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French, latin and ancient greek lessons, for French and English speaking persons

Hello. I am french and i live in asnieres, in the surburbs of paris. I practice home tutoring in french, latin and greek to teenagers and to foreign adults, both from personal and for professional needs. I can also give lessons via my webcam.

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PhD student at Paris-Sorbonne gives during Latin, philosophy and history in Paris

I am a phd student at paris-sorbonne in modern history / classical philology and holds a m2 philosophy. I study and practice the latin 15 years from now, so i can give during any level of language as literature. In history and philosophy, i am a specialist of the modern period and the french and german philosophy.

Giovanna elena
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Degree in classical literature proposes repetitions of Latin, Greek, Italian, Writing Thesis.

In 2013 i graduated in humanities (three-year) with a dissertation in latin literature, and in 2016 i graduated archeology, philology, literature and history (msc) with a degree in medieval latin literature. For several years i give lessons to young people between the 14 and 19 years and also college students.

In my last year at Sint-Jan Berchmans High School. 4 years of experience with children and I will be happy to help your children, whatever their needs may be.

I'm in my last year at sint-jan berchmans high school. I speak french, dutch and english. I find it very important to let the child find the answer by himself and consult me if he needs it and i then explain to him what he does not understand.

Courses in ancient languages, Latin and Greek and organization of study travels

The courses are for all those wishing to improve their knowledge of french, latin and ancient greek and discover the greek and roman civilizations. I am an associate of letters, and i have taught at all levels of secondary and higher education, particularly with a personal methodology, due to my long professional experience.

I offer repetitions of latin, greek and other subjects for students or adults

I'm an universitary student graduating in philosophy, with theoretical highschool degree. I offer repetitions of greek, latin and other subjects (philosophy, italian, mathematics etc) to high school students or adults. Little groups are also accepted. Three years of experience with great results. I adapt my method to the student trying to repair the specific difficulties he/she can has.

Pier paolo
(2 reviews)
Degree in Humanities offer repeat in Italian, History, Philosophy and Latin in Monterotondo

I am a visual artist, but a degree in literature and philosophy, a master's in sc. Politiche i offer private lessons / lectures and group to those who had so far a difficult approach to the subjects, trying to find in them the passion in what they study, implying. Please contact me with any questions.

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Private home of Philosophy, History, Language and Literature, Latin and Greek classes at all levels in Madrid, Morata de Tajuna and Chinchon

Hello! I'm phd in classical philology with teaching experience at university (2 years) and many years tutor in subjects such as latin, greek, language and literature, history, philosophy or english.

(2 reviews)
Paris: German, Latin, Greek courses and "colles" / khôlles for "classes préparatoires" + homework help, language learning

German courses, latin, greek and until preparatory class l2: catch-up for the "weak in ancient languages ​​/ lv1 or lv2" to the preparation of written and oral. Colles / khôlles german and latin, admission to chartres, possibly ens. Setting a program earlier in the year, and tailoring it to your needs.

Experienced Reading and Math Tutor for K-12 - Love to Help Students Learn! - Buckeye/Goodyear/Avondale Area

I am working as professional tutor and love every minute of it! I teach reading and math through a tailored, multi-sensory approach and am always patient! My method is to meet the student where they are at and see how much we can achieve together.

I offer tuition, help with homeworks, and after-school support in Chivasso. classic diploma, Psychology degree.

I am a 22 years-old girl, graduating in psychology. I offer support classes in various subjects at the high school level, middle schools and elementary schools (at this level, i can propose recreational and educational activities after school). As for university education, i provide help with thesis writing and preparation of materials included in my course (psychology bachelor's degree).

Graduated student with a classical education, Bachelor with honors in Philosophy with experience in research in the field of classical and late antiquity offers tuition in Latin, Greek and Philosophy

I am currently writing my thesis for master degree in philosophy at the university of macerata and i have spent a period of study and research as foreign student at the catholic university of paris. My studies focus on the thought of st. Augustine and other late-ancient authors. I propose lessons in latin, greek, philosophy at senior high school students.

María del mar
Student of Philology offers private lessons to high school students in Seville

Today, with 18 years, study the degree of hispanic studies from the university of seville. I am passionate about the performing arts and languages; but i do not close doors to anything and i love new experiences. My techniques and teaching methods are based essentially implement the whole theory has been learned. My motto is: no theory without practice, therefore if there is no theory, no practice.

María del amor
Dos Hermanas
Student of English teaches Modern Languages ​​(English, French), Language, World Literature, Latin, school support in Dos Hermanas from primary to high school

I am a student of english studies (2nd year) at the university of seville. I offer to teach specialty of letters (language, english, french, literature, etc. ) to students from primary to high school level, while english might be to c1 (advanced) level.

Classical objects, ITALIAN for Foreigners, ENGLISH + help for homework and thesys writing!

I offer all my expertise and passion to anyone willing to give himself a challenge and to improve. I combined classical studies with a specific didactic training of english language and italian for foreigners teaching (ditals). My lessons are about: - italian and classical objects (greek, latin) - italian for foreigners - english I also offer support for homework and thesys writing.

