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J'enseigne italian au francophone et francais au italian, contactez-moi, aussi en webcam

Je suis italian mais ma mere est francaise et depuis que je suis nee je voyage en france. Maintenant je me suis transferee en canada et je donne de tres bonne cours d'italian au francophone.

St. John's
Experienced teacher, native Italian, offers lessons for all levels in Milan and by webcam

I am a dynamic girl, very positive and enthusiastic who always knows to achieve her goals. I have a lot of patience and i transmit my enthusiasm on teaching. Every day i am committed to learning new things and to update me. I like to teach others the things i know and i do it with passion. I teach in italy for 10 years and all of my students have always passed the exams.

(8 reviews)
French, English and Italian Lessons, 15 € per hour

28 years young graduated in foreign languages ​​and cultures at the university of bologna (italy) and paris sorbonne iv and a master's degree in euroculture, erasmus mundus programme at itiri university of strasbourg (studies in english language) provides private lessons english and italian. All levels accepted. Several years of professional experience in england, ireland and italy.

(11 reviews)
Paris 5e
Experienced teacher, native Italian, offers lessons for all levels in Paris and by webcam.

I'm a language assistant in three parisian high schools, i'm graduated at ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales paris. I am italian mother tongue and i worked for years in the field of language learning. According to the specific requirements of the students, my classes will focus on conversation, grammar and pronunciation.

(5 reviews)
Lyon 4e
Italian courses in Lyon for all levels and ages (69004) by SARA

Native teacher degree in modern languages, with ten years experience in the teaching of italian as a foreign language. Experience as a tutor in the most famous academies for all levels and ages (children, adolescents and adults). Use of a dynamic and direct method to learn the language: grammar, conversation, vocabulary and reading.

(2 reviews)
Degree in Literature and Philosophy at the University of Bologna offers Italian classes for foreigners in Modena.

Hello! I'm david, after the high school graduation i graduated in artistic heritage at the university of parma (vote 110/110) and i later obtained a degree in literature and philosophy at the university of bologna (105/110 votes).

(4 reviews)
Paris 9e

Phd candidate in archaeology, mother-tongue italian, offers language classes for children and adults. I have an extensive experience (8 years) in private lessons. My approach focuses on oral and written expression, giving great importance to grammatical structures, even if the lesson is built on the real needs of the learner. I like to use some audio-video equipments.

(4 reviews)
Paris 10e
Hebrew, English, Italian live by video chat on skype. Practical, economical, immediate and without constraints.

Language courses for all levels and ages by live video-conference on skype. Effective, practical, economical, immediate and without constraints. Price: 15 euro the lesson of 50 minutes. Website available for review lessons and related exercises or to rehear the studied texts.

(7 reviews)
Bilingual Tailored Lessons with a native speaker - Leçons bilingues avec prof. d'Anglais native

Ba after i began to teach italian to foreigners and english to children in my hometown, modena (it) and i did it for 5 years. For me this is not just a job but a way to keep my mind open and share life. I speak without any particular constraint. I will be strong and careful when speaking, so you'll be able to learn english or italian scholar (not a funny dialect).

(6 reviews)
Italian / Learn Italian, creatively, in Paris, and online, in full immersion as

Italian, from the florence area, i currently live in paris where i do a phd in arts. My classes are for everyone: children, college students and high school, and adults are organized according to the requirements and expectations of students. They can also take place remotely online.

(5 reviews)
Italiano. experienced teacher gives italian course italian, luxembourg. art, tourism, economics, diction for opera singers.

Italian professor graduate (ditals ii) gives private lessons italian luxembourg or neighboring area. Grammar and conversation, written and oral language exercises and games to the needs of students. Italian for work or for pleasure, for all levels and ages. Diction for theater and opera, culture and italian cuisine. School support.

(2 reviews)
ITALIAN GRADUATE WITH EXPERIENCE gives italian (language and literature) private lessons for all leves

I am a phd student in a double-degree at paris-sorbonne and the university of padua. I study modern history and classical philology and i hold a m2 philosophy. My mother tongue is italian and i also did literary studies. I offer personalised courses for improving your language skills. I love italian literature, so i can give lessons on this subject too.

(5 reviews)
Marseille 6e
Italian law student, gives Italian lessons (grammar, civilization, conversation etc) for all levels, Marseille

The courses are addressed to everyone, beginners or more advanced. My first language is italian and i can adapt the lessons to student's demands, for example they can be based on conversation, or on the study of a text, a song or a short scene from a movie that will be decided at the beginning of the course.

(3 reviews)
Student in Applied Foreign Languages ​​offers private lessons in English, Italian and French language FLE in Bordeaux

I offer english classes for all levels (from 10-12 years), italian language courses for beginners and finally fle (french as a foreign language) for foreigners who wish to improve their language skills. Classes last approximately 1 hour; you decide if you want more or less! I am very interested in the news and it is a resource that i use mostly in my classes.

(3 reviews)
Let's learn Italian! Researcher in linguistics offer Italian lessons on Skype. Any level is welcome.

Cari studenti, I am a researcher in theoretical and applied linguistics, particularly working on italian, french and chinese data. I am also an experienced language teacher since from the very beginning of my academic career i've been teaching italian, my beautiful mother tongue, to support my studies. A native of tuscany and grown up in rome, my pronunciation is perfectly standard.

