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(11 reviews)
Paris 1er
Piano, music theory and composition, for all ages and levels in Paris

Hello, formed in a russian school at tchaikovsky moscow conservatory (piano, composition) and actually pursuing studies at the paris conservatory in the class of composition, i offer piano lessons, music theory, music composition for people of all ages and levels. I can help you in many areas: listening, intonation, theory, writing, composition, orchestration and improvisation.

(30 reviews)
Paris 11e
Piano lessons with a smile for all levels (beginner as superior, preparation for competitions or exams ....) in Bastille street rocket or moving. On your keyboard :) ^^ ^^ :)

Eric graduated from the national conservatory of paris (1st prize and diploma of master artist and winner of the third cycle of over 20 national and international competition), gives piano lessons for all levels and all ages, amateurs or professionals. Very nice and patient and adapts to any level. Street rocket (11th) on a grand piano.

(11 reviews)
Concert pianist graduated from the Moscow Conservatory and the National Conservatory of Paris gives piano lessons in Paris

Concert pianist, formed by the followers of the most famous master of the russian piano school h. Neuhaus, graduated from the tchaikovsky conservatory in moscow, national superior conservatory of music and dance in paris and shola cantorum, professor of piano at the conservatory slave offers piano lessons at all levels and all ages.

(7 reviews)
Guitar and Music Lessons in the Paris area, given by a professional musician

As a pro musician, i can give personal guitar, bass for beginner to intermediate. We'll be working with the songs you wish to learn. They will serve as a basis to learn wider techniques of your instrument. They can also possibly be used to learn more about music theory for those interested.

(5 reviews)
Vocal coach - music therapist : singing lessons to measure

I travel at home Singing teacher, singer-musician (trained by sarah sanders, coach of the voice.

(23 reviews)
Paris 6e
Play the Piano ! The pleasure of playing the Piano & the passion for the Piano

I suggest: 1) private piano lessons for children, adults, all ages and all levels, based on a custom musical followed : discovery - methodical learning - development - concert at the end of the year 2) coaching comedians and actors (piano) for example, i was professor of piano actor romain cottard in the preparation of the play by yasmina reza, "how do you tell the game".

(7 reviews)
Musician and teacher gives lessons of arousal and musical training

A graduate of state for teaching the cello and musical training, degree in musicology from the sorbonne and holds many awards - 1 award of excellence, award sacem 3 and 6 gold medals - i teach conservatory for several years. I offer cello lessons, piano, chamber music, musical awakening and training adapted to all levels and all ages, including adults, even beginners.

(8 reviews)
Graduated in music gives guitar lessons and / or music theory to suit your needs!

Hello future (s) guitarists, i am professional guitarist and music teacher. I teach guitar and music theory for 6 years (both in lessons and in a neighborhood school) and am a graduate of the american school of modern music (gpei). I can teach every style, my favorite areas is still rock, jazz and all modern music (bossa, rock, etc. ) .

(3 reviews)
São Paulo
Professor of Acoustic Guitar and Electric Guitar. Music Theory lessons, language and musical structure, fundamentals of improvisation and musical initiation.

- guitar lessons for beginners and intermediate levels. - lectures with bibliographic support. - principles and fundamentals of improvisation and its practical applications. Lessons built through repertoire of creation. - musical gender studies and its structures. - initiation classes for all ages.

(2 reviews)
During Piano, guitar, music theory and music history

Fabien, 26, composer graduated from a degree in musicology. My courses are for beginners as insiders. The young and old. My method: work according to the expectations of the student and its objectives, working on a suitable method.

(4 reviews)
Musical language classes, music and piano initiation, in person or via Skype

Higher education degree in music. I do remedial classes in music theory and piano. In the theoretical classes (music theory) i incido quite in sight reading and study, apart from the actual theory. In piano lessons. A part of the body position and hand, i insist on musicality and the student to convey feelings through your body and hands touching a piece.

(11 reviews)
Marseille 6e
Italian student offers guitar lessons for beginners and intermediates, from basics up to an evolution in Rock, Blues, Folk. (Marseille)

The courses are addressed firstly to the study of main concepts in music (harmony, tempo, melody), and to the developement of technical skills (chords, tab reading, scales etc) in order to begin a musical journey. Then, according to student's preferences, the course will be focused to the study of the guitar through various genres such as rock, blues, funk, folk, acoustic or electric.

Giovanna elena
(2 reviews)
Pianist gives piano lessons, music theory and history of music. Rome. Diploma / Degree

I am a concert pianist, a graduate / graduated from the conservatory of rome "santa cecilia", impart classical piano lessons and modern, young and old of all ages (beginners and advanced), as well as music theory lessons and music theory, history music, harmony and preparation for the ministerial examination of conservatives.

(5 reviews)
Paris 14e
Piano teacher, artist live performance gives rein to his home in the 14th in Paris

Hello, for 20 years i teach this wonderful instrument, the piano. I also produce me as an artist. I like my job because it feeds into the exchange with others: children, adolescents, adults, professionals or not. This is to find that little something that makes you want to make this instrument a passion, a confidant, mirror revealing emotions.

(1 reviews)
During MAO Ableton Live, Cubase, Ableton Live, just plug in and software. Chant. Keyboard. Synthesizer. Mix DJ, musical awakening

Mao court, keyboard and synth: i am a specialist ableton live, cubase, and plug in all arturia mac and pc environment, i offer courses for beginners and advanced. The work on the pieces of the student is a possible course material. The aim of the course is to assimilate it tools for use in creative ways while adopting a methodology of implementation.

