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organic chemistry

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Online Algebra I, II, O Chem I, Biology Tutor Who Has Much Experience

I am a current Chemistry major who has done very well in my classes. If you are struggling and need help with understanding concepts or assignments then I am your one stop shop. (Tried not to bust into the song lyrics there haha).

Rio de Janeiro
(7 reviews)
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Master's Degree in Health Surveillance by Fiocruz and BA in Chemistry from IFRJ. Three years' experience with tutoring. Currently also oriento high school students at Fiocruz.

Often high school students and above come to me to remove chemistry doubts and its variations, such as Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry, General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. I like to plan the lesson and put together a printed material to the student, so I try to know the matter and the biggest questions of each.

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Med school student gives courses in physics-chemistry, biochemistry, SVT and organic chemistry

After spending my BAC S I went to medical school which was my dream since child. During this years of medicine I developed my passion for science even more than during my BAC. I learned to have a rigorous methodology and a strict and calm organization at a time. I will focus on weaknesses to make them enjoyable for a better learning. I would listen to the student and adapt to his needs.

The City of Brighton and Hove
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Recent Chemistry Graduate, former teacher assistant to undergraduate first years! Brighton and Hove, MChem degree

I am a recent Chemistry graduate with a final research project focusing on organic synthesis, throughout university I was associated with the Peer Assisted Learning mentoring programme established at my university. This programme has taught me different approaches to learning, I tend to focus on a discussion, question and answer type style, and creative revision techniques.

(7 reviews)
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Learn to learn Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Drawing in Elche and surroundings, Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with 4 years experience in personalized teaching

Today, engineers, teachers, managers and administrative are hired for their ability to learn. Discover your passion to train you, you are old you are. Learn to measure achievable challenges that will make you realize that studying is comforting and that will give you the advantage you seek.

(2 reviews)
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Master student in chemistry gives science lessons to middle school to college in Lyon region or via the Internet

I am a student in organic chemistry and I propose lessons in different subjects like physics, chemistry, maths, biology, French, English or to prepare to the C2i level 1. My lessons can be given from elementary school pupils to college students (chemistry, physics and English). I can also correct your papers in French. My first "lesson" is free.

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Chemist teaches at all levels. Located in Geneva. Languages: Spanish, English and French

I am a chemist with a doctorate. I offer high quality individual courses. I take the time necessary so that the student understand the theory and reinforce it with practice. I work on the exercises necessary for the student's success.

Lyon 3e
(6 reviews)
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Active scientist gives tutoring in physics, chemistry and mathematics by webcam (college or high school)

I give tutoring classes in mathematics, physics and chemistry at the college and high school level. I usually gives classes for at least a semester but I also give intensive courses over one or two weeks if necessary. Depending on the need of students, I offer an improvement in physics / chemistry or an upgrade when the bases are inadequate.

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Doctor of Biological Chemistry gives courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics all levels in the north of Bas-Rhin (Strasbourg, Haguenau Niederbronn)

Chemistry courses for college students, high school students and above. During Physics, Math and Biology up to the terminal. Language courses (English, German) to the terminal. Private or small group tutoring, teaching fun. home travel opportunity, by videoconference or a study room.

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Imperial College Chemistry, Focus on A Level Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Capable of all GCSE Sciences and Maths

A* IN CHEMISTRY MATHEMATICS AND PHYSICS A LEVEL. Tutee can come to me with an area he/she finds troublesome, and I will structure my lessons around this problem and tackle his/her fundamental issues which would ultimately lead to clear understanding. I believe the key to success is practice, however I am not the one to set too much homework.

Greater London
(3 reviews)
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Imperial College London student with past experience giving Chemistry lessons to London pupils

Hello! I am currently heading into my second year of studying Chemistry at Imperial College London. I am very passionate about my field of study and I wish to pass on my knowledge and enthusiasm to GCSE, AS level and A level students, in order to help them gain a better understanding of chemistry and obtain the best results in their examinations.

(5 reviews)
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Biochemistry Graduate with 5 years tutoring experience gives Chemistry lessons to students in Leeds

I am a graduate of Biochemistry with first class honours. I enjoy helping students at the secondary, GCSE and undergraduate level understand and excel in Chemistry. I maintain student individuality and keep up with the school curriculum, thereby improving your confidence and performance. Learning is exciting and productive.

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Graduating in Biotechnology by UFC teaching Chemistry, all subjects, specialty for Vestibulares

I'm graduating in Biotechnology at the UFC and i'm a researcher at the Center for Research and Development of Medications at the Laboratory of Neuropsychopharmacology. My teaching methodology is dynamic and I try to reach the student by his way of learning. Specialty in Natural Sciences.

Santo André
(2 reviews)
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Graduate student in Chemistry from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP) and a graduate in Science and Chemistry from the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP). Minister lectures in the ar

Graduated in a degree in Sciences and Chemistry, and currently studying for the Federal University of São Paulo, I work with the main difficulties that the student faces in each discipline, so that together with the student we can develop a methodology that is appropriate for the profile of this student.

