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Bonjour, Designer, consultant et professeur depuis plus de 10ans, je propose mes services pour : Design produit, design intérieur et mobilier, design transport, architecture, photo, dessin à la main, cao, dao, conseils aux inventeurs, méthodologie, ergonomie, marketing, cout, Aides aux devoirs pour étudiants en design.

I am a designer and consultant for over 12 years. I have lived in Europe before living in Moncton, NB.

Product designer and consultant, i had a master's degree in design in europe in 2003. Since i work for large agencies and am a teacher for fun. I'm more comfortable giving all courses in french.

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Paris 17e
Associate Professor prepares to contest schools of architecture, art and photography (History and Theory)

Philosophy professor (since 1998) selection board member of the grandes ecoles. I prepare the schools of fine arts, architecture and photography (arles, light) but also chalon school. I am a regular student who succeed in one of these competitions. I know donation out their difficulties to control events. I also preparing for the admissions interview.

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This is what i teach: Maya (all levels except skinning and rigging) Zbrush (all levels) Photoshop (all levels) Photography (all levels) In both french or english. (bilingual) Rather than a long speech, i let you judge for yourself about my skills: (concealed information) Regarding photography, i won several international competitions.

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Certified K-12 Art teacher with a masters in Educational Technology. 10 years experience teaching Art and STEM.

I have a a bachelors degree in art education from arizona state university. I also have a masters degree in educational technology from grand canyon university. I use a variety of educational strategies to help teach students art, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. I enjoy teaching through technology and hands on activities to help teach real world problem solving skills.

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Artist (graduated from ensba) prepares to school contest for art and architecture - constitution of books and portfolios - learning the technical bases

Graduated from paris fine arts school ensba (bac +5), visual artist in drawing and installation, currently professor of visual arts and drawing for 2 years in a preparatory class of architecture, but also for 3 years at various colleges of the academy of versailles.

Photography and photographic lighting like a pro; theory and practice; for beginners and amateurs

Theoretical and practical photography, use of film and digital camera, correct use of lenses (zoom, aperture, focus), using the built-in flash or the mount, use deported flashes, synchronized flashes, lighting techniques, photo editing. Courses for beginners and amateurs. Individual or group lessons. Sessions 1:30 to 2:30, in a classroom and outdoors.

A graduate of a school of arts, I give painting classes, photography Angers

I graduated from the top european school of art lorient 2 years. I am also training in art therapy. I am a patient, calm and playful. Classes are held on average over 1 hour. I propose to convey my passion for the arts through simple class without fuss.

Ciudad de México
Filmmaker in Mexico City, I teach film and post production courses for professionals or initiates.

Filmmaker currently settled in mexico city. My creative interest has focused on film directing, for this i developed skills as a writer, photographer, assistant director, post-producer and composer, with whom i worked on a wide range of projects. I specialize in film direction and have developed audiovisual commercial projects, short films, documentaries, and television series for web and tv.

Photography Lessons: from the visualization to the print and everything in between!

Looking to learn how to operate your camera off auto settings? Interested in advancing the compositions of your photographs? Curious about what the heck each button does in photoshop? How about finding the right equipment suited for your style? Then i'm your girl.

Ciudad de México
Internationally awarded audiovisual artist teaches Photography, Film and Art in Mexico City

If you wanna be a film, photography or art professional or if you just want to have a good time while you expand your cultural vision i am the right teacher for you. I offer theory and practice; interesting and fun. Photography, film production and film critic workshops. All levels.

Art student teaches drawing, art history, photography and graphic design in Barcelona

I am a student of graphic design, i have a degree in art since 2011 and since childhood i have been interested in all branches of art. I have the skills and qualities necessary to teach or supplement the teaching in any of these subjects. My goal is to pass on my knowledge in a simple and useful way, so that students can retain what is taught and put into practice on their own.

Professor of visual arts (certified) and of Applied Arts gives classes in drawing, photography, art history etc ...

I am an art teacher. I work in college and high school. I want to help young, or older, to perfect their art but also to discover and deepen their knowledge of art history. My goal is to enable my students, regardless of age, to interact, share ideas and emotions through art.

Photographer with 5 years of experience fives photography and painting lessons in South Texas

Junior maritime administration major at texas a&m. I have traveled to iceland and norway for photography and have learned from the best in the landscape photography field. I have worked as a wedding photographer and had an ad i shot for published on a jumbotron in times square as well as made to cover of 2 literary journals.

Photographer making courses / classes in photography (portrait, landscape, fashion, art, street photography)

Photographer performs photography lessons for anyone who has an interest in stopping time through one frame. The classes will be held indoors (classrooms, for the theoretical part) or external (photo prints, for the practical part). (or via skype) will be extrapolated to the artistic ability of each student to seize the moment and tell a story.

