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(20 reviews)
Former Apple specialist teaches introduction to iPhone, iPad, and MacBook in Paris

You have just purchased your first apple device and you do not know how to use? You have an iphone or ipad since a long time but you feel like you're not using your device at its maximum? Take an introductory course to apple devices and learn to master today's technology! The courses are intended for new buyers of apple products (iphone, ipad, macbook, apple tv etc. ) of all ages.

(10 reviews)
Civil Engineer course gives IT ● Programming (Python, C #, C ++, JAVA) ● ● AutoCad Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) ● home Arduino on Brussels

● secondary: during my high school curriculum, in the renowned royal athenaeum jean absil, i always excelled in mathematics and the exact sciences. This led me to choose math-science option with mathematical 8am. At the end of high school i became interested in computers and i followed a training in c #.

(7 reviews)
Expert in Microsoft Excel and computer beginners ramp-up. Adapt course from the basics to the advanced.

If you are looking for a ramp-up course to develop your talents in microsft excel and learn the tricks and tips, you will find this course very valuable. Able to provide the course in english as a u. S citizen the keyborad can be adapted to "qwerty" or "azerty" type.

(31 reviews)
Private Lessons - Informatics from High School to Postgraduate and Adults - Bordeaux/CUB or ONLINE

Hello, Financial controller and consultant in everyday life, i hold a master's degree in finance and a d. s . c . g . , and with over 4 years of experience in education, i offer my services as a private tutor. A wide range of disciplines : from high school to postgraduate.

(6 reviews)
Need to discover or tell a similar digital tools? To improve themselves?

* - * - * - * - * idea for an original gift and always appreciated * - * - * - * - * there are new very friendly tools today. Tame them, do not be afraid. I can help. Learn at your own speed, without stress.

(1 reviews)
Computer Engineer - Training, Computer Assistance at home for all levels and programming

Courses that cater to every type of profile to learn to use computers. The courses will be oriented according to the profile, ranging from simple office to advanced programming. Course materials are written in the sessions and delivered at the end of them to keep a record and to reproduce even be what will have been achieved.

(6 reviews)
Online private or group lessons for all levels and ages ¡Contact me!

I am a cheerful, friendly and energetic boy. I started at 6 years doing computer courses and have devoted all my time to this world. I did a training cycle senior management of information systems and networks, degree and have worked in several companies as alten, el corte ingles, jf maguire. As a technician or developer.

(10 reviews)
Word/Excel/PowerPoin tutoring /classes by an IT engineering student in Nancy and around

Je suis élève ingénieur à tecom nancy, école ingénieurs mines telecom suite aux classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles maths sup/maths spe. Je vous propose des cours particuliers ainsi qu'une mise à niveau au niveau de la méthodologie en plus de la préparation aux concours.

Student in School of Computer Engineering provides courses in Paris and Val de Marne

I am studying computer engineering at epita. I am in my 4th grade. My classes are for everyone and all levels. I start the course by learning some theory and i continue with a practical session.

(2 reviews)
Computer engineer teaches C ++, Java and Matlab for pupils and young students

1- my courses cater to students aspiring to improve their level in it, as well as young graduates wanting development skills to find a job more quickly. 2- i offers interactive courses in the form of practical work inspired by everyday life for better understanding. 3- in my classes there is a lot of fun, innovative ideas and interesting perspectives.

(3 reviews)
Paris 18e
Computers - Foundations & Development - beginner / intermediate level - Javascript, HTML5, PHP, Java, XML, etc.

Hello, analyst programmer formed cnam, paris: i propose to you in your learning computer. If you want to learn: use your computer: installing software and operating system, maintenance, upgrading equipment, cleaning due to reduced performance.

Computer engineer gives courses in Computer Science (including Internet and Office) for all levels

Project leader and school teacher, teaching / training is the size i prefer in my two trades. Computer passion from a young age, i shape for many years my colleagues, my clients, my family and now my students (primary level) to it. So i used to apprehend all levels. In terms of pedagogy, i value your knowledge, then i suggest a progression based on your needs and time you want to spend.

Miguel ángel
Computer engineer offers basic computer classes in Valencia in order to teach to students which low/intermidiate level

My name is miguel angel and i am a student of computer engineering offered to help struggling students with new technologies. Still a learning methodology that requires work by both parties (student-teacher).

Computer Engineer gives introductory classes, web pages, Office, programming and Photoshop Online

I'm a computer engineer and i have also studied graphic design. I have been working as a web developer for more than 5 years. I teach introduction to computers, programming (java, javascript, php), creating web pages (html, html5, css, php, ajax, json, jquery, javascript, mysql), office (excel, word, access, powerpoint etc. ), photoshop at all levels.

