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Internationally Certified Teacher tutors all Math subjects at all levels in Maine

I have a Bachelor's of Education (Secondary Math), a Bachelor's of Science (Math/English) as well as certificates in eLearning and Pedagogical Documentation to Enhance Formative Assessment. I teach math from a point of understanding instead of memorization - if you can understand it you can apply it moving forward and have better success in future years.

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French student gives mathematics and physics lessons for foreign students in english

My skill is suitable for students of all levels. I can understand a pupil through my recent experience of students in preparatory classes. Furthermore, I have spent 1 year of my scholarship in Calgary, Canada, where I have discovered the teaching Saxon way, more kind than the french one.

Paris 1er
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Mathematics teacher specialist in the Prepa / University Undergraduate

You encounter difficulties in mathematics (not understanding the lessons, exercises / too hard controls, inadequate work methods, marks that do not take off, ...)? Do not leave gaps accumulate and opt for quality tutoring.

Ndongo benoit
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Applied Maths and DataScience (Big-data), I teach general mathematics (analysis and algebra up to level l2 math) and applied (probas and statistics

My offer is aimed at high school students, undergraduate students (all courses combined). On everything that is fundamental in mathematics, probabilities and statistics (inferential, descriptive and application on R etc ...).

Paris 14e
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Former and graduated student of ENS in Fundamental Physics teaches Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry in Paris and southern suburbs

Normalien degree in Fundamental Physics (Diploma in support) - Teaches Physics for students from "6ème" to Bachelor level - Teaches Mathematics courses (General, Logic, Trigonometry, Algebra, etc ...

Paris 15e
(3 reviews)
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How to succeed in maths for free through Internet and be first in class?

Mathematics with the chat' Skype: and WhatsApp: 0(concealed information)65 Accessibility 4/7 and 14/24 Evaluation of mathematical knowledge level Computer tools to progress at your own pace Individual tutoring Personalized support program and paying option to be the first in the mathematics classroom.

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Native English, German and French speaker, Maths student and exciting tutor in Aberdeen

My methods of teaching depend on the age of the student. The normal exercise sheets and books are of course part of every lesson. This is however enhanced with either fun games and songs for primary kids or puzzles and brain teasers for older students. I try to reward every student if they have completed something, however I am also very firm with students that are not willing to work.

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Electronics, with its own laboratory, from schematic to circuit board, theory and practice

I am Electrical Engineer, I set up a laboratory for me and I can share with you. Has access to what is best in a process already experienced and successful to made circuit boards. If you need help, you will find the didactic explanation, simplifying problems that seem complicated.

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Math teacher with patience, experience, and a willingness to help all students

I have a masters in Science which enables me to best meet the needs of students who are in need of an extra set of eyes on their math problems, a lesson to firmly grasp the content of each math lesson, or to simply provide extra support!

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Young graduate in Business Management in Brussels gives Maths and Stats courses

I hold a master in Business Management at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and I am starting a Master's degree in Data Science in September. Meanwhile, I teach maths and statistics. I like to teach by giving concrete examples to those for whom the figures are not their cup of tea.

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Biotechnologist engineer and teacher teach Calculus: Middle school, High school and College

A sesion of interactive teaching and learning that ilustrate with examples current situations and problems of the working world. How useful will be the things I have learned? and How will I apply this knowledge? The learning includes theoretical resolution of real problems and feedback based on models of positive psychology.

Aparecida de Goiânia
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Mathematics classes (reinforcement and ENEM), logic and algorithms - Mathematical by UFG

I apply interactive methodology assisting the student in the points in which he has more doubts so that later he can deepen his knowledge in mathematics. The student learns to interpret questions and solve problems by applying logical and mathematical concepts.

(12 reviews)
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Geometry classes (and maths) by an engineering student in Nancy and around

Je suis élève ingénieur à TECOM Nancy, école ingénieurs Mines Telecom suite aux classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles Maths SUP/maths SPE. Je vous propose des cours particuliers ainsi qu'une mise à niveau au niveau de la méthodologie en plus de la préparation aux concours.

(2 reviews)
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GCSE Maths tuition from Oxford Masters student in chemistry with over 100 hours tutoring experience

I'm Tom, and I'm currently in fourth year of reading Chemistry at Oxford, undertaking a Masters project in Chemistry Education. I have extensive experience tutoring both online and in person, and my pedagogy involves setting learning objectives, asking frequent, concise questions and guiding students so they can work things out for themselves, which has proven to be effective in the past.

Belo Horizonte
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Tutoring in Mathematics for high school students by a majoring in Computer Science - UFMG. Online or in person, in Belo Horizonte.

From student to student. Uncomplicated and creative classes; with less memorization and more learning, that adapts to the student's pace and personality. Detailed resolutions for exercises, clarifications on subjects, and even about the challenges and rewards of the life at the university.

