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Graphic designer PAO-trainer gives private lessons on Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lyon and Rhône-Alpes region.

Need to learn illustrator to create a logo? Want to understand indesign and promote your business? Want to know photoshop to edit pictures? Whatever your level, your motivations, leisure or professional, i offer courses tailored to your needs. Painters, sculptors wishing to move forward with digital, i can help.

(17 reviews)
Young art director teach you how to use adobe photoshop / illustrator / indesign

Hello! Young artistic director of 26 often called playful and dynamic, i give drawing classes and computer graphics classes for beginners and intermediate levels. I study with a free initial meeting your career and your project, and i build with you the content of the courses which are suited to your need.

(2 reviews)
Introductory course on development and Illustrator, and especially for the IT integration

Hello! I am a student in the final year of engineering school, art enthusiast and design from the beginning of my studies, i now mastered the illustrator software. I give dynamic course with a lot of practice to introduce you and make you evolve faster. Being young and open minded, i am open to any method you propose to me.

(2 reviews)
La Garenne-Colombes
[STUDENT FUTURE GRADUATED] Give lessons in Design, Graphic Design, Illustration ! !

Soon graduated of sae institute, the graphics design is my passion, i want to share it! I therefore propose lessons for all those seeking to learn and / or deepen knowledge. Beginner or relatively experienced? No worries, i can answer your questions and help you! Lessons can be at my home, and i can travel to you (according to the distance of course! ) .

Industrial designer teaches Adobe Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, ...), computer science, design and video; also school support

I am a graduate engineer in industrial design, and i accept all students who can learn something from me. (school, university or independent people) It will be a personalized learning for each student, depending on what you want to learn and for what. If you have any questions do not be afraid to ask, and we'll talk about what i can teach and what level can achieve.

Teaching Tech and English Too- Learn along with Philadelphia Honors Scholarship Recipient

I graduated from junior college with aa degrees in english and theater. I am now attending a university in the united states taking a graphic design major and english major to get my bachelor's degree in both. Patience is my teaching style. I have also worked alongside 2 professors as their ta.

Graphic designer and educator in graphic design, drawing, InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop – teach more than buttons, panels, and quick keys – teach software creativity

I am an experienced designer and teacher. I try to include more than my background as an artist, but my first-hand experience navigating the transition from traditional techniques to digital techniques. Additionally, i have more than 30 years experience teaching graphic design, production, art, and computer software including adobe indesign, illustrator, and photoshop.

IT Specialist in Desktop Support and Print and Web Design a Specialist

I am an it professional with certificates in print and web. I like to work one on one with my students are my clients to get a clear understanding of what they're looking looking for or need. I have done many graphic design pieces for my family and professionally and also love teaching it and using this offer to help people with their needs.

Web and graphic designer with 7 years of experience -> only online classes

Hi, i'm catalina valdez, graphic designer, i have a master in graphic design majoring in digital marketing, also working as a graphic design teacher in university of monterrey teaching web design and softwares for designers. I am founder and director of creativoslibres. Mx and i'm also certified as pmp (project manager professional) by the project management institute.

Private Lessons - Photoshop - Illustrator - Indesign - After Effect -

Hello! Marches are a chart with ten years experience in the field impart lessons for learning basic or advanced of the major graphics software: photoshop, illustrator, indesign or after effect throughout my experience, i have developed and improved the ability to work in teams with other creative and collaborate with other departments in order to design new products, beautiful and at the same...

Des Moines
Topper in Computer basics and Maths with double Masters Degree,West Des moines

Master in computer science Ms in computer professional. I did my bachelor also in cse. At school and university level ,i scored a+ grade in maths I love to teach maths and computer. The steps to teach are below 1 . Basics with small example. Then test whether student got it 2 .

(5 reviews)
Paris 10e
Confirmed creative GRAPHIC DESIGNER offers lessons and tutorials in DRAWING/SKETCHING and PHOTOSHOP / ILLUSTRATOR - all levels (Mac / Pc)

Hello! I am freelance graphic designer / illustrator / creative: i actually had the opportunity to work in 3 countries and cultures of different languages ​​… to work from different creatives, which allowed me to learn and to easily adapt to many situations.

Adobe Design Tutoring

Hi, i am a veteran of all things adobe; i have 20+ years experience and have taught young and old how use adobe software and expand their curiosity into working knowledge. I ask simple questions to efficiently find what end results you would like to achieve and guide you step by step until you are comfortable with the results.

(1 reviews)
Paris 12e
DRAWING classes and GRAPHIC DESIGN SOFTWARE (Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, AfterEffect) in Paris - Graduated from FASE Penninghen -

Hello! I would like to share my passion with you. I will teach you how to draw in perspective, understand the light, the colors, the frames and scales. We can work on different subjects such as still life, architecture, portrait, body. I will teach you how to use graphics software and give you practical exercises.

(2 reviews)
Create your website and communication materials with a professional in Antibes PACA region.

Creative entrepreneur in the world of graphic design and communication, i propose practical solutions in the form of tutoring to give the keys to the success of your business or your personal project.