Postgraduate in Specialized Translation for school tuition or lessons of Italian, English and Spanish in San Donato district in Bologna.

The university study has allowed me to express my passion for languages. Over time i also looked for opportunities to transmit this passion, so i became a volunteer teacher of italian for foreigners. But in my spare time i also use to help friends and relatives with english and spanish. Therefore, i have had to deal with people of different ages and different levels of knowledge.

A highly professional Teacher and Translator (English, Spanish and Italian as a SL) with a wide academic record and considerable experience gained both in Italy and abroad. Adopts a committed and moti

English, spanish and italian as a sl teacher -teach foreign languages to different age groups at various levels of proficiency -teach cambridge tests preparation courses -adapt authentic texts and develop course teaching material -consistently commended for dealing effectively with demanding and difficult students 

(1 reviews)
English teacher with long experience abroad for tuition and private english and italian lessons

I have lived abroad for several years, and i did a doctorate and worked at the university college london (ucl) in london. I have experience in both private (i gave private lessons for several years) and public, because i taught at university and supervised several students. I teach both italian to english native speakers and english to italian people.

Tuition of English - Spanish - Italian for students and adults. I live in Turin and I work as freelance translator and interpreter. I am currently enrolled in the master's degree in translation at the

I am a passionate girl of languages ​​and translation. I graduated in linguistic mediation at the university of perugia. I work as a freelance interpreter and translator for english, spanish and italian. For more than five years i have been providing private lessons for students and adults who want to learn a language or improve their level.

Student fifth year high school language Mother tongue Italian-Polish, I teach Italian to foreigners and not, Polish and English for children of elementary, middle school, high ... Tuition at my house

Hello everyone, i'm currently attending the fifth year of high school language and teach for two years. My methods vary from person to person and usually i talk about this separately and depending on what is required i prepare a method.

New York
A tutor with 10 years of experience in teaching English! Click here

I am a foreign languages tutor with 10 years of experience, and i am looking to develop professional network and to traget students. I am a hardworking professional and a skilled teacher. I graduated with honors in 2007. Then, i got the second teaching category after only a year of teaching in 2010 and worked for two years as a freelance translator.

Italian for foreigners and English and Spanish to Italian (it's trilingual family). Twenty-five years I teach children, teens and adults. I live in the center of Milan and I move anywhere in town

Italian for foreigners and english and spanish to italian (my family is trilingual). Twenty-five years of experience with children, teens and adults. I live in the center of milan and i move anywhere in the city. My rate varies from 12 e. Children up to 20/25 e. For adults, depending on how specialised is the "version" of the requested language.

English teacher for all levels. Courses / Tutoring / Conversation. I own the CELTA certificate for teaching the English language.

My name is silvia, i'm 30 years old and after two years in australia i am now here in italy with a good amount of experience and with a celta certificate that qualifies me as an english teacher.

(3 reviews)
Le Mans
Certified teacher of Ural State University offers private lessons of Russian, Italian and English throughout the whole of France

Hello, my name is janna. I am a certified teacher at the ural state university, my teaching approach has had a success with thousands of students during these last 10 years. My lessons are aimed at any kind of students according to their age and language level.

(3 reviews)
Marseille 16e
In Marseille, experienced teacher gives private Italian lessons for all levels: Beginner, Intermed

Italian lessons for all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced. For students (primary, secondary), students and professionals, or simply for lovers of the italian language! Very good experience and passion in the transmission of languages ​​and cultures.

(2 reviews)
Language lessons in Pavia - individual lessons, group lessons and Skype lessons

I am a 26 year old girl living in pavia and available for private lessons in english, french and italian as a foreign language. My classes appeal to people who want to improve their level or people who want to increase their store of knowledge by learning a foreign language.

(2 reviews)
Graduated in Foreign Languages with work experience in England offers English tuition and homework help

I have a degree in foreign languages ​​and i lived three years in england. I love the english language and i like to help someone who may need a little help with homework or job interviews. I have experience as a volunteer teacher of italian for foreign adults, but i can be a great help for children.

(2 reviews)
Lyon 3e
Italian language private lessons for all levels - traslations from english/french/germany to italian

Mother tongue italian teacher graduated in foreign languages (university of salerno, italy) gives italian language private lessons for all student levels, from beginner to advanced. Method adapted to student's needs (kids, teenagers and adults) School support. Translations from english, french, germany to italian.

French and Italian online lessons - all levels- exam preparation - culture

Experienced trainer provides quality courses in french and italian - online - upgrading in french / exam preparation at all levels- french italian all levels friendly method from beginners to advanced many years of experience in england and italy with individual students or business - experience with children / teenagers / adults exam preparation / upgrading / fle / tutoring

(3 reviews)
Student in languages ​​offers private lessons (English, Spanish and Italian) on the St-Dié sector

I offer private lessons for beginners who want to learn a new language, for struggling students or simply seeking a better level. I propose three languages: english, spanish and italian. I work with different media (books and digital tools) that confront the student to different situations.

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Bonjour, Je viens d'arriver à Montréal (dimanche dernier). Je suis un français de 27ans. J'aime beaucoup la culture italienne et je souhaiterais continuer à apprendre l'italien. Si tu as des questions à me poser n'hésite pas à me...

3 months ago
J'enseigne italian au francophone et francais au italian, contactez-moi, aussi en webcam