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I'm in 6th grade and I teach English and French for beginners

Hi my name is yasmine and i'm in 6th grade. I live in montréal. I'm pretty good in french and english so that's why i decided to teach this for beginners. My lessons are about french and english. I teach more for beginners than for advanced people. So if you're a beginner in english or french then this is perfect for you.

Marie lorenne
(3 reviews)
Spanish lessons by Skype with an experienced native Spanish teacher. Results 100% guaranteed.

¡hola! The spanish course for the holidays with a native teacher is ideal for learning spanish, you will progress very quickly. You exercise a lot oral communication so you feel comfortable in typical situations of traveling (at the hotel, in the shops. ) you get a glimpse of everyday life and culture. In this course, you do not need any prior knowledge of spanish. I am a graduate teacher.

(10 reviews)
Santo André (São Paulo)
Teacher / graduate and experienced and internationally certified translator.

Languages: german, arabic (worship and colloquial), albanian, aramaic (syriac and chaldean) danish, swedish, finnish, russian, ukrainian, icelandic, norwegian (bokmål / nynorsk), inuit (inuktitut - kalaallisut dialect), czech, hungarian. Portuguese for foreigners. Language teacher, translator; audiovisual and multimedia producer.

Spanish Lessons in Cincinnati Ohio - Over The Rhine. All levels are covered!

Flexible tutoring to meet your demanding schedule. You will improve you spanish speaking, writing, reading, and comprehension skills. - i design lessons that include information relevant to each individual student's needs. - i can help you prepare for interviews, exams. - i offer engaging lessons and give the student every opportunity to ask questions and speak as much as possible.

New York
A tutor with 10 years of experience in teaching English! Click here

I am a foreign languages tutor with 10 years of experience, and i am looking to develop professional network and to traget students. I am a hardworking professional and a skilled teacher. I graduated with honors in 2007. Then, i got the second teaching category after only a year of teaching in 2010 and worked for two years as a freelance translator.

(1 reviews)
Teacher of foreign languages ​​(English, French, Serbo-Croatian, Macedonian) in Belgium (Brussels and surroundings)

Macedonian by origin, i give macedonian, serbo-croatian, english and french lessons for beginners and intermediates in french and in english and all levels for macedonian and serbo-croatian. My lessons last 1 or 2 hours, depending on the choice of the student. I use the materials of interest to the students, so it is very personalized and customized, in addition to books and other tools.

(1 reviews)
Polyglot training for starters: learn multiple languages at once (Russian, French, Spanish, Serbo-Croatian)

Former u. s . Army interrogator, trained in french & spanish by traditional public schooling & university, followed by world-wide travel, then trained in russian by the defense language institute for interrogation purposes, then trained in serbo-croatian and sent to bosnia for 12 months, where the native speakers did not believe i was not a native speaker.

Italian native speaker with a Master's degree in Translation and Interpreting gives Italian lessons (grammar, writing, reading, listening, conversation, accent reduction). Feel free to contact me for

I am here to teach italian using a flexible approach according to the student’s needs. I am an italian native speaker as i was born and raised in italy. I also have an advanced level of proficiency in english and spanish as i studied those languages in university. I have a bachelor's degree in foreign languages and literatures and a master's degree in traslation and interpreting.

Blue Bell
Native Spanish, MBA. More than 3 years of lecturer experience in different schools

I have recently relocated to this area from barcelona, where i was the global sales and marketing director for mecalux warehouse solutions. I am trying to understand the local job market to determine where and how my skill set will fit in in addition we want to make lessons of spanish / italian / portuguese and other contents. Award-winning executive with record of success and native spanish.

Castro Urdiales
Dynamic language teacher. I teach English, Modern Greek and Spanish Sign Language

I am a dynamic boy who has traveled and lived in various parts of the world. I studied spanish sign language interpreting and other languages such ​​as english, french, basque and modern greek. I have a lot of knowledge of linguistics what makes me explain grammar easily.

Santiago de Compostela
Spain Native student teaches Spanish for foreigners via Skype for all levels

I am a spanish student who teaches spanish to foreigners wishing targeted improve their skills in the language. My classes are developed by skype so that anyone from any country can access them, and are based on the use of teaching methods that make them something entertaining and fun but both effective and tailored to the needs of the student.

San Mateo
Master in English Teaching in Bay Area according to your needs and purposes

I am a languages graduate with a master's degree in applied linguistics and english teaching with 15 years experience. I teach every level and according to your specific need. I'm a patient and creative teacher with great planning and methodological choices.

English and French teacher gives lessons to students from beginners to advance levels (children, teenagers and adults) in private schools or for compagnies.

When i returned from the usa where i've lived for 4 years in oregon, i taught english and french (as a foreign language) in private schools and also in companies as part of vocational training. Then i spent 8 years in brazil (sao paulo, campinas and natal) where i taught english and french mainly to a hotel group.

(2 reviews)
Spanish and Basque courses with a graduate and native teacher. Adapted and personalized courses in Brussels.

