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Auteur poète marc cantin

Auteur poète plus de milles poèmes, uniques! À partager entre amis : ) ***** marccantin.

(14 reviews)
Paris 16e
Personal trainer in Paris and suburbs for all fitness levels all profiles

Hey guys! Want to get in shape? Do it now! Why wait? Get started now and get fit now! Don't wait to feel great! I work with people of all ages and walks of life. Most of my clients are regular working people looking to get in shape.

(3 reviews)
Sports coaching Cross-Fight method

My coaching method is called cross-fight. This method is used by all major luxury coaches. The objective is to achieve high intensities by running strength exercises and percussion exercises on target. Many objectives can be reach through this method that i adapted to the level and the specific request.

(3 reviews)
SPORTS COACH and versatile allowing you to pursue your individual goals

Dilpomé teaching of sports activities for 4 years now, i offer my skills for different purposes: - weight loss (overall, thigh gap,. ) - fitness - initiation or specialization in a physical activity courses will be at your home or at a public place, with your own equipment or that i bring as needed.

(7 reviews)
Martial arts instructor, and fight cross functional training age 28 years offered: martial arts lessons (judo, ju jitsu, MMA, self defense) and functional training (cross fight, gymnastics)

I am a teacher of martial arts, combat sports and functional training, i have decades of experience in teaching both with children than with adults.

Inayan System III Eskrima is a traditional Martial Art from the Philippine

I am dedicated to the preservation of the inayan system of eskrima as taught to _him_ mangisursuro by michael g. Inay. I have spent over 16 years studying from the founder, and over seven (7) years living and training with the founder as a private student.

Professional teacher of Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong and Qinna (at home or by agreement)

A professional certified by the international school golden dragon. Teaching serious and fun course. Hun gar kung fu, tai chi yang, marciaux traditional arts. No athletic, concentrated on quality. No hangers, no more competitions.

(3 reviews)
Private coaching in kickboxing and physical preparation with a personal trainer and competitor

Different teachings: - specific courses for boxing and kickboxing (overheating, flexibility, technique, power. ) . - general physical preparation with joint determination of goals (weight loss, emotional release, fitness. ) . - physical and mental preparation for competition (combat sports but also other individual and team sports).

Division 1 athlete committed to Cornell University looking to help anyone learn and improve on their skills: Sports, Math, Science, History, English, French tutoring

I am a student committed to cornell university to play division 1 lacrosse. I also play a number of other sports competitively like: squash, football, basketball, hockey, and mixed martial arts. I have been fortunate enough to have been coached by numerous world class coaches and teachers in a verity of disciplines.

(1 reviews)
Qi professor hinge graduate Quimetao gives private lessons and group

Since september 2014: - study of kung fu style wing chun sifu within the school didier beddar in paris from september 20, 2013 today: - training dao harmony at the institute of quimetao in paris from 14 september 2010 to september 2013: - vocational training qi gong at the institute of quimetao in paris april 14, 2012 - training in china to qigong masters and tai chi chuan from september 2005 to...

Fabro Scalo
IASD Krav maga professional instructor offers self defense classes and training instructors

I am an instructor of 'association iasd teaching programs we offer are recognized by the academic college at wingate of israele. Ci turn therefore to all those who want to learn an effective method of self-defense through lectures which are addressed to individuals or small groups. . L'associazione iasd is also looking for people who want to take a training course to become istruttori.

Fitness expert will help ups hit and maintain your goals for a fit life style

I am a fitness coach/personal trainer with twenty years of experience. I hold a bachelor of science degree in the field of kinesiology and sports medicine with a minor in nutrition from the florida state university. My certification is valid with the national academy of sports medicine (nasm). I also hold a 5th degree (dan) black-belts in tae-kwon-do, kempo, and muay thai.

'' Tae Kwo Do Instructor ( Techniques anti-bullying defense) !!!!

Maestro young, dynamic, innovative and patient. Looking for the development of motor skills applied to personal defense, without neglecting own philosophy of martial art or its character as a sport competition. Based on moo duk kwan system. "taekwondo multidisciplinary".

Vauvenargues "marinho"
(2 reviews)
Rio de Janeiro
Black Belt 4th degree jiu-jitsu. jiu jitsu, self defense, MMA, Boxing. Lesson one mode or several at once. Reach your goal

Black belt jiu-jitsu 4ºgrau graduate of the master carlson gracie. Self defense teacher. Professor and technical jiu-jitsu. Teacher and coach of mma. Teacher and coach i am submission wrestling band black 4th degree jiu jitsu and received my black belt from master carlson gracie hands. I am a teacher of martial arts with proven results in jiu-jitsu, mma and self defense.

(2 reviews)
Sports coach gives boxing classes, self defense, free sparring, physical preparation Cergy

My classes are for people of all levels, alone or in small groups wishing to learn or improve in the area of ​​their choice. Both of punching styles that self defense, fitness or just a good physical preparation before competitions. I adapt fully to your needs and desires to motivate you as much as possible to achieve your goal and make your classes fun times with good humor.

Coaching outdoor sports men and women all ages, self defense, relaxation and fitness

The self defence. It is a distillation of many techniques that will enable you to acquire a good foundation to defend you but also to practice a complete sport for a good physical condition. Simple and effective techniques, use of everyday objects (keys newspapers, magazines, handbag, scarf, scarf. ) physical and psychological techniques of self defense.

New concept: Coaching & Fitness at lower price

Sports coach and personal trainer graduate status, i offer sessions at home or gym in villeneuve d'ascq. Affiliate myfitcoach, a new concept of coaching & fitness in lower price, browse sessions and prices to suit your budget! Coaching is suitable for all age groups: individual, business, adult and teens. My areas: - advice form, fitness, weight loss, fitness, self-defense.

Krav Maga - A qualified coach to achieve your goals

Aggression, rape, racketeering, robbery,. Our daily life is less and less certain. The offenses are increasing and becoming more violent will you defend yourself? The solution is to learn self defense krav maga technique and is the closest self defense technique of the reality of the street.


First black belt of jiu-jitsu competitive in france (black belt in may 2001, today 4th dan) medalist and french first world of jjb in black belt in 2003 and 2005 to sao paulo in brazil.

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