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Cours japonais
(2 reviews)
Paris 3e
Learn japanese course with structured, efficient and dynamic! qualified teachers

Learn japanese with ease. With three japanese schools in paris and a wide national coverage, japanese course is the french specialist in teaching the japanese language. The courses are for children and adults.

(7 reviews)
Paris 2e
Chinese and Japanese private lessons in Paris and the surrounding area

Chinese and japanese teacher for all levels in paris and the surrounding area. Political science student (currently d2) with a good level of japanese has over 7 years experience of language teaching ​​for business affairs, hsk preparation, preparation lv tray 2 and 3 (japanese and chinese), etc. Chinese lessons: i will help you learn and improve pronunciation, speaking and writing in chinese.

(2 reviews)
Master degree gives Chinese classes for all levels student especially in Lyon

Young chinese graduated from the universite jean moulin lyon 3, master specialty applied foreign languages ​​- language and management. After spending 5 years of higher education in lyon 3, and an academic exchange year at shizuoka university in japan, i am perfectly four languages ​​english-french-japanese-chinese. With excellent interpersonal skills.

(2 reviews)
Lyon 7e
Students graduate with a Master 2 gives you specific course of Japanese, English and French in Lyon

I propose to give private lessons to learn japanese from beginner to intermediate level and help them progress in this beautiful language that is japanese. I am fluent in japanese (jlpt level 2) and i was a student at the university jean moulin lyon 3. I have a degree in language, culture and japanese civilization. I also lived in japan a year and go back when i get the chance.

Japanese teacher in Madrid and experience for all ages. I hope we will meet soon!

My name is silvia, and i am a teacher of japanese. I teach children and adults. Given the previous level of student interest and why you want to learn this language, (whether leisure, for the simple motivation to learn a language, to develop in japan) i adapt without difficulty to the type of learning it is more useful to your personal or professional goals.

(4 reviews)
Serious girl, located in Chesnay, teaches Japanese for beginners.

Serious girl and patient. I learn japanese by pure passion and would like to share what i know. The course will initially take place by learning the basics (alphabets mainly), then we will see the polite sentences, learn to count, month, etc. As well as some extremely important japanese customs. So it will be an oral learning and writing.

(3 reviews)
Japanese tutor, FFL françrais languages. French teacher!フ ラ ン ス 語 の 先生

Hi, i'm currently studying in aix-marseille university and i want to give japanese courses for beginners or elementary or those who need to improve their listening comprehension. I can also teach french fle language. I am able to give conversations courses or grammar based on simple dialogues that i would have created. Videos and music can also be used.

Japanese private lessons or group lessons for any levels (presencial or on-line).

Ongi etorri! I would like to welcome everybody who wants to know and learn the japanese language. What you need is enthusiasm to learn and a little courage to take the first step! The reason for learning can be anything: curiosity, the wish to master it, working reasons or any other reason. I choose the best methodology and plan depending on each students’ needs.

Student in Japanese gives JAPANESE courses for beginners interesting in this language

Hello, i'm 26 and i had learned japanese during 8 years (6 years by myself and 2 years in college) i teach japanese in a fun way, by making language learning fun. I base my classes on subjects my students like. We learn easier through a subject we like rather than a subject imposed to us.

I got a teaching degree in FFL, Japanese specialty, I give French lessons (all levels) as well as Japanese and English lessons (focusing) in ​​Paris and its close region.

I got a teaching degree in ffl with a japanese specialty obtained in june 2016 inalco. For english, i hold the toeic level b2 with a score of 810. I know most of the techniques and teaching methods but i prefer a contrastive analysis of languages ​​and the use of authentic documents in learning.

(2 reviews)
Language classes in HINDI or JAPANESE or ENGLISH or Nepali in/around LYON

I am a nepali teacher, married to a french citizen, and speaking / teaching fluently english, japanese, hindi and nepali languages. In nepal, i developed a strong experience in education by teaching for more than 8 years in public school in english and nepali languages.

I teach any level of Japanese and Chinese both writing and listening

Hi, i grew up in taiwan and graduated from a national university with a degree of political science. I had studied japanese since i was 18 most because i had interest in japanese culture and movies like miyazaki hayao.

Master student from Tokyo gives Japanese courses in Bordeaux. Let's speak Japanese !

Hello everyone! I was born in tokyo and finished my degree in tokyo. I lived a year in toulouse and i settled in bordeaux in 2015. I am second year student cinema master. I'm very interested in art and foreign culture (literature, music and cuisine, etc. ) i give japanese classes for all levels.

São Caetano do Sul
Sensei teaches Japanese at the basic level in Sao Caetano do Sul

Hello, my name is felipe and i study japanese for 7 years. I know several teaching books and teaching methods of the japanese language, because i had 4 "sensei", and all had a different teaching mode. I want to use every day tools to teach japanese to make it simple and easy to learn, but that doesn´t mean it won´t be necessary a lot of study and dedication to learn it.

