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I'm in 6th grade and I teach English and French for beginners

Hi my name is yasmine and i'm in 6th grade. I live in montréal. I'm pretty good in french and english so that's why i decided to teach this for beginners. My lessons are about french and english. I teach more for beginners than for advanced people. So if you're a beginner in english or french then this is perfect for you.

(12 reviews)
Russian language courses, translation and interpreting in Toulouse, France communication - Russia.

Graduate of professional master 2 "international studies: english studies" and bac + 5 in translation and english-french-russian linguistics, i have worked as russian teacher at the catholic institute of toulouse and the national school of engineer isae supaero. Entrepreneur "professor, russian interpreter and translator.

(5 reviews)
Paris 9e

Phd candidate in archaeology, mother-tongue italian, offers language classes for children and adults. I have an extensive experience (8 years) in private lessons. My approach focuses on oral and written expression, giving great importance to grammatical structures, even if the lesson is built on the real needs of the learner. I like to use some audio-video equipments.

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Santo André (São Paulo)
Teacher / graduate and experienced and internationally certified translator.

Languages: german, arabic (worship and colloquial), albanian, aramaic (syriac and chaldean) danish, swedish, finnish, russian, ukrainian, icelandic, norwegian (bokmål / nynorsk), inuit (inuktitut - kalaallisut dialect), czech, hungarian. Portuguese for foreigners. Language teacher, translator; audiovisual and multimedia producer.

(2 reviews)
Rio de Janeiro
A language teacher with experience abroad and Cambridge Proficienncy Certificate, motivational and caring

The ulas are dedicated to each student, i use different methodologies to better serve each. After a review of student decide the material, which is sent in pdf via e-mail the student will not cost the conduct of classes and your planning is done separately for each day after a daily analysis of the development of the student.

During Korean / French in Paris or online for all levels of experience 4 years

Paul, 25, bilingual french / korean graduated in llce korean / hei obtained at inalco and currently in second year of master of journalism at korea university. Back in france for a year, i offer korean or french language courses for all levels by following an intuitive methodology yet based on a solid understanding of basic grammar in both languages.

Phillip English Courses

Englishman gives courses in savoie in chambéry - tel (concealed information) or (concealed information). I live in chambéry and i have 20 years of experience. Thank you and see you soon.

Marie lorenne
(3 reviews)
Spanish lessons by Skype with an experienced native Spanish teacher. Results 100% guaranteed.

¡hola! The spanish course for the holidays with a native teacher is ideal for learning spanish, you will progress very quickly. You exercise a lot oral communication so you feel comfortable in typical situations of traveling (at the hotel, in the shops. ) you get a glimpse of everyday life and culture. In this course, you do not need any prior knowledge of spanish. I am a graduate teacher.

Juan pablo
(3 reviews)
Improve your Spanish and communicate with customers and/or friends. Hands-on online lessons with qualified native-speaking tutor

If you've never spoken a word of spanish, i will help you master the basics and you'll be speaking spanish in no time. And if you do speak it, i will help you improve and command the beautiful language of cervantes. The focus of our lessons will be communicative from their very start. This means it's you who will do most of the talking. I'll be there to guide you in the process.

(3 reviews)
English courses at all levels and Business English, Business English - PROFESSOR IRISH

Conversation with professor diploma (cambridge) with education and effective custom i am a teacher of french-american languages ​​and graduate with extensive experience with private tuition. I teach adults, adolescents and children. My teaching adapts to the needs of each person.

(2 reviews)
Creative and experienced teacher of English, Russian, and French will guide you to your success at home or via skype

Still don’t speak english or russian or french after school or university lessons? Losing your motivation too quickly? I’m a professional teacher and i’ve got a master’s degree in languages, so i know what you’re facing. It’s extremely hard to study itself and keep going your motivation always up. Together we will find your way to the language you need.

Well travelled in Asia, this native english teacher specialises in giving interesting and informative classes via Skype which are tailored to suit your needs.

Hi there, i am a british english teacher offering celta quality classes for those who want to perfect any area of there language training. My approach is organic and always evolves to suit the needs of the student.

Online Inglés lessons with a qualified native British Inglés teacher and IELTS exam preparation.

Hello, i am a qualified native british english teacher and i specialise in conversation english lessons online to improve all your language skills (talking, listening, grammar, vocabulary, etc. ) I also offer ielts exam preparation. I am a qualified cambridge university ielts teacher.

(4 reviews)
Friendly, enthusiastic and approachable qualified trilingual teacher with a passion for language teaching and learning

My name is patrycja and i'm an english,french and polish teacher and translator. I am a friendly, enthusiastic and approachable qualified teacher with a passion for language teaching and learning. It would be my pleasure to help you boost your laguage skills. Do you wish to learn and master the language? Come and join me! My typical lessons are based on what you want to do.

(2 reviews)
Would you like to learn Russian, Italian or improve your English? I can help you.

I can help you from the beginning or improve your skills further till the perfection (if you can something already). We can solve together all your problems and then to achieve good language skills. We will learn the grammar, translation, and the most important: communication. We will talk a lot to improve your pronunciation.

