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(4 reviews)
Certified teacher gives out class courses and workshops intensive individualized

Philosophy, methodology, practice the essay and text commentary for the bachelor all series l, s, es, its preparation and ts2s to written and oral tests and french first terminal. Methodology course analysis of a subject, problematize, argument, the conceptualization and update of knowledge.

(3 reviews)
French culture g english preparation for large schools contest, optimization research use

Interactive courses. Various media, transmission of the insured knowledge experience of educational psychology and guarantee winning.

(4 reviews)
Professor of French foreign, with over 7 years of experience, gives lessons at home

Hello, i am a french teacher for foreigners with more than 10 years of experience in france, italy and australia, i can come to your house or you can come to mine. Courses from beginner to advanced. We will work what you want : conversation, grammar, written communication, business french. It's up to you.

(4 reviews)
Paris 10e
Normalienne, French CAPES holder gives specific French courses, philosophy and history in Paris

Former student of the ecole normale supérieure de lyon (ens lsh), former pupil of the lycee henri iv and lycée fénelon (hypokhâgne-khâgne), currently in the final year of doctoral studies, i propose courses from college in humanities (french, history and geography, philosophy).

(2 reviews)
Experienced and graduate teacher, great international experience gives Lessons English-Russian-French-Homework Help in the Médoc and region of Bordeaux, for

- teaches modern languages ​​(english, russian) and tutoring (french, philosophy, history / geo, economics and trade finance) - Level: college, lyceum and high school students (any specialization) or adult wishing to learn russian or to perfect english or french - tutoring and homework - Help to succeed in tests for bachelor's and bts + business schools - Method of learning languages...

(5 reviews)
Homework help college courses in high school + discount will level weekends and holidays

Hello i am a law student at the faculty of lyon ii. Honors at es tray. Alongside my studies for nearly three years i have tutored high school students in college and post bac general channels. I worked with already more than 40 students which allowed me to achieve a precise method of work that adapts to each student and is modeled on the methods of each teacher.

(5 reviews)
Edinburgh University graduate provides philosophy tutoring in Paris and the Paris region for lycée, high school, preparatory classes students or other status

My courses are primarily intended at students of first and second year of preparatory class (hypokhâgne and khâgne) as well as to university students (licence, master). They also cater for people of all ages, from outside the school setting, wishing to begin or deepen their learning of philosophy. The courses focus on what the student needs and the difficulties he / she encounters.

(3 reviews)
Paris 4e
French philosophy professor in Paris and I offer you to improve your skills, give you confidence

Following an initial exchange with the student we choose the path that we will do together and time to spare. I adapt my teaching to the demands and needs of each (for the french of the 6th grade to the terminal, the terminal for the philosophy class and english until the third). I also propose a working methodology frequently absent from school practice.

(2 reviews)
PhD student at Paris-Sorbonne gives during Latin, philosophy and history in Paris

I am a phd student at paris-sorbonne in modern history / classical philology and holds a m2 philosophy. I study and practice the latin 15 years from now, so i can give during any level of language as literature. In history and philosophy, i am a specialist of the modern period and the french and german philosophy.

(1 reviews)
Student in M2 Theatre and Communication, and having followed a literary background, I offer tutoring Literature and Philosophy for section L students who want to prepare

I do a m2 in theater and communication. I have studied litterature and especially theater during 3 years. I offer private lessons in letters and philosophy. These courses are especially designed for students wishing to prepare school exams, but they are open to everybody wishing to learn and progress.

(3 reviews)
German student, trilangue offers German and French courses

Dear parents, liebe schüler, I'm sarah, a student of educational sciences and philosophy. Originally from munich, germany, i have lived the past five years in france and the united states for graduate school. Since i was 17, i tutored regularly english, french and german and taught students of all ages to improve their language skills.

(1 reviews)
Young graduate of Sciences Po and Henry IV, former UN official, gives English and French courses

I am a graduate of sciences po paris and henry iv, i teach french, philosophy and english for all levels from elementary school to university. I try to put the student at the heart of the course, using the student's knowledge as a starting point (the student always knows more than he/she thinks! ) and i gradually help the student achieve his/her goals. The final objective is not to get a high mark.

Knowing how to organize an argument and develop your general knowledge, start or continue in philosophy at any age

Research professor, school teacher for over thirty years, host of adult focus groups, creator of a philosophy workshop for children and essayist, i want to put these experiences to students and young adults service beginner philosophy, to support their education, academic or personal.

Littérature courses, philosophy and general knowledge to prepare for examinations and competitions

The courses are open to all those wishing to improve their knowledge of french, philosophy and general culture, to effectively prepare for exams and competitions. I am an associate of letters, and i have taught at all levels of secondary and higher education, particularly with a personal methodology, due to my long professional experience.

Paris 6e
Doctor of the University (Paris) teaches Philosophy, FRENCH CULTURE GENERALE, METHODOLOGY, ENGLISH (bilingual) + PREPA CONTEST

Doctor of philosophy (normal sup, henry iv), journalist, teacher faculty of philosophy (university - paris) for 5 years and prep schools for 6 years, offers all kinds of courses from the college until university (bac, entrance examinations to colleges and schools of journalism, general culture, khôlles, writing memoirs and theses) what? Philosophy, french, modern and comparative literature,...

