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San Francisco
Essays are my Forte, and will be yours' also very very soon

In my educational experience, essays were one of the easiest ways for me to get an a and to make up any credits i was short. I can show you how easy essays can be to write, at an level from grade school to college. In most cases the hardest part of an essay is following some instructor's guidelines.

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Current university student with excellent academic record gives help and guidance to help students get better results and a greater appreciation of the subject.

I think quite unique part of my tutoring is not just a focus on grades but hopefully a greater appreciation of the works you might be studying - they only way you are going to get great grades and it not to feel like pulling teeth is simply to enjoy it - and that really is the main thing! I've a profound love for literature, and books, and poems, and drama, and i'd love to help you gain a...

University Student in child Nursing who has a great passion for creative writing and poems and would love to pass on my knowledge to secondary school pupils

I'm a creative writing and poetry tutor. I'm looking to help pupils in secondary school who want to be great creative writers including poetry whether simply looking to do well in exams, or want to develop it to be a professional.

A qualified and professional English tutor in Essex to GCSE/A LEVEL/Undergraduate students

Understanding the needs of my students is core to developing strategies and resources to help you succeed. Taking a thorough and analytical approach, i identify the areas of your work that are brilliant but also those tricky areas that may be holding you back; having established this i implement effective support to secure your academic success.

I am a qualified primary school teacher with a bachelor's degree in English Literature and Creative Writing. I give lessons to primary and secondary pupils. I give lessons to pupils in Helston and oth

I give lessons in literacy, english literature and creative writing to primary and secondary school students. My techniques and methods of instruction are dependant upon the specific needs of the student. Consequently, they continuously adapt accordingly within the lesson.

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Teacher with 25 years' experience offers personal tuition online or in Cornwall.

I'm a writer and teacher living in cornwall. I work with adult and higher education students across all disciplines on their academic assignments, including writing essays and dissertations. I also teach creative writing and am a professional writer and editor.

Tuition in Classics, literature in translation, Ancient History in London by PhD candidate

Lessons from gcse upwards to doctorate, happy to teach or guide at any level or approach.

Tutor2Suit- Experienced Deputy Head. BEd. (Hons) M.A. Professional Studies. English GCSE, 11+, EAL, adult learning; primary inc. exam preparation; FaceTime lessons; English conversation. Home tutoring

Retired from school as deputy head and head of english. Taught in england for over 25 years. Private tutoring in english for the last 4 years. First taught english in heraklion crete 1978. Experienced with british council european projects: working with colleagues from france, italy, spain, portugal, greece, rumania poland and turkey.

UCL Graduate with 8 years experience tutoring English from Primary level upwards

I am an enthusiastic, highly organised and dedicated tutor who has a passion for finding creative ways to explain difficult concepts and seeing my students gain confidence and make progress in areas they previously found difficult. I tutor children from primary age up to undergraduate degree level. I also tutor children in 11+ entrance exam preparation.

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Portuguese Language and Literature teacher teaches classes for primary and secondary school in Uberlândia - MG

Hello! I am a teacher of portuguese language and literature graduate from the federal university of uberlândia, specializing in phonetics and phonology, literature and writing. I have been teaching for 2 years now and i seek to always be in touch with new ways of teaching, looking away from the regular system and always starting from the experiences of the student to give segment to the classes.

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Classics undergraduate offering experienced tutoring in Latin and Ancient Greek in London/Durham

My name is james, i am a classics student at durham university. I have taught people at undergraduate, a-level and gcse standard as well as preparing a pupil for his westminster scholarship entry exam. My methods isolate what the tutee finds difficult and then we explore it thoroughly and from different angles so that it becomes memorable.

Student in Modern Literature offers training for exams and revision of the French program / home literature

Holder of a literary bachelor's degree with distinction and formed superior letters, i offer training for written and oral examinations for patent colleges, bachelor (all channels) or entry competitions to schools.

As a former trial attorney, I talk a lot. So, let's talk about words! Reimagine yourself communicating, writing or speaking with ease and humor! We can do it together and have fun at the same time!

I attended the university of florida and majored in political science and criminal justice. I had studied english as my minor. Then, i went to the university of miami school of law to become an attorney. I realized that i enjoyed being dramatic so trial work was a perfect fit for me.

Newport News
College graduate in English/History gives English/Reading/History lessons to all levels in Newport News

Hello my name is colby ballos, i'm a recent graduate of virginia commonwealth university and i give lessons to people of all ages, but as a substitute teacher i tend to teach high school more than anything else. If you're interested in english, reading, writing or history i can tutor you in a variety of subjects.