(2 reviews)
Australian writer offering English writing & speaking classes for all levels in Brussels!

I am an australian writer and editor who works mainly in contemporary art. I offer english courses adaptable to your needs: support for school / university / professional courses, proofreading, grammar advice, writing techniques, conversation skills, etc.

Portuguese courses in Caen with a Brazilian. With innovative techniques Coaching for ease of learning

Technical staff and marketing of writing and writing in brazil tecnincas use my coaching staff and through the methodology sociointeractionist. Teaching new indioma is through open communication with the teacher, namely the exchange of experiences. Classes are held supported in the social life of the student, with emphasis in real situations. In addition, using reflection, using various kinds.

Spanish lessons by native teacher, all levels and all ages, face to face or by Skype

I'm a chilean spanish teacher in the french national education, and i also offer personal spanish lessons face to face or by skype, in all levels (a1-c2) and for all the skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking). I teach to learners of every age, and the methodology is chosen according to the needs and interests of the students.

I`m a highly competent, motivated and enthusiastic Italian and other languages tutor in London with experience of working as tutor in Italy for six years and I have just started in London too since on

I'm a highly competent, motivated and enthusiastic professional with experience of working as an italian tutor in italy for almost six years, and i have just started one year ago in london too. I have excellent verbal and written communication skills, ability to keep calm under pressure, efficiency and excellent organisational skills. Able to make people feel at ease.

(1 reviews)
Molins de Rei
ENGLISH student teaches levels A1, A2, B1, B2 in Barcelona.

I've studied english for over 6 years. I teach all kinds of people from beginners to intermediates (children, teens, adults) i help to strengthen and prepare exams such as ket, pet and fce.

(1 reviews)
West Palm Beach
Miss Chaïna. I'm a french speaker and i'm teaching French to foreigners who want to speak French. And you won't regret it, I will teach you the basic of how to learn the language withing couple of day

Im a high school graduate, and i'm attending college. I speak three languages. I speak haitian creole, french, english and some spanish. My carrier , my major is linguistic teaching. I'm going to be a teacher and teach languages. That's my goal.

Eduardo vinícius
Strengthening School / Teacher English Private in Guarulhos, Cambridge method of teaching and

I graduated in letters (english and portuguese), at the state college of rio de janeiro in 2015. I have degrees in some loose courses such as english for business, etc. I studied before college with books at the university of cambridge, the most renowned in the world in terms that say about the english language.

Student of Medicine with overseas experience offers lessons in English and German in Bologna

They elton, a student in the sixth year of medicine. I studied for many years english and german, concluded with language certifications (toefl, ielts) and an erasmus year in germany. I propose interactive lessons focused on conversations or audio-visual materials, as well as basic grammar exercises.

(2 reviews)
Rio de Janeiro
Classes on / offline Russian in Rio de Janeiro with the native teacher

Teaching the language from cyrillic alphabet learning, reading, writing, explain the grammar of the language structure. After each lesson i give some material to reinforce at home. Advanced levels have conversation work, translation, audition, watching movies. There are topics about russian culture and russian way of life.

Good morning I'm Cristina Porciello. I offer private English, French and Italian lessons. I'm graduated in 'Cultural and Linguistic Mediation' (3 years ) in English and French languages and in Interp

Cristina p edit Record a video Brighton Hello, I'm cristina. I was born in italy, 2 years ago i decided to move here, to brighton. I'm a solar person who loves to communicate with people. I have a lot of hobbies and passions, one of these is the study of languages.

(2 reviews)
Tutoring to individuals or groups and Italian translations in foreign languages ​​inglese_francese_altre

I have been graduated in foreign languages ​​and literature with a 10 years long experience as a translator, foreign trade and private teacher. I have several degrees in translation, even legal, and i have lived abroad for a few years (england, portugal, belgium) for study and work. My lessons are simple and effective.

Learn proper Spanish effectively and efficiently and be able to speak basic words on your first lesson

Highly competent professional offering spanish interpretation and translation services and senior administrative support with extensive experience and expertise managing top initiatives and projects. Dedicated leader with a collaborative approach and results-driven focus.

Student in business school and have been graduated from the IELTS gives English lessons to students around Lille

I am a student of 21 years at isg business & management in lille. I am using a participative teaching, more oral than written, to have assumed the main concepts of this language on topics that interest students and on which we can easily exchange learning without stress or hurry.

(1 reviews)
Kings County
Spanish for school and adult classes for one-to-one or small groups in New York City

I studied a spanish master degree in education to teach spanish in the barcelona university (u. b . ) in spain. As well i did a postgrade inspanish for business and another one for adult education. So, i can teach spanish in any grade. I can teach catalan and french for beginners if you wish.

French is a Culture, love it and then Speak it in Nottingham

It's simple, Why do we learn an other language? We learn to interact with people, to understand their culture. Learning a language mean you want to know more about the world in general. We tend to forget that while thinking of the exam we have to pass, or the necessity to speak an other language for work. I liked and start understanding english when i understood the culture.

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