Cabezo de Torres
Graduated in Fine Arts teaches drawing, painting, photography, design and audiovisual in and around Murcia

My name is ana, i graduated in fine arts and have postgrade in artistic production and artistic management. I teach any subject related to art at all levels, including university. I also offer art therapy workshops individual or en group. My credo as an art teacher - "learn to enjoy learning and you'll get very far.

Professional Photographer offers tutoring in street photography, documentary photography, photo editing, photo processing, Lightroom, Photoshop, composition, and sequencing.

I have a certification in documentary photography and photojournalism from the international center of photography in manhattan. During this time period, i learned professional techniques in regards to all street photography, photojournalism, lighting, composition, editing, processing, and sequencing of images.

Art school admissions professional coach will help you create a scholarship winning portfolio in Philadelphia.

Having taught studio arts for many years, and worked in two professional art schools, i have first-hand knowledge of how to best prepare your work for application to bfa or mfa programs. I can help you both with your work and the presentation of a professional portfolio.

Encaustic Painting, Mixed Media, Collage, and Photography lessons in the greater Philadelphia area.

I am a fine art photographer, commercial portrait and event photographer, mixed media artist and encaustic painter. I love sharing my love of art and knowledge with students who are enthusiastic about learning a new medium or expanding their knowledge.

West Bloomfield Township
Detroit Artist, Reading/ESL Teacher and Social Reconstructivist (a person who believes everyone can learn and change the world) seeks position

Like jean houston, i believe that art educators change the world! My public charter school closed in june 2016, and i have made the decision that i want to get back to i love most! I believe that imagination, play, and creativity are important for human brain development, and the arts are one of the ways students can get that stimulation.

Published Photo Professional Tutors all interested Photography Enthusiasts and Hobbists With Cameras

Sydicated and published in newsweek,ap,fresno bee and more. I have taught at csuf,lectured nationally and i have written courses. I enjoy teaching in various styles and in laymen's terms. I ha e used and teach on many styles of photography.

Video Production lessons taught by someone who has 20 years experience with it.

I am a videographer. I have been doing videography for 20+ years. This includes camera operation, directing, producing, sound recording, editing, and event set-up. My techniques and style are adoptive to the subjects and events. My method as a teacher is to show the basics and then allow for individuality within the framework of the whole.

Los Angeles
Make Process-Oriented, Stylish, Therapeutic, Classic Artwork for Individual Expression and Profit

Lessons start with a warm-up, motivational material and a goal. A majority of the time is spent on an art project depending on the interest of the student. Sometimes they like to work intuitively with a variety of materials, others prefer step-by step processes with a clear outcome. My role as a teacher is to set artists up for successful creative time.

Basic Photography using a Canon DSLR

Hello, my name is rachel. I am 19 years old and i have been a photographer for almost 5 years now and took a short break but i am trying to expand my portfolio once again. Below is my online portfolio although most of my work is posted on my instagram @tigres_ I took a couple basic photography classes and learned what kind of pictures to take and how to take them.

Current art student gives photography, design and art history lessons DC

I am a photography student finishing my bachelor's degree, i'd love to give lessons to people that need all sorts of help in the subjects that are of my knowing, i am extremely pacient and very hands on when working.

Draw, Paint and Photograph like a Professional in all three mediums!

I studied photography and fine art at the university of the arts, in philadelphia, pa as well as epsom school of art and design and north east london polytechnic in the united kingdom. I have also been studying in new york for the past five years at the grand central academy and salmagundi fine arts club.

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Custom photography course by a professional photographer in Paris or on Skype

Hello, my name is sarah, i am a professional photographer based in montrouge 10 minutes from paris.

Professional Artist/Designer gives Art and Design Lessons for kids to adults!

I have been a creative design professional for thirty years. I am an art school graduate and hold a bachelors of fine arts and provide lessons in drawing, painting, car design, graphic design, 2d and 3d design. I am a very patient teacher that can customize lessons to a students needs.

(1 reviews)
Visual artist teaches contemporary arts. Contemporary art it is the infinite artistic possibilities. Spring to life!

If you're curious, you want to learn, to discover the infinite possibility of creation that offers painting, drawing, photography, video, sculpture,. I'm here for you. Graduated 5 years of fine arts with honors, i offer tutoring visual arts and contemporary art. The project is to assist you in your own artistic approach.

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Lyon 6e
Lyon photography Class: how to create the pictures you have always dreamed of!

I am a professional photographer specialising in portrait and food photography. My classes are for the ones who just bought a new camera (dslr, hybrid) and who do not know yet how to use it properly (too many buttons everywhere! ) . They are also targeting the ones who would like to improve the quality of their pictures, without too much technique, with a very practical approach.

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