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Online Algebra I, II, O Chem I, Biology Tutor Who Has Much Experience

I am a current chemistry major who has done very well in my classes. If you are struggling and need help with understanding concepts or assignments then i am your one stop shop. (tried not to bust into the song lyrics there haha).

(5 reviews)
Professor of Science (mathematics, physics and chemistry) in and around Montpellier. Currently teaching at Acadomia for high school seniors S.

Dear students, My name is jaouad haida and i offer lessons in mathematics, physics and chemistry in montpellier for cheap and very good teaching. I just got my master's degree in montpellier. I followed the way of teaching since long time, at different levels. Because i love teaching. And nowdays, i'm working with 16 students and often more.

(2 reviews)
Master student in chemistry gives science lessons to middle school to college in Lyon region or via the Internet

I am a student in organic chemistry and i propose lessons in different subjects like physics, chemistry, maths, biology, french, english or to prepare to the c2i level 1. My lessons can be given from elementary school pupils to college students (chemistry, physics and english). I can also correct your papers in french. My first "lesson" is free.

(6 reviews)
Lyon 3e
Active scientist gives tutoring in physics, chemistry and mathematics by webcam (college or high school)

I give tutoring classes in mathematics, physics and chemistry at the college and high school level. I usually gives classes for at least a semester but i also give intensive courses over one or two weeks if necessary. Depending on the need of students, i offer an improvement in physics / chemistry or an upgrade when the bases are inadequate.

Doctor of Biological Chemistry gives courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics all levels in the north of Bas-Rhin (Strasbourg, Haguenau Niederbronn)

Chemistry courses for college students, high school students and above. During physics, math and biology up to the terminal. Language courses (english, german) to the terminal. Private or small group tutoring, teaching fun. Home travel opportunity, by videoconference or a study room.

Biotechnologist engineer and teacher teach Chemistry: Middle school, High school and College

A sesion of interactive teaching and learning that ilustrate with examples current situations and problems of the working world. How useful will be the things i have learned? And how will i apply this knowledge? The learning includes theoretical resolution of real problems and feedback based on models of positive psychology.

In pursuit of a Master's degree in Chemistry. Lessons for middle and high school.

Each student receives special attention according to the demands of parents and the school. I work solving questions and revising subjects. I seek to encourage students to be self-taught and independent. The classes are designed to maximize student learning, so i recommend you to send me questions or assessments to be answered or redone before class.

Imperial College Chemistry, Focus on A Level Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Capable of all GCSE Sciences and Maths

A* in chemistry mathematics and physics a level. Tutee can come to me with an area he/she finds troublesome, and i will structure my lessons around this problem and tackle his/her fundamental issues which would ultimately lead to clear understanding. I believe the key to success is practice, however i am not the one to set too much homework.

(5 reviews)
Rio de Janeiro
Master's Degree in Health Surveillance by Fiocruz and BA in Chemistry from IFRJ. Three years' experience with tutoring. Currently also oriento high school students at Fiocruz.

Often high school students and above come to me to remove chemistry doubts and its variations, such as biochemistry, physical chemistry, general chemistry and organic chemistry. I like to plan the lesson and put together a printed material to the student, so i try to know the matter and the biggest questions of each.

(2 reviews)
GCSE/A-Level Chemistry tuition from Oxford Chemistry Masters student with over 100 hours experience

I'm tom, and i'm currently in fourth year of reading chemistry at oxford, undertaking a masters project in chemistry education. I have extensive experience tutoring both online and in person, and my pedagogy involves setting learning objectives, asking frequent, concise questions and guiding students so they can work things out for themselves, which has proven to be effective in the past.

(2 reviews)
Master of Engineering holder, providing lessons in all sciences, maths and engineering from primary to undergraduate

My name is natalie wireko-brobbey, and i primarily give lessons to 10-19 year olds.

(3 reviews)
Science, math, and test prep (ACT/SAT, MCAT/DAT, etc.) tutor with 9+ years of professional tutoring experience in Milwaukee or online (skype, google hangouts, etc). Master's student with BS in Microbi

I have a bachelors of science in microbiology and am in my final year of my master's. I started tutoring because i know the material, but have compassion to understand that not everyone understands right away. I have a passion for tutoring/teaching and it shows in my meticulous preparation. Most tutors or tutoring companies try the same approach over and over and it doesn't work.

(2 reviews)
Private lessons and / or pharmacology groups, toxicology, anatomy, biochemistry, and other related areas in Santos / SP and the metropolitan region of São Paulo

The methodology will give adjusted according to the needs of the student, both in terms of time, as compared to the form and means. Can therefore be used electronic media such as videos, power point presentation, and with the need, may be held by video conference. Additionally they can be arranged up to 3 groups students.

Luca angelo
(1 reviews)
Chemistry Student offers courses or lectures on chemistry, physics, mathematics and other sciences in Cremona province.

I am a university student and i propose chemical classes or courses in chemistry or other science subjects (physics, mathematics, biology, physical chemistry, etc. ) . The lessons or courses are open to all students in primary and secondary schools with gaps in these materials or with the desire to get passionate to them.

Satish kumar
(2 reviews)
Chemistry is the subject not to learn but to live with fun

Teaching is not the way how you want to deliver your contents to the students but it is the way how the students need to grasp and involve themselves in the interest of the subject. Teaching shouldn't be the burden for the students but it should be the style that attracts the students towards the subject.

