preparing to apply to law school. As a student i learned best from visuals and self-practice; however i am aware different students learn in different ways. That being said i'm willing to adapt my lesson plan to a way that helps the student learn best and am always researching creative ways to teach.

MSW Candidate who gives lessons on psychology and related social sciences middle and high school levels

I am an alumni of auburn university. My degree is in psychology and i was a teaching assistant while in my undergraduate years. Currently, i am a masters of social work (msw) candidate at the university of southern california. I really loved my time as teaching assistant and i strive to use all of the experience i gained from that to continue helping others.

Young graduated from two Masters in Archaeology, a BA in History and Geography and a Literary Baccalaureat. Gives classes in history, geography and archeology.

These classes are aimed at primary, college students and high school students. I am also open to adults. The first session will be a discovery of the student, his level and his program. We will identify challenges and establish a goal. My methodology is based on understanding the student what he learns in order that it retains more easily.

Knowledgeable & passionate Social Sciences tutor in Janesville seeking students to assist

Since middle school the social sciences has always been a strong interest of mine; even up through high school & into college. I love various parts of history including civil rights/black history, ww2, etc. Psychology & sociology is where some of my deepest knowledge & passions lie; even to the extent of it being my major in college.

Nerdy Cognitive Scientist for Over 15 Years Gives Lessons in Behavioral Science and Military History

I have a ph. d . In cognitive science, and i provide instruction at the college level for students interested in cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, psychology & law, and research methods. For students interested in military history, i also provide courses related to strategic problem solving and leadership during the u. s . Civil war.

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