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During Korean / French in Paris or online for all levels of experience 4 years

Paul, 25, bilingual french / korean graduated in llce korean / hei obtained at inalco and currently in second year of master of journalism at korea university. Back in france for a year, i offer korean or french language courses for all levels by following an intuitive methodology yet based on a solid understanding of basic grammar in both languages.

Interesting Korean class for every level with a fun teacher who has more than 5 years of experiences

Hello, i would like to teach korean fun and interactive way to motivated students and sympatic. For over 5 years i give private lessons in language. I'm serious, fun, open-minded. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Did you know Hyundai, Samsaung, LG are Korean? You can speak it and write it.

Education: Bellevue high school bellevue washjngton usa washington state university, pullman, wa Bachelors art of social science Master of foreign langauge education cerificate, seoul, korea Current cl150 cerifiied language instructor and cohort coach Language lesson developer and proof reading recording instructor

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Korean teacher from Seoul, looking for students in paris! A0-C2 possible

Hello everyone, i welcome you to the course korean! Learning a new language is hard, but not very difficult. I know the french language and korean is totally different, but we can learn more easily with several activities! You can see the korean broadcasts or dramas, korean culture, k pop, korean kitchen etc.

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Teacher 15 years experience / Korean classes for all levels in Cannes, Nice and around

Hello, my name is sera, i am a korean and living in france for 10 years. I have taught for more than 15 years experience in private schools and also ine the university in korea and france. I offer korean lessons for all levels (adult, children from 3 years professional) on weekdays and weekends. Stay professional goals tourism studies in korea exam preparation.

Want to learn a language or need help in music theory then I'm the teacher for you. I can teach French,Spanish,English, and Persian. I'm really good at learning languages and it's a hobby of mine. It'

I'm a college student who majors in music and has a hobby of learning languages. I give lessons to people who are 12-25 years old. My students need to be hardworking and motivated to learn. I'm also currently enrolled in a french class and i have a grade of a+ in the class. Before taking this class, i've studied french for at least 7 years.

Young ju
Learning Korean or Japanese faster in a fun way with a fun and engaging teacher

I graduated from sangmyung university in february 2009 with a degree in bachelor of art: ‒ japanese literature & minor ‒ english literature. Then i went to hankuk university of foreign studies tesol certification, and graduated: december 2009.

My friends, I will make the most of my efforts to convey the message.

Well, this is sara, i am a first year biology student. Before moving to this branch, i studied one year in first year common for health studies. Frankly, the teaching method will be decided during the course depending on the student.

Spanish, English and Korean language classes via Skype, a program tailored for your needs

I am a native spanish speaker and fully bilingual. I have an immeasurable love for languages and i firmly believe good communication skills can take you really far in life. I also love helping others and that is why i decided to be a teacher.

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Korean course with a native Korean in Nice and near Nice (06)

Hello, i am korean ( native korean :)) and i give korean courses from beginner to advanced level. Also you can prepare topik ( test of proficiency in korean ) with me. I do not have a classroom, but i can move. I ideally teach in nice but i can also give courses in the immediate area (price may vary depending on the distance). Each course will last 2 hours (so you can really learn).

Korean clases un Madrid forma begginers por intermediate students (alzó skype lessons)

I am a girl from madrid, and although korean is not my mother tongue, i can speak it fluently, also i have total availability.

Hye min
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Classes Korean in Bordeaux / Talence Domicilie- graduated Korean Language (Diploma KBS)

A korean graduate degree in english at the university of bordeaux i am currently preparing an entrance exam in a school of translators and interpreters in french and korean. I also got a master's degree in high-level korean language (kbs korean language test for native korean) in south korea.

Private or Group Korean class for all levels by native Korean in brussels

Hello, i am min, from south korea and lives in brussels, belgium. I give korean class for all levels.

College student in English-Korean gives private lessons of French and Korean - NANTES

I just finished my bachelor's degree in english and korean, with economy as an option. My classes are for beginners or people who want to improve their speaking and writing skills. I adapt my classes to each student considering his weaknesses.