Mathilde guillemette morgane
(1 reviews)
Doctoral Student Research Issoire Geology and Biology college courses at home l

Phd research student in lectures of earth sciences and life. Can also give courses for baccàlauréat and below, English bilingual with three years in ireland (dublin) and canada (montreal) Patient, educator, on tim , rigorous. I love teaching and would like this becoming a part of my professional career.

(1 reviews)
Masters student in chemistry: serious, patient and motivated. I give lectures in Brussels.

Masters student in chemistry, i'm serious, patient and motivated. I teach science and mathematics to the level of secondary (i can also give courses on non-science subjects in the context of primary and secondary education) and chemistry to the level of bachelor.

(2 reviews)
Graduate in Nutrition gives biology ,anatomy ,physiology and bio-chemistry to primary and middle school levels in Frederick, Maryland

Being a graduate in nutrition ,i would love to teach and share my knowledge in life science to the students and thereby help them to learn ,aspire and achieve their goals in biology and biochemistry. I also help them to understand the facts and interpret in a simple and effective method.

Bilingual lessons! (Eng / DE native) - Maths Physics Chemistry - German Help - Leizpig - English schulabscluss - Perfect for people who would like to study in English!

So you want to learn the sciences in english? Or perhaps would like some help with the english language? You may just want someone you can teach a difficult problem. Irrespective of where you're stuck, i am here for you! I am primarily from england, and grew up bi-lingually to be able to give you lessons! I'm confident i'll be able to help you, one way or another.

A Chemist provides math and chemistry tutoring service up to undergraduate level.

I confidently believe that i am a great tutor, who can help students to improve their knowledge and test-taking skills. Nonetheless, an important thing, which many tutors don’t pay attention to, is that students sometimes have struggles because of their mental problem including stresses, oppression, and ugly memories with subjects, etc.

(1 reviews)
Chemistry Teacher formed in Brazil. Let's take a class and talk about chemistry

Like to follow quite a contextual approach and experimental approach, but the student who should fit in the most appropriate methodology for it.

(1 reviews)
Experienced and dedicated teacher, gives chemistry and mathematics lessons to GCSE level students and chemistry lessons to AS, A, IB and university pupils in Lisburn and Belfast.

I have more than 2 years of university level teaching experience. I hold a ph. d . In chemistry with six peer reviewed publications. I work towards building a fundamental understanding of the subject and can tailor the teaching style according to need of the student.

Organic chemist with solid technical skills in teaching, problem solving, and data analysis. I gained experience in teaching complex organic reactions and mechanisms as well as a broad knowledge in or

I'm finishing my masters in chemistry (organic) this coming may 2017. During the past 2 years, i was awarded ta of the semester 3 times. I am fascinated for the learning process. I enjoy getting involved with students and helping them understanding organic chemistry.

Experienced Chemistry, Biology, and Math Tutor in Monterey, CA Area with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and experience tutoring high school and undergraduate students

I have a bachelor of science in chemistry, and i am very enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge to help students succeed. I am committed to tailoring instruction to the needs of students. My approach is to identify areas in which a student needs improvement and work to build the student's understanding of material through interactive lessons.

Experienced science teacher gives chemistry (to A level), physics and EAL lessons

Calm, patient and supportive. Lesson starter to focus your thinking and assess your initial level. Explanations, demonstrations and exploration giving you new knowledge and skills. Practice of new learning, going through past exam questions and a final assessment.

(1 reviews)
University Student studying Biochemistry, giving maths, chemistry and biology tuition in Portsmouth

I'm currently studying biochemistry at university and i give chemistry, biology and maths lessons, teaching students in primary school all the way up to gcse students in portsmouth. I've helped many children get into their first choice secondary schools via the 11 + and will help your child as much as i can.

PhD student in Biology teaches everything related to the natural sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Metabolic regulation ...) students from Vigo.

Offer to teach students of all ages, from primary in science classes to high school students and even careers biology, pharmacy, mathematics. I am a specialist in microbiology, immunology, proteomics and related areas. The development of the class will be done according to the student's needs and focusing on explaining what they didn't undertand with several examples.

(1 reviews)
College Chemistry student looking to tutor in the College Park, Greenbelt, and Laurel areas, SELF TRANSPORTATION

I am a student at the university of maryland, college park, seeking a degree in chemistry. I shall be graduating in the next year, and am enthusiastic about teaching after graduation. Just a little more on me: i am also a gamer, so i can relate well with students of all ages. My goal as a tutor is to help lead my student to the answer, rather than giving it to them.

São Vicente
Science classes, English, statistics, biochemistry, molecular biology taught by Master in Sciences, UNIFESP

My goal is to untangle the matter, use schemes, always making sure me that the student understood the logic. Own teacher education at master's degree in health sciences, federal university of são paulo. I bring innovative learning techniques and have much interest in teaching.

Rio de Janeiro
Professor with experience in tutoring in Chemistry for High School / Undergraduate / Postgraduate

* dynamic classes for all levels of education (high school, undergraduate and graduate), focused on fixing the contents by solving exercises. * classroom tutoring or distance in order to answer questions and needs of the student. Undergraduate / graduate attended: chemistry, pharmacy, chemical engineering, biological sciences, biomedicine and the like.

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