Critical Writing & Reading, Research Papers & Projects & ONLINE COURSE TAKER

I was a 4. 0 student and love college. I have experience in completing online courses.

English and History tutor, soon to be teacher in North London school

I am a young tutor with a degree from ucl in history and russian (literature and language). In september i will be teaching english in a school in north london. I am happy to teach history and english up to a-level. I have extensive knowledge of the gcse and a-level syllabi so i can help you get the best grade possible.

Edinburgh university student tutoring in English Literature from primary to A - Level

I am an active tutor who believes in constant interaction with the work, from reading texts to writing example essays or paragraphs. Discussion is key in my teaching to ensure all outlets can be explored, particularly in such a broad reaching subject as english literature.

San Francisco
UC Berkeley graduate provides and empowers students with literature and writing lessons

I am a patient, passionate, and thorough teacher seeking to empower students to be confident in their writing and reading abilities. After graduating from uc berkeley with high honors in the english language and literature department, i worked for a national literacy organization for three years.

Oxford Student Tutoring English literature and language, based in the South East but can do online and London

I prefer to cater my teaching to the student, using their interests to tailor lessons to their ability and goals (such as gcse level, using passages from books they like or about tv like they like). For younger children, i make lessons fun so they retain more information, and for higher level english i will go over school work, essays, and set texts.

Final year BA English Literature student with 2 years professional English tutoring experience, at your service!

Hi all! I'm a final year english literature student, who has tutored students from year 1 level to a-level standard. Of course, it's great to be a teacher but most importantly, i enjoy what i do. It feels so rewarding seeing students excel academically and reach their target. Main experience: - worked at a private tutoring centre, helping students transition different academic milestones.

Language and literature teacher in Toledo, offers support classes in various subjects.

Everyone learns in a unique way, which is why for years i have been teaching my students to study with the methodology that best suits your needs. I am a teacher of language and literature; but i can help you with all humanistic subjects, and if you need it in english, you can also count on me.

All leve Literature Tutor by college student/ national honors society member/ deans list

In my last year for a bachelors in english/ and masters in criminal justice specializing in forensic science. National honor society member every term and deans list. Literature has always been my passion. I know that poetry and certain aspects do not come naturally to all and i have a strong desire to help students build a lifelong relationship with literature.

Bronx County
Helping kids with English Language Arts! Everything from learning to read to understanding and analyzing text!

Hi! I'm jessica, and currently i am a high school senior. Tutoring is something i have done for many years due to the fact i have a younger sibiling. Thus, i am on track with the common core curriculum and know how to help. English is my best subject as currently i am taking my second ap english course.

Guan kiong
English student at Durham University offering GCSE/A Level Literature prep. Reasonable rates.

Hi, i'm a final year english and history student at durham uni.

Experienced, capable English tutor available for part time studies. I specialise in primary and secondary school students.

I specialise in english language and literature. I have been a grade a student in my former years of study and i continue read and write at an excellent level in my day to day life. I usually teach from a standardised text and use interaction and small practice tests to monitor progress and isolate any and all areas needing attention.

Degree in English with 20 + years teaching experience within your home or my classroom!

My name is giselle, i have a 2:1 degree in english & social science. I have been teaching for 20 + years in a home schooling environment and provide tuition for pupils 5 + years and above, this includes adults. I have taught and do teach all academic abilities and disabilities including young people and adults who have english as a second language.

Kings County
Explore English with English Language instructor who is also a creative writer.

My academic career, culminating in a bachelor's degree in the humanities and an 80 page thesis, was completely based on essay writing. I work through the entire essay process with students, starting with talking through the ideas presented, zeroing in on a specific thought, structuring an argument, and making sure the entire essay reads well.

GCSE student (and lover of books) gives peer help to other GCSE or secondary students

I may not be qualified but i do love words (and am able to teach them). I have been reading for as long as i can remember and have been helping my brothers and friends for nearly as long. Therefore, i don't mind whether a student may prefer over the internet, or, if they live close to me, would like to be tutored at home in the holidays. I don't mind who needs the help (any age up to 16).

I am here to help you pull out your inner knock-out writer!

I am a girl who is passionate about word and stories. I believe that everyone has writing talent locked up inside of them. I will work hard to inspire students to become the very best writer that they can be.

GCSE and AS Level students looking for English Lit Tutor with 2.1 Degree + Dyslexia experience

I have achieved a 2. 1 degree in english literature + dyslexia experience. I have a lot of patience and tranquillity to help me as a teacher, and i also have self-experience skills which can help students to achieve the grades you want. Dyslexic students benefit too as i have been taught from the ground up on how to manage dyslexia with my writing and reading/ comprehension style.

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