Qualified researcher (PhD University of Oxford) offers lessons in humanities, Turin, even distance learning teaching.

I teach humanities subjects (italian language and literature, latin and ancient greek history and literature, medieval and modern history, geography), which are offered to both high school and university students. I can employ various didactic methodologies, giving traditional one-one tutorials or using the so-called flipped classroom and distance-learning teaching.

Graduate in Journalism teaches students of primary, secondary and high schools social-humanistic

I'm a journalist & political scientist by pompeu fabra university. I love working with children and show them the beauty in learning. I also love helping people and students out with everything they might need & also explain new things if wanted. I'm a language, philosophy, literature and humanities lover.

Maria susanna
I took a degree in Modern Letters and offer tuition in Bologna humanities and English at home for all students, cheap prices

She has a degree in modern literature and gives private lessons in all disciplines of the humanities and not (except law, physics, mathematics and chemistry), english b2 level. She teaches students from elementary, middle and high schools. Help to structure and write theses and articles. She uses a traditional and well-organized teaching method.

Teaching Children student is offered to give school support pupils in Zaragoza

I am currently a student teacher. Study the humanities baccalaureate with mathematics and economics, as with latin and art history. I like to know the level and the student's difficulties and to thus improve them.

Professor of Latin, Greek, language, English in Murcia at home or at home

I graduated in classical philology and have experience with children and youth for over 7 years. I have worked with children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also i use different methodologies and equipment like computer or board to capture the student's attention and make the best of it.

Primary school teacher and child experience teaches Spanish language, literature, grammar, Latin and Greek. In addition to tutoring in any subject at primary levels.

I'm sara, kindergarten and primary teacher with experience. My classes are aimed at both children and adults interested in improving different areas offered. My classes are dynamic and practical floor offer a variety of resources to avoid monotony and ensure effective learning. The deal will always be close.

(1 reviews)
Paris 20e
French courses for individuals, Latin, Ancient Greek, English, college and high school in Paris by certified teacher in office

I am a certified teacher of classics in office, and i have a long experience : two years in the united states, at the french lycée in los angeles, four years in a college in chartres, a year at the ecole des roches, fifteen years in a high school in the southern suburbs of paris (where i currently hold).

Master's degree in Linguistics Sciences offers tuition in Italian, history, Latin and English for middle and high schools in Bologna.

I'm a master student in linguistics at the university of bologna, where i also obtained a bachelor degree in modern literature. My teaching techniques are intended not only to support the student in learning, but also to provide as much as possible a study method that enables him to work independently.

Cavenago di Brianza
Teacher of Italian and Latin proposes remedial classes and after school in the Catania area

I am a teacher of italian, graduated in modern literature with 110/110 cum laude. I have taught both in middle schools than in high school and often i take care to give private lessons in italian and latin to children of all ages.

I offer lessons for all levels and fields of study (humanities and languages)

Hello and welcome! :) i am 27 years old girl and i recently got the master's degree with honors, as a result of a binational degree between italy and france. I am qualified to offer lessons and school assistance (humanities, languages, guidance and tutor) to students of all kinds and levels of study (students, professionals, students, disabled, children).

I am in between my masters and my doctorate degrees and located in the Hattiesburg area. I just completed an M.Phil. in Classics at Trinity College Dublin. My subjects include history (especially but

Hello. I'm a native mississippian recently returned from ireland where i completed a masters course in classics (ancient greek and roman history) at tcd. I specialised in kantian, aristotelian, and political philosophy. I have a b. a . In history from william carey university.

Student in Master, passionate about literature and music gives French lessons in Clermont-Ferrand (or other subjects thanks to a scientific formation)

I am currently a student from master 1 of literature, with well mention. I have taught in high school as a teacher of french and literature, and provided support classes for volunteers. This experience was rewarding for both the students and myself. I am a gentle temperament, and smiling, students like me much in general. I do not have to "teaching model" because most students learn differently.

10 Years of Experience - Boston Tutor in Chemistry, Latin, Math, SAT/GRE

I work with high school, college, and adult students on a range of subjects. Most important to me is helping my students feel comfortable and less intimidated by their material. Each student needs an individualized approach to maximize the productivity of each session.

Laguna Niguel
Learn to think; learn to articulate those thoughts precisely and authoritatively. now.

I have taught latin, ancient greek, philosophy, law, and creative writing, in various formats. For many years; subjects that are at the heart of the western intellectual tradition which has been a search for a transcendental being that serves as the origin or guarantor of meaning. The paradigm has been inherited from judaism and hellenism.

Student of classical literature imparts lessons in Italian, Latin and humanities students from middle and high schools.

I am a student of classical literature impart lessons of humanities. I own a classical high school. I guarantee seriousness, commitment and above all perseverance in trying to help the student to overcome possible difficulties. As for teaching methods they will be targeted to the needs of the individual student.

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