Prof Japanese for all levels in Sain-Aubin-sur-Mer (graduated from University of Tokyo)

My aunt was a teacher of japanese university in australia and i have her books of course. I taught in spain (enseñalia, zaragoza, zaragoza) and have plenty of experience with beginners. I am very open and i will listen to your request.

(2 reviews)
I offer Chinese and Japanese langage lessons in French, English, Japanese and Chinese.

Those who are motivated to learn asian languages are welcomed by a native speaking teacher willing to share the native languages and cultures with you.

College graduate with 8 years experience gives Japanese language lessons

I have always been interested in east asian cultures. I started with japanese; moved onto korean as well in college; later on i studied mandarin too. I have been studying japanese for a little over 8 years (4 years in high school and 4 years in college). I also tutored it in college. I try to assess my student's level, take note of their problem areas and build a study model for them to follow.

Graduated BTS+2 and JLPT level N3 offers Japanese lessons in Aix-Les-Bains and at Home

Hello everyone, i have a national japanese diploma (jlpt) level 3 (n3) acquired in 2012. I write, read and speak fluent japanese. I can teach to any kind of student fun and personalized courses to learn from a to z the japanese language, or prepare the various national diplomas jlpt.

(2 reviews)
Learn to recognize and write kanji with the method of loci - by skype

Hello, Learning japanese requires to overcome a major challenge: one must learn more than 2000 common kanji to be able to read. Without method, learning the kanji can be extremely frustrating. This course, taught by skype, is for all those who wish to be able to read japanese one day: this requires a significant investment.

(1 reviews)
Private Japanese courses for all levels (conversation, grammar, kanji) Canton of Geneva

We are a french-japanese couple living in annemasse. We provide japanese language classes from beginner level to advanced. We cover all programs: conversation, vocabulary, grammar, hiragana katakana,, kanji.

(1 reviews)
Japanese certified teacher gives courses at all levels of Japanese

Japanese individualized courses to ensure rapid progress.

(1 reviews)
During japanese fontainebleau by graduate and experienced teacher for all levels

Japanese professor specialized in japanese as a foreign language and japanese calligraphy. Provides customized courses tailored to the needs of students. English speakers are welcome. Group lessons given at fontainebleau (classroom in a private school), at student's home, or in my home (10 minutes from fontainebleau). The lesson fee varies depending on the option.

(1 reviews)
Monbukagakusho Scholar offering private language classes online or in Salamanca, Spain (Japanese and/or English, latin spanish)

Hello! Thank you very much for visiting my classroom, welcome! My name is jael, i studied japanese while living in kyoto, japan for two years, i have experience teaching in language schools and i'm currently doing a master in japanese studies.

(1 reviews)
Learn English and Japanese by former senior executive of languages ​​diploma / Sc Po

Higher multinational former executive, graduated from sciences po paris in marketing and from the university of the sorbonne in english & management (valedictorian at the sorbonne) and from langues 'o gives english and japanese lessons at all levels, school, college, high school and professionals.

(4 reviews)
Japanese lessons for all levels with an experienced teacher with a teaching degree

Studied japanese literature, passionate about teaching and communication gives japanese lessons for adults and children. Courses to prepare a trip to japan, buisiness, and jlpt (japanese aptitude test). Individual course and in a small group are possible.

L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
Japanese dynamic classes for all levels at home in Barcelona for 12€

In the first class study what each student knows and adapt to your preferences and material you have. If you do not have i will provide the necessary material. My classes will not only be theoretical, but also include readings, whether formal, informal or lyrics texts and teaching general japanese culture, such as manga and japanese holidays.

All-levels English lessons or initiation lessons to Japanese in Palma de Mallorca

Freelance translator of english who teaches private lessonsto students of all levels. Classes are focused on meeting the objectives set by the student, providing resources and learning techniques, and trying to make the student realize his mistakes to avoid repeating them.

Professor Japanese - English - French as a foreign language at your service! Freshly arrived from Osaka after 5 years experience in TEFL Berlitz Kansai

Japanese i can teach japanese from beginners to intermediate level. We can study the different spellings (hiragana, katakana, kanji), different verb forms, regular expressions, japanese travel, see the japanese business. Of course we can also study the civilizational aspects of the japanese archipelago.

English lessons in Paris for all ages and levels (until C1), first class for free

I am a native spanish-speaking girl. I just arrived in france to start the license, but i would love to teach spanish. The courses are addressed to the general public because i can give at the base, until advanced knowledge in spanish. In high school i took courses geared to the study of the spanish language.

Trainer offers language courses, support and training in English, Japanese and French (FFL)

With a serious, smiling, dynamic teacher, start or resume classes in english, french or japanese. The classes are for all ages as i use a variety of adapted methods to fit your age, background, needs and expectations. For children, the learning process relies on playing and working with children's books, songs and rhymes, cartoons.

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