Loteamento Industrial Coral (Mauá)
(3 reviews)
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Engineer Control and Automation teaches Mathematics (Fundamental or College), calculation, Electricity, Logic, PLC Ladder w / Greater ABC

I'm Automation Engineer with over 10 years of industry experience and passion for teaching. Very good mood, you can teach in a way that the other person understands and records permanently. I teach children from the elementary school to students of colleges and engineering, always accurate or logical matters, including PLC and programming.

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Math Made Easy! | Fairfield County| Bachelor's Degree – Magna Cum Laude

Hi! I recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in philosophy and minors in economics, sociology, and pan-African studies. I am CRLA certified and can tutor high school and college students in the field of mathematics, especially pertaining to algebra, statistics, and logic.

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I am a very patient tutor and I am looking for a tutor

My name is Marcel, I am 23 years old, I am currently studying computer science and have already received a lot of insights into mathematics and computer science. Through my girlfriend, who is a Lehramtsstudium exercising, I could also take up pedagogical contents, which teach me above all help in lower grades ways to find the content.

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Graduating in Biotechnology by UFC teaching Chemistry, all subjects, specialty for Vestibulares

I'm graduating in Biotechnology at the UFC and i'm a researcher at the Center for Research and Development of Medications at the Laboratory of Neuropsychopharmacology. My teaching methodology is dynamic and I try to reach the student by his way of learning. Specialty in Natural Sciences.

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With help, I aced Calc II. Now it's time to pass it forward. This college student works in Mesa, AZ with an associates and tutors in all math grades up to Calc II.

My mother became a math teacher while I was in high school and now, because of that, I have an associates from Mesa Community College with an emphasis in math and science. Having taken Calculus II, I have a great understanding of algebra, geometry, and all the classes leading up to Calc II.

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Teacher of mathematics gives private lessons primary, college, high school and adult Specializing in psychopedagogy CHECY

Make life mathematics more beautiful. Professor of mathematics specializing in psycho-pedagogy, I teach private tutoring targeting the mathematical blockages of students in primary, college, high school or even adults wanting to pass competitions. This assistance is customized and adapted to the character, context and level of the student.

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Oxford student teaching Maths, Further Maths, and Physics for A-level and below

As someone studying mathematics at the University of Oxford, I teach with a focus on creative problem solving, as well as looking at the foundations of the mathematical methods. In this way, students can expect to fully understand the techniques they are using rather than simply apply them mechanically.

(1 reviews)
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Physics for Anyone: Sharing the Knowledge, Developing our Understanding, Expanding Horizons of Ability

My teaching style is to encourage the student to find their own path to the discovery. No questions are worthy of ridicule, we start out knowing nothing. We find our passion in life by the hands-on quest for understanding. Understanding the physical world is a pursuit which drives me on joyfully.

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Mathematics is Fun and I will prove it to you! London. (Russian Speaker)

Hello! I am a student of Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College. I am willing to help school (A-Level, GCSE and lower) with mathematics and attitude to it. I give real-life examples so one can understand why certain topic is important and where it can be used. At the same time, I encourage abstract thinking as this is the key to success in maths.

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Mathematics Undergraduate student at the University of Southampton gives maths lessons to students in Southampton

I am a Mathematics Undergraduate student at the University of Southampton and I would like to give students of various levels (GCSE, A Levels, IB) the opportunity to gain a better and deeper understanding of this subject. This will help pupils gain the necessary confidence to tackle important exams and hopefully develop a passion for Mathematics.

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My teaching is simple: learn the course a fun and interactive manner (mind-mapping, diagram, video ...) to access the exercises. The student must be able to solve sample exercises without difficulty but also to find the solution to more extensive exercises. In this way, he will have no problem to grow and provide excellent results at the end of the quarter.

Quartz Hill
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Receive math and Spanish tutoring from someone you'd least expect: a professional rock bassist. Available in the Antelope Valley, Valencia, Santa Clarita, and Caustic.

Hello, my name is Ray Biggerstaff. I primarily tutor high school and college students in any level of math or Spanish. I use a white board when I tutor so the student can see the examples as they are worked out. I am very passionate about and fascinated by mathematics and Spanish, as I believe any tutor/teacher should be with the subject that they tutor/teach.

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Completed A-level to physics to a A standard at A-level, willing to teach all available syllabuses.

I like to make teaching more versatile, and try and teach through real-life examples. I feel the biggest problem with teaching is that they don't make all the problems and learning applicable to real-life and hence people don't engage with the content as much.

São Paulo
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Mathematic classes with a college student of Mechanical Engineering, São Paulo, South Zone

Hello guys! My name is Eduardo, I'm 23 years old and I'm graduating in Mechanical Engineering from Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia this year. The great differential of my class is precisely in methodology. My proposal is to show you how much math can help you. No one learns mathematics thinking it is the most boring thing on earth.

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Bachelor teaches Math, Physics and Chemistry from primary to high school around Paris

Scientific Bachelor with math specialty, I use the techniques that allowed me to succeed with students. Thus, I always begin by asking questions of the student's lesson, in order to be sure the student is ready to work on exercises. Then it is easier for him / her to understand, and I can help the student to do his / her homework. Patient and pedagogue, I adapt my method according to each student.

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