English Conversation Tutor in Charlotte: "Professional work place conversation" and "Easy Daily communication"

I have i acquired my education in north carolina with a degree in biological sciences and architecture. I have been teaching since 2009 and have an educational degrees in biology and architecture from the united states. I have lived in the u. s . A for 20years and abroad for 10years. I have taught english in the u. s . a . And korea.

Le Havre
Bilingual Sciences Po student provides all level english, spanish and creole courses

I provide english and creole courses for all levels, spanish till level a2. I will help with homework if needed.

Do you want to learn KOREAN? Get help from a native speaker! I also help with ESL

Coming from a background where english isn't the first language, it was very difficult to get to where i am today. With all the hard work, i am now able to converse with people as if i was a native speaker to begin with. I give lessons in all levels, and i can guarantee my lessons won't be boring. Learning can be difficult.

Korean English courses and levels from A1 to B2 on Alsace :)

I am korean who also speak english fluently. I know the difficulties of starting native language without knowing anyone of these languages. I also understand your desire to perfect! :) i study theater that wants to help. I could give classes at all levels, from beginner to advanced, including the tray or higher education. We could already meet and discuss.

Student in language ability (English and Korean) gives home language courses where places chosen in advance on paris.

Hello, i am a student in english korean lea, i returned from a semester in korea and have studied in new york a few years, i hope to pass on my knowledge in both languages. A methodology based on "being used" to speak english or korean.

Paris 1er
Discover Korea by learning its beautiful language! it's not a rocket science!

Hello everyone, i'm native korean student in french language/culture and economics (double majors). I am here in france for my internship at the paris office of korean trade center. I have plenty of experience about teaching korean as foreign language, so i know exactly how to explain and organize each class, according to the given level. We can have class at your home, or in cafe.

Student in Applied Foreign Languages ​​English Korean provides English, Spanish and Korean classes for middle school and high school students in Lyon and Villeurbanne.

My name is sabrina and i'm 18 years old. I graduated high school in july 2015. My specialties are languages and litterature. I am now a freshmen in afl in english and korean but i have studied spanish throughout my high school and middle school years.

Professor 8 years of experience, teaches effective and fun way to Bordeaux

Graduated with a master of political science and a korean license. I lived in several countries (czech republic, denmark, south korea, russia and now france). During my studies, i have always given language courses in each country where i lived. I developed learning techniques that are fun and adaptable to each student that i had.

Learn easily French, Korean, or basic computer science and so on ... Now!

The courses are given depending on the area carefully and entirely devoted to the student. All courses will be prepared in advance specifically to the needs of the student.

Korean Course in Brussels

Courses with a korean educational book (choose to go with the students) for all levels (beginner to advanced)

Lyon 3e
Student in 4th year at INSA Lyon, gives private lessons Korean

The courses are open for all levels, from beginners to advanced level. The courses will mainly depend on the level but in general, they will be based on korean-english manual. For cons, the courses will be divided into an oral part and a written part. The writing will include grammar and writing of hangeul. The oral will be prononciation exercises and oral expression.

English flexible courses or Korean for intermediate to advanced, possible translations from french to english

Hello, my name is christopher, i'm american. Honestly, i do not speak french so i can give courses of english or korean for intermediate to advanced levels. My classes would consist of conversations in which i speak to you of various subjects that you want to work and i would correct the errors. Similarly in writing.

Dae yoon
College student from Korea teaching Korean and TOEFL to any levels in Boston

I am a college student at boston college. Born and raised in korea and spent the last 11 years in boston. I know both countries well and speak both languages fluently. I am very patient with my students and know exactly what they need during the course of the study.

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São Paulo
High school student gives school tutoring, English and Korean lessons - Hangeul.

English classes are designed for all levels of difficulty for children and adolescents. I also give classes first contact with the korean language and his alphabet (hangul) and tutoring for children with various difficulties.

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