Graduate teacher in spanish as a foreign language, i offer language courses for students that have different levels -beginner, intermediate, advanced-. Use of different sources and materials (texts, audios, videos, photos) depending on the objectives of the course and the level of the students.

Hej! Energetic Swedish native based in Huddersfield here to give Swedish lessons.

I am a swedish native here to help you learn the language. I can teach a complete beginner with no knowledge of the language but can also offer tutoring to a person with an advanced level of swedish. I am very organised and patient. I want all my students to succeed so i am always here to motivate my them.

Exchange student in Coventry is giving French lessons to beginner and intermediate school pupils or adults

My name is juliette i'm french and i'm a exchange student at the university of warwick in coventry. I would like to give lessons to primary and secondary school students and to beginner or intermediate adults. I think i could be a good french teacher, because french is my mother tongue but also because i'm patient and good at explaining.

Croatian language, all levels, Okaloosa county and Santa Rosa county, in Florida

Native croatian with ba degree in law. Individual student approach at all levels. Student progresses from basic terms and phrases to fluent croatian language. Lessons take place in a friendly atmosphere. Learning through open dialog, discussion and repetition using various tools.

Teacher from England offers English and Russian lessons in Bolbec, France.

I have more than ten years’ experience in teaching french, spanish, russian, english (eal/esol) - both in my native georgia and in the uk. I am arriving in bolbec, normandy in january and i offer english and russian courses. Les lessons are always designed according the pupil's needs and abilities. New vocabulary and grammar are usually used straight away, i. e .

Spanish native teacher - SUMMER 2017 - ALL LEVELS - United Kingdom - Liverpool - London - Manchester

My name is jose, but everybody use to call me nacho. I am an 18 years old student from spain. I grew up in the fifth biggest city of spain, zaragoza. I would consider myself a music and technology lover. Currently, i am studying first year of cse (computer science engineering, unizar (eina) - zaragoza, spain) at my hometown.

French University student in Strategic Marketing Communications gives French and Spanish lessons in London

My name is annabelle. I am 22 year old student in strategic marketing communications at the university of greenwich, london. I graduated previously from the university sorbonne nouvelle in paris, france a modern languages degree specialized in international trade and business affairs.

English and Turkish tuition at various levels from highly experienced Manchester based tutor

I am the turkish tutor of the university of manchester with 16 years experience in teaching turkish as a foreign language. Also, i have been teaching english at various levels, including esol and exam preparation since 2004. Over the years, i have developed my own methods of teaching, especially in terms of vocabulary building which constitutes the pillar of any language acquisition.

Los angeles county
Native Arabic and English teacher and English and Arabic translator (and vice versa)

English and arabic teacher and translator Taught in schools and colleges. I ask questions in general during explaining the lessons to keep the attention of the students Give many practice and work sheets Correct mistakes indvidally with students Give them a chance to work independently Give hw and tests to evaluate their progress.

(1 reviews)
I'm a native English Treacher in Toulouse. I have 14 years teaching experience.

Personalised curriculum exercises to help pass your ielts tofel toic children ages 3 to 99 business english translations french to english i have taught in english art and cooking in english and singing in english i use unconventional methods in class in a very funny friendly atmosphere

Friendly German girl with experience in tutoring gives German lessons for pupils

I am from germany, hold my bachelor's degree in economics and am currently working in a tourism agency. I would like to tutor pupils in entry level german. I tutored german pupils in english since i was 16 and i enjoyed spening time with them, getting to know them and helping them to understand the way of how another language works - verbally as well as written.

I am a Native Spanish Student teaching Spanish Begginers in Manchester.

I am 19 years old. I have taugh spanish before to a whole class of year 8 and year 9 students. I quite enjoyed it. Therefore, i would like to help anyone that wants to learn or improve their spanish. I have done gcse spanish and alevel spanish in england so i know how they work aswell.

French and Wolof lessons for all levels from NATIVE in Dallas

I'm originally from senegal I teach french and wolof, languages are keys to many doors i to teach these languages using a simple tool but necessary to be fluent which is 100% involvement of the student.

Onlibne Pashto Language Teaching to students of all levels via Skype or other means of your choice

I name is irfan ullah and i am a qualified government teacher and also teach pashto language online to students from across the globe. A native speaker of pashto, i hold a master's degree in english language and linguistics and will teach you pashto in classes ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour from 1 month to 6 month courses.

I want to teach Romanian and American English and I live in USA

I have a college degree (ba) from romania in management. I live in usa for more than 18 years, i am married with an american and we have 2 girls. I did homeschooling for a few years.

Czech language for English speakers by Ondřej - all levels (online via Skype)

Dear future tutee, welcome to my profile! I`m a czech native speaker with a highly advanced level of english and i`m here to offer you a one-to-one tutoring for either language through the medium of skype. Would you like to develop, improve or master your communication skills? Your infinite wisdom has lead you to the right place.

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