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J'enseigne le français depuis 18 ans

Enseignement du français

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Lyon 7e
Certified teacher gives French lessons, Literature, methodology, expression and general culture, tutoring for all levels (secondary and higher)

- my courses are designed for learners of all ages and target their specific needs (spelling, conjugation, writing, sample preparation of french tank, strengthening the knowledge needed for the tests terminale l, culture and expression). I also speak for the editorial assistance and proofreading research (grammatical correctness) and for the learning of french as a foreign language.

(3 reviews)
French culture g english preparation for large schools contest, optimization research use

Interactive courses. Various media, transmission of the insured knowledge experience of educational psychology and guarantee winning.

(5 reviews)
France-based teacher offers French lessons on Skype for children and adults - All levels -

Hello! I'm emma, and i teach french via skype for children and adults. Each lesson is tailored to your needs, your level and your schedule.

(4 reviews)
Professor of French foreign, with over 7 years of experience, gives lessons at home

Hello, i am a french teacher for foreigners with more than 10 years of experience in france, italy and australia, i can come to your house or you can come to mine. Courses from beginner to advanced. We will work what you want : conversation, grammar, written communication, business french. It's up to you.

Academic Achievement Access for All Ages and Abilities in Reading and Writing

I am a consultant who works with children of varying ages with specialized educational, social, and behavioral needs. My teaching style and methodology encompasses lectures, hands on projects, use of positive reinforcement, encouragement for reluctant learners, active student responding, guided notes, remedial remedies, and incorporating fun and humor in lessons.

Paris 8e
Normalien student (Humanities) accepting high school and higher education students for private lessons in Paris

Since this year "ancient" pupil of the ecole normale supérieure de lyon, i gladly accept parisian students of secondary and higher education (classes prépas / facs) to the school for private lessons in humanities (methodology, french, modern letters, philosophy or even a bit of history).

(18 reviews)
Research Masters student offering lessons in French and French Literature

I am a student in master 2 in modern literature, research in general and comparative literature. The focus of my research lies in the established link between various art forms and cultures - thereby allowing a broader, more interesting perspective of french literature and its relationship with foreign languages ​​(study of translation in particular).

(5 reviews)
Edinburgh University graduate provides philosophy tutoring in Paris and the Paris region for lycée, high school, preparatory classes students or other status

My courses are primarily intended at students of first and second year of preparatory class (hypokhâgne and khâgne) as well as to university students (licence, master). They also cater for people of all ages, from outside the school setting, wishing to begin or deepen their learning of philosophy. The courses focus on what the student needs and the difficulties he / she encounters.

(3 reviews)
Paris 4e
French philosophy professor in Paris and I offer you to improve your skills, give you confidence

Following an initial exchange with the student we choose the path that we will do together and time to spare. I adapt my teaching to the demands and needs of each (for the french of the 6th grade to the terminal, the terminal for the philosophy class and english until the third). I also propose a working methodology frequently absent from school practice.

(1 reviews)
Hello!! A private English class with unique resources... just ask me! :)

I'm going to introduce myself a little bit but i prefer to know my student. I'm marta, i'm 27 years old and i'm finishing my degree about being a kindergarten teacher. I love to teach english and i'm preparing to get the fce and the toefl exam this summer.

(1 reviews)
Student in M2 Theatre and Communication, and having followed a literary background, I offer tutoring Literature and Philosophy for section L students who want to prepare

I do a m2 in theater and communication. I have studied litterature and especially theater during 3 years. I offer private lessons in letters and philosophy. These courses are especially designed for students wishing to prepare school exams, but they are open to everybody wishing to learn and progress.

(1 reviews)
Young graduate of Sciences Po and Henry IV, former UN official, gives English and French courses

I am a graduate of sciences po paris and henry iv, i teach french, philosophy and english for all levels from elementary school to university. I try to put the student at the heart of the course, using the student's knowledge as a starting point (the student always knows more than he/she thinks! ) and i gradually help the student achieve his/her goals. The final objective is not to get a high mark.

English Language Arts Tutor. Essex/Union Counties NJ. Masters in Education. Degrees from Duke and Rutgers.

Hi there! My name is krystal reddick. I have a bachelor's degree from duke university and a master's in elementary education from rutgers university. I taught high school english courses at an independent day school for 5 years. And have also worked as a substitute teacher and a paraprofessional. My methodology is very much open-ended.

French lessons, grammar, spelling, literature, language, at all the levels of education

The courses are open to all those wishing to improve their knowledge of french, from primary to tertiary. I am an associate of letters, and i have taught at all levels of secondary and higher education, particularly with a personal methodology, due to my long professional experience.

(2 reviews)
University professor provides tutoring in literature, philosopohy, academic writing for HS and University students.

I earned my ba in english literature from providence college in 1968. I hold a med from boston university, a master of divinity from the episcopal divinity school and a master of theology from boston college. In my tutoring, i try to build on a student's current strengths as a first step to improving their academic performance.