(3 reviews)
Paris 14e
Initiation / course Harp (Paris and Skype)

You dream to learn this instrument? Celtic harp is now accessible to all, from aged 10 and over with no notion of music theory at your own pace! Paris all year round (in my home or yours, only paris and when i travel) and by appointment and on skype! Personalized monitoring website dedicated to current and exclusive online diary for students.

(3 reviews)
Experienced professional opera singer give singing lessons (all music style) in Paris

Hello! Professional opera singer graduated from the boulogne-billancourt conservatory, i give voice lessons all styles for all ages and all levels, in relaxation and good humor. The voice is a complex instrument that sometimes learn to tame it gives us pleasure for us to sing.

(1 reviews)
Singing teacher Jazz and contemporary music

Give singing lessons in bordeaux. 1 hour or half hour. Opportunity to take lessons via skype. Educational objectives and progressions.

Arthur vinícius
(8 reviews)
Paris 5e
Brazilian guitar and vocals, song lyrics, musical training all ages. Paris / Ile-de-France.

Brazilian guitar and vocals (mpb, samba, bossa nova, brazilian music other little known), opera singing and music training.

(7 reviews)
Singer and multi-instrumentalist Musician gives voice and ethnic instruments lessons - Vulbens (74520)

Education for all ages. Method taking into account the tastes and desires of the student (styles, directories, personal project), and an emphasis on listening, improvisation and specific approach to the instrument (position, breath, feeling,. ) . Theory and practice of harmony, melody, rhythm, sound. Fundamentals.

(9 reviews)
Paris 19e
Acoustic and electric guitar lessons in Paris, guitarist pro and passionate 15-year experience.

Diploma atla school of contemporary music in paris. I give acoustic and electric guitar lessons for beginners and advanced. I wish to convey my skills in adapting myself to the musical world and at my student. I always start by getting to know you to adapt my course, depending on your sense of rhythm, your ear and your musical tastes.

(4 reviews)
São Paulo
Guitar lessons Popular / guitar, theory, harmony, functional analysis and composition - Classes of Guitar / Brazzilian Guitar - Theory - Harmony - Functional Analysis and Composition

Popular guitar lessons / guitar and music theory (theory, popular and classical harmony, analysis) through practical teaching concurrently with analytical approaches to the repertoire intended to spend some basic functional analysis and musical composition ------- ------------------------------------------------- brazzilian guitar lessons / guitar and music theory (theory, popular and classical...

(3 reviews)
Given during song and jazz music present, and choir musical awakening on paris;

Singing tuition jazz and modern music (pop, rock, gospel, varieties) at home (beginners to advanced level. ) -work on vocal technique (breathing, voice placement, working accuracy and timbre. ) - constitution of a directory (your choice) and work of interpretation. Prices: Individual course 30e of the hour. 100 euros package 4:00. 150 euros package 6:00. 200 euros package 8:00.

(3 reviews)
Marseille 3e
Sela, singer / guitarist graduate, gives singing lessons, guitar, music appreciation in Marseille.

Sela, guitar teacher, singing, music appreciation and scenic coach. I teach acoustic and electric guitar. Style contemporary music (blues, rock, jazz, funk, variety). Music theory will be methodical and related style (rhythm, chord construction and ranges). I teach singing, you will develop your voice and your true potential to resonate (breathing, precision, rhythm, interpretation).

(3 reviews)
Paris 20e
Rapid progression for beginner piano with a very experienced teacher and teacher

After 15 years of studying piano, synthesizer and music theory in a private school, i propose to pass on my knowledge in the same way they sent to me: on the basis of playful computer exercises to offset the rigidity of music theory. I adapt to the level of each student and desires: with electronic music knowledge, it is of course possible to play with other sounds that classical sounds.

Find and develop your artistic personality! Vocal coaching, image and art direction

Image tips and developing your artistic image defining your musical style coaching and courses of vocal performance visual coaching (dress, photo, video) production and creating your first models of biography writing compositions saving your layouts texts proposal for your deposit melodies titles on various platforms audio legal advice on your copyright communication art direction management and...

(9 reviews)
Paris 10e
Vocal technique classes for amateurs / choristers

Singing courses for beginners and vocal technique classes for amateur choristers who want to improve their choir experience. Places : my house or student's house (in paris or suburbs) or on skype.

Maria del mar
Ciudad de México
Classes at home or individuals Music, singing and composition at CDMX Beginers

Contemporary singing technique ,sing your favorite songs with just apply the right technique also learn to make your own songs, there are no limits on musical genres and styles. What are you waiting for? Music is for everyone. Try something new.

(4 reviews)
Paris 15e
Guitar lesson with a professional musicien : acoustic and electric - Paris

My method is adapted for children, adolescents and adults, beginners and advanced level. Based on learning songs in parallel with becoming aware of the technical and theoretical concepts, according to your desires and your goals and tastes! The goal is to adapt courses to the rhythm and desires of the student, and especially to focus on pleasure.

SCHOOL SUPPLY / acoustic guitar. enjoying learning, innovative method (I COVER ALL BARCELONA)

Arrangements, scales, chords, rhythm. . . Learn playing and composing, playing music and if you like your own music. Develop your own art and music in an entertaining way. We mix theory and practice for you to enjoy from the first day and never stop learning. I teach at home, acoustic or electrical equipment available to students in home studio.

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