Wendy k
(2 reviews)
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Aspiring chemists! Learn from an industry professional! Environmental, Pharmaceutical, Cancer Research Experience! Shoreline, WA area

I have a BS degree in Biology (with a chemistry emphasis) I have 25 years of experience as a chemist and teacher in various industrial settings including environmental chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, and cancer research chemistry I have advanced education and training in hazardous materials chemistry

(2 reviews)
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Current student (Chemistry Tutor) offering Chemistry tuition around the Telford area and Online/Webcam Tuition for GCSE and Secondary Level students

I am currently a Sixth Form student studying Chemistry, Biology, German and English Literature. I am a prospective Medical Student and enjoy education and offering others help with achieving better grades that will no doubt help them in the future. I achieved 13 GCSE's at A*, A and B grades and believe I can help others to do equally as well, if not better.

(2 reviews)

Private lessons and / or pharmacology groups, toxicology, anatomy, biochemistry, and other related areas in Santos / SP and the metropolitan region of São Paulo

The methodology will give adjusted according to the needs of the student, both in terms of time, as compared to the form and means. Can therefore be used electronic media such as videos, power point presentation, and with the need, may be held by video conference. Additionally they can be arranged up to 3 groups students.

Greater London
(1 reviews)
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A Qualified and experienced teacher of A level (Chemistry) and GCSE Science

Teaching a level of Chemistry and GCSE science to students and offering private tutoring services.  Guiding students to design experiments that will test known scientific theories.  Challenging all students to do better and learn more about science and nature.

Luca angelo
(1 reviews)
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Chemistry Student offers courses or lectures on chemistry, physics, mathematics and other sciences in Cremona province.

I am a university student and I propose chemical classes or courses in chemistry or other science subjects (physics, mathematics, biology, physical chemistry, etc.). The lessons or courses are open to all students in primary and secondary schools with gaps in these materials or with the desire to get passionate to them.

Mathilde guillemette morgane
(1 reviews)
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Doctoral Student Research Issoire Geology and Biology college courses at home l

PhD research student in lectures of earth sciences and life. Can also give courses for Baccàlauréat and below, English bilingual with three years in Ireland (Dublin) and Canada (Montreal) Patient, educator, on tim , rigorous. I love teaching and would like this becoming a part of my professional career.

(2 reviews)
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Graduate in Nutrition gives biology ,anatomy ,physiology and bio-chemistry to primary and middle school levels in Frederick, Maryland

Being a Graduate in Nutrition ,I would love to teach and share my knowledge in Life science to the students and thereby help them to learn ,aspire and achieve their goals in Biology and Biochemistry. I also help them to understand the facts and interpret in a simple and effective method.

Hampstead Norreys
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Friendly and enthusiastic chemistry masters student for online maths and science help

Me: I'm a 20 year-old aspiring female junior scientist. I am patient, enthusiastic and approachable. Level of tutoring: Up to A-Level Science and Maths Lesson Structure: I like to give 1 hour lessons, with a 5/10 minute intro/recap, 45 minutes of teaching and a final 5/10 minute recap. What you can expect: I am passionate about helping you do well, whatever your capability.

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Chemistry Master Student offers tutoring in chemistry from 5th grade to bachelor's degree

This offer is aimed at students of lower secondary, intermediate and advanced level (5th-13th grade), as well as for Bachelor students of chemistry. I am also happy to help students of other courses that include chemical lectures, such as biochemistry, pharmacy etc. In the course, special emphasis is placed on clarifying existing questions on current problems and to address issues with deficits.

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Doctor in chemistry and experienced researcher (organic, medicinal and computational chemistry) offers his help (secondary, technical and college levels)

PhD in chemistry and experienced researcher: general chemistry, organic chemistry, medical chemistry, computational chemistry, structural biology, nutraceuticals. Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude (CAP, Spain, 1997) and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS, United Kingdom, 2017). Proficiency in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Greater London
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Masters Student in Chemistry gives maths, physics and chemistry lessons up to A-Level standard in London

University graduate with a strong passion for getting the most out of my pupils Giving maths, chemistry and physics tutoring up to A-Level standard All lessons are tailored to the needs of the individual - we work together to identify the key points that you need to understand

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An industrial chemist with 3 years of college teaching experience. English/ Chinese

Master of Science in Chemistry. Synthetic organic chemist with actual research experience and publication. A responsible, positive and fun teacher. Bilingual: English/ Mandarin Chinese.

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Imperial College final year Chemistry student gives chemistry lessons to A-level students in London

I am in the final year BSc Chemistry Course at Imperial College London and I am keen to apply my chemistry knowledge and other science knowledge to this role. I explain the part that student usually get confused and then ask them questions about certain knowledge regarding their progress.

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Pharmacology undergraduate student, I can tutor SL Maths and HL: biology, chemistry and psychology. I can also tutor Physics, history and food technology up to GCSE as well as SAT and ACT

I am currently an undergraduate student studying pharmacology. I have completed my IB diploma, GCSE , SAT and ACT exams with successful results. As a tutor I tend to go over course content with students providing alternative explanations and approaches. I will also go through worked examples as well as provide extra exercise material to work on with worked solutions.

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Classes of Reinforcement - General Chemistry - Chemistry of the 9th Year and High School

Bachelor and Bachelor in Chemistry with technological assignments. Reinforcement in the discipline with practice and theory linked to specific exercises of fixation. Directly geared towards linking the knowledge received in the classroom to design the discipline in the best possible way.

Bangalore, India
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Physics Teacher with six years of Experience - 6th to 10th Grade

I have eight years of teaching experience teaching all subjects from 6th to 10th across all boards in India. I have a thorough knowledge of concepts and can teach Maths, Physics and Computers in any country. I can understand different accents of English and have a neutral accent so that my students can understand me.

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