(9 reviews)
Normalienne PhD student Fellow in Modern Literature gives private lessons in French / Literature

All levels of college master and beyond through contest preparation (administrative ens-capes-agreg-competition). - methodology (reading and comprehension, essay, commentary, memory writing etc. ) - private adhesives cpges / capes / agreg - memories proofreading - (re) learning love of reading - etc. I provide short courses and / or intensive.

(3 reviews)
Paris 10e
Graduated with honors Master EHESS writing assistance (including memoirs / theses) and improvement of French written / oral

I am passionate about language and writing, my aim is to give the ability to enunciate clearly and enhance the expression. It is a real pleasure for me to teach, i help both native french speakers and foreigners.

(1 reviews)
I'm in Boston studying at Harvard Law School. I have Bachelors and Masters degrees in history, and I love the way I could write these essays. Legal writing is different, and I look forward to the oppo

I am a third year law student whose main academic love has always been writing. I like the feeling of accomplishment when i find the documents i find the materials i need.

English teacher with 7 years of teaching/ tutoring experience to grades Elementary , Middle and High School

Hi, i'm faiza, with about 7 years of teaching/tutoring experience to various grades, starting from kindergarten till high school. I'm friendly and cooperative towards students' needs and try to help them in their weak areas. I make them revise the concepts orally as well as in written form, due to which they improve in their weak areas and excel in their grades.

Le Havre
Student in creative writing course gives literature / writing / French school and support!

I have a dnap higher national school of fine arts in lyon. I got it with honors in june 2016. Before that, i did a year of philosophy and a year of preparatory class for art schools. I am currently in master 1 letters and literary creation. Regarding teaching, i adapt my methods to my students.

(1 reviews)
Le Mans
At Le Mans, future teacher in modern literature and french language! :)

I want to give lessons to students because i am passionate about my subject but also the transmission with adolescents. I am a second year student of master meef (science education). I spend a teacher competition in modern literature this year. In addition, i work in a college. I give classes at all levels: from elementary to college.

College student with C1 title in English by Cambridge interested in solving doubts as well as helping students not only at home, but also online

My objective is to try what i could to help those who need support in english. Resolve all doubts with clear and concise examples of matter. I would devote all my efforts to students to acquire knowledge, considering the fact that english is something that i've always loved. Try to convey my own interest in the language, which is so important in the world in which we live in.

Terre Haute
Success in Literature, Reading , and Language Arts Writing is my specialty; I teach for success and inspiration. I live in Terre Haute, IN: the home of Indiana State University, I Teach K-12 and coll

I teach k through 12 and college in literature, language arts, reading, and writing. I am both professional writer and artist. I inspire creativity through teaching to the student's proper learning style. When this is done, well begun is half done and there is highly inevitable success.

I teach Spanish (all levels and ages) and other languages ​​(tutoring, basic and intermediate levels)

I am spanish master 2nd year student of the university of liège and give spanish courses (all levels) in children and adults. Depending on the needs and age of the students, i can prepare lessons in grammar and vocabulary, games or conversation classes on various subjects.

Nikisha s
Awesome PhD Coach Provides Support for Research, Homework, Academic/Career Support (Virtual, USA)

★ awesome phd and former university exec helps students of all ages turn study time into game time | call me coach★ What i bring to the table: i have advanced degrees in music, education, and leadership. With nearly 20 years of experience as a teacher, trainer, performance coach, university executive, and business owner, my students excel in their academic and professional pursuits.

Classes Language and Literature, English, history and high schools (Humanities subjects) and spanish for foreing people

I am marta andrés professor of language and literature, english, geography and history, latin and classical culture for secondary education. Test preparation pau. I've been giving private lessons for ten years and i adapt to the needs of students according to the methodology of the institute, textbook etc.

Teacher gives English lessons to middle school and high school students around the Boulder, Colorado area

Hello students! I am a certified teacher for the state of colorado. I can give lessons involving english: writing, reading, literature comprehension, etc.

Translator-interpreter with Master in secondary education teaches languages ​​(EN, VAL, FR, ES) in Valencia.

Degree in translation and interpretation completed and the master's degree in secondary education. Cheerful, dynamic and passionate about foreign languages ​​and cultures. Spanish as a foreign language. French. English. Catalan-valencian. The methodology is adapted to the objectives and students. Different materials accepted (books, cards, music. ) .

College Graduate with a B.A. teaches students in Chicago IL how to read, write creatively, help in English, and become literate.

I am a recently graduated college student with a bachelor's degree. I give lessons to all those who are willing to learn from elementary school all the way through to college.

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Bonjour, Pourriez-vous rédiger un compte rendu critique de 5 pages du chapitre XI (linguistique et poétique) de "Essaies de linguistique générale" de Roman Jakobson, Points-Seuil, 1970 Et combien cela me coutera. Merci,

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Professeur de lettres et de communication donne cours de français tous niveaux à Rennes