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Inayan System III Eskrima is a traditional Martial Art from the Philippine

I am dedicated to the preservation of the inayan system of eskrima as taught to _him_ mangisursuro by michael g. Inay. I have spent over 16 years studying from the founder, and over seven (7) years living and training with the founder as a private student.

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Marseille 4e
Physical Trainer graduate and titrated in many sports and nutrition. Self-defense coach

Former military, i became a fitness trainer and trainer in various sports. Graduate of physical preparation condition, fitness and rugby. Federal athletics graduate. Self defense instructor. Degree in sports nutrition.

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Paris 14e
Well experienced sportsman/athletic shares knowledges and experiences in training in running, aerobics, and nutrition for all levels

- the first hour is offered - We will start the first contact by a little running and exercises for helping in defining your goals, planning the future trainings, their frequency, their type and the duration of them. The second session is the beginning of the program itself.

Coach Monitor AIDA snorkeling and scuba diving E4 Cross Hem Roubaix Lille Bondues

I apnea monitor (aida freediving inst. ) and dive e4 code of sport no. 5261. We develop the practice of snorkeling and diving in the north to the able-bodied and those with disabilities, children, adults and young people out of school and social failure.

Personal trainer, at home or outdoors! Conditioning Coach for team sports and individual sports

Physical training, fitness, muscle strengthening, stretching, cardio training. I will adapt my sessions depending on your goals and your needs, and i will then make you a personalised program.

Freshly graduated in physical education available to all sports fitness and specific training. You practice a sport, you'd be together for a sporting outlet,

I graduated in physical education and sports. Versatile and open to any sport at any level! My methodology is learning performance and pleasure.

Cutler Bay
College student who has played sports and dealt with wellness and fitness my whole life, i also coach youth baseball, if you want your kid in shape, im the guy! Located in Miami, Florida.

Highs school graduate with some college experience. Would have went pro to the mlb if it weren't fr my injuries. I played competitive sports my whole life and i also coach a youth baseball team and coached for miami south ridge high school. I'm very well rounded and easy to get along with. Kids relate to me because i am still young.

Division 1 athlete committed to Cornell University looking to help anyone learn and improve on their skills: Sports, Math, Science, History, English, French tutoring

I am a student committed to cornell university to play division 1 lacrosse. I also play a number of other sports competitively like: squash, football, basketball, hockey, and mixed martial arts. I have been fortunate enough to have been coached by numerous world class coaches and teachers in a verity of disciplines.

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Full Custom Coaching (nicronutrition, profiling and sports) with an athlete, Toulouse

I appeal to all levels initially and for any purpose. I would respond to any request, keeping my rights to refuse requests if it does not meet my ethics. With numerous coaching experience, i shall be advised at best.

College student in business, Has worked with as a player/ manager in Kuwait with 5 years of experience

My technique depends on the learners passion. I can coach players from age 9-15. I've coached many teams back home and have represented them at the same time. The teams i've managed and captained has always played attacking cricket and football.

Hoops, Flag Football and Tennis Coach in the Lehigh Valley/Philly PA area.

I'm 41 years old from the lehigh valley. I am a head coach and ref for flag football and basketball. I have also played tennis for many years. Everything starts from the ground up, to build a foundation. Without the foundation of the basic skills, its impossible to succeed at any sport. I break everything down as needed per player/student.

Athletic coach licensed in many sports including in CPR and EAD 1

I am a high school athletic coach. I specialized in cross country, running, swimming and andurance sports. I have coached since 2012. I can write training programs but prefers weekly communications to make sure customers are performing well and seeing weekly results.

I'm a Sports and Fitness Instructor to kids in Asheville, NC! I have my bachelor in Health and Wellness and I'm a certified personal trainer!

I am emily iiames and i am a certified personal trainer and tennis coach. I received a full athletic scholarship to play tennis at division i school unc-asheville. My background is tennis, however i played all sports growing up and have a passion for movement and health! It's important to me to figure out what niche each child fits into so that they may enjoy exercise long term.

PERSONAL TRAINER Sorocaba, Itu and Region

I am a qualified teacher, and dedicated in what i do, besides being formed in physical education with cref 112888gsp in number, have also graduate in exercise physiology. I seek always the improvement and well-being of my student.

Coaching outdoor sports men and women all ages, self defense, relaxation and fitness

The self defence. It is a distillation of many techniques that will enable you to acquire a good foundation to defend you but also to practice a complete sport for a good physical condition. Simple and effective techniques, use of everyday objects (keys newspapers, magazines, handbag, scarf, scarf. ) physical and psychological techniques of self defense.

Paris 17e
Coach certified Pilates +

Coach gym floor pilates with small equipment, ball, flex band, toning ball, etc. Special flat belly custom job - pilates therapy based on pathology.

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer-Personal Trainer-Functional High Performance Coach. At your home/gym or fitness center

He graduated from the university of bologna in sports science, specializing in functional performance training in isaf and level1 of crossft institute.

Paris 10e
New type of course "Clubbercise" dance-fitness and sports coaching and mental Paris

"clubbercise" is an exclusive course created in london who arrived in paris and offers cardio as simple choreography (all levels) on the clubbing music in a night club atmosphere with glow sticks for even more fun! I'm eva, clubbercise certified coach.

Passionate rhythmic gymnastics and twirling and student wishes to my advice to practice this art

Discover the gr from a very young age along with the twirling practice from 6th grade until college first and then i high school several national titles justice execution (in gr) framed training of warming stretching the body through handling equipment (development, learning ect) work based on student needs and skills at the request of the student

Benifairó de les Valls
From start to its best. Training and personalized diet. Modalities such as HIIT, Tabata, bodyrock, pilates, fitball, stretching. Exercises with or without weights, your own body. classes and

Experienced group and personal trainer with three years experience conducting training sessions in fitness studios and gyms. Adept to creating a warm environment in which clients can successfully achieve health and wellness goals. Comfortable working with wide age range. Life-long passion for sport and dance with experience.

Dance lessons at home in madrid (urban, modern, contemporary, zumba ... )

My name is marina, i have 20 years, i am dance teacher. Home offer classes of different styles from urban, to modern, contemporary, zumba. Also choreographed for weddings or events. I have experience teaching in schools, colleges, cultural centers, at home and as a dancer in orchestra artistas.

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