Parisian Senior Art Director (Graduate School of Arts and Techniques Superior) gives during DTP / Illustrator / InDesign / Photoshop / Web (graphic part)

Senior art director for almost 6 years, i address you, student in school, but also to you, didactic entrepreneur who lacks tricks or you, aspiring to creative ideas but not the skills to put out or just to you, curious who want to discover new things and quench your thirst for knowledge. My learning technique is as simple as a brief: you have expectations, i would do anything to respond.

All the secrets of Photoshop: from the interface to montage, from illustration photo editing. For all levels of knowledge, to any required use.

Coming from the traditional design would have never imagined to get interested in digital art, but after a few lessons of photoshop including the enormous potential of this program that allows your imagination to take roads never considered.

(3 reviews)
Undergraduate student of art design option gives private lessons DTP Photoshop Illustrator InDesign in Strasbourg

I am a student who have completed a design art license at the university of strasbourg and will continue my studies in brussels at the decorative arts centre in advertising and digital creation. My classes are for people wishing to specialize in this field and who do not know at all or not much how to use adobe softwares. You'll learn to work effectively and achieve good results quickly enough.

(1 reviews)
Paris 11e
Architect and illustrator in Paris gives classes in drawing, computer graphics, photography

Drawing classes, perspective, computer graphics (photoshop, illustrator, in design, after effects, sketchup) initiations photo-video, directed by leisure for children or adults or preparation and development in students of arts curriculum or in preparation for competitions (bt or bts-applied graphics arts industry-architecture-design-drawing) - practice workshop drawing (still life, perspective)...

Freelance graphic designer graduated in visual communication and advertising (master) - Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont / Mons - Provides classes for all levels in DTP (Illustrator and InDesign) and advanced

- courses for all: students or adult - five days before the course: you specify the object of the course, what you want to learn and your skills in the area. Come with your computer, some exercises that you have done or have to do of you have in that way we will work more efficiently and it will be more concrete for you.

Experienced trainer in DTP and Video course offers all levels of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Final Cut, After Effect in Paris.

Professor in schools of art, communication, graphic design and the university, i am also a trainer in the fields of desktop publishing, graphic design and video. My fifteen years of teaching experience in these fields and the diversity of my lessons you will receive full training and customized. We will go to the essential whatever your request.

Architect teaches Photoshop, Illustrator, Computer graphics, 3D, Sketchup, modeling and photo retouching, also helped to enhance project presentations beyond technical issues and

Hello, my name is francisca and i am architect by the udc, i teach programs photographic modeling and computer graphics for any level of education issue, whether primary, secondary, vocational training or university studies, also lovers of computer graphics and / or photo you want to know more or better at assembly presentations.

Graphic design classes in Barcelona! By a student of 4th Career

Hello! I am albert casas, 4th student of graphic design at idep barcelona. I teach graphic design programs for both people starting from scratch as people with ideas. In my classes we will learn the tools and then will raise exercises to implement them.

Infographiste Pro provides courses for beginners DTP gives private lessons Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign,

Graphic designer - model maker, i am specialized in communication and paper web but also touch and photo colorimetry. Creating brochures and layout, brochures, catalogs, advertising pages, reports more than 15 years of experience mastering mac system and have worked for numerous years in the pre-press printing.

Trainer passionate and serious graphic design and prepress (Suite Adobe Creative Cloud)

I am a young graphic designer passionate and dynamic. My courses are for people who want to learn prepress design or simply improve it. The courses are modular in function of expectations. Classes are held according to a schedule with you and its content is also debatable. This is a course on request and not a fixed program.

Elsa rebeca
Classes Photoshop and other graphics programs, specialized in photo retouching in Madrid

Teacher with high knowledge of photoshop, with six years of training and experience impart lessons tailored for all levels. I am in possession of the official title of adobe and a master. Classes can be adapted depending on the objectives of the student: professional, artistic or personal.

Jardim Shangri-la A (Londrina)
Classes Photoshop & Illustrator. Basic or advanced. experienced graphic designer, in Londrina.

Classes for people interested in learning about the world of digital, image manipulation, creation of designs and assembly of images, or vectors, brands and logos. Will be taught, tools, filters, keyboard shortcuts and speed workflow. Beginner or advanced. Advanced english.

Stylist gives particular course of photoshop and illustrator for student or professional in Paris Haut de seine

Graduated from the school esmod in paris specialization fashion accessory (jewelry, shoes and leather goods). I therefore draws collections thanks to photoshop and illustrator tools (technical drawings, ghost, produced, retouching images, clipping, creation of logo, color setting etc.

Professor at Madrid Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, digital photography and design

Work results and objectives achieved, not by the hour. If you do not learn, classes are free. Learn in a fun, fast and effectively. In less than 30 minutes answered. Via email, tel or whatsapp. Double degree in advertising & communication audiovisual. Graphic-design and photography: adobe photoshop, lightroom, illustrator and indesign.

(1 reviews)
Learn to use Photoshop with a Student Web (beginner to advanced)

I am a student at hetic in montreuil. Hetic is a school that delivers the web in 5 years an expert diploma in digital communications engineering. In photoshop, i propose courses for novice or infrequent user of the adobe tool.

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