I offer repetitions of latin, greek and other subjects for students or adults

I'm an universitary student graduating in philosophy, with theoretical highschool degree. I offer repetitions of greek, latin and other subjects (philosophy, italian, mathematics etc) to high school students or adults. Little groups are also accepted. Three years of experience with great results. I adapt my method to the student trying to repair the specific difficulties he/she can has.

(2 reviews)
University professor provides tutoring in literature, philosopohy, academic writing for HS and University students.

I earned my ba in english literature from providence college in 1968. I hold a med from boston university, a master of divinity from the episcopal divinity school and a master of theology from boston college. In my tutoring, i try to build on a student's current strengths as a first step to improving their academic performance.

Tutoring and methodology - Elementary, middle and high school - online courses - school coach

I will teach you the methods that have allowed me to have a bac l with after my first s. The highlight of my teaching is to support my courses on the internet and use moocs to increase the autonomy of my students. All of my courses are delivered in multiple choice and are greatly appreciated by the students.

(4 reviews)
Paris 7e
American teacher offers courses in English language, Political Science, Cinéma for all levels

I welcome all levels of students, and have taught in a wide variety of contexts, from english to children at their home to cinema analysis and history in a university setting.

Pier paolo
(2 reviews)
Degree in Humanities offer repeat in Italian, History, Philosophy and Latin in Monterotondo

I am a visual artist, but a degree in literature and philosophy, a master's in sc. Politiche i offer private lessons / lectures and group to those who had so far a difficult approach to the subjects, trying to find in them the passion in what they study, implying. Please contact me with any questions.

(3 reviews)
Cours philo / french / english and prep contests frameworks: the health and social field and other academic fields

Retired teacher, 40 years of experience. Trainer since 1972 and also adults (health and social fields) helps: dissertations philosophy, and french: plan: build a comment: make reading cards. Help argue. (written and oral) support the student, the student, giving confidence and reinforcing it with him using effective methodological tools.

(2 reviews)
Young Graduate School of Business (Master) after Bac Science and Higher Studies in Economics and Management - provides all course materials (general education), the Var and the 06-A Trilingual French

- lessons for all levels, from primary to higher education and preparatory classes - teaching customized with a methodology to suit everyone - joint preparation course based on the wishes of the pupil / student and objectives - support stress management

(2 reviews)
Private home of Philosophy, History, Language and Literature, Latin and Greek classes at all levels in Madrid, Morata de Tajuna and Chinchon

Hello! I'm phd in classical philology with teaching experience at university (2 years) and many years tutor in subjects such as latin, greek, language and literature, history, philosophy or english.

(1 reviews)
San Vicente del Raspeig
Humanist can help with humanistic studies in Alicante to approve all subjects

My name is anastasia, i am a student in ua history. I am developing as a humanist and i have a very broad knowledge of various subjects. I can help with languages, modern and dead, and all pure letters (philosophy, history,. ), i can also help with greater efficiency in studying.

Philosopher, ESL Instructor, and Reading Literacy Tutor gives lessons in academic preparation.

Former university philosophy instructor, elementary school literacy tutor, elementary and middle school history and english teacher, and adult esl (english as a second language) instructor. Great at one-on-one guidance through philosophy, history, english, and reading. Provide productive study habit advice.

Motivating, inspiring, and compassionate tutor for ACT prep, brainstorming, and editing. I work well with learners across age levels.

I completed my phd in 2006 in social studies and global education at the ohio state university. Between 2006 and 2009, i taught in the college of education at winona state university and successfully served on multiple department, college, university, community, and state-wide committees. During the 2009-10ay i taught introduction to chicano studies and introduction to ethnic studies at st.

Philologist and journalist of University of Navarre teaches Spanish language and literature in Pamplona

I am philologist and journalist from the university of navarra. I have studied the masters in secondary teacher training and education currently studying the master of teaching spanish as a foreign language. I have experience in the field of private lessons of latin and spanish language and literature, both primary and compulsory and upper secondary as well as assist in the performance of duties.

Experienced Reading and Math Tutor for K-12 - Love to Help Students Learn! - Buckeye/Goodyear/Avondale Area

I am working as professional tutor and love every minute of it! I teach reading and math through a tailored, multi-sensory approach and am always patient! My method is to meet the student where they are at and see how much we can achieve together.

Le Havre
Student in creative writing course gives literature / writing / French school and support!

I have a dnap higher national school of fine arts in lyon. I got it with honors in june 2016. Before that, i did a year of philosophy and a year of preparatory class for art schools. I am currently in master 1 letters and literary creation. Regarding teaching, i adapt my methods to my students.

Graduated student with a classical education, Bachelor with honors in Philosophy with experience in research in the field of classical and late antiquity offers tuition in Latin, Greek and Philosophy

I am currently writing my thesis for master degree in philosophy at the university of macerata and i have spent a period of study and research as foreign student at the catholic university of paris. My studies focus on the thought of st. Augustine and other late-ancient authors. I propose lessons in latin, greek, philosophy at senior high school students.

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