San Fernando
Computer technician teaches basic computer, office automation, social networks and operating systems via Skype or face (San Fernando (Cádiz))

My name is thomas am computer technician, i have 27 years i have 5 years experience repairing computers in a small computer shop, where in addition to repairing computers explaining to users how to use basic computer tools in addition to the operating system. Academically i have got the fp middle grade, and i am currently studying the superior in distance mode.

Student DUT proposed its services to tutor in Computer Science, from initiation to programming a bit further. I am available on Arra

Hello! I am a young student of dut iut de lens, i obtained my bachelor of science with honors two years ago. Having tried a preparatory class that disappointed me alas, i decided to turn towards the field of it, which i really like. As a student and in financial difficulty, i want a way to support myself on my own, in joining the business with pleasure.

Web masters student teaches computing -face to face and semi- in Barcelona.

The course i propose basic computer is aimed at all those wishing to start and / or expand their knowledge and skills. Each class will have a brief review or theoretical introduction, but will fully practice-to correspond to a technically matter. Course type: semi-attendance or non-attendance-a distance.

Santiago de Compostela
Computer classes at all levels: from Office to Programming. (Santiago de Compostela)

My name is rachel and i'm a computer engineering student. I offer computer tutoring at all levels. In addition, i have experience teaching a wide range of ages from children to adults.

Passionated by computers i gives classes to learn office and social networks all levels

It has always passionate and self-taught, i also took computer science courses at university. I take the time to explain and also being responsible for a sports club with young, i think i'm calm and pedagogue. This is to ensure learning in the right mood.

Student to Master's Degree in AgroSup Dijon gives computer courses in Dijon

I'm actually in master's degree at agrosup dijon, i make it alternately at a manufacturer of agricultural equipment in research and development department (mechanical design). It can be on mac or windows for many office software, internet, video editing, cad from a beginner level to advanced.

Trainee Project Manager in IT and robotics (development any language, interview preparation assistance, supporting personal project) and 10km around Perpignan

Hello, head of apprentice training in it and robotics project i am at your disposal to ensure computer courses, development of different langagebonjour, head of apprentice training in it and robotics project i am at your disposal to ensure computer courses, on different development language, help writing cvs, letters of motivation, preparation maintenance.

(1 reviews)
Paris 18e
Learn to create your own simple website! (Introduction course to web programming)

Hi, welcome I'm teaching programming to young and beginners.

Outgoing computer teacher of a private institute with 7 years of experience to this day

I am a computer scientist, i was it manager, it technician, it trainer. I have two masters in computer management and also network. I can teach you computer webcam on skype or other messaging you need, i can make you a training video so you can learn while retaining the lessons. My learning method is through an online course, i can provide you with word or pdf documents according to your need.

(1 reviews)
Student teacher giving computer courses and audience targeting on social networks at home in Moselle or remotely

I'm an economics student who masters the information and communications technology. Having a high level of mastery of basic computer skills, i am able to provide a complete and structured training.

(1 reviews)
DRAWING LESSONS AUTOCAD 2D and 3D CAD / CAM experience more du16 years.

Architect - designer in projeteur- cad cad certified by autodesk i offers training and tutoring drawing in 2d and 3d on software (auto cad 2d and 3d). Level 1 and 2 autocad software all versions up to the latest (2016).

(4 reviews)
High-level computer course for beginners or confirmed in areas disputes. Systems and network

Young graduated from the emerging computer with a state diploma bac level 3 level 2 computer system and logiciel. Mes courses are tailored to beginners and experienced. My classes are simple and easily understandable. My course is conducted with rigor with technical documentation for ease of understanding. My first methodology for learning is communication and patience.

(1 reviews)
Paris 1er
Franco-American course gives Microsoft Excel - VBA programming - French & English

French-american provides microsoft excel - vba programming, macro in french or in english. Implementation of formulas (vlookup; hlookup; etc. ) . Very suitable for monthly and accounting reports. Situated in paris 1st arrondissement rue saint-honoré. I will be glad to demonstrate the possibilities of microsoft excel in a one hour wrap-up.

(2 reviews)
IT student gives private lessons of computer science / math / english / french / homework help

Hello, I am a student in 3rd year of university. I just obtained my d. u . T in computer science field. I first obtained my scientifical "baccalaureat" (speciality computer science) with honors. I offer private lessons of initiation to internet or to computer more generally to everyone, beginner or more.

(1 reviews)
Initiation / Computer Troubleshooting. Software Engineer / Electronics Sound for all ages and levels.

Hello, being a sound engineer specialized mao, i offer trainings and initiations to computers and sound. This can be accompanied by a deepening in the different learning areas related to it. - training in internet browsing, "autonomous" understanding of bases of a computer. -initiation and training to specific programs (music, video, image, word, excel, etc.

(1 reviews)
Student at the School of Computer Engineering provides IT court in several areas has nice

Let me introduce thomas. I put my talent at your disposal to give you lessons in the computer field for all levels. I had the opportunity to have a teacher training course to give during my schooling. I am patient, attentive and very serious.

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