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Plateau Mont-Royal

Bonjour, Designer d'intérieur depuis 10 ans, donne cours en autocad, photoshop.

Carlos andrés
Ciudad de México
Biology tutor and scientific illustration, for SEP, IGCSE or IB in English and Spanish! Mexico City, South or Central Zone. Finishing degree in Biology.

Hello! My name is carlos solís, i'm a biologist and i've dedicated the past two years to teaching. My classes are aimed at anyone, i adjust the level according to your needs. I am creative and find ways to bring into the table different perspectives and analogies so that you can understand abstract concepts through logic and critical thinking.

Pep m.
Math teacher with more than 10 years of experience offers maths and sciences classes on your own home

Quickly: if you've got some individual doubts, need help or want to develop your knowledge in the sciences and maths department, contact me. While the bulk of my students have always been between 12 and 18 years old, almost anything you want is teachable. Even if it is not said, finance and some early college courses are available (at a higher price).

I'm Agricultural Engineer and impart any particular classes of materials for both school and university related to mathematics, physics, chemistry, technical drawing, engineering, support

I am rocio, a girl just graduated in agricultural engineering and rural affairs at the university of cordoba and am currently a student of double master in agricultural and rural development and territorial engineering.

Ana isabel
Graduated in Architecture it offers private lessons of science and technology branch.

I just completed my studies in the career of architecture, to continue them in master. My classes are aimed at students of all levels, from primary to university education, as my extensive training allows cover all scales, especially in matters of science and technology branch.

(1 reviews)
Private Lessons taught by Engineer in Barcelona - MATHS, TECHNIC DRAWING, PHYSICS, TECHNOLOGY

Civil engineer with master taughts private lessons cause at the moment i'm studying for an opposition. From elementary lessons to university level students. All subjects, specially maths, technic drawing, physics and technology. 12eur/h individual lesson, or 8eur/h/pax for small groups (siblings, classmates, friends. ) . I can give lessons in my home or in the student's.

(1 reviews)
Math or science teacher for school students. I am currently pursuing a bachelor in engineering. I can move

I am a student of last courses of industrial engineering at the polytechnic university of madrid, i teach mathematics, technical drawing, physics, chemistry and general science to school children of all ages, from primary to high school.

(1 reviews)
Young engineer with facilities to teach technical subjects on a patiently and easily way.

Learning through study is sometimes tedious and apparently incomprehensible and difficult to learn. Nothing of that! The best motivation to learn is through interest, and the best way to learn is by deductive reasoning. Through real examples scientific, historical, technological, or hypothetical examples, technical subjects may arouse interest to any student.

São Caetano do Sul
Teacher with degree in Mechanical Engineering at UNICAMP teaches classes of Mathematics and Physics

My name is felipe and i have a degree in mechanical engineering at unicamp. My classes are designed for people who want to improve their knowledge or have objective to pass inthe exams of brazilian public universities. I use books that covers vestibular issues and usually i send additional home works. I believe that through lots of training and study, students will be able to achieve their goals.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Face or online high school teacher / ESO (mathematics, physics, etc.) in Palmas

I am a graduate student in computer engineering at the university of palms with strong knowledge in mathematics but also good level in all subjects in school / eso to prepare them for selectivity. I also have high levels in algebra, calculus, statistics, etc. My methodology for the student to learn properly is the clarification of doubts by examples and explanations in a way that understands.

Engineering (Computer Science) student teaches mathematics and physics in Moratalaz (Madrid)

I am 19 years old and i am a computer science student. I really like maths and physics, and i can transmit them easily to my students. I have had previous teaching experiences in which students have learnt in an educational and entertaining way.

(1 reviews)
Industrial Engineer with CAP taught college, high school, or that access to Univera classes; modules at intermediate or higher

Industrial engineer with experience as professional and educational wishes to convey the essence of science and its presence in the real world. Mathematics, physics, chemistry, language, english or technical drawing if you start in the bilingual school course, do not hesitate, i am the solution.

Aerospace Engineering student teaches mathematics and physics, previous experience (Madrid, webcam lessons)

Aerospace engineering student in third year of degree offers private lessons in mathematics, physics and chemistry and technical drawing. Webcam lessons in english for sure. From primary to high school. Two years experience successfully teaching, patient and used to deal with students.

(1 reviews)
San Pedro Alcántara
Home tuition Marbella. Private science lessons to help students understand difficult subjects.

I'm ildefonso pérez. Tutoring middle and high school students from 2007. Spanish and english curriculum. Specialized on science subjects: maths, physics, chemistry. Methodology: explanation of concepts, showing examples, training exercises, test and exams. Customized work for the pupil. My students can use whatsapp to make any question at any time, without an extra cost.

Dos Hermanas
Industrial engineer (now a high school teacher) teaches high school and college courses.

Industrial engineer (specialty chemical) with 10 years experience as an engineer in the private sector. High school teacher (mathematics) since 2009. Experience teaching other science subjects (technical drawing, chemistry, physics, economics, computer science, calculus, etc. ) . Approved high ratio among students that i have taught private lessons.

Aerospace Engineer 4th imparts very educational levels up to university classes tailored to each student according to their needs. guaranteed results. Good level of English to teach

I am a student of 4th of aerospace engineering at the carlos iii university of madrid, in leganes campues. Adapt classes to the needs and abilities of each student to matener lot of motivation both in class and during personal study time. You can contact me via whatsapp, skype or email at any time after hours to answer questions.

(1 reviews)
Student of Industrial Engineering teaches Primary, secondary school and Selectivity in Ferrol and Narón

Last-year student of industrial engineering. I teach mathematics, physics, chemistry, technology, technical drawing and english to students of primary school, secondary school and selectivity in ferrol and surrounding areas. I use a very practical methodology, by problem solving and clarification of doubts.

Mining engineer teaches science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Drawing, Economics, etc.) in Aranjuez. 20 years of experience with adolescents and youth.

I am 38 years old and since i started the race i spent tutoring of science subjects to pay my expenses, both academic and personal.

Tutoring and On Line Math | Madrid | Civil engineer

Civil engineer with several years experience as a tutor in levels of secondary school and university in physics, chemistry, mathematics and technical drawing especially. Currently i teach physics, mathematics and technical drawing in different educational levels, both online and onsite. I dispose of classes on line service (learn in clasesdematematicasonline.

Architect and professor of Mathematics. I teach all science subjects in Seville and nearby towns at all levels

Although i studied architecture, i have dedicated myself to be a science professor for the past 4 years. I know you think math and phisics are difficult, but if you understand them from the beginning you'll see they're not complicated, but very logical.

Specializes in intensive courses in technical drawing teacher in Madrid. Experience and good secured results. Architect.

I am a technical architect with experience teaching both academia and particular. I decided to specialize in technical drawing, and create a dynamic and effective method of teaching. Perfect for intensive and prepare baccalaureate exams and entrance exams courses. Good results and personalized monitoring of students.

Technical Drawing, Descriptive Geometry, Math, Physics, Autocad, Sketch Up. Tutoring in Barcelona

Architect Experienced tutor in: + technical drawing and descriptive geometry at all levels + math and physics for 'eso' and 'batchillerat' students (also ib) + autocad 2d 3d + sketchup For individuals, groups, companies, etc.

María josé
Professor home in Murcia: I resolve your doubts. I facilitated the task of learning.

My methodology is quite simple, but very effective. Detect weaknesses in the student, reinforcement and thereafter introduce new knowledge. It is a work of consolidation and assimilation of knowledge and learning to relate concepts and extrapolate. I think it's really effective.

Professor of mathematics, physics, science and English for primary and secondary school

Personal tutor for subjects of science, technology, drawing and english can teach all classes in english. Naron classes with audiovisual support enjoyable and fun. Skype distance classes and lessons for adults classgap english conversation, preparation for job interviews.

Aerospace Engineering student, wide experience teaching class: physics, mathematics, drawing TÉCNICO..posibilidad of impartilas in English. SEVILLA CAPITAL

I'm inma pedrosa, 22. Study aerospace engineering in the university of seville. Been since 18 giving private lessons, i love it and my students are happy with the results. I teach from elementary to high school, or first year of technical careers. Physics, mathematics, technical drawing. But also primary subjects. I dispose of c1 in english, with experience as an au pair for 3 months.

A Coruña
Industrial Engineer teaches maths, physics, chemistry or technical drawing in A Coruña.

Hello! My name is irene and i am an industrial engineering graduate and now i will start a master of business administration (mba) and i am trying to earn some extra money by teaching. I've been living in dublin for a year, working as a nanny, and also teaching maths and statistics to a girl who wanted to go to the university. I can provide references if necessary.

Student Engineer BAC + 4 ENSMM Besancon gives courses in Mathematics, Physics, Mechanics

I am a french engineering student at the national school of mechanics and microtechnology besancon and previously in prep school maths-physics. I can give courses in maths, physics, mechanics and engineering science at all levels. I can also give high school or lower level chemistry courses.

Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and industrial design. Prof. Mark chemical studant of PUC-MG

Classes designed to help in the studies with simple methodology, trying to bring as much as possible the content studied for the daily life of the student so that he can not only decorate but really learn and do it in a pleasant way.

Rabah 43 YEARS, PhD in Electrical Engineering I offer courses in mathematics, industrial design, electrical, general electrical engineering, logic College students end up.

I offer mathematics courses for students in colleges until terminal, and courses for technical matters of school until the university level: industrial design, electrical, general electrical engineering, logic.

Math, Physics, Technical Drawing and Chemistry tutor at ESO, Bachiller and any level.

Recent graduate aerospace engineer at the polytechnic university of madrid, at home i teach mathematics, physics, technical drawing at all levels (primary, secondary, baccalaureate degree). Extensive experience, very friendly and efficient. The traversing is all the center of madrid, especially cuatro caminos nuevos ministerios and surrounding area